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Jul 30, 2010

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Posted: Jul 30, 2010 3:38pm
Mar 25, 2010

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Posted: Mar 25, 2010 6:11pm
Dec 24, 2009

I lost everything...
Okay, trying to mitigate my damages...
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Posted: Dec 24, 2009 4:10pm
Jul 25, 2009

She inserts the needle to draw away the sickness...

Her drug dealing boyfriend wonders why she has to make money...

The way she does.

The alcoholic millionaire tells her it has to stop~ she says she doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do~ he remarks to the other girl, turn your head just, more, no less...  You look like a female pharaoh...  He smiles and she thanks him...

She asks me, What do you want from me?

I kiss her between her shoulder blades.

She starts crying on the phone, breaking up...

I leave.

Back into the night...

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Posted: Jul 25, 2009 10:01pm
May 26, 2009

So, her blush radiates 'cross her face

Flush flash

Her hidden glance turns to smile bright explosion

A response to hello

So secret dreams rush to meet expectations

Promises once foretold, perhaps, now, fulfill'd

A start to charge

Dreams of old, longings told

So the lore goes

When hands reach to hold

~When do hands reach to hold

Of these kisses so bold

These tender moments store 'twixt to behold

The clashings we stroll

In a dance unfoldin'

That to be finally realiz'd

And yet still there're all the while these dreams that we stoled till the morrow

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Posted: May 26, 2009 12:28am
May 14, 2009


The 'rightness' of right view and other factors of the path thus carries the connotation not only of being correct, but of being 'just right'.

...[I]s that this... helps clarify... attaining the goal without effort.  Taken out of context these passages seem to contradict or totally negate the many other passages that focus on the need for effort...  Viewed in the context of the musical analogy, however, they make perfect sense.  Like a music virtuoso, one develops skill to the point where it becomes effortless, but the perfection of the skill does not negate the fact that it took a great deal of effort to reach that level of mastery.

Right view, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

[Does a drop of salt crystal in a river make the water as salty as a drop of salt crystal in a cup of water?]

Just as the river flows...

Discernment, in the role of the analysis of mental qualities into skillful and unskillful, builds on right mindfulness and leads to persistence, which in the form of right effort/exertion maximizes the skillful qualities and minimizes the unskillful ones.

[D]esire in this case means desire of the goal of the practice.  This desire does not count as craving...

[T]he problem lies, not in desire, effort, intent, or discrimination [of mind: discernment], but in the fact that these qualities can be unskillfully applied or improperly tuned to their task.  If they were absent, the practice~ if it could be called a practice~ would stagnate from loss of direction or motivation.  If they ran wild, they would interfere with mindful concentration.  So, the trick is not to deny them, but to tune them skillfully so that they will help focus the mind on the present moment.  Thus... as for any skill, it is important not to focus desire too strongly on the results one hopes to get, for that would interfere with the mind's ability to focus on giving rise to the causes leading to the results,  [I]nstead... focus[] desire on putting the causes in proper order in the present moment...  becomes an indispensable part of the process of mastery.

[T]he path is not the goal; it is simply the way there, just as the road to the Grand Canyon should not be confused with the Grand Canyon itself.

The term 'appropriate attention' can also be rendered as 'wise refection', the 'proper approach' or 'systematic attention'.  It is essentially the basic insight that enables one to see which issues are worth paying attention to, and which ones should be ignored.

The well~taught... discerns what ideas are fit for attention, and what ideas are unfit for attention.  This being so, he does not attend to ideas unfit for attention, and attends [instead] to ideas fit for attention.

Perhaps, the most important point in developing right exertion is to realize that the effort to abandon unskillful qualities must be skillful itself.  Unskillful efforts at eradicating unskillful states, even if well intended, can many times exacerbate problems instead of solving them.

The ability to sense what kind and what level of effort is appropriate in any given situation is an important element in developing the basic requirements for skill~ mindfulness and discernment~ by putting them to use.


~From Wings of Awakening

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Posted: May 14, 2009 1:44am
May 12, 2009


Thinking of her big eyes, her swaying hair, the curvature of her hips.

So much more.

What does she think of beneath the stars, between the lines on the page?

Hide what does she behind that smile on her heart?

Cheer some summer spring night, stuck between here and there.

Born to fire and crashing metal.  Too many times.

A really bad opening line to a novel?

Years of heavy drinking sufficiently shrunk his brain so that the swelling had somewhere to go.

Always ending, always beginning.

I fell in Love with a cowgirl.  And I am at a loss for words.

Why cannot we just start with the kiss?

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Posted: May 12, 2009 9:17pm
Nov 5, 2008

I wrote this this morning. It is unedited. I was heartened to hear some of the sentiments echoed by different people today. 



I caught the end of McCain's final speech.

And, y'know, if he had driven towards the middle instead of the right with that attitude...

Some radio personalities said this morning it was time for the Republican party to go even more to the right.

Missing the point that catering to a base is not really the same as embracing principles.

