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Apr 15, 2011

Only Those Who Practice Sant Mat Will Know the Reality of IT - 
Light and Sound on the Path - Sant Mat Satsang

"It is a bliss remembering God even for a moment. 
But only those, who practice it, know it." (Kabir)

May I see You with my eyes,
hear Your Sound
with my own ears.
Speak Your Name
in my own words, O Lord;
rest Your flower-like feet
on my heart. (Kabir)

Spiritual Awakening Radio 

* Tom Shadyac is the Director, Writer and Filmmaker behind the new documentary film "I AM", and recently was my guest on Spiritual Awakening Radio. About "Being the Change", "I AM" features the wisdom of Coleman Barks, Desmond Tutu, Howard Zinn, Thom Hartmann, Noam Chomsky, Lynne McTaggart, and many others. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* An Introduction to he Inner Light and Sound Masters of India - Sant Mat Genesis - Story of Creation and the Return to the Point of Origin via Inner Light and Sound Meditation. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* The Yoga of Inner Sound - Sound Mysticism in the World Religions, Part 1. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* The Yoga of Inner Sound - Sound Mysticism in the World Religions, Part 2. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* Alistair Conwell, author of, "The Audible Life Stream", PT 1. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* Alistair Conwell, author of, "The Audible Life Stream", Part 2. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

The Path of the Masters - The Way of Inner Seeing, Hearing, and Oneness

"The knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul is the highest level of knowledge for human beings. It uplifts us from earthly suffering, births and deaths to the State of Salvation (i.e. Moksha, Nirvana)." (Swami Ashutosh)

"When the practitioner collects and joins both the currents of consciousness at a Single Point within, as taught by the Master, in a state of complete concentration, the veil of darkness breaks and he views the Refulgent Light. There he hears many melodious Inner Sounds. With the Master's benevolence, he identifies the Quintessential Sound centered amongst those other Sounds. And with the help of that Quintessential Inner Sound, the practitioner's consciousness ascends to the Soundness Realm. He knows soul and Supreme Soul by experience, attaining salvation in the Living State itself, and thus he becomes the Supreme Master. This is the ultimate Level of knowledge in which Light and Sound play the principal role." (Swami Ashutosh)

"Look for and search for God within yourself, within your own body. God resides in your heart -- look for Him there. The White Point shines straight ahead and twinkles. You must concentrate in sushumna [middle path, middle nadi tube or channel in yoga] by leaving the restlessness of the mind behind. Where the Subtle Sounds vibrate in the ajna chakra, stay and make your dwelling. The door is subtle and sushumna is the Point or Window. With great effort, you can go through." (Sant Maharishi Mehi)

"I am glad to note that you saw stars, sun and moon as well as the Form of the Master, and heard the Sound of conch-shell. In future, when you see stars just try to pick out a big star among them and fix your inner gaze into the middle thereof. It will grow brighter and ultimately burst to give you further way up. If, however, you see the sun and the moon within you, just look into the middle thereof. That will also give you a way up. But when you see the Form of the Master within, just absorb yourself sweetly into It, so much so that you forget yourself. That will develop receptivity in you and the Master will speak to you as He does outside." (Kirpal Singh)

"The inner Light does not come or go. It is always there within. It appears only when we are attuned and concentrated and disappears as soon as there is the slightest dispersion. The Light will not vanish if you just keep your inner gaze constantly fixed." (Kirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir, A Ruhani Satsang Book)

Upanishads: "Oh God, lead me from untruth to Truth, from darkness to Light, and from death to Immortality." 

Quran: "Those who have faith in Allah, then Allah is their protector and helper. Allah takes them from darkness to Light."

Yeshua in, The Book of Pistis Sophia (Gnostic Gospel of Faith Wisdom): "Do not cease seeking day or night and do not let yourselves relax until you find the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."

Youtube Video: "One's light merges with the Supreme Light, and becomes perfect." Subtitled Music Video: "Sooraj kiran milay jal kaa jal hoo-aa raam. Jotee jot ralee sampooran thee-aa raam."

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." (William Arthur Ward)

Important Sant Mat Texts Soon 
to Be Available as E-Books

I hear that soon the books, Philosophy of Liberation, and, Harmony of All Religions, in their entirety, will be available online as PDF Files. As I said to the publisher: 'It would be wonderful to have these books online, and be able to link to them, send people right to them, to share the depth and wisdom they contain with spiritual seekers everywhere. As I found, no doubt many others will find also, that they bring a much-needed depth and clarity to the study of Sant Mat. They remain at the top of my list of recommended reading. Rather than decreasing book sales, it may increase them, as people realize how essential they are.'

