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Aug 19, 2007
we've been building a site the past couple months  and trying to put articles on here to educate people about all kinds of animals.
 If you all wouldn't mind visiting and letting us know whats missing, and what animals you don't see there so we can add them,. it would be incredible of you
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Posted: Aug 19, 2007 6:01pm
Jan 16, 2007
New Years arrived this year without bells and whistles at my house.. Also without lights, phone or running water..
I had company from Australia at the time so I was a bit upset to say the least.. We'd planned a nice get together with some other folksand I wanted it to be perfect..needless to say.. with trying to clean with no water and taking care of the animals without lights or water..  it wasn't perfect..
What saved the night actually was our guest.. who was so enthralled with the sparkling ice outside and the simple drinks and discussions,  and the fact that we could heat with our gas range and could be warm.. he said very pleasantly.. "Robbi I'd imagine that your pioneer women would have given their left arm to be able to just turn a knob and be warm,, even if they had no lights.. ".  he impressed me.. and reminded me.. that beauty can be seen in anything.. and shines through even the most difficult situations..
Thanks to Matt, for saving the evening and stopping me whimpering because things weren't exactly as I wished they could be..  It seems perfection for his visit.. was a lot more important to me than it  was to him..

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Posted: Jan 16, 2007 8:59am
Jan 16, 2007
I am hoping this gets out to all of you.. as some of you know, the  midwest was hit with a massive ice storm..  we had no power for about five days.. Currently 16 days later our internet, which is supposed to be fixed is hit and miss.. for a few hours I have it then for several more I don't. and when I do its murder to try to connect to any one site without timing out.. .  High speed cable is all thats available to us here,  and since several thousand poles are down, we are still being affected by that.. If I am able to check in, I will do so, and when I can't until this is resolved, please check on the groups for me..   Many thanks and I miss you all.. My email is and for those who would like..   please email me for a cell phone number until  we get everything back in order..   home telephone lines are not yet available.. Blessings and happy new year to you all..
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Posted: Jan 16, 2007 8:53am
Dec 2, 2006
One of my hottest campaigns these days is internet censorship.
Many of you know that the internet is a wonderful and powerful tool for human rights work.. But do you also know that it is one of the most powerful tool for governments to monitor their citizens..
 Do you also know that some of our top software companies help them to do it??
Companies who are taking our money and smiling all the way to the bank are helping governments like Vietnam, Bahrain, Egypt, China and Tunisia to spy on their people, to censor their words and their actions, and to prohibit them from visiting sites that could help them to overcome it..
Sites like the new human rights search engines.
you can help actually by posting snippets of forbidden information on your own site.. and by taking the pledge for internet freedom.

"The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights. Governments – with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world – are cracking down on freedom of expression.

Amnesty International, with the support of The Observer UK newspaper, is launching a campaign to show that online or offline the human voice and human rights are impossible to repress."

Freedom of speech and expression is one of the most fundamental rights that we enjoy as humans.

Please help to protect this right..



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Posted: Dec 2, 2006 7:08am
Nov 10, 2006

Please pass the word in your groups that
George Kent, chair of the graduate program in political science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as international advisor for Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research will be discussing Human Rights with us this week.

He works on human rights, international relations, peace, development, and environmental issues, with a special focus on nutrition and children.
George Kent’s books include The Political Economy of Hunger: The Silent Holocaust, Fish, Food, and Hunger: The Potential of Fisheries for Alleviating Malnutrition, and The Politics of Children's Survival, and Children in the International Political Economy.

He is Co-Convener of the Commission on International Human Rights of the International Peace Research Association and also the Coordinator of the Task Force on Children's Nutrition Rights.

He is part of the Working Group on Nutrition, Ethics, and Human Rights of the United Nations Sub-Committee on Nutrition.
Professor Kent’s book on The Human Right to Adequate Food was published by the Georgetown University Press in 2005.

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Posted: Nov 10, 2006 11:16am
Nov 7, 2006
I never wanted a cat.
To be honest, I"m a clean freak, and thats no exaggeration.
I used enough bleach for years to keep chlorox stock up there with microsoft.

If someone had told me five years ago, that I would run a cat rescue, scrub my self crazy four hours a day and trim nails and clean ears for another two I would have questioned their sanity.
But here I am..
I clean kennels, empty litter, scrub cat feet, clean ears and eyes and buy endless supplies dewormer, mitaclear and bright colored balls with little bells in them..((ever try keeping track of those things??*L*)
My house is less clean than it was..
My cats taught me that was okay..

My bed boasts kitty hair on the afghan at the foot of it..
another cat perches there for the afternoon nap.
No body seems to care that its not completely pristine, or ever QUITE hair free.

My pillow isn't mine anymore.
Another cat taught me to share.
and showed me that having a warm little guy curled up next to the back of your neck purring softly in your ear, with his paw laid gently on your hair, helps you to sleep..

