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Nov 26, 2010

By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

Unstable psychical phenomena can be the result of many factors. One factor can be mental or physical health. Through my years of research I have found direct correlations between psychophysiological health and psychical stability.

When the psychophysiological health of an experient of psychical phenomena is compromised to any degree (e.g. stress, anxiety, acute or chronic pain), the experient is bombarded with an increased reactivity to psychical stimuli.

This increase is typically equivalent to the magnitude of the psychological or physiological factor initiating the increased reactivity (e.g. mild stress = mild increased reactivity). In the case of psychophysiological factors, ideally, experients should address the condition and instability as soon as they emerge.

Whether the condition is the result of the psychical instability, or the psychical instability is the result of the condition is never clear, but treating the condition appears to treat the psychical instability every time.

Another factor can be the result of the experients immediate environment. I have found many correlations between elements in the environment and increased psychical phenomena during my years of research.

While these elements maybe advantageous to those experiencing stable phenomena looking to enhance said phenomena, these elements can also send unstable phenomena spiraling out of control. Elements can include specific wavelengths of light, pigments of color, and various types of materials in the experients immediate environment.

Experients can identify these factors via psychical assessment. Once the experient is aware of what factors to work on, or avoid, the experient can begin their way towards psychical well-being.


(Adapted from the book “A Quantum Approach Series” by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly.)

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Nov 26, 2010

By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

Recent parapsychological research suggests that psychical system (e.g. psychical processes) are both “need-based” and are the result of a normal subconscious engagement with Nature (including reality and all constituents of reality e.g. individuals) beyond our physical and sensorial boundaries. This engagement, termed &ldquosi,” void of spatial proximity (distance), can be broken into two main categories (e.g. Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis).

Such received and assimilated information is assumed involved in the development of all experiences. Psi is assumed to operate continuously at the basic, beginning level of human functioning (i.e. a first sight rather than a second sight). Since it seems that perceptual experiences begin with the psi level of engagement and shares similar functioning patterns with other subconscious processes, psychical processes are assumed to be integrated with these other subconscious processes.

Research has also lead to the finding that psi processes work with the memory (specifically the long-term memory) which is stored in various regions throughout the brain. Because psi is a fundamental basis of human functioning (e.g. perceptual experience), and the information is received and stored throughout the mind, there may be no way to “shut off” a psychical ability.

However, the psychical system appears to be linked to the emotional system and personality. Typically, in an individual will low stress and well maintained mental and physical health, psychical processes present themselves in a non-intrusive and typically unnoticeable manner, whereby simply contributing to experience rather than be an experience in and of itself.

Acute and chronic periods of heightened stress, mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc) and or physical illness, can increase the noticeability of a particular form of psychical phenomena. The resolution here is to remedy the stress (stress management, meditation, behavioral therapy, other forms of medical or therapeutic treatment, etc.) to alleviate the noticeability of the phenomena.

In addition, I have found correlations between personality types and specific phenomena. I have also found that personality deviation (altering personality) can result in the “disappearance” of one form of phenomena, to be replaced by another (e.g. telepathy for clairvoyance). However, even if personality deviation leads the exchange of a psychical specialty, the stress related factors will still play a critical role in the operations of the “new” phenomena (i.e. personality deviation in conjunction with stressors will still present intrusive phenomena).

In other words, if the psychical phenomena experienced by an individual is intrusive, the individual should focus either on alleviating stressors from their life, or learning new methods of coping with stress, as stress puts the body in continual state of “need” (e.g. needing to reduce stress, therefore “searching “ for a means to do so, as a means to promote system wide health). Once such needs are addressed, the phenomena will no longer be intrusive (i.e. will appear “shut-off&rdquo.


(Adapted from the book “A Quantum Approach Series” by Dr. Theresa M. Kelly.)


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Posted: Nov 26, 2010 4:01pm
Nov 26, 2010

By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

I typically answer this question via my profiling methods, as the methods appear to identify the nature of the source of the anomalous information quite accurately despite the complexities surrounding such a question.

For many years I have worked along side individuals skilled in clairvoyant and mediumistic anomalous communication and have found certain characteristics exclusive to each type.  

Typically, clairvoyants rank high in regards to category type Yellow, while mediums typically rank high in regards to category type Black. Throughout formulating psychical profiles, I have obtained more reports from type Yellows suggesting communications with “reality,” the “universe” or “Nature” itself (as though Nature itself is a universal information system) then I have in regards to type Blacks.

In reports involving type Black experients of psychical phenomena, multiple or a single  “entity” is typically reported. These entities vary in description from ancestors, recently deceased relatives, spirits of the deceased in general, or those describe as non-human (angels, messengers of the gods, etc.).

While such is not always the case, as there are no pure types (i.e. people tend to blend into two to three major types), those who score high in regards to type Yellow typically communicate with Nature, while those who score high in regards to type Black typically communicate with entities. This is of course a generalized answer.

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