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Feb 5, 2010
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Phone Call
Location: United States

Tomorrow, 2/6/2010, is the anniversary of the Leonard Peltier's arrest in the travesty of horrors that led to the 'kangaroo court' sentencing and to his now nearly 34-year injust incarceration for a crime he did NOT commit. Please join me in phoning and/or faxing Justice Dept head, USA Attorney General Eric Holder, and demanding that an executive review be done of Mr. Peltier's case: to FREE LEONARD PELTIER! The numbers below come from the Free Leonard Peltier e-newsletter:

Phone: 202-514-2000   Fax:  202-307-6777  [I faxed]

Here is what I faxed to USA Attorney General Holder:


Honorable USA Attorney General Holder:


I am faxing your office on the eve of the anniversary of the February 6, 1976, arrest of Leonard Peltier on trumped-up charges.  It will be 34 years tomorrow, that Mr. Peltier has been suffering unjust and miserable incarceration in our nation that points to itself as the beacon of democracy around the world.  This is a disgrace.


I am a 62-yr old disabled woman, a tax-paying citizen, and for over half of my life now Mr. Peltier has suffered horrific injustice within our legal system.  It is time for CHANGE.  Time for an executive review of the case against Mr. Leonard Peltier. Time to FREE Leonard Peltier.


That is the kind of change that President Obama campaigned on, that caused me to sacrifice from my fixed-income, and to work so hard to register new voters and go door-knocking – even though I had to use a walker to do so.  I stood at the bus stop in my neighborhood, holding up my “Obama for President” sign, so that rush-hour drivers could see it. I blogged internationally, and I did fundraising on the Obama website.


So now I’m saying to you:  deliver on our President’s promise of meaningful CHANGE for all Americans, the same promise that was reiterated at the recent First Nations Summit in Washington, D.C.


I am not content to let Mr. Leonard Peltier rot in prison and die there, an innocent man. That is not how I was raised as a child, and that is not what it meant in school when we were told to salute the flag in school and say, “With liberty and justice for all.”


The Civil Rights Movement in this country had better be made truly to include First Nations, when it comes to the actions of the Obama Administration.  I confidently expect you to right the dreadful wrong committed against Mr. Peltier – and FREE HIM AS HE SO DESERVES.

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Posted: Feb 5, 2010 10:03am
Feb 2, 2010
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Read
Location: United States

Below is the e-newsletter sent to supporters, by Leonard Peltier, answering speculation about his 'death' - and other salient comments. Readers:  please go to the Friends of Peltier website via the click link at the bottom:

Greetings from the Iron House. It has come to my attention that a rumor has been circulating about my death. Sorry to disappoint the Trimbachs, Ed Wood, and all the other vermin, but I am still alive and kicking. I continue to struggle for the truth about my case-much of it hidden in the over 6,000 documents they are afraid to release-to see the light of day.

I have been monitoring the case with the Crow Creek tribe's land issues, and have been asked my opinion. As in nearly all things, I come down on the side of the tribe. Sovereignty and self determination are the lynchpins to Indian freedom. I want the people of Crow Creek to know they have my fullest support in their endeavors. This case affects all Indians, and should matter to all people of conscience. Everyone should monitor this case to its fullest conclusion, and know it is yet another example of Indian people's daily reality. The Indian wars are not over; they just are fought more in the courtrooms and the boardrooms these days. But the issues are mostly the same-the land, resources, and freedom. Freedom to think. Freedom to live as we wish. Freedom to be who we are.  Don't for a second allow yourself to think that the conspirators aren't working. They're out there, and as always they're plotting ways to dispossess and marginalize Indian people at every opportunity.

We were all sad to learn of the passing this past week, of Howard Zinn. A brilliant author, researcher, activist, not to mention a fine human being and a friend to my cause, his loss is a blow to all of us who struggle against oppression. Please send up prayers for his family and loved ones, and that his spirit has a good journey.

