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Apr 15, 2011

Only Those Who Practice Sant Mat Will Know the Reality of IT - 
Light and Sound on the Path - Sant Mat Satsang

"It is a bliss remembering God even for a moment. 
But only those, who practice it, know it." (Kabir)

May I see You with my eyes,
hear Your Sound
with my own ears.
Speak Your Name
in my own words, O Lord;
rest Your flower-like feet
on my heart. (Kabir)

Spiritual Awakening Radio 

* Tom Shadyac is the Director, Writer and Filmmaker behind the new documentary film "I AM", and recently was my guest on Spiritual Awakening Radio. About "Being the Change", "I AM" features the wisdom of Coleman Barks, Desmond Tutu, Howard Zinn, Thom Hartmann, Noam Chomsky, Lynne McTaggart, and many others. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* An Introduction to he Inner Light and Sound Masters of India - Sant Mat Genesis - Story of Creation and the Return to the Point of Origin via Inner Light and Sound Meditation. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* The Yoga of Inner Sound - Sound Mysticism in the World Religions, Part 1. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* The Yoga of Inner Sound - Sound Mysticism in the World Religions, Part 2. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* Alistair Conwell, author of, "The Audible Life Stream", PT 1. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

* Alistair Conwell, author of, "The Audible Life Stream", Part 2. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

The Path of the Masters - The Way of Inner Seeing, Hearing, and Oneness

"The knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul is the highest level of knowledge for human beings. It uplifts us from earthly suffering, births and deaths to the State of Salvation (i.e. Moksha, Nirvana)." (Swami Ashutosh)

"When the practitioner collects and joins both the currents of consciousness at a Single Point within, as taught by the Master, in a state of complete concentration, the veil of darkness breaks and he views the Refulgent Light. There he hears many melodious Inner Sounds. With the Master's benevolence, he identifies the Quintessential Sound centered amongst those other Sounds. And with the help of that Quintessential Inner Sound, the practitioner's consciousness ascends to the Soundness Realm. He knows soul and Supreme Soul by experience, attaining salvation in the Living State itself, and thus he becomes the Supreme Master. This is the ultimate Level of knowledge in which Light and Sound play the principal role." (Swami Ashutosh)

"Look for and search for God within yourself, within your own body. God resides in your heart -- look for Him there. The White Point shines straight ahead and twinkles. You must concentrate in sushumna [middle path, middle nadi tube or channel in yoga] by leaving the restlessness of the mind behind. Where the Subtle Sounds vibrate in the ajna chakra, stay and make your dwelling. The door is subtle and sushumna is the Point or Window. With great effort, you can go through." (Sant Maharishi Mehi)

"I am glad to note that you saw stars, sun and moon as well as the Form of the Master, and heard the Sound of conch-shell. In future, when you see stars just try to pick out a big star among them and fix your inner gaze into the middle thereof. It will grow brighter and ultimately burst to give you further way up. If, however, you see the sun and the moon within you, just look into the middle thereof. That will also give you a way up. But when you see the Form of the Master within, just absorb yourself sweetly into It, so much so that you forget yourself. That will develop receptivity in you and the Master will speak to you as He does outside." (Kirpal Singh)

"The inner Light does not come or go. It is always there within. It appears only when we are attuned and concentrated and disappears as soon as there is the slightest dispersion. The Light will not vanish if you just keep your inner gaze constantly fixed." (Kirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir, A Ruhani Satsang Book)

Upanishads: "Oh God, lead me from untruth to Truth, from darkness to Light, and from death to Immortality." 

Quran: "Those who have faith in Allah, then Allah is their protector and helper. Allah takes them from darkness to Light."

Yeshua in, The Book of Pistis Sophia (Gnostic Gospel of Faith Wisdom): "Do not cease seeking day or night and do not let yourselves relax until you find the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."

Youtube Video: "One's light merges with the Supreme Light, and becomes perfect." Subtitled Music Video: "Sooraj kiran milay jal kaa jal hoo-aa raam. Jotee jot ralee sampooran thee-aa raam."

