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Dec 11, 2013

Children & Psychic Abilities - How to Respond as a Concerned Parent
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

Suppressing Psychic Abilities as a Child

Through recent researches in psychology, fear has been found to be very common in childhood, especially fears of the unknown. When a certain stimulus is experienced that is not favorable, the child has a tendency to develop a fear regarding that stimulus. In early childhood, specific situational phobias and social phobias develop and collide. This collision can cause a series of mixed emotions and perspectives regarding psychic abilities. At such a young age, a child is incapable of understanding the more simple processes associated with life, let alone the more complex and abstract processes associated with abilities performance and control. With a developing mind and lack of emotional control, a child is also incapable of any level of psychic stability.

Occasionally a trusted adult, particularly parents, out disbelief, negotiates a child into suppression fearing for their child, assuming they are either overly imaginative, which can cause social issues, or mentally unstable, potentially posing many issues immediately and later in life if not properly addressed. I recommend limiting conversations regarding psychic abilities. Keep conversations vague and never use associated terminology. Children remember a great deal and are likely to take newfound knowledge onto the playground and into the classroom. In almost all cases, it is best to promote suppression in younger children.

Suppressing an Out-of-Control Psychic Ability

Sometimes suppression is not addressed until after the ability is seemingly or obviously out of control. Signs of an out of control ability are not limited to sporadic and potentially dangerous psychic events. A professional child psychologist should immediately address emotional issues. I suggest limiting the information provided to the psychologist to social issues and problems at home. Divulging to much information regarding your child's out of control ability can result in severely compromising the child's care and recovery. Today many households resort to family meditation and even yoga to teach their children mental and physical discipline. Child psychologists also promote and advocate meditation and relaxation as a therapy for troubled, anxious and stressed children. Medication, such as anti-anxiety medication, may not help a child with a psychic ability at the root of their stress and anxieties as their issues are not clinical, rather they are situational. There are also many books tailored towards children that walk parents and children through realistic methods of dealing with and lowering stress. It is crucial for parents too regularly let their gifted child know that they are loved and accepted.

Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of Persecution

Children who fear persecution either disassociate from peers and teachers to hide their psychic ability or are teased because of events resulting from their ability. Teasing is nearly impossible to prevent or cease even with the help of parents and teachers. A parent cannot protect a child from these hurtful situations any more then they can protect a child from their ability, but with professional direction, they can teach their child methods to deal with social conflicts. Children will also tease for attention and peer acceptance, but in any case, if the parent over reacts in these matters the child is more likely too over react as well. Parents should remind the child that they are strong, smart and capable of handling the situation with the proper guidance. Encourage the child to talk about their concerns and remind them of their positive and very normal qualities and that they have a permanent place in the family as they may be feeling alienated on a regular basis.

Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of the Unknown

Whether the fear roots from a parent or the child, these fears are very common and are reasonable. Psychic abilities such as psychokinesis (metaphysical movement of objects) or Mediumship (seeing and or hearing the dead) cannot only be trying and dangerous, but also very frightening to the child, siblings, friends and especially parents. The child will in time turn to the parent for answers, but rarely do parents know how to respond. Upon the child announcing their ability, most parents will go through a stage of denial first, void of concern because they attribute the situation to the child's vivid imagination. Secondly, anger. After more time has passed, parents tend to attempt to talk their child out of mentioning their ability or in some cases mentioning or using their ability. This is the stage of bargaining.

After bargaining with no results, the parents will find themselves moving into a fourth stage, depression. Acceptance is the final stage, but is limited to those who have thoroughly researched their child's gift or have succeeded in bargaining the child into suppression until a later age. Acceptance is harder to reach for parents who believe their child is experiencing mental illness instead of experiencing psychic events. If you believe the child is not experiencing psychic events, be sure that the child is not simply looking for attention before subjecting them to counseling.