As always, a big thank you to my family and everyone else helping out at the office, and all my supporters' world wide. Through your efforts, one day we'll win my freedom.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier
Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Friends of Peltier

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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 1:16pm
Aug 21, 2009
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Various
Location: United States


USA Indigenous/political prisoner Leonard Peltier has been denied parole in spite of the fact that he is in his sixties, in fragile health and has been a model prisoner - let alone that NONE OF THE CHARGES AGAINST HIM WERE PROVEN AND THAT IN FACT HE WAS FRAMED. That has been detailed and verified by national and international experts. (Please see my original two Care2 Shares on this topic.)

WE CANNOT GIVE UP NOW! Our voices are more crucial than ever - we must go over the Parole Board and go to the federal authorities - join me in taking Leonard's case to the feds and reversing the Parole Board's decision!

Below is the information from Leonard's support organization. YOU ARE NEEDED - WE ARE ALL RELATED - MITAKUYE OYASIN! -- Alice B.

_________ to me

"When you begin a great work you can't expect to finish it all at once; therefore, you and your brothers [and sisters] press on and let nothing discourage you until you have entirely finished what you have begun."--Teedyuschung, Delaware

News from North Dakota, today, is that Leonard Peltier's parole has been denied.  He won't receive another full parole hearing until 2024, at the age of 79 years.

As sad as we all are, we are steadfast, undefeated. We will not go away.  We will not be quiet.

Take a moment to reflect.  Just a moment.  But then put your disappointment behind you.  Gather your strength.  There's much work to be done.

* Action Item 1:  Contact the Attorney General *

On June 23, 1995, Amnesty International submitted a letter of concern about the Peltier case to the then U.S. Attorney General. There was no response. Write to Eric Holder, Attorney General. Ask him to conduct an executive review of the case and to finally right the wrongs of the past. Tell him it's never too late to find the truth. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Eric A. Holder, Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Or call the Office of the Attorney General at 202-353-1555.

And while you're at it, ask Mr. Holder why more than 140,000 documents from a 30+-year-old case are still being withheld by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tell him America has a right to know what occurred over 30 years ago and demand the release of all documents related to the Peltier case.

* Action Item 2: Contact Members of Congress *

Use all the resources at your disposal to contact your Members of Congress and continue urging them to support freedom for Leonard Peltier. That support should be formally expressed in correspondence to President Obama.

Also demand a full congressional investigation into the Reign of Terror on the Pine Ridge Reservation during the '70s.  It's long past time for the truth to be told.  See:


Do you use Twitter?  Try using this service to quickly and easily reach your Members of Congress: <>.

You also can sign the petition:


Congress will not be in session for most of August.  This is a good time to meet with your Members of Congress in their home offices. Make the appointment now.  You can find locations, telephone numbers, etc., via our congressional directory:


* Action Item 3:  Call the White House *

Call the White House comment line to express your outrage at the outcome of the parole hearing.  Demand that President Obama free Peltier now.  Call:

(202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1112.

You also can send an e-mail to the White House. Go to

If you prefer, mail or fax a letter:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC  20500
Fax - (202) 456-2461

Better yet... Do all three.



Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Friends of Peltier

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Posted: Aug 21, 2009 11:54am
Aug 11, 2009

Below is a copy/paste of an excellent/entire article - MUST READ - and info re: upcoming PBS ground-breaking documentary re: Animal Rights, Animal Rescue, No-Kill and Shelter "politics" called "Fifteen Legs." Check it out!!!

Nathan J. Winograd
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
One of the dogs saved from Michael Vick
After almost twenty years working in the humane movement and several years as a criminal prosecutor, I have seen, read about, and experienced many unexpected and heartbreaking moments of animals being harmed. The conduct of Michael Vick ranks at the very top. And last week, the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) added insult to injury by reinstating Vick into the NFL. But the Humane Society of the United States (HSU is asking us to give Vick what he refused to give the dogs he abused and killed: a second chance. Based on what we know now, we should not do this.
There is a difference between sincere remorse and being used. If Michael Vick was sincere, this wouldn’t be about getting back into the NFL. This wouldn’t be about barring the public, keeping the media out, and blocking the windows. This wouldn’t be about meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or hiring “handlers” and public relations consultants. Michael Vick would be talking to anyone who would listen that he is truly sorry and will make it right. But, most importantly, he would be talking to federal investigators. And while the victims of his crimes—the dogs he tortured and killed—can never be brought back; while they can no longer think and feel and run and play and eat and sleep and bark and love and be loved; while their only life has been taken from them; while it is over, because they are gone, forever; there are dogs being killed and torn apart to this very day and Michael Vick has the power to stop it.