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." (William Arthur Ward)

Important Sant Mat Texts Soon 
to Be Available as E-Books

I hear that soon the books, Philosophy of Liberation, and, Harmony of All Religions, in their entirety, will be available online as PDF Files. As I said to the publisher: 'It would be wonderful to have these books online, and be able to link to them, send people right to them, to share the depth and wisdom they contain with spiritual seekers everywhere. As I found, no doubt many others will find also, that they bring a much-needed depth and clarity to the study of Sant Mat. They remain at the top of my list of recommended reading. Rather than decreasing book sales, it may increase them, as people realize how essential they are.'

The Seven Principles of Sant Mat By Maharshi Mehi, The Padavali of Maharshi Mehi, also Quoted in the Book, Harmony of All Religions

The Following Principals Below are Recited Daily in India

1. Ultimate Reality is beyond any beginning or end, infinite, beyond birth, beyond the senses, all-pervading yet even beyond pervasiveness. It must, therefore, be understood as the Supreme Being. This Essential Element is known in Santmat [the Teachings of the Saints] as the Lord of All and is the foundation of all things. This Being is beyond both the inanimate and animate aspects of nature. It is without qualities and beyond qualities. Its nature is infinite, imperishable, all-powerful. It is beyond time and space, beyond sound and beyond form [Nirguna). It is the One without a second. The Supreme Being is beyond the scope of the mind, the intellect and the senses. This entire universe is powered by the energy of this Being. This Being is not human. It is not manifested in physical form. It has existence beyond the illusion of maya [illusion], and there is nothing that exists outside of it. It is the Being which is eternal and is in existence from the beginning. Santmat considers this Being to be the Divine Reality, and this [knowing or merging with] Being is the goal of all spirituality.

2. The individual soul is an inseparable part of the Supreme Being.

3. The physical world of nature was created. It has an origin and an end.

4. The individual soul (jiva), bound by illusion (maya), remains in the cycle of death and birth. This is the cause of one's suffering. In order to escape from this cycle of death and birth we must experience realization of this Supreme Being.

5. By practicing devotion through these four techniques — Manas Japa ([Simran], recitation of the divine name), Manas Dhyana ([Dhyan], focus on the divine form), Dristi Sadhana ([Yoga of Inner Light, Inner Seeing, Inner Light Meditation], focus on the infinitesimal point), and Nadanusandhana Yoga ([Surat Shabd Yoga], concentration on the inner divine sounds) — the practitioner consecutively transcends the realms of darkness, light, and sound which cloak the Supreme Truth — the Divine Reality. Only in a human body an individual soul is able to achieve unity with the Divine. [In other forms of existence, animal, etc., it is not possible to tread the spiritual path.]

6. Lying, stealing, intake of intoxicating substances, adultery, and violence (including harming other beings) are the five sins to be avoided. Eating meat or fish is also considered to be a form of violence and should be avoided. The aspirants of Santmat must abstain from these vices. 2 (2 Note: In Buddhism these five abstinences are known as the Panch Shila (the Five Precepts).

7. The following are considered to be the requirements for the attainment liberation: (A) Trust and belief in God; ( Commitment to seek the Divine within; (C) Devotion and service to a satguru — spiritual Master; (D) Satsang, listening to the teaching and spiritual discourse including study of the Teaching of the Saints and the scriptures; and (E) Dhyana, diligent meditation practice.

In the Forms I Beheld the Formless..... 
Mystic Verses of Kabir

What a music of the flute!
It fills me with bliss.
No wick yet a lamp lights up,
no roots yet a lotus blossoms,
and myriad flowers nod their heads.
As moon-bird
cries for the moon,
and rain-bird pines for the rain-drop,
so longing for God,
I live forever with saints.
The restless mind is put at rest,
and the heart is illumined.
In the forms I beheld the Formless,
along with the Friend.
Breaking the shackles,
You set me free from all the bondage.
Now Inaccessible is accessible,
and soaked in love is Kabir.
-- Guru Kabir
The above is translated 
by Sushila Mahajan, in,
Says Kabir.....
A Collection of One Hundred and Ten Poems of Kabir
Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi

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Apr 6, 2011
 Tom Shadyac, on the new documentary film "I AM". He recently was my guest on Spiritual Awakening Radio. Free PODcast:



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Mar 5, 2011
 The Upanishads - At the Third Eye Center All Life Is One - Article/Blog at Tumblr By James Bean:
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Feb 27, 2011

Traditional Sant Mat From An Indian Perspective - Light and Sound on the Path - Satsang E-Newsletter: 

[Below: a link to a Sant Mat Satsang Podcast; excerpts from three newly translated articles on the Esoteric Path of Sant Mat published in Sadguru Shanti Sandesh magazine - English Section; numerous spiritual quotes of the Masters from various parts of India, a couple of Gnostic quotes from Egypt, a Buddhist passage, a Jain Prayer For Peace; and a link to a Youtube video of an Indian Classical Raga performed on the veena.]