Side Effects of Suppression

So far, we have covered the results of not suppressing an ability. Now, we will address the side effects associated with suppression. Side effects associated with suppression can vary and manifest due to two main reasons. If the child is experiencing mental or physical side effects from suppression then the child has not correctly suppressed the ability. This can occur if the child has not learned the proper relaxation and mental techniques required to suppress. These side effects initially manifest themselves as emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, rage issues and more. These emotional issues in time will result in physical side effects. These side effects should be treated by a medical professional and taken very seriously as the side effects have the potential to become detrimental the child's health if left untreated.

Side effects pertaining to psychic events can vary based on the child's specific ability. Psychokinetic events can become more sporadic and volatile, while children with visual and auditory-based abilities can experience more vivid and disturbing effects. Effects can become very distracting and even frightening to the child resulting in the child acting out, having nightmares or experiencing sudden alterations in their personality. In moments of excitability, the child is exponentially prone to volatile psychic events if their ability is out of control either prior to or as a result of suppression. Relaxation and stress reducing techniques are crucial to reducing these moments. On the other hand, if suppression was successful the child should not be regularly informing the parent of events. Instead, once a year or less the child may mention a minor psychic event, but this is completely normal.

Steps to Address a Psychic Ability

Promoting meditation is the best way to suppress and control a child's psychic ability. Guided meditation is recommended. Parents can teach three main meditation methods to the child. The first method requires the child to lie down. The second method requires the child to sit instead of lying down. The third method is tailored more for children that have difficulty sitting or laying still. This method consists of the parent taking the child out for a nice walk. Allowing the child to control the conversation will provide better results. Allow the child to ask questions regarding their ability. Parents should keep answers vague and void of terminology. In time the child will reach a relaxed state of mind allowing them to look inwards and "let go" of the ability. As long as a child is fearful and stressed, suppression is impossible. Parents should involve their child in meditation for about ten to twenty minutes once a day, every day. Meditation should continue until suppression is obtained and meditation should always involve one adult to guide the child.

Preparing a Child for Adult Psychic Events

As the child grows, but their ability is suppressed, it is ok to educate the child regarding their ability. It is best to educate the child about their ability through science. For children with suppressed psychokinetic abilities realizing the scientific area to promote is simple, but for more psychical abilities, this can be confusing to the parent. Parents with child empathy should promote learning about emotions and sociology, child telepaths should learn about sociology and telecommunications such as computers and child mediums should learn about history, sociology and medical science. These fields will prepare a child for later years when they may wish to revisit their ability and enhance it in their teen years or adulthood. Parents should research the child's ability thoroughly so they understand how the ability works. This way, the parent can properly choose fields and study materials that relate to the child's ability.

With so many children online today, parents should keep an eye on the child's internet habits to make sure the child is not seeking enhancement through online resources if the parents deem the ability still unstable and unable to be controlled during enhancement. Enhancement with no control can be detrimental and cause life long side effects and hardships. The best age range to pursue abilities is ages eighteen to twenty-two.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:07pm
Dec 11, 2013

What You Don't Know About Ghosts - The Need for Para Ethics Among Paranormal Investigators and "Ghost Busters"
By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

Warning: Please do not read this article if you have recently lost a loved one. The content below is based on paranormal experience, evidence and research and is not the belief of all paranormal investigators. The content below can be disturbing.

Para Ethics

"Ghosts" or Spirits are made up of unstable atomic nuclei which loses energy, can decay, when exposed to radiation in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves. Allowing excessive electrical equipment near active sites during paranormal investigations can affect spirits in a harmful way.

  • It is unethical to allow excessive electrical equipment near an active paranormal site including electrical equipment for paranormal research and household electronics.
  • It is unethical to transport spirits from an active site unless they pose a threat.
  • It is ethical to locate a professional to help a spirit crossover.

Conscious and Alive

A spirit is a being that did not crossover shortly after the death of the physical mind and body. Reasons why the being did not crossover vary including confusion, duty, revenge or fear. Whether they may have been "good" or "evil" human beings during their physical lifetime is irrelevant because they were still Human beings.

While paranormal based laws and ethics can not be upheld with our current limited understanding and interaction with the spirits of the deceased, educating those who may or may not ever experience a paranormal event on the laws and ethics that should be upheld, when dealing with the living spirits of deceased physical beings, can prevent unnecessary suffering.