Michael Vick has the information which can deal a crushing blow to dog fighters and dog fighting in the United States. He can make a profound impact on the lives of dogs being abused and tortured today. In fact, there could be a dozen arrests and closures of dog fighting rings by now thanks to the information he could potentially provide to HSUS and federal investigators. He knows who the dog fighters are. He knows where the dog fights are held. He knows where they are getting the dogs. He knows where they are getting the animals used as “bait.” He knows where they live. He knows where they keep the dogs. He knows where they buy and keep the instruments of torture. He can stop it. A person as deeply involved in the U.S. dog fighting racket as Vick could implicate many other dog fighters and provide valuable information that could shut them down.

This is the commitment HSUS should have extracted from Michael Vick. Once the investigations were complete, once the arrests were made, once Michael Vick testified against them in court, once they were convicted, once the dogs being tortured were rescued, once the whole bloody enterprise was shut down, then and only then, should anyone listen to talk of remorse.
At the same time, HSUS would have been getting ready to do its part by using the money it raised and raises off its association with Michael Vick to build kennels across the country specifically for victims of dog fighting and all the dogs to be rescued from their campaign of dog fighting eradication, as is their job and so that local shelters aren’t left to do it alone. Those kennels would be staffed with HSUS employees whose jobs would not only be care, feeding, socialization and, for those dogs who need it, rehabilitation, but ultimately, it would include rescue transfer, adoption, and, if necessary, lifetime sanctuary care.

That is what I hope is happening behind the scenes. And that is what I hope they will announce: the simultaneous arrests of dog fighters all over the country thanks to information supplied by Michael Vick and an announcement by HSUS of the kennels they have been constructing to get ready in response, so none of the rescued dogs will be killed, as HSUS recommended for all of Vick’s victims.

But without any evidence of this—and given HSUS’ history of killing victims of dog fighting and defending poorly performing and abusive animal shelters; and given Vick’s sadistic history and history of lying to federal investigators—it would be naïve and irresponsible to believe that is what is going on.
I hope HSUS and Michael Vick prove me wrong. I hope they make the startling announcement. I hope we get to watch videos of federal agents busting operations thanks to information supplied by Vick. I hope they show the kennels HSUS has constructed to save those dogs. I promise this if they do: if they commit to saving all the rescued dogs, if things turn out to be what they should be, it won’t “erase” what Vick did, but no one will cheer louder than me.
For more reading:
Riding on Vick's Bloodstained Coattails
Down the Rabbit Hole
In Bed with Monsters
No Kill Advocacy Center's Letter to NFL
Award Winning PBS Documentary
This month, PBS stations across the country will begin airing Fifteen Legs, an award winning documentary about saving the lives of animals from shelters that kill. The documentary tells the story of everyday heroes who go the extra mile (often thousands of miles) to save the lives of dogs and cats from killing shelters by driving them across the country into loving new homes.

The documentary is an indictment of the shelter killing system and a celebration of the indomitable spirit to do what is right. According to author and filmmaker Bonnie Silva,
Some people take issue with the term “kill-shelter” — asserting that this terminology unfairly indicts individuals who participate in the grim task of euthanizing completely adoptable animals. But even a softer term like “euthanizing shelter,” if it were to be used, cannot provide a thick enough gloss to conceal the disturbing, awful truth.
Animals who are euthanized or &ldquout to sleep” do not wake up, ever. Whether they are euthanized by lethal injection, gassed or destroyed by other unspeakable means, they are no longer with us when the process of euthanizing them is complete. They cease to drink, cry, bark, meow, play and feel. They are gone.
But often, all that stands between death and freedom is a ride. And Bill Maher, host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” is telling you that “The clock is ticking – so come aboard a railroad like no other, and hitch a ride to freedom alongside society’s most desperate, unwanted animals.”