A Sant Mat Satsang PODcast: Hear readings from the following sources: "Petals of Love", by Professor Agam Prasad Mathur of Agra, on the history and spirituality of the classic Sants of India; verses of the Devotional Poetry of Saint Namdev from a text known as the "Hindi Padavali"; "The Harmony of All Religions", by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, on the primary goals of this living school of spirituality from India known as Sant Mat; also a reading about the astral plane or region known as The Thousand Petalled Lotus (Sahas-dal-kanwal), from the book, "Enchanted Land". That reading includes a passage from the "Sar Bachan Poetry" of Swami Ji Maharaj, Volume One. On the ahimsa ethics of the Masters, there is a reading from the "Saakhi Granth" of Guru Kabir. Program Length: 35 Minutes. Click to Download MP3:

"If you are an ocean, I am like a wave; I rise from you and I retire and return unto you." (Swami Ji Maharaj)

Kabir: "The essence of life is in remembering God."

"Devotion through remembering God brings every happiness to life and removes every distress of mind. Kabir Saheb says: Remember God! It has a wonderfully powerful attraction. By continuously remembering God, a time comes when the devoted servant (devotee) and the master (God) become one, i.e. he attains self-realization." (Kabir Vani 1008)

"Only seeing great souls does not bring well-being to anyone. What's needed is to listen to their words, contemplate their teachings, and put them into practice. This means to listen to the words of great souls with veneration, ponder their meaning, and live accordingly. This is what works." (Baba Devi Sahib)

"If you want to know your past life, look at your present condition. If you wish to know your future life, examine your present actions." (Swami Ashutosh Gurusnehi)

"Every person can become great, but it depends upon four factors: self-confidence, hard work, patience, and honesty." (Swami Ashutosh Gurusnehi)

"When ever you are in trouble, sit down for doing simran (repetition of the holy names). When you reach the state of concentration, then you are surrounded by a protective aura automatically. No power on earth can harm you then. Therefore, do simran and be anxiety-free." (Anurag Sagar, Volume Two)

"Come turn the wheel of simran. It will readily open up the melody of Shabd." (Swami Ji Maharaj)

"A mind unshaken when touched by the worldly states, sorrowless, stainless, and secure, this is the blessing supreme. Those who have fulfilled all these are everywhere invincible; they find well-being everywhere, theirs is the blessing supreme." (adapted from the Mangala Sutta in, "Teachings of the Buddha," edited by Jack Kornfield)

"Wherever one's thought dwells, there will that person rest. At his pleasure, he may go to the delusion of unreality or he may merge into the Lord of the self. Where you keep your mind while living, to that abode shall you go after death. The soul finds lodging in a place wherein it has hitherto been immersed." (Sant Dadu Dayal)

"'G-o-d-i-s-n-o-w-h-e-r-e' -- this can be read as 'God is nowhere' or 'God is now here'. It depends on our thinking. So think positive." (Swami Ashutosh Gurusnehi)

Asked the Yogis: By what means are we bound and overcome by maya [illusion]? How does one gain or loose? Said Guru Nanak: The negative thoughts of the mind are what bind us, and then we are overcome by maya. The self-centered one loses, and the one who obeys the will of His Creator is the one who gains. (Book of Sidh Gosht)

Said the Yogis: The one who can give us the true answers is our Guru. Said Guru Nanak: By meeting the True Guru all darkness is dispelled, the ego is stilled and one is united with God. (Book of Sidh Gosht)

"The brilliant Light of surrender has revealed to me the Essence and the True Form of my Master." (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras)