Applying principles to problems does not really involve 'demonizing' others. Running a campaign that is mostly attacking others is not going to endear anyone in the middle to them.

Where Obama adapted to any criticism, McCain only escalated the same positions. For the most part. And was not in character.

The failures to realize potentials by those in business, relying on the same view that has gotten the nation and the world into the mess it is in, while giving some good critique of possible dangers, is another example.

To rely on simple views~ really, over simplified views~ will not reach a solution. Will lead to the problems we see.

Certain principles may be valid, yet not realizing that it is a goal that one wants to reach, rather than simply the method of getting there, failing to adapt to circumstances, to fail to reäct to actual events, is missing the point.

Limiting action, even if partly successful~ at least, in the short run~ while it is failure elsewhere, or fails in the long run, to certain aspects, is not success.

If one thinks that expanding one's purview, one's ideas, for greater success, is failure, because of possible dangerous, is to be wholly with blinders on.

Look at the facts.

Overall, there has been success, a progression forward, yet, there has been change. If people still lived like they did in a past situation, now applying the same action to a new situation, this would not be true.

What principle changed?

One once chopped wood in the forest, then hunted whales, dug holes in the ground, droves pipes down, and now gathers the Sun.

People still burn wood for heat to some extent, but society has moved on.

Coal is burned, but there are methods to trap the dirt that comes from that.

Admittedly, speculation is pretty dependent on fear and hope, but when there is going to be something different, something that reäcts and adapts, and will not be just some simplified application, one does need to realize this, needing input, critique, yes, yet not fear based on loss of a failing method, a limited method, but on the hope of the capability that exists.

Because that is the truth.

People learn. It is natural. One would not be able to brush their teeth, go to the store, and so on, if not.

Desires may exist, we are not simple automatons.

We are not limited to simply our pasts, or slaves to a master of desires. One has the ability to act. To learn.

We now know that arbitrary evaluations, such as skin color, do not control destiny.

That is the call.

We have the ability, the opportunity, and have seen that proper action has results. We can adapt to something new.

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Posted: Nov 5, 2008 8:03pm
Jul 14, 2008

We are not 'reaping the whirlwind' of the children of the Seventies.

Our time is coming and we will rinse away all that lays decaying, dogmatic and mal~adjusted to nature.

Sick and disconnected to the world, trying to kill the world, to kill the children, the People of the Earth.

Stupefied by the world made before us, troddened down, channelled, stolen from, made slaves.


I don't know what they taught in the Sixties, as I started school in '70, but I do remember the Seventies, and that which followed.

My remembering is that it was the kids pushing for changes. Which was part of the fun. The 'virgins' were the adults!

It was the adults that screwed things up.

School was not the factor. Really, the kids are picking it up from school? Yeah, that would be cool.

Cutting the foreskin at an early age wouldn't be the first major introduction into the adult world?

Isn't that religious, religion under the guise of medicine?

'Feel~good'?! School?! Not that I remember.

Social engineering, sure, maybe, but certainly not as is given here.

We have yet to destroy that.

However, we will.


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Posted: Jul 14, 2008 8:18am
Mar 24, 2008

I used to see him every once and a while, after, but I am pretty sure he was being brainwashed...

I couldn't keep a cat at my apartment, down by the river swells- even though I snuck Annie the Rabbit, Anastasia, in, and she would go out in the field out back and lay in the middle, to the utter shock of all the local little brown and white bunnies, staring agazed and chatting excitedly, seeing this huge white with gray speckles long eared lady just nonchalantly laying out, unconcerned with circling eyeing hawks. She did have a mean kick!

So, Dusky Rose had to stay at my girlfriend's and her sister's place. They went away for some time and I had to walk over there and feed him, and he would start following me back to my place- he was great, it just broke my heart. Cats are actually pretty good at walks. Nighttime, however, is preferred.

My '65 Corvair Monza, maroon, with a gem of an engine, all glass and air, and just one seat-belt, aircraft manufactured, melted her heads under the rush of 'wifely' persuasion to return a sister's kidney-punching Subaru- recommended maximum pressure!

My '69 Deluxe Corona, baby blue, later, carried me and my girlfriend down to Carolina, you see.

Japanese but looking European, yet the exhaust fell off, and the only muffler the store had was for a '70 Le Mans. I used the largest pipe sections available and wired it to the undercarriage- it was a sight to hear!

On the return trip the coupler of the transmission shifter decided to jump off a bridge, and I drove that car an hour in third. She made it home to the church down the hill only to die as I backed her out the next day. I pushed her strong to her parking spot and waited as some nice Japanese fellows lathed me a new contraption and shipped that to me, apparently by sail.

That all meant I had to cross through the train yard with her old relics and rusting wrecks sinking into the growing grass, pass the school with her geometric bricks and bright~faced college kids, up the summer breezing and autumn teasing country walks and lanes, where Dusky Rose, saved from the ruin of alley cat fame, would nudge me with his nose- kitty kiss- and we would count the rolling clouds and strolling sounds of America's August kids.

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Posted: Mar 24, 2008 11:37pm


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