For more information, to watch a clip, and for broadcast schedule, click here.
PAWS... For Some News
Do you have a passion for saving dogs? The Nevada Humane Society is looking a dog care manager to help fulfill their No Kill initiative. They are currently saving 93% of dogs and climbing.
For a copy of the job description, click here.
To apply, click here.
The No Kill Blog
Sadly, the large national groups have rallied around the decision by the NFL. HSUS has gone one step further and actually embraced Michael Vick. Read "Down the Rabbit Hole" by clicking here.

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A New Edition for the Most Acclaimed Book on Animal Shelters
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The second edition includes a new foreword, an expanded discussion of the No Kill Equation (the formula for ending the killing of animals in shelters), and a new section on the need to legislate No Kill through shelter reform legislation, with a proposed model law.

The foreword covers changes in the movement since Redemption was first released in 2007, responds to critics of the book, and talks about further successes in the No Kill revolution.

Winner of USA Book News' Best Book (Animal/Pets), a Best Book Muse Medallion winner by the Cat Writers Association of America, a Best Book nominee by the Dog Writers Association of America, finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Publishing, and winner of a Silver Medal from the Independent Publishers Association, the book has been called "powerful and inspirational," "ground-breaking," and "a must read for anyone who cares about animals."

Available wherever books are sold. For more information, click here.

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Posted: Aug 11, 2009 11:42pm
Jul 27, 2009

Please cross-post, and otherwise share this crucial animal-rights article regarding animal-cruelty Monster Michael Vick's being allowed back into the USA's National Football League [NFL] to play pro ball - and the role of the national head of the USA "Humane" Society, Wayne Pacelle. (Link and author citation: Nathan Winograd blog re: No-Kill Movement)

The TRUTH must be TOLD! -- Alice Winfree Bowron

The "Humane" Society's head may have helped INhumane Vick get back with NFL.