The Seven Principles of Sant Mat By Maharshi Mehi, The Padavali of Maharshi Mehi, also Quoted in the Book, Harmony of All Religions

The Following Principals Below are Recited Daily in India

1. Ultimate Reality is beyond any beginning or end, infinite, beyond birth, beyond the senses, all-pervading yet even beyond pervasiveness. It must, therefore, be understood as the Supreme Being. This Essential Element is known in Santmat [the Teachings of the Saints] as the Lord of All and is the foundation of all things. This Being is beyond both the inanimate and animate aspects of nature. It is without qualities and beyond qualities. Its nature is infinite, imperishable, all-powerful. It is beyond time and space, beyond sound and beyond form [Nirguna). It is the One without a second. The Supreme Being is beyond the scope of the mind, the intellect and the senses. This entire universe is powered by the energy of this Being. This Being is not human. It is not manifested in physical form. It has existence beyond the illusion of maya [illusion], and there is nothing that exists outside of it. It is the Being which is eternal and is in existence from the beginning. Santmat considers this Being to be the Divine Reality, and this [knowing or merging with] Being is the goal of all spirituality.

2. The individual soul is an inseparable part of the Supreme Being.

3. The physical world of nature was created. It has an origin and an end.

4. The individual soul (jiva), bound by illusion (maya), remains in the cycle of death and birth. This is the cause of one's suffering. In order to escape from this cycle of death and birth we must experience realization of this Supreme Being.

5. By practicing devotion through these four techniques — Manas Japa ([Simran], recitation of the divine name), Manas Dhyana ([Dhyan], focus on the divine form), Dristi Sadhana ([Yoga of Inner Light, Inner Seeing, Inner Light Meditation], focus on the infinitesimal point), and Nadanusandhana Yoga ([Surat Shabd Yoga], concentration on the inner divine sounds) — the practitioner consecutively transcends the realms of darkness, light, and sound which cloak the Supreme Truth — the Divine Reality. Only in a human body an individual soul is able to achieve unity with the Divine. [In other forms of existence, animal, etc., it is not possible to tread the spiritual path.]

6. Lying, stealing, intake of intoxicating substances, adultery, and violence (including harming other beings) are the five sins to be avoided. Eating meat or fish is also considered to be a form of violence and should be avoided. The aspirants of Santmat must abstain from these vices. 2 (2 Note: In Buddhism these five abstinences are known as the Panch Shila (the Five Precepts).

7. The following are considered to be the requirements for the attainment liberation: (A) Trust and belief in God; ( Commitment to seek the Divine within; (C) Devotion and service to a satguru — spiritual Master; (D) Satsang, listening to the teaching and spiritual discourse including study of the Teaching of the Saints and the scriptures; and (E) Dhyana, diligent meditation practice.

In the Forms I Beheld the Formless..... 
Mystic Verses of Kabir

What a music of the flute!
It fills me with bliss.
No wick yet a lamp lights up,
no roots yet a lotus blossoms,
and myriad flowers nod their heads.
As moon-bird
cries for the moon,
and rain-bird pines for the rain-drop,
so longing for God,
I live forever with saints.
The restless mind is put at rest,
and the heart is illumined.
In the forms I beheld the Formless,
along with the Friend.
Breaking the shackles,
You set me free from all the bondage.
Now Inaccessible is accessible,
and soaked in love is Kabir.
-- Guru Kabir
The above is translated 
by Sushila Mahajan, in,
Says Kabir.....
A Collection of One Hundred and Ten Poems of Kabir
Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi

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Posted: Apr 15, 2011 9:52pm
Sep 13, 2009
September Inner Light and Sound Satsang Podcast Available


September Inner Light and Sound Satsang Podcast Available For Listening or Downloading

Click on the Link to go to BlogTalkRadio/SantMatFellowship:

Am very satisfied that this month's Blog Talk Radio podcast turned out really well, communicating some important principles from the Masters about living a spiritual life, successful meditation practice, and union with God.

Guru Kabir says, "The imaginations of the mind are just as innumerable as the innumerable waves of an ocean. If somehow this mind can become quiet by itself, attainment of the true Knowledge-like Diamond will become easily possible (everyone in this world is sad or restless because of lack of Knowledge. This true Knowledge can be attained only when the mind becomes quiet)." One of the effects of adhering to the ahimsa ethics of the Masters is a reduction in tension, in agitation of mind.

