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Sep 17, 2013

TELEGRAPH) — Juice exudes health and vitality. It is officially one of your ‘five-a-day’. It’s what they sell in juice bars, those yogafied temples of wheatgrass.

But fruit juice is also, according to the American obesity expert Robert Lustig, basically just sugar and is therefore, in his view, a &lsquooison’. Lustig is the author of Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth about Sugar (4th Estate, £13.99), published earlier this year. He sees sugar as the major culprit in the obesity crisis. Not so surprising, except for his shock revelation that the worst sugars may be those that appear the healthiest. ‘Calorie for calorie, 100 per cent orange juice is worse for you’ than sugary sodas, Lustig says.

This sounds alarmist, until you read some of the case studies from Lustig’s childhood obesity clinic in San Francisco. One eight-year-old already has high blood pressure, thanks to a three-glasses-a-day juice habit. A six-year-old Latino boy comes to the clinic weighing 100lb, ‘wider than he is tall’. His mother, a poor farm worker, has been letting him drink a gallon of juice a day because a government welfare programme gives them the juice for free.

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Posted: Sep 17, 2013 9:41am
Sep 15, 2013

There’s a new study out today that presents the first real effort to compare the environmental damage from mountaintop removal mining to the energy benefits from the coal that’s produced. Here’s what’s reported in the press release from Duke University:

To meet current U.S. coal demand through surface mining, an area of the Central Appalachians the size of Washington, D.C., would need to be mined every 81 days.

That’s about 68 square miles — or roughly an area equal to 10 city blocks mined every hour.

A one-year supply of coal would require converting about 310 square miles of the region’s mountains into surface mines, according to a new analysis by scientists at Duke University, Kent State University and the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies.

Creating 310 square miles of mountaintop mine would pollute about 2,300 kilometers of Appalachian streams and cause the loss of carbon sequestration by trees and soils equal to the greenhouse gases produced in a year by 33,600 average U.S. single-family homes, the study found.

Here’s the abstract of the study, which appears online today in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE:


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Posted: Sep 15, 2013 3:54pm
Jun 6, 2013

Standing Stones and Special Places.

Album: Stones and Things
Standing Stones and Special Places.

by 70 new, 19055 total601 totalJamie Clemons (282)
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Posted: Jun 6, 2013 9:37am
Aug 3, 2009

With the word trillions being used when you hear about funding health care we often overlook some basic games people can play with numbers.


This year Medicare will spend a little over 400 billion dollars to cover the elderly, the very sick and those (so I heard) in congress.


That's including the Prescription health care scam- I mean plan, passed by George Bush which added over 100 billion dollars a year to the plan, mainly because the government was barred from negotiating a more competitive price for drugs covered under the plan!


Think about that.


It only takes 300-400 billion a year to cover the most sick, unemployed elderly and those with chronic conditions that cost the most.


So why are we being told that it will take a few trillion to cover the uninsured?


Because that's what the lobbyist and crooked pols want us to think.


I have researched the health care issue and was shocked by these numbers.

*Less than 1 million people have a heart attack each year.

*Less than 1 million people have a stroke each year.

*There are a little over 1 million new cases of cancer each year (not including skin cancer).

So what does a plan like The 5 Dollar Revolution do?

When the uninsured put 5$ a week into a national health care fund that will raise 5-10 billion dollars.

With that amount you can:

Compensate doctors, hospitals and specialist @ 5,000 facilities @$500,000 per yr/per center. That's:

60 Dr's offices per state

20 Specialist per state

20 Hospitals per state

They must see a set number of patients per day and cover basic services.

 Total Cost: 2,500,000,000


Note: 6-7 million people may not be able to contribute anything so we must have a plan that isn't dependent on 100% participation.

And The Five Dollar Revolution does not rely on everyone to fund its goals.

The plan also raises funding from employers who don't currently cover their employees. Most importantly, funding emergency care and serious conditions is addressed by an underutilized system that:


Raises money

Invest in retirement

Is as safe as a bank and safer than the stock market

Will reduce the deficit

Will improve our national savings rate

Will strengthen the value of the dollar


This plan also addresses mental health, prescription drugs and most important of all, preventive care.


It's affordable for employers and can make mandated coverage a possiblity.


We can make a difference in this debate by backing a plan that meets all the president's criteria and leads to coverage for everyone at a price they can afford.


Check out The  5 Dollar for more details. There are even simple ways to cut cost and at the same time give patients the quality of care they deserve.

Click here to sign the petition

Then call the president's comment line at 202-456-1111 and tell him you want The 5 Dollar Revolution to be a part of health care reform.

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Posted: Aug 3, 2009 6:25pm
Nov 1, 2007
Focus: Housing
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: Illinois, United States
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season, our thoughts turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. This includes millions of young people who are lacking safe places to call home. Today, the first day of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month and National Runaway Prevention Month, we are delighted to provide you an opportunity to help make a difference.

The National Network for Youth is championing a wonderful piece of legislation to prevent and end youth homelessness: the Place to Call Home Act. Please tell your elected officials that every young American needs a roof over their heads and a place to call home. We hope you will take this opportunity to contact your elected officials and ask for their support on this important bill, by clicking the link below.