And the Monster Went Free…
July 27, 2009 by Nathan J. Winograd

The most notorious animal abuser of our time was just given what he wanted most by being reinstated in the National Football League. I have to wonder how much he pleaded for mercy and empathy, even as the dogs he abused and killed received none from him. But most of all, I have to wonder how much Michael Vick played up his association with Wayne Pacelle and the Humane Society of the United States in his meetings with the Commissioner and others who held his fate in their hands. How he is now an HSUS spokesman. How the nation’s largest animal protection organization is now in his corner. How they forgave him, so why shouldn’t the NFL?
I’ll say it again:
Over the years, Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, has shown how little he appears to care for animals. Time and time again, he has taken positions that are the antithesis of what you would expect from the head of the nation’s largest animal protection organization. Time and time again, he has sided with regressive and even cruel animal shelter directors, championed the killing of dogs and cats, and worked to hinder the progress of the No Kill movement.
From Tangipahoa Parish, LA where he legitimized the unnecessary mass slaughter of shelter animals to Wilkes County, NC where he embraced the mass slaughter of dogs. From San Francisco, CA where he fought shelter reform legislation which would have saved lives to the post-Katrina Gulf Coast, where he claimed “Mission Accomplished” and left with tens of millions in HSUS bank accounts which belonged to the animals who continued to suffer. From legitimizing a round up and kill campaign for cats in Randolph, IA to fear mongering over the bird flu by telling people not to help, feed, or touch stray cats but to call animal control when they see them, agencies with a history of mass slaughter,  even as the World Health Organization was telling people cats posed no risk. From New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Gustav where he fundraised off the largest evacuation of animals in U.S. history conducted by a rescue group by falsely claiming it was an HSUS effort, to Virginia where he demanded that the Vick dogs be killed only to fundraise off of them by telling donors that they were caring for them, when they were not.
Given a history of anti-animal positions he has taken, it would seem unlikely that Pacelle could choose to do anything that would still have the power to shock us. But I must admit that Pacelle stunned me with how truly low and vile he has sunk with his latest scandal: helping Michael Vick—the most notorious animal abuser of our time—reform his image.
On hearing the news of Pacelle’s embrace of Vick, Bad Rap, one of the groups who helped care for Vick’s victims, responded:
I just can’t get myself away from the swimming pool in Vick’s yard. I first learned about it while riding in the back seat of a federal agent’s car that sweltering Tuesday back in Sept 07. The agent was assigned with escorting us to the various Virginia shelters so we could evaluate “the evidence” otherwise known as 49 pit bulls – now known as cherished family pets: Hector, Uba, Jhumpa, Georgia, Sweet Jasmine and the rest. I’m not sure if sharing insider information with us was kosher, but you know how driving down long country roads can get you talking. I imagine she just needed to get some things off her chest. She said she was having trouble sleeping since the day they exhumed the bodies on the Moonlight Road property. She said that when she watched the investigators uncover the shallow graves, she was compelled to want to climb in and pick up the decomposing dogs and comfort and cradle them. She knew that was crazy talk, and she was grappling with trying to understand such a surprising impulse.
Her candor set the tone for this entire saga. Everyone we worked with was deeply affected by the case. The details that got to me then and stay with me today involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs. Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water. Most of Vick’s dogs were small – 40lbs or so – so tossing them in would’ve been fast and easy work for thick athlete arms. We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.
I wear some pretty thick skin during our work with dogs, but I can’t shake my minds-eye image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror … brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog out for the rest of my life.
So that’s where I’m at. A second chance for Vick? An HSUS sponsored spokesman for ending torture? In my mind’s eye Vick is still in the shadows at the side of that pool. As many times as this scene plays out my head, he hasn’t yet moved towards that dog to pull him out. Not there yet.
Even PETA, a butcher of a different sort, finally got it right:
To clarify misleading stories regarding PETA and Michael Vick, PETA withdrew its offer to do a TV spot with Michael Vick last winter when a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on Vick’s dog fighting activities revealed that he enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with fighting pit bulls and that he laughed as dogs ripped each other apart. PETA believes that this revelation, along with other factors in the report, fit the established profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD), and we called on Vick to have a brain scan to help confirm this. People diagnosed with APD are commonly referred to as &ldquosychopaths.” They are usually male, prone to lying and manipulation, often take pleasure in cruelty, and cannot feel genuine remorse, which frequently leads to recidivism. PETA had previously been in talks with Vick’s management, public relations, and legal teams about shooting a public service announcement to help combat dog fighting, upon Vick’s release from prison. In December, after consulting with psychiatrists, PETA withdrew the offer for the TV spot, and in January, we called on NFL Commissioner Goodell to require that Vick undergo a brain scan and full psychological evaluation before any decisions were made about the future of his football career.
Everything to Lose
When the Vick case occurred, the entire nation was horrified. The public’s outrage was unequivocal. This was the correct response, and a symbol of just how much people love dogs. But Pacelle, the leader of the nation’s largest animal protection group, is asking people to question that outrage and response. His actions threaten to paint a sympathetic portrait of Vick, despite Vick’s true one-dimensional nature as a sadist who takes pleasure in torturing and killing dogs.
Ultimately, the lesson this embrace of Vick imparts is that the brutal abuse, torture, and killing of dogs is forgivable. That they are only dogs. That the public’s response to the Vick horror was misplaced and overblown. In the end, Pacelle is helping Vick create a false image of himself as “reformed” so he can play in the National Football League again; to avoid the consequences of his actions by getting back the most important thing he cares about—even as he took away from many dogs the thing that mattered most to them: their very lives.
After the depths of Vick’s depravity were fully revealed, the punishment was swift and severe, as it should have been. He was banned from the NFL. He was convicted by the federal courts. He was sent to prison. He was bankrupted. He was despised by the American public. Now, Wayne Pacelle is asking us to sacrifice this precedent. After all, if the head of HSUS is willing to forgive, why shouldn’t the public and the NFL?
Are we really willing to lower the bar on how our society should react to such blatant animal cruelty in order to help a vicious animal killer? What could we possibly stand to gain that would be worth undoing that? Are we really that gullible that we believe Vick can actually influence people not to fight dogs? Are we really going to believe that a PSA or neighborhood talk is going to make people who enjoy watching dogs tear each other apart suddenly have a change of heart? Even if there were a small chance that this was so, without integrity, the “lesson” he is supposed to impart will fail. And it is no surprise that Pacelle can’t anticipate this because he himself appears to lack sincerity for the cause.
So we are left with the question of whether we are really going to accept a few meaningless PSAs and public appearances for an end to the permanent, righteous consequences that Vick must endure by remaining reviled as a monster; by never being reinstated in the NFL; by remaining bankrupt so he cannot afford to rebuild the “Bad Newz Kennels.”
Working to dissipate the righteous anger, working to remove the consequences of Vick’s actions, Pacelle is opening a new chapter to a story that already had the best of possible endings our movement could have hoped for: When Vick was caught torturing innocent animals for sadistic enjoyment, he received a permanent and lasting punishment. He lost his freedom, he lost his career, he lost his money, he lost his reputation, he lost virtually everything. That is exactly how the story should stay ended. And Pacelle’s actions threaten to undo it all.
Nothing to Gain
In the process, Pacelle is helping undermine that which we achieved—showing dog fighters the high cost of punishment; sending the message that dog fighting is unforgiveable and will be met with swift, complete, and permanent recrimination.
To embrace Pacelle’s position, we have to believe that Vick has become a repentant animal abuser who now wants to help dogs. To justify all that we stand to lose as a movement—all the dogs stand to lose—we have to believe that Vick holds the key to ending the scourge of dog fighting. It would be foolish and naïve to do so.
Vick could not care less about stopping or preventing dog fighting. Vick did not have a cathartic realization he was wrong. This isn’t some soul searching effort to make amends. He got caught, pure and simple. Even his guilty plea was not a sincere admission of guilt but a strategic decision (given the overwhelming evidence and a certain conviction) to avoid federal sentencing guidelines which would have locked him away for far longer if he did not plead guilty. And even while he was pleading guilty, he denied killing dogs. Had he not been caught, Vick would be torturing and killing dogs, and taking great amusement in it, to this very day. Our work is about protecting animals, not embracing their abusers. And because our movement stands to gain nothing by this association, Pacelle is asking us to sacrifice the former for the latter. And in so doing, he is undermining our movement. Tragically, it is not the first time.
Finding Our Voice
Through HSUS, Pacelle has:
*     Participated in the slaughter of some 150 dogs, including puppies, in Wilkes County;
*     Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in San Francisco;
*     Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in King County, WA;
*     Supported breed discriminatory legislation in Indianapolis, IN;
*     Told USA Today and Newsweek that killing in shelters is acceptable and that No Kill was warehousing;
*     Misled the public about an epidemic of dog bites to convey the view that trying to save Pit Bulls was irresponsible and put children at risk;
*     Told the court to kill Vick’s victims even as he was asking people to give HSUS money so he could “care” for them;
*     Left New Orleans with tens of millions given to HSUS for the victims of Hurricane Katrina even while those animals were still suffering;
*     Legitimized the slaughter of virtually every animal at Tangipahoa Parish animal control;
*     Told people not to adopt animals during the holidays, effectively accepting the deaths of 1,000,000 animals as the alternative;
*     Told the Randolph, IA community that he did not have a problem killing stray cats.