"What is the place to be reached? When we close our eyes and see Darkness, this is the realm of ignorance. When the Light dawns within you, then you understand that you reside in noble regions. In Darkness resides ignorance and in Light resides Knowledge." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"All the rulers (archons) of the height have tried to deceive me into believing that I am only a body of matter without Light in it. And after this the merciless powers surrounded me, and tried to take away all the Light that was in me. But You appeared to me out of the darkness and I trusted You, O Light, and said: 'You are the one who liberated me. I thank You O Light for having compassion on me. And You have saved me, O Light, with your Gnosis [Mystical Knowledge].'" (Book of Pistis Sophia, Faith Wisdom)

Param Sant Tulsi Sahib: "In this life the concept of salvation all describe. To met the Lord by dying-while-living, none discloses. They all speak of the goal of salvation after death. How to attain it while living, no one says. Were they to reveal the Method of attaining release while living, then alone would Tulsi be convinced of their words."

"Look for and search for God within yourself, within your own body. God resides inside - look for him there." (Maharishi Mehi)

"Within the innermost recesses, all spirituality is one and it has never undergone any division. Our spirituality or soul (Surat) is an emanation from the Supreme Being. Within the innermost recesses it is one with the Lord." (Discourses of Babuji Maharaj, Volume Three)

Sadguru Shanti Sandesh is published by Maharshi Santsewi Dhyanyog Ashram, Satsang Nagar, Sabour, Bhagalpur (Bihar), INDIA. The True Master's Message of Peace (Sadguru Shanti Sandesh), is a spiritual and social monthly magazine based on the harmony of all religions.

Below is Excerpted From the February, 2011 Edition of Sadguru Shanti Sandesh Magazine - English Section: 

God is the Creator of Yoga, By Param Sant Baba Devi Sahib

There are two types of dharma in the world. They are first, "udhaar", and second, "nakad". Udhaar dharma is that in which it is said, one attains salvation after death, and nakad dharma is that in which the state of salvation is believed to be experienced/attained during this lifetime. People keep thinking and living on-borrowed-dharma. Some are involved in rituals and outward devotions, while others are pretending to have become divine themselves. They are unaware of the natural screens or veils of Darkness, Lights and Sounds between jiva-souls and God. (God is veiled by five different bodies and subtle bodies, each one inside the other [physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric]). These are veils which can't be transcended by merely reading some mantras or performing yagna or outward devotions/rituals. For them to be shed, you will surely have to be oriented towards going within, perform Dristi-sadhana [Yoga of Inner Light], and Shabd-sadhana [Yoga of Inner Sound], which will make it possible for your consciousness to travel along the solitary Inward Path, crossing the natural and supra-natural realms to reach to such an auspicious place from where your soul would never become detached again to return back in the outer world. But no one can really know of, and practice, these processes by simply reading authentic scriptures.

First of all, the screen of Darkness can be accessed by closing your eyes. Secondly, the screen or veil of Light can be experienced by crossing the Darkness. Thirdly, the veil of Sounds can be known by listening to them. Fourthly, not so much a screen or veil, but there is a Mystery which can not be understood like the first, second and third. It can only be experienced by perfect practice. 

According to Sant Mat, having crossed these realms or levels, we achieve the final goal called Mukti (i.e. salvation). To attain liberation/salvation, Sant Mat does not follow numerous complicated practices, but two essential methods: 

1) Drishti Marg (i.e. the Path of inner Light/Vision) and,

2) Shabd Marg (i.e. the Way of inner Sound/Transcendental Hearing). 

Unlike other worship methods popular in religions and sects with different names, these two methods are not man-made. God himself is the founder and operator of these methods. Since the beginning God has kept these two methods inside human beings with full qualifications. The way of redemption of jivas (i.e. bounded souls) is available within all human beings. Unless the jiva walks along this way, it can't achieve salvation; the real and ultimate goal of religion. (Baba Devi Sahab) ////////

"If anyone becomes a child of the bridal chamber, he will receive the Light. If anyone does not receive it while he is here, he will not be able to receive it in the other place either." (Gnostic Gospel of Philip, Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt)

Param Sant Tulsi Sahib: "0 Jiva [captive Soul somewhere in time]! Give up all blind adherences and beliefs, concentrate within and seek the Supreme Being there, adopting Him alone as your goal. Do ponder over what I say and see for yourself with eyes wide open that there is none in this world whom you can call your own. You should adopt the Supreme Being alone as your prop and support."