The program begins with sixty seconds from an old recording of a Bhajan (chant) of Baba Somanath (disciple of Huzur Baba Sawan Singh), which is quite haunting and otherworldly. Then there is a reading from an ancient Hermetic-Gnostic text from Egypt titled, The Greatest Human Evil is Unacquaintance With God, followed by satsang readings from: The Bijak of Guru Kabir Volume Two (The Shabdas); The Bijak of Guru Kabir Volume One (The Ramainis); The Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir; Songs of Kabir, by Rabindranath Tagore.

The Bijak and Saakhi Granth of Kabir have always been considered primary texts of Sant Mat, and are genuine "Satsang Templates" providing a holistic approach to life on earth following the Path of the Masters.

Other readings are from: The Philosophy of Liberation (Moksha Darshan) by Maharsihi Mehi Paramahansa Ji Maharaj; a Shabd in contemporary English from a recent translation of the Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry Volume Two, by Swami Ji Maharaj; a list of essential Sant Mat principals and techniques for a successful spiritual journey, a Bhajan (chant, hymn from India) by Guru Arjan Dev, and a meditative Bhajan of Sant Surdas titled, "Hai Govind." Additional unlicensed music comes courtesy of my musician friend Paul Alexandre John, who performs Indian classical ragas playing the Bansuri flute, giving me permission to make use of his music on the air.

Peace, Jai Guru,

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Posted: Sep 13, 2009 8:57pm
Aug 8, 2009
Becoming God-Union With God In Meditation, Verses By Sant Sevi Ji
Posted on Aug 8th, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.comSantMat_Mystic_(James)


Becoming God - Union With God In Meditation, Verses By Maharshi Santseviji Paramhans

Sant Mat Mysticism Blog:

Verses composed by Maharshi Santsevi ji Paramhans are very few in numbers; in fact, his prose itself had a lucid inimitable poetic style (his discourses left the audience spellbound). Presented below is the English rendering of a Hindi verse, underscoring the  way & importance of meditation, composed by Sadguru Maharshi Santsevi ji Paramhans (1920-2007), the charismatic exponent of Santmat, excerpted from the book titled "Bhajanawali" compiled by Swami Achyutanand Ji Maharaj, the  founder Editor, Hindi monthly "Shanti Sandesh" (Message of Peace) brought out by Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, and also the current editor of the spiritual quarterly "Adhyatma Prakash"(The Light of Spirituality) brought out from Maharshi Santsevi Dhyan Yogashram, Kolkata, West Bengal.

- Translated by Pravesh K. Singh

[  ]


The Original Verse (Transliterated Hindi Version)

"Sarvesh ko bhaj le sujan, akhilesh ko tU pAyegA |

Bishvesh ko upalabdh kar, tU wahI ho jAyegA ||1||

Man se mantrAvritti kari kari, IshTa vigraha dhyAn bhI |
Yug drishTi sUrat ek kar, ghaT jyoti jugnU pAyegA ||2||

vidyut sitAre bindu shashi, ushA prabhA ravi pUr bhI |
lakh jyoti anupam brahma kI, agh punj jal bhun jAyegA ||3||

Jyoti mein sun shabd anahad, dhun anAhat ko parakh |
sat shabd chetan dhAr dhari, dhur dhAm nischaya jAyegA ||4||

Santsewi ko batAyA, Sant Mehin marma yah |
Hai dharm ab terA sujan, kar karm ur prabhu pAyegA ||5||"



O wise People! Worship/meditate upon the Supreme Lord of the Whole Universe, whole Nature (Gross and Conscious). |
Having realized Him (within through inner meditation), you would become He Himself.||1||

Mentally (internally) chant the mantra (given by the Guru), try to visualize the form of your desired deity (in the inner sky, as taught by the Guru). |
Making both the currents of your sight/vision meet, you would see the light of the glow-worm within your own body. ||2||

(As you continue with the Drishti Yoga - Yoga of Inner Light), you would also behold within yourself flashes of lightning, stars, refulgent absolute point, moon, light of dawn & morning, sun, etc.|

This Divine Light seen within would scorch the stockpile of your sins. ||3||

While beholding the dazzling Divine Light (you would also) hear myriads of phonetic sounds, as also the Quintessential/Primordial Unstruck Melody. |
Grasping on to the conscious current of the Eternal Unstruck Word (Sound/ Melody), you would surely get entry into His exclusive Kingdom (where He alone lives in His true state). ||4||

Sant Sadguru Mehi taught this secret (of inner meditation) to (Maharshi) Santsevi. |

Now it is your duty, O Wise Men, to implement the above into practice, and, thus, you are bound to find Him within yourself .||5||


More Couplets of Swami Santsevi Ji

Begin meditation with internally chanting or repeating the Guru-mantra-incantation (the charged words given by the Guru). And then try to visualize the radiant form or image of the Satguru in the still darkness of the inner sky (with eyes closed). Follow that with focusing your attention at the seat of the soul within, i.e. at the Third Eye or the Inner Eye or the Til Dwaar, by making the two streams of consciousness in your two eyes converge in a Point.