And now this. This unconscionable, abhorrent, and vile embrace of a sadist who takes pleasure in the torture and killing of dogs.
This movement has been too forgiving of Pacelle. Time and time again he has acted in a way that is the antithesis of what the leader of an animal protection movement is supposed to do. Still, activists in this movement fail to condemn him, even as he now asks us to embrace the most notorious animal abuser of our time. To be equally forgiving of that monster, as we have been of him.
Can anyone imagine the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence embracing wife killer O.J. Simpson as a spokesman? Can anyone imagine the National Organization to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children embracing pedophile John Geoghan as a spokesman? Can anyone imagine the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network embracing rapist Josef Fritzl as a spokesman? It is unthinkable. And yet we in the animal movement, under Pacelle’s direction, are threatening to do this very thing, to having our movement embrace our version of Simpson, Geoghan, and Fritzl as a spokesman. It is beyond obscene. It is unthinkable.
When someone tells and shows us over and over who they are and what they stand for, we should believe them. No one can doubt that Vick is a monster. But sadly, despite the heartfelt pain expressed so eloquently about the dogs drowning in Vick’s backyard while he sadistically enjoyed himself, even Bad Rap, who deserves nothing less than unbridled accolades over their role in saving some of those poor dogs, refuses to see and condemn Pacelle for who and what he is. That is our movement’s own myopia. Just because Pacelle claims to value animals and he works for an organization with “humane” in its name doesn’t mean either is true. His actions time and again belie both claims. Which is why Bad Rap’s conclusion about Pacelle’s decision to embrace Vick as a spokesman that they are “not there yet” is not enough. None of us should ever be there. Ever.
If the dogs Vick tortured and Pacelle lobbied to have killed by the court could speak on their own behalf, their condemnation would be unequivocal. As they cannot, it is our solemn duty to do it on their behalf. And it is a trust we must not betray in deference to the power and position of those in our movement who abuse that power and betray our cause. As with any social justice movement, progress requires us to courageously defend what is right, even when doing so places us at odds with those in positions of power. We must put our allegiances to our ideals above allegiance to personalities and institutions. And this compels us to expose, reject, and condemn those in our midst who masquerade as leaders, such as Wayne Pacelle, but who use that power to willfully undermine our goals.
It is time for Pacelle to resign. It is time for him to leave us, and the animals, alone.