Why Para Ethics and Laws are Crucial

Those who do not crossover due to the fear of the unknown wander this world lost, depressed, sometimes angry, filled with regret or fearful of their chosen unknown. Some spirits may have turned down a passing to the other side due to a need or feeling of obligated duty to family or friends. Some spirits may deny their death or never realize their death at all leaving them confused or uncooperative. There are many reasons why a spirit does not crossover, but there are just as many reasons why they should have.

What would you expect in a world of living spirits with no law or order, with mixed personalities, those lacking in morals and those left vulnerable because of their morals. Spirits roam lost, uncertain of purpose or direction, unacknowledged by loved ones, scared, bitter and with no one to protect them.

Spirits are not only vulnerable to other entities, but to their atmosphere or rather the invisible world around them. Spirits are energy based, and living, and like all living beings they are seemingly mortal because the requirement for eternal life resides on the other side leaving spirits here low energy, weak, vulnerable and unstable.

As their deterioration advances the spirit become less and less capable of organizing thought, emotion, sensation and so forth until the deterioration is so highly developed that thought is rare, emotions are erratic and sensation is limited to the feelings associated with a slow, frightening bereavement. Eventually the soul is at rest when no energy remains to give the spirit its individuality and it once again becomes a part of the grand architecture of nature.

How You Affect Spirits

The antagonist that wears down a spirit most is radiation and everything emits radiation, even you. The exposure of radiation, magnitude and time exposed, determines the level of deterioration or decay of the spirit. Some forms of radiation that can affect a spirit include:

  • The human body has a small amount of naturally radioactive potassium.
  • Homes made out of stone, brick and adobe due to a small amount of natural radioisotopes.
  • Smoking results in a great deal of radiation because the tobacco leaf collects long-lived isotopes of air-born radon, like lead-210 and plutonium.
  • Natural and artificial light results in a great deal of radiation due to protons and electromagnetic waves etc.
  • Heat
  • Any and all electronics such as televisions, computers, microwaves, radios and cell phones.

Spirits at risk of advanced decay tend to stay in cool (to avoid heat radiation), dark (to avoid light radiation) and humid (to avoid static electricity and other potential electrical antagonists) spaces. This results in basements and under-maintenance or abandoned buildings to be the ideal place for a decaying spirit retreat. Spirits of many types can cause "cold spots," but cold spots are not a determinate of paranormal activity as cold spots can be caused by natural temperature variances such humidity.

Types of Spirits

General Presence – When a spirit may reside in a space, but does not have the effect of a haunting. General presence spirits tend to cause hair to stand up, shivering or slight chills and rare auditory events. Spirits of this type can occasionally move objects, but only inches. This type of spirit can be annoying at times, but is rarely every a threat of any kind. This can be a spirit with little to no rate of decay to a spirit with advanced decay. It is considered by Para Ethics to be unethical to exorcise this type of spirit as the spirit is non-threatening and removing the spirit from its current location can cause the further decay of the spirit.

Apparitions – A spirit that has been lost for a great deal of time that has deteriorated and only knows the difference between light and dark, can feel pain and express emotion. This is a type of spirit that even a medium can not speak with due to the spirits inability to function to such a degree. It is highly unethical to exorcise this type of spirit as relocation can result in the destruction of the spirit as they are vulnerable to almost all forms of radiation including sunlight and heat. This type of spirit is most commonly found in dark, cool and humid spaces.

Anniversary or Resident Spirits – Spirits who only appear on certain dates of the year or have been resident of a specific space for more then two generations. These spirits are traditionally non-threatening and therefore it is considered unethical to exorcise them unless they have proven to be a threat by causing a great deal of disturbances.

Haunting Presence – A genuine haunting consists of mild to heightened auditory events, psychokinetic events (where the spirit moves and throws objects, turns on electronics, shorts out electronics, cause fires, pushes or strikes a living person or cause heightened behavior modification/manipulation of those residing or visiting the space etc.). These hauntings can be the cause of a single spirit, several spirits or a poltergeist. It is not considered to be unethical to exorcise these types of spirits. In the case of a poltergeist, a demonic presence may be involved. As a result of this poltergeists should only be exorcised by a professional well versed in the paranormal and demonology.