When the two currents of consciousness meet in a Point, Divine Light
appears within. Then, practice Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Divine Sound)
i.e., try to shift your attention to listening to the Divine Sounds or myriads of melodies (Anahad Naad) ringing inside. Listening to the
Divine Sound destroys all the perversions, agitations and fickleness of
the mind.

Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds, try to identify
and tune in to the Quintessential Unstruck Melody, called "Saar Shabd" or "Anaahat Naad" which alone is capable of taking you and merging you into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the ultimate deliverance or
liberation.  ////////

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Mar 29, 2009
New Satsang Podcast Available: Sant Mat Radio, Know Thyself

BlogTalkRadio, My Monthly Satsang Podcast: The Theme is "KNOW THYSELF": Click to Listen -- Play or Download at:

(Program Length: 39 Minutes)

The March Satsang Available Online at Blog Talk Radio

A wide variety of readings from the writings of the Sant tradition and other world scriptures with the theme of knowing one's Self and God: the recitation of several bhajans (mystical hymns, devotional poems) from classic Saints of India including from the Adi Granth, Dasam Granth, Huzur Maharaj (Rai Saligram). Also on the theme of knowing one's Self, readings from: The Bijak of Kabir, Saakhi Granth of Kabir, The Stranger of Galilee by Russell Perkins (who has some great passages from Kirpal Singh), also a couple of selections from the sayings of Lord Mahavira (Jainism) and the Gospel of Thomas (Gnostic); and, a Bhakti Approach to Simran (Radhasoami Naam) according to the Founder of the Radhasoami Faith.

Satsang is an Eastern term used by Indian spiritual paths including Sant Mat for a meeting or spiritual gathering either facilitated by a living Master (Sant Sat Guru), representative or group leader affiliated with such a living teacher. The facilitator reads from the writings of various Masters, perhaps making some comments. The focus is always the words and the wisdom of the Masters about the essential truths of the spiritual journey, knowing God, Bhakti (love and devotion), right conduct and ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word and deed), effective meditation practice: Soul Travel: Surat Shabd Yoga: Inner Light and Sound Meditation, the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God or Inner Space.

In the Love, Light, and Sound of the Beloved,

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Feb 11, 2008
New Show Archived Online: Exploring the World Religions

Hear my latest show now: Exploring the World Religions with Kirpal Singh

"My heart goes out to all you dear ones. You see, distance is no barrier for the Master Power and anywhere the yearning souls would pray for his guidance, he would materialize and bless you through and through." (Kirpal Singh)

Go to this page and click: Exploring the World Religions with Kirpal Singh

All for the love of Wisdom Radio,


"God is love and love is God. The way back to God is also through love. You should always remember this divine principle: that love begets love." (Kirpal Singh)
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Jan 31, 2008
Still Your Gaze at The Door in the Inner Sky!

Sant Mat Fellowship:
{"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." -- Dadu}

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

An English rendering of a verse composed by Sant Radhaswami Sahab taken from the book titled "Satsang Yoga , Part II" by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj.

-Translation by Pravesh K. Singh ( ).

The Original Verse (Phonetic Version):

"Too to surat jamaa nabh dwaar| Shabd mile chhoote janjaar||

Shabd bhed too jaan ganwaar| Kyon bharamai too mana kee laar||

Surat khainch tak til kaa dwaar| Dahinee dishaa shabd kee dhaar||

Baaeen dishaa kaal kaa jaar| Taahi chhod kar surat samhaar||

Ghantaa sankh suno kar pyaar| Tis ke aage dhun omkaar||

Sunn maahi sun raarankaar| Bhanwar gufaa murali jhankaar||

Sattalok dhun been samhaar| Alakh Agam dhun kahun na pukaar||

Radhaswami bhed sunaayaa jhaad| Pakad dharo ab hiye manjhaar||"

The Translation:

[Fix or still your gaze at the door in the (Inner) Sky,|

So as to grasp the (Quintessential) Sound perceiving which puts all the worldly troubles to an end (the botheration of the world can end, in true sense, only if the cycle of rebirth is got rid of or transcended.)||