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Posted: Jul 27, 2009 2:57pm
Jun 24, 2009
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States

Indigenous USA political prisoner Leonard Peltier, framed and sentenced in a kangaroo court and held ever since in USA federal maximum-security prison, is nearing his upcoming crucial parole hearing [see my other Share and give your own direct help to get him paroled and out a.s.a.p.!]. The pressure and strain of his situation, coupled with his age and health problems, has become too much for his fragile state.

YOU CAN HELP GET LEONARD PELTIER THE MEDICAL HELP HE URGENTLY NEEDS!! The more national and international pressure the better - please do not underestimate the crucial help that you, personally can give - and remember, WE ARE ALL RELATED - MITAKUYE OYASIN!!

Please read the information below and take action using the sample e-mail/fax/letter at the bottom of this Share.

The information below is from Kat Y., Care2 Indigenous Rights blogger and activist:

"Kari Ann Cowan, Peltier's niece, reported tonight (Friday from the prison at Lewisburg, that Leonard may have suffered a heart attack.

"He had hard time breathing.  He was in his cell and had an ache in his chest. He was kinda scared he was having a heart attack. He raised his hands, breathed slowly and finally felt better."

We need to call the prison and ask them to get Leonard to the hospital in Rochester (MN) as soon as possible for a check up.

Be polite and courteous and express your concern for his health and welfare. We gotta step up.

Make reference to Leonard Peltier #89637-132.

Call Warden Scott Dodrill at (570) 523-1251.

Fax numbers: (570) 522-7745 and (570) 522-7519


In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Co-Support Group Coordinator and LP-DOC Spokesperson
Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Friends of Peltier

{end of Kat Y's statement}


I chose to send a fax; I was unsure of using e-mail [due to the fact that the e-mail address listed is 'split' between black print and the blue/click-link sections]. However, please send your own urgent request in the form that works for you.

(If you get a Mail-failure message back for an e-mail, please follow up by sending a print letter and/or a fax at the addresses given. If you can, please post a comment on my Share re: your e-mail not going through to alert others.)

Bless you all for everything you do! I ask you to join me in the powerful combination of ACTION AND PRAYERS.

I also ask you/all to join me in sending out prayers and best thoughts for all SUNDANCE CEREMONIES coming up soon including that of Care2 Indigenous/Navajo Nation activist David T's tribe from July 1 - July 4, 2009. Your personal prayers and strongest solidarity is powerful and so crucially needed at this difficult and challenging time.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and bless you for your support to Leonard Peltier - and to Indigenous Rights worldwide.

Your Sister in the Struggle for LOVE AND JUSTICE -- Alice B.

