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Dec 2, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Donation
Location: Colorado, United States

This is the first time I've tried to post a share... so please bear with me!

Dog lovers, please help!

We really could use a few angels right now.  We understand that not everyone is cut out for protesting, or filing police reports, or soliciting help from veterinary clinics, or taking in hundreds of phone calls about sick animals, etc.   (but we are!!!)  If you are working and don't have the time for these type of activities - we understand!  But please know that you can help make a huge difference by supporting our efforts.

Puppy mills need to be run out of business.  The only way to do that is to destroy their market - the pet stores that buy from them.   The dogs being sold in most pet stores come directly from dog farms where the parent dogs are housed like chickens:  wire cages, very little (if any) exercise, poor (if any) veterinary care, and devoid of human love and interaction.   If you are not familiar with puppymills, please go to and do a search for puppymills.  What you find will tear your heart out.

We need your help to continue and grow the work that has been started in the past few months. We successfully got one pet store closed in Colorado very quickly. There now are currently 4 more locations in 3 states that we are now working on that need our help - with literally hundreds more to go!

We fully support protesting groups and our mission is to back them up with serious methods that can bring down a retail store by bringing civil and criminal legal actions against the owners.  It is our mission to make owning a pet store a very undesirable business:  owners risk fraud and criminal charges once their practices are brought to light.  

We have fielded literally hundreds of phone calls  - this is full time work.   We need help in the following areas:

1. A web designer that could help make an effective website.

2. A graphics designer that could help out by making an effective tri-fold PDF flyer that will be used to enlist the help of the veterinary clinic workers.

3. A paralegal person that has access and knows their way around researching laws regarding civil fraud, contracts, and issues regarding peaceful protesting.

4. We need donations to help with expenses of starting and operating this non-profit.  We need a dedicated phone line, legal fees paid to register the non-profit, web site, and modest operating money to help put materials together that will help groups everywhere benefit from past successes.

5. Someone who can write these types of messages better than me!

Please help.  We have put hundreds of volunteer hours into this and we're only getting busier!  It's all  proving to be very productive - but we can't continue on without support.

Please send an email to  for further information.  We welcome you getting to know us... and we'd appreciate your assistance!





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Posted: Dec 2, 2008 1:03am


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