"Dying, dying, the world keeps dying, but none knows how to die. No one dies in such a way that he won't die again." (Bijak of Kabir)

Kabir: "Go where you will, to Benares or to Mathura; if you do not find your soul, the world is unreal to you."

"The Master always advises people to explore the Shabd in the depth of their hearts. But they ignore the pleas of the Master -- how then will their inner eyes open? Rare is the deserving soul who makes the teachings of the Master the foundation of his/her life." (Sant Radhasoami Sahib)

"The best of all true things is a true heart. Without truth, no happiness, though you may try a million tricks." (The Bijak of Kabir)

Anurag Sagar: "Kal has entangled people in illusions to such an extent that they have totally forgotten their real Home."

S.O.S. - Sincerity of Spirituality - The Basis of Truth

The Editorial Below is From the January, 2011 Edition of Sadguru Shanti Sandesh Magazine - English Section

"Santmat" is the combination of two words: "Sant" and "Mat". "Sant" originates from the Sanskrit "Santah", which means Truth. Whosoever has adopted true ethics with his mind: in precept and in deeds, and in addition to this, who has realized God, such a great human is eligible to be called a Sant. 

"Mat" refers to teaching or guidance. For the well-being of humans, Sants have formulated principles to be adopted during life. Those principles are SANTMAT. This is most successful art of living, whose essence and basis is truth. Just as the sun is meaningless without heat, "Santmat" is core-less, purposeless, or rather, it is non-existent without truth. 

Rather than just receiving initiation into Sant Mat, if someone adopts truth, lives and works on behalf of truth, then he or she is relatively closer to Sant Mat. Is it worth believing that by going away from truth anybody can adopt Sant Mat? I believe, if we want to serve Sant Mat (which we pledge while receiving initiation: "For the progress of Sant Mat I will always be helpful with my mind, health and wealth"), then we should adopt truth in our lives. At least if we won't accompany lies, won't proliferate lies, we would be saved from major flaws. The holy Master Maharshi Mehi said: "Lying is the father of all sins. He, who learned to tell lies, will also learn to execute all the sins". We describe ourselves as disciples but if we don't wish to live according to Master's guidelines, then what will be our condition? Sahjo Bai has said: "Who doesn't obey the Master and even blames the Master, such a cynic fellow lives miserably in life and doesn't attain liberation after death."

Today's situation is has worsened to the degree that everywhere there is supremacy of slyness. (Liars are honored. The truthful are getting damned. Hypocrites and opportunists are everywhere worshiped.)

Let us leave the matter of cults. Truth is everyone's religion: "There is no other religion higher that truth." "Truth always wins, not falsehood". The Taitiriyopnishad says: "Speak truth, adopt religion". This implies truth is the highest priority compared to religion. The Mahabharata says: "There's no religion like truth" and, "even thousands of oblations are inferior compared with truth". The degree anyone adopts truth, is the degree he moves towards greatness. It's everyone's duty to not believe directly in rumors. Rather, go to the source, so as to not become liable of the sin of proliferating lies.

The universal teaching of Sants is Truth and Non-Violence. If we would decide to adopt these as the basis of our life, then our future life would surely be bright. (Sadguru Shanti Sandesh) ////////

"Forgive do I creatures all, and let all creatures forgive me. 
Unto all have I amity, and unto none enmity. 
Know that violence is the root of all miseries in the world. 
Violence is the knot of bondage." (Jain Prayer For Peace)

"The Masters say that two things are essential for success on the spiritual path: first a genuine urge, a passion for it; and second, regular practice. If either one of these is lacking, our efforts will not be fruitful." (Kirpal Singh)

"Living in this world for a short period is good, but instead of wasting one's life doing meaningless things, it is advisable to dedicate it to remembering God. What is the use of living for millions of years if one did not dedicate his time to self-introspection and remembering God, i.e. such life is a total waste; who will keep an account of it? My real happiness lies in the supreme 'Self.'" (Kabir Vani 1008)

Below is From the January, 2011 Edition of Sadguru Shanti Sandesh Magazine - English Section: 

Behavior Generates Our Future, Satsang-Suman, By Swami Ashutosh 

Respectable God-seekers, prestigious villagers, religion-loving brothers - sisters, and dear children:

If we wish to be rid of sorrows and the slavery of situations, then never put on any new trammels of attachments, and try to get rid of old trammels. With the strength of our efforts we can create our fortune. Lord Buddha has said: "Humans are the owner of their own state -- who else can be his owner?" Lord Sriram has suggested the way to be freed from bondages, saying: "There is a door of salvation inside this body". We will have to become aware of this door and go through it. We know about nine doors of our body which are all so unclean. How could you think any of these doors could be the door to freedom? The precept of Satguru Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj is: "Leave the unclean nine doors of the body and ascend through the Tenth Door and get the bliss." The Tenth Door is the Portal to salvation [Jiva Mukti] and the place for happiness. 