Below is my sample e-mail/fax/letter - please feel free to copy/paste and share it as widely as possible for others to join in this crucial effort on Leonard Peltier's behalf:


Subject: URGENT Concern re: Mr. Leonard Peltier’s Health


Warden Scott Dodrill:


Sir, I am extremely concerned about the health condition of prisoner Mr. Leonard Peltier, #89637-132.


I am asking most urgently that Mr. Peltier be taken to the Hospital at Rochester, Minnesota, for a thorough, in-depth medical check-up to determine his condition in light of his recent apparent heart attack.


I am extremely concerned that Mr. Peltier have access to all of the health services that he clearly needs as soon as possible.


Thank you so very much for your assistance in this crucial matter. We the public are counting on you.



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Posted: Jun 24, 2009 11:57am
Jun 5, 2009
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: United States

USA - Native/Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier has been falsely and illegally imprisoned now for over 12,000 days of hell. FBI and local racist authorities set him up as a scapegoat. His case has been exposed internationally and there is NO legal case against him!

His parole hearing is coming in July, 2009. International support is URGENTLY reguested - please share this as widely as possible. Print letters are needed!!!!! Please mail your letter as soon as possible - all info below!

Now is the time to flood the parole board with letters from around the world demanding his release! Please join me in sending your own print letter. See sample letter at bottom. Please visit the Free Leonard Peltier website for the facts of the case, and to view Leonard Peltier's artwork and photos of his family and ongoing newsletter and support activities:

Remember - when one person suffers injustice and hatred, all of us suffer! Never forget - political prisoners are our suffering brothers and sisters!

WE ARE ALL RELATED! MITAKUYE OYASIN!! -- Alice Winfree Bowron, Minnesota, USA.

***Sample letter below - feel free to copy/paste, cross-post and share:

June <>, 2009


United States Parole Commission
5550 Friendship Boulevard
Suite 420

Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286

Re: LEONARD PELTIER #89637-132

Dear Commissioners:

Mr. Leonard Peltier remains imprisoned at the
United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I believe that he has earned the right to parole.

The court record in this case clearly shows that government prosecutors have long held that they do not know who killed Mr. Coler and Mr. Williams nor what role Leonard Peltier "may have" played in the tragic shoot-out.

After careful consideration of the facts in Leonard Peltier's case, I have concluded that Leonard Peltier does not represent a risk to the public. First, Leonard Peltier has no prior convictions and has advocated for non-violence throughout his prison term. Furthermore, Leonard Peltier has been a model prisoner. He has received excellent evaluations from his work supervisors on a regular basis. He continues to mentor young Native prisoners, encouraging them to lead clean and sober lives. He has used his time productively, disciplining himself to be a talented painter and an expressive writer. Although Leonard Peltier maintains that he did not kill the agents, he has openly expressed remorse and sadness over their deaths.

Most admirably, Mr. Peltier contributes regular support to those in need. He donates his paintings to charities including battered women's shelters, half way houses, alcohol and drug treatment programs, and Native American scholarship funds. He also coordinates an annual holiday gift drive for the children of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Leonard Peltier is widely recognized for his good deeds and in turn has won several awards including the North Star Frederick Douglas Award; Federation of Labour (Ontario, Canada) Humanist of the Year Award; Human Rights Commission of Spain International Human Rights Prize; and 2004 Silver Arrow Award for Lifetime Achievement. Mr. Peltier also has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize six times.

Leonard Peltier is now over 60 years of age - a great-grandfather – and suffers from partial blindness, diabetes, a heart condition, and high blood pressure.

I recognize the grave nature of the events of
June 26, 1975
, and I extend my deepest sympathy to the families of those who died that day. However, I find aspects of this case to also be of concern and I believe Leonard Peltier deserves to be reunited with his family and allowed to live the remaining years of his life in peace. I also believe that, rather than presenting a threat to the public, Mr. Peltier's release would help to heal a wound that has long impeded better relations between the federal government and Native Americans.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I pray that you will act to bring peace and healing for Mr. Leonard Peltier at long last.









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Posted: Jun 5, 2009 9:12am


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Alice B.
, 1, 2 children
Robbinsdale, MN, USA
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