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Mar 7, 2008
Promote Your Website, Products, Creative Company, or Events

Promote your product, company, event, website, or cause within my radio program heard all over North America online via www.HealthyLife.NET

Spiritual Awakening Radio is broadcast three hours per week via www.HealthyLife.NET and other stations, most of which stream their audio over the web. The program, including all the ads, are also being heard online 24/7 via my audio archive:

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James Bean
Producer & Host
Spiritual Awakening Radio via www.HealthyLife.NET

My Website:

HealthyLifeNet Demographics and State-By-State and By City Breakdown:

Spiritual Awakening www.HealthyLife.NET News--and Links

www.HealthyLife.NET and Spiritual Awakening Radio

Since it began broadcasting in October 2002 www.HealthyLife.NET -- The Positive Talk Radio Network has had over twenty six million total listeners (26,026,627) according to the new March 2008 Positive Airwaves Newsletter. It has become one of the top spiritual radio networks on the worldwide web. Thank you www.HealthyLife.NET for arriving on the scene when you did! In the crazy world of vision-less mediocrity (media-ocrity), www.HealthyLife.NET is an oasis of creativity and freedom for the spiritual/holistic community.

All my shows are now archived and are being listened to 24/7 via the web, and that includes all the ads that run within the show! See:

New Shows and Interviews -- An Opportunity For Networking

Coming soon will be some new and exciting shows on Rumi, Rumi Poetry and Persian music, Hafiz, Guru Nanak, Darshan Singh, Kabir, and other great poet-mystics of the East, also on raw foods, vegan and the vegetarian diet. If you're interested in considering advertising during Spiritual Awakening Radio to promote your website, products, mission, or event, reply back here, OR via my email address:

Some of my LINKS

My Yahoo 360 Blog:

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Spiritual Awakenng Radio Website/Library/Articles/Archives/More Links:


HealthyLifeNet Demographics and State-By-State and By City Breakdown:

Sant Mat Fellowship:

{"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again
and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will
cross to the other shore." -- Dadu}

Meditation Sangat:
{"Do not live even a single day without inner
meditation." -- Baba Devi Sahab}

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}


Christian Mystics:


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James A.
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Portland, ME, USA
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