This is also the junction of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. In the Gyan Sankalini Tantra, it says: "There are three principal currents, namely Ida [left], Pingala [right] and Sushumna [middle], there inside this body which are like the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, respectively. The junction of these three rivers is called "Triveni" -- the best place of pilgrimage. By being immersed into that, we get rid of all our sins.

Being baptized in the outer "Triveni" (i.e. junction of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati) does not cleanse our sin, but the internal Triveni makes us sacred like God, then God becomes accessible. This is the ultimate achievement of human life. To attain this we need to practice virtue, true companionship/satsang, and meditation. (This discourse was given in the evening get-together at Shivkumari Pahar, Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur, on 10/19/2010.)  ////////  

"Redemption will be effected by the attraction of love. The Supreme Being is all-love. He is a vast reservoir of love.

"The attraction of love is present in every particle of the creation. Nothing is outside the range of its attraction. The difference is only one of degree or intensity. It is by the attraction of love that the creation is maintained and sustained. All actions are taking place by the force of attraction.

"'Give up the fear and regard for the world. Heed what I say, perform Bhakti [love and devotion]." (Soami Ji Maharaj)

"Surat [the attention of the Soul] is the doer of everything. Perfect Bhakti (love and devotion) consists in the complete merging of all one's spirituality in the Supreme Being."

-- Babuji Maharaj, "The Discourses of Babuji Maharaj," Volume III, Agra

"God cannot be grasped by the mind. If He could be grasped, He would not be God". (Swami Ashutosh Gurusnehi)

Guru Nanak: "A person must become a devotee of God, leaving all illusions behind."

"The world is a bridge. Pass over it, but do not build your dwelling there." (Yeshua, Saying 200 — an inscription from a mosque at Fatehpur Sikri, India, translated in, The Unknown Sayings of Jesus, Marvin Meyer, Harper Collins)

YouTube Video/Audio: Indian Classical Raga: The sweet sounds of the Veena, considered to be one of the highest of heavenly melodies or a beautiful imitation thereof:

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Feb 17, 2011

Gnostic Radio: Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts

The Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West Series, Parts 1, 2, and 3, with Marvin Meyer, Professor of Bible and Christian Studies and Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Chapman University in California. Among his recent books are: The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, The Gospel of Thomas - The Hidden Sayings of Jesus, The Gospel of Judas, The Unknown Sayings of Jesus, The Gospels of Mary (Magdalene), Ancient Christian Magic - Coptic Texts of Ritual Power, and, The Gnostic Bible.

Part One of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West", the very latest information about Gnostic discoveries in Egypt. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

Part Two of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West", the latest information about the People of the Nag Hammadi Library - those who copied and studied Coptic Gnostic writings during the Second, Third, and Fourth Centuries AD in Egypt. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

Part Three of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West": A fascinating reflection upon the Gnostic scriptures, those who copied and studied them so long ago near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, along with a tantalizing reference to the newly discovered Al gurna texts. The world awaits their eventual publication. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

All for the love of wisdom and radio,

Spiritual Awakening Radio

Tagged: spiritual awakening radio, podcasts, james bean, comparative religion, spirituality, marvin meyer, nag hammadi library, gospel of judas, gnostic gospels, gnostic radio, lost books of the bible, mysticism, vegetarian, out of body, mysticism,

Jan 23, 2011

Sant Mat Satsang 
With Veena Howard

Hear the January 2011 Sant Mat 
Satsang PODcast: The Guest is 
Professor Veena Howard - Program 
Length: One Hour and 17 Minutes - 
Show Automatically Begins Playing 
At Blog Talk Radio:

All about Traditional Sant Mat from an 
Indian Perspective. My guest is Veena 
Howard: A delightful conversation 
introducing listeners to a rare spiritual 
path from India known as Sant Mat, 
which means, The Way of the Saints. It 
also can be translated as, The Path of 
the Masters.