Up to three million youth in the United States lack safe places to live. The Place to Call Home Act will create the conditions, structures and supports necessary to ensure permanency for the Nation's unaccompanied youth.

Thanks, as always, for all that you do!

--Thaddeus, David and the YPAC team

P.S. Please pass this email on to friends and colleagues who may be supportive!

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Posted: Nov 1, 2007 10:38am
Feb 14, 2007
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentines day!
love Jamie
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Posted: Feb 14, 2007 2:05pm
Dec 5, 2006
The American Dental Association (ADA) recently reversed their 50-year-old position regarding water fluoridation and baby formula. On Nov. 9, 2006, an ADA e-gram stated, "If using a product [baby formula] that needs to be reconstituted, parents and caregivers should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride." 
the level of fluoride in mothers' milk in a non-fluoridated community is only 0.004 part per million (ppm), based on the scientific authority source for the US government. If tap water is fluoridated at 1 ppm, a baby fed formula made from that tap water will ingest 250 times more fluoride than a breast fed baby.

Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson was concerned that excessive fluoride levels may harm the baby’s developing brain. Floride is an industrial byproduct that was at one time used as rat poison. It is one of the most toxic/reactive substances known to man.

Nursery Water, the nation's leading fluoridated water for babies, still markets its product nationwide at Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

Help us stop this unsafe practice by signing this online petition to Wal-Mart

for more information go to the floride action network.

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Posted: Dec 5, 2006 5:44am
Oct 31, 2006

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Posted: Oct 31, 2006 9:53am
Sep 12, 2006
In the buildup to the Iraq war, President Bush was repeatedly offered actionable intelligence to take out the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq.  As retired CIA officer Michael Sheuer -- the former head of the now disbanded unit that hunted bin Laden -- recalls it:
The administration didn't act because "the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam." Senate Republican controlled Intel Committee delivered its report last week  that while Bush was dithering, Saddam was actually trying to off Zarqawi himself.

How dare you, Mr. President, How dare you -- or those around you -- ever "spin" 9/11?

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Posted: Sep 12, 2006 10:21am
May 25, 2006
From: "Circle Times"    

is the American holiday that remembers and honors
US  military war dead. This year it is on Monday, May

Sgt. Patrick Stewart, a Nevada National Guardsman
and a Wiccan, was killed in action by terrorists in
Afghanistan on September 25, 2005. He died in the service of theUnited States in Operation Enduring Freedom, also known
as the War on Terrorism which the USA launched following
terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001.

Sgt. Patrick Stewart made the ultimate sacrifice
and deserves the same respect and honor given the
other war dead. He deserves to have his memorial plaque with his emblem of belief on it, the Pentacle, at this Memorial Day,
the first after his death.

More about Sgt. Stewart has just been posted

Thus far, the US Department of Veterans Affairs
(VA) has failed to give Sgt. Stewart the honor that he
deserves. Despite repeated requests to approve the Pentacle
over the past 9 years, the VA still has not approved the
Pentacle for inclusion on government-issued memorial markers,
plaques, and headstones for deceased veterans.

Because the VA has still not approved the
Pentacle, Roberta Stewart, Sgt. Stewart's widow, is holding a
special Memorial Day service to honor him, to memorialize
deceased veterans of all religions, and to issue a public
call to hold the VA accountable for upholding the US Constitutionby providing equal treatment for all the religions
of deceased veterans.


Sgt. Patrick Stewart Freedom for All Faiths
Memorial ServiceMemorial Day, May 29, 2006
at the Out of Town Park in Fernley, Nevada
the site of the new memorial for war dead

More details:

This special Memorial Service has begun getting
media attention:

Las Vegas Review-Journal on May 22, 2006
Lack of recognition for Wiccan symbol prompts

Officials have begun issuing public statements of


(1) NETWORK: Circulate copies of this email
widely and ask
others to do the same. Post it on email lists,
and on-line bulletin boards. Forward it to those
you know who
might be interested. Also let them know about our
with more details:

(2) MEDIA: Encourage media to cover this event
and this
issue (press, radio, television, internet).

A press release about the event:

A fact sheet on the Pentacle for Veterans quest:

(3) ATTEND: If you wish to attend the event,
please email by Noon, Friday, May
26 for
additional details.

(4) SPIRITUAL SUPPORT: Please continue to do
rituals, prayers, and other spiritual workings in
support of
Pentacle approval by the VA and in support of
Stewart and others who are working on this quest.

(5) STAY INFORMED: Additional updates will be
sent out in
future editions of this occasional e-bulletin,
Circle Times.
Subscriptions are free -- sign up on-line: -- and click on
the URL in
the confirming email that you will receive to
complete the
subscription process.

Circle Times: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

happy Memorial day
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Posted: May 25, 2006 1:09pm


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New Petition! Speak out against Time-Warner Merger with Comcast! Let your opinion be know before your bill goes up and your programming choices dwindle.\\r\\n\\r\\nUrge DOJ and FCC to Not Allow Merger of Time-Warner and Comcast\\r\\nhttp://www.t hepetitionsi...
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