Learn, O Inexperienced, the secret of the Sound.|

Why do you remain lost in the illusory traps of the mind? ||

Draw or collect your attention, or current of consciousness, and look attentively at the `Til Dwar' or `The Third Eye'. |

(When the surat gets focussed at the Bright Point inside), a Stream of Sound is heard coming from the right direction. ||

(The sound emanating from) the left direction is the snare or web of Death.|

Discarding or ignoring that (that is, not listening to the sound coming from the left direction) keep your attention carefully focussed (on the Sound coming from the right direction).||

Listen with love to the Sounds of the Gong/Bell and Conch.|

Beyond that is (heard) the resonating `OM' Sound. ||

(Subsequently,) Hark to the `Rarankaar' Sound in the Realm of "Shoonya" (Void). |

Melody of the Flute (is heard) in the "Bhanwar Gufaa" (whirling/spiralling cave). ||

Listen to the enchanting lute in the Realm of Sattalok (The sphere of pure consciousness, of Quintessential Sound).|

Nothing can be said to be of the Sound in the Regions of Alakh and Agam (According to universally agreed opinion of Santmat and the Upanishads, beyond the zone of sattalok, lies the infinite realm of "nihshabdam paramam padam" or, the Highest/Ultimate State of Soundlessness. It is this very state that is being alluded to here). ||

Radhaswami says, he has thus clearly explained all the secrets. |

Hold that dearly within your heart.||]

Earn the Invaluable Wealth of Shabd! -Sant Radhaswami Sahab

An English rendering of a verse composed by Sant Radhaswami Sahab taken from the book titled "Satsang Yog , Part II" by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj.

-Translation by Pravesh K. Singh ( ).

The Original Verse (Phonetic Version):

"Shabd kamaae kar he meet | Shabd prataap kaal ko jeet ||

Shabd ghaat too ghat me dekh | Shabdahi shabd peev ko pekh ||

Shabd karm kee rekh kataave | Shabd shabd se jay milaave ||

Shabd binaa sab jhoothaa gyaan | Shabd binaa sab thothaa dhyaan ||

Shabd chhod mat are ajaan | Radhaswami kahai bakhaan ||"

The Translation:

[O friend! Earn the `Shabd' (Divine Word or Sound). | By the glorious grace of the `Shabd', win over time (death & rebirth). ||

Behold the banks (realm or sphere) of `Shabd' within your `ghat' (body). |

Catching hold of `Shabd' after `Shabd' see the Lord ||

`Shabd' enables to obliterate or erase the result or effect of our actions. |

One `shabd' naturally leads to another `Shabd'. ||

Any knowledge without knowing, or in the absence of, or excluding `Shabd' is false knowledge or ignorance. |

All meditation that excludes `Shabd' is hollow, or incomplete meditation. ||

Do not ever, therefore, forsake the `Shabd', You Ignorant Being! ||

Radhaswami describes thus in detail. ||]


To understand the true import of "shabd shabd se jay milaave" (one `Shabd' leads to another `Shabd') of Sant Radhaswami Sahab, the following excerpts from a discourse of Maharshi Santsewiji would be of help:

"Whoever sincerely practices the inner meditation comes to experience Light within. First he sees the Light and then he hears Sound, too. Sound has a natural & inherent property of attracting or drawing the listener towards its source or origin. One who is capable of grasping the Sound springing straight from God Himself gets naturally drawn to Him.

The practitioner of "naadaanusandhaan" or "surat-shabda yoga" (the Yoga of Sound or the Union through Sound) first catches hold of the Sound which is generated at the centre of the "sthoola mandal" (gross sphere of creation). Catching that Sound at the meeting horizon or junction of the Gross sphere and the "sookshma mandala" (Astral or Subtle sphere), he (the practitioner) is drawn to the centre of the Astral sphere. Grasping the Sound at the centre of the Astral sphere he is led to the centre of the "kaaran mandal" (Causal sphere) wherefrom he is pulled up to the centre of the "mahaakaaran mandal" (Supra-Causal sphere). Getting hold of the Sound at the centre of the Supra-Causal sphere he transcends the barrier or layers of "jad" (ignorance or non-consciousness) and makes an entry into the realm of "kaivalya" or, "chetan" (Pure Consciousness). There he gets the "saar shabda" or "anaahat shabda" (the Unstruck or Quintessential Sound) which takes him to the "nihshabdam paramam padam" or the highest and the Ultimate Soundless State. There he meets and merges into perfect unison with God losing his individual identity completely. Thus, the cycle of birth and death or transmigration comes to be destroyed or annihilated for ever or permanently."

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