   Professor Veena Rani Howard

Short Biography
Veena Rani Howard's interest lies in 
Hindu thought and comparative 
religion. Her current research is on 
ideological debates that take place 
within the native discourse of Indian 
thought, as well as in the recent 
interactions between native and 
Western interpretations. She analyzes 
the intersection of different discourses, 
such as that between classical Indian 
philosophical logic and Western 
philosophical and political dialectics 
that mediate emerging conversations in 
the field. She received her higher 
education in India as well in the USA 
and has master's degrees in English 
Literature, Indian Philosophy, and 
Western Philosophy.
She is currently writing her doctoral 
thesis on Mahatma Gandhi at Lancaster 
University, UK.
She teaches courses on Hinduism and 
other religions of India at the University 
of Oregon and Lane Community College.
She has translated two books of the 
Saint Tradition of Northern India, 
Moksha Darsana (The Philosophy of 
Liberation) and Sarvadharma Samanvya 
(Harmony of All Religions).
Her articles have been published in 
essay collections, including Who 
Exactly Is the Other? Western and 
Transcultural Perspectives, University 
of Oregon Books (2002) and 
Asceticism, Identity and Pedagogy in 
Dharma Traditions, Contemporary 
Issues in Constructive Dharma, vol. 3 
(2006). She is a frequent presenter at 
conferences, including most recently: 
the Association for Practical and 
Professional Ethics (2003); Justice Will 
Kiss Mercy: A Conference on the 
Vocation of Peacemaking in a World of 
Many Faiths, Marquette University 
(2005); East-West Philosophers’ 
Conference, University of Hawaii 
(2005); Dharma Association of North 
America at American Academy of 
Religion (2005); and Deep Listening, 
Deep Hearing: Buddhism and 
Psychotherapy East and West, 
University of Oregon (2006).

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\\n\\r\\n“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”\\r\\n\\r\\ n \\r\\n\\r\\nSpence r Johnson\\r\\n\\r\\n  \\r\\n\\r\\nMany years ago, when I was in high school chemistry lab, I was assigned to do a litm...
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\\nI have recently posted some BlogSpot radio interviews and YouTube videos, publicizing my two new books,\\r\\n1) Deepening Your Personal Relationships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication.\\r\\n2) Psychological Healing Through Creative S...
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\\nDear Friends:\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\ n\\r\\nMy two current books have been published and are available for sale through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publisher’s website, Hammer. Reading these books can be very helpful for anyone...
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What do the U.S. Government and British Petroleum have in common?  Well, aside from bureaucratic B.S. and a whole lot more money than we could ever dream of… they also seem to have a complete lack of concern for the sanctity of life. ...
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Photo by Carla Bowers © 2012Comments Due by Friday, September 27, 2013\\r\\n\\r\\nThe wild horse herd of the Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area, one of California\\\'s few remaining wild horse populations, has not been touched by man or helicopter sin...
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\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\ \r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\ r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r \\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\ \n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\ n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\ \r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\ r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r \\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\ \n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\ n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\ \r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\ r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r \\...
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Wild Horse education.ORGFailure to protect america\\\'s \\\"war horses\\\" faces legal actionBY LAURA LEIGH on SEPTEM BER 13, 2013\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r \\n(Reno, NV) Legal action has been filed against Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) today in fe...
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Help save our wild horses. They are our National Heritage.  Plea se e-mail, write or fax your comments to the BLM.  Comments for the Bureau of Land Management public scoping period to address wild horse and burro management are due Sept....
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I listed this focus as \\\"Endangered Species\\\" because if we do not stop this, there will be no wild horses left.  These horses are part of our American Heritage and need to be protected!  Time to STOP subsidizing \\\"welfare\\\" ranchers on our ...
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\\nBLM ANNOUNCES MEETINGS ON MASSIVE REMOVALS OF WYOMING WILD HORSES\\r\\nROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. ( Sept. 6, 2013) - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced public meetings to be held in Rock Springs (Sept. 11) and Rawlins, WY  (S...

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