From another cat, I learned humility and hope.. when his pain and his treatment at human hands did not stop him from running to me, wanting to trust..

Patience and real love I learned from still another, who was so thin as to be gaunt, but would wait until her kittens had eaten before she approached the bowl..

We all have our reasons for not wanting to get involved in hands on rescue.. we donate our funds and we say poor kitty, and we move on..
too little time, too little money, too little compassion, too much to do, too much effort.. too much mess..or a combination of all of them..
Everyone has a reason why its a bad idea to care too much for the strays and ferals of the world.
The truly special people in the world, will give you all the reasons why you should get involved..
The cats will give you a few more..
and they teach you patience, and hope and humility..and common sense things that you've forgotten since growing up..
that its okay to nap in the middle of the day, and the world won't fall apart if you spend a half hour playing ball with them instead of scrubbing the floor, or building that web site..
That play is important, and smelling the flowers (the ones they didn't dig up) is so much more important than that extra ten minutes of work..
yes, they are a lot of work.. yes, they are heaps of effort.. and working to rescue them, will be the most difficult, time consuming, heartbreaking, .. wonderful, amazing, life changing experience of your life..

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Posted: Nov 7, 2006 8:13pm
Nov 2, 2006
Album: Outdoors

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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 10:25pm
Nov 2, 2006
Album: Deer and Elk
Taken in Pennsylvania Allegheny National Forest, and Elk County, these deer and elk are wonderful subjects, but not always easy to get close to.

by 1 new, 1384 total397 totalRobbi D. (140)
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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 10:20pm
Oct 29, 2006
One of my own messages was flagged on a thread here, in Feedback and Suggestions (which was probably deserved , since the message was a bit acerbic in content), however in a second and third thread, the post which stated exactly what the net messaging error said was flagged for review.

I try to be patient with people.. I do.. , but  the threads here, even those with good informational content seem to degenerate into slanging matches where every other post is questioned, flagged by a well meaning censor, or  addressed so  rudely in response, that deciphering the relevant content is not always easy .

The reason, according to one poster, was that they were simply being.... Honest...
and for a time, I believed that reasoning, that they were  blunt people, or people who "tell it like it is"... or "plain speakers"
As a nurse who gave people some very bad news at times, I believed that honesty, and plain speaking were necessary.
At times, to accomplish that I was not so kind or reasonable as I could have been
Communications classes helped yes, but the real key has to be watching peoples reactions to what we've said..seeing where our words took us..
I did that.. and had a sudden insight into reality.. an epiphany if you will.. 

It takes time, but gauging peoples responses is worth it..  using words to convey knowledge only works if you use words in such a way that they are willing to HEAR what you've said.
I don't mean that we need to walk on eggshells, use words like womyn and be so completely bound up in our speech that we can't make a point..
I don't mean lie, because telling the truth is SO important in relationships.. even net ones..

I still believe that honesty is important but I believe that speaking it in a way that leaves people open and feeling at ease to communicate with you is more than important.. IT IS ESSENTIAL!!!

Speaking rudely, attempting to hurt someone, or belittle them before an entire group of NOT in fact honesty.
It is nothing more than being rude and hurtful and trying to purify our reasons for  our bad behavior.

There is a huge difference between the two that we all need to take a look at..
Were your boss to take you to task before the entire room, he is in fact being honest, but is he doing it in such a way that you learn from it?
If someone else calls you an idiot, perhaps you're behaving like one, but is it spoken in such a way that you learn, or do you become defensive, close your mind and your ears and hear nothing but the insult.
There is honesty, and there is brutality.
They should never be confused  with each other because they are not interchangeable.

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Posted: Oct 29, 2006 6:33am
Oct 27, 2006
Monday I rescued a new cat. She was thin, but not overly so, frightened, had scrapes and scratches on her nose and was oh so hungry.. and also oh so pregnant..
In my home are many kitties, some came as this one did, from a self serving owner who obviously didn't want kittens, responsibility or to learn how to love something.
This morning, still nervous, she presented us with three kittens we didn't need, while lying near me on the floor..
This little girl was new to us she was afraid.. still she braved walking past my dogs and came to lie at my feet on the floor to give birth, still sought out a person when she was in pain..

How thoughtless of you to drop her off when she needed you most.. How heartless of you to leave her to her own devices, with nowhere warm or not enough to eat while she pregnant, and looked to you for protection.

How much you are missing by not having that devotion she so obviously would have given to you..YOu lost a loyal friend and a selfless companion by your actions.. yes, you got away with it.. but in the process of leaving your friend here.. you left something else as well
you left behind your claim to humanity..

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Posted: Oct 27, 2006 11:02am


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New Petition! Speak out against Time-Warner Merger with Comcast! Let your opinion be know before your bill goes up and your programming choices dwindle.\\r\\n\\r\\nUrge DOJ and FCC to Not Allow Merger of Time-Warner and Comcast\\r\\nhttp://www.t hepetitionsi...
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