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Nov 26, 2006
The Sound Current, the Word, and, A List of Inner Mystic-Sounds

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

From, "Encyclopaedia of Saints of India, Volume 19: Radhasoami",
By Dr. S.R. Bakshi and Dr. Sangh Mittra,
Criterion Publications, New Delhi, 2002, 268 pages,
a great book on the teachings and history of the Radhasoami Faith
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The Sound Current, the Word

All religious scriptures mention the sound current or the Word, but unfortunately their followers are unaware of it. Hindus call it the celestial voice (aakaash vaanee), 'that which can be heard' (shruti), unstruck divine melody (anahad shabd). The Chhandogya and Mandok Upanishad name it the celestial song (udgeeth). In the Adi Granth, it has been expressed as name (naam), word (baanee), melody (dhun), truth (sach), ceaseless eternal sound (anahad shabad), Guru's word (gar baanee), sound (shabd), etc. Muslims call it word (kalmaa), voice of God (kalaam-e-ilaahee), heavenly sound (nidaa-e-aasmaanee), great name (ism-e-a'zam) or king of repetitions (sultaan-ul-azkaar). Ancient Greek mystics referred to it as word (logos). Socrates spoke of an inner sound that transported him to realms transcendent and divine. Zoroaster spoke of it as sarosha. Theosophists enumerate some of the sounds that are heard within and call them the voice of the silence. It has been termed the pure white music.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." -- John 1: 1

The Word is the Holy Spirit; and without consciously coming in contact with it there is no possibility of real spiritual progress.

"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever." -- Isaiah 40:8

The Word is the fundamental principle of all the religions. The difference lies in the extent to which their adepts ascended up the sound current or the Word.

When a Master initiates a soul he brings to that soul, at that moment, the ability to become conscious of this sound current. During all the millions of years we have been wandering around, lost and blind, we have forgotten our true selves and our Maker; we have lost the way (the sound current). Now it will be different. We are to meet our Creator through the sound current, which keeps creation in being.

"A sound is vibrating in the whole of creation. When you open your inner ear you will hear a continuous sound, which will lead you across all limitations of mind and matter. My Beloved is speaking to you all the time. Alas! you do not hear his Voice."
-- Shah Niaz

When we first hear this wonderful sound it is very soft, but gradually it amplifies in volume, tone and character. In reality, our finer senses develop and we thereby appreciate it better. So long as the mind remains attached to the body and its desires, it cannot grasp the Word.

A List of Inner Mystic-Sounds

Maharishi Mehi: The literature of various saints describes the sounds of the different realms..........[they are] similar to the sounds of the Veena (stringed instrument similar to the lyre), the Murali (flute), the Nafeeri (horn instrument), the Mridang (drum), the Mrdal (cymbals), the Singi (a horn), the Sitar (stringed instrument), or the Sarangi (similar to a lute). Other descriptions compare these sounds to a peal of Thunder and a roar of a Lion. (Maharishi Mehi Paramahansa Ji Maharaj, "Philosophy of Liberation")

Hazrat Khan: It sounds like Thunder, the roaring of the Sea, the jingling of Bells, running the Water, the Buzzing of bees, the Twittering of sparrows, the Vina, the Whistle, or the sound of Shankha... ("The Mysticism of Sound")

Svatmarama Yogindra, the author of the Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika, outlines the stages of Nada (inner Sound) practice as follows: First, the practitioner should block his or her ears with the fingers and focus inwardly, listening for the arising of the inner Sound (Nada). To begin with, a variety of sounds may be heard, becoming increasingly subtle. Thus the practitioner may hear sounds like the sound of the Ocean, a Rain Cloud, a Drum, a Kettledrum, a Conch, a Bell, a Horn, a Flute, a Lute, or a bee [Hum]. He or she should continue to focus on whatever Sound is attractive until the mind achieves perfect steadiness. ("The Shambhala Guide to Yoga", Shambhala Publications)

Acts of John, apocryphal scripture of the West: Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?

Hazrat Khan: Abstract sound is called Saut-e Sarmad by the Sufis; all space is filled with it. The vibrations of this sound are too fine to be either audible or visible to the material ears or eyes, since it is even difficult for the eyes to see the form and color of he ethereal vibrations on the external plane. It was the Saut-e Sarmad, the sound of the abstract plane, which Muhammad heard in the cave of Ghar-e Hira when he became lost in his divine ideal. The Quran refers to this sound in the words, 'Be! and all became.' Moses heard this very sound on Mount Sinai, when in communion with God; and the same word was audible to Christ when absorbed in his Heavenly Father in the wilderness. Shiva heard the same Anahad Nada during his Samadhi in the cave of the Himalayas.

The flute of Krishna is symbolic of the same sound. This sound is the source of all revelation to the Masters, to whom it is revealed from within; it is because of this that they know and teach one and the same truth. ("The Mysticism of Sound")
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Posted: Nov 26, 2006 3:37am


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