Poltergeists – Demonic Presences - Poltergeists can be the result of several weakened spirits trapped in a location that contained a demonic presence prior to becoming trapped or after the fact. In this case the spirits individuality, that which separates one spirit of energy from another, may or may not have been decayed by the demonic presence and the accumulation or individual spirits are strengthened through demonic means causing extremely heightened psychokinetic events and full visual manifestations etc. This strengthening does not allow spirits to escape the trap because it results in the emotional, "mental" and atomic instability of the spirit ensuing confusion and erratic and violent behavior. Typically these locations are places that have a traumatic or horrifying history including horrific murders.


The average lifespan of a spirit that did not crossover following the death of its physical body varies due to:

  • The age of the deceased body, as the energy of the spirit weakens over the lifespan of the physical life.
  • The amount of exposure to antagonists throughout the life of the spirit.

The longest estimated lifespan of a spirit is roughly four-hundred years. The average lifespan of a spirit is estimated at two-hundred years. Sites and spaces with paranormal activity predating four-hundred years are typically a result of residue memories of decayed spirits, new spirits drawn to the area because it is and ideal retreat or the site may have an active poltergeist tied to a demonic presence in which case the demonic presence prolongs the essence of the spirits, but not their individuality.

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Dec 11, 2013

A Formula for a Blissful Life - Achieving Health and Wellness: Financial, Physical and Mental Well-Being
By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

1. Financial Stability - Middle of the Road

Maintaining a middle class to upper class status is important in the journey to a blissful life. The middle and upper classes have opportunities to avoid issues that otherwise arise in lower class households.


Having a little more money then what you need to live a comfortable simple life is as essential as knowing whether you are living inside or outside of your financial means.

Savings and Investments

Financial stability is not obtainable unless you have a respectable amount of savings and investments. On average experts suggest saving 10% or more of your income for retirement while still having a comfortable amount in savings for emergencies and unforeseen costs that may arise.

College Education

Over the course of a lifetime, a graduate of a two-years college earn about $275,000 more than someone with only a high school diploma. The greater earning potential you have the greater likelihood you will be able to own, save and invest.


Financial security is vastly influenced by the reserves you set aside for hard times. While this is more of an addition to the criterion for middle class status, it does help financial stabilize your life.

Limited Debt

The increase of credit card debt in the US is growing at alarming rates. As long as you are in severe to mild debt, financial freedom is at a distance.

Health Insurance

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can destroy your family's financial future. These sudden medical bills are a growing reason for the unprecedented levels of credit card debt in the US.

Pitfalls of Lower

The above requirements for financial stability are far less likely to be obtained by those in the lower income class range, but are not entirely out of reach. Those with lower class income simple need to work smarter and structure their earning and needs more efficiently.

2. Health and Well Being

Your health and the health of your loved ones have an enormous impact in your life. Whether the health problems are mental health related or physical, such hindrances in the quality of your life can decimate your chances at finding a true state of bliss.

See Your Physician

The average healthy American should regularly see a doctor to screen for diseases, assess risks of future medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations and maintain a relationship with a doctor in the event of an illness.


Men should perform a monthly testicular self-exam and women should perform a monthly breast exam. Women should also have a yearly pelvic exam and Pap smear to check for cervical cancer and other disorders.

Mental Illness

Even if you suffer from the slightest form of depression, you need to take action and take control of your life by treating your mind. Whether you choose psychological counseling, group therapy or psychiatric treatment for you mental illness this treatment is very important in creating a blissful future for yourself. You can not admit stability in your life unless there is stability in your mind.

Physical Illness

While not all physical illnesses are treatable, many illnesses are very treatable. If you experience any abnormalities with your health, seek a physician immediately. Whether you find a lump during your monthly exam, have a sharp pain in your chest or have a significant decrease in appetite, any and all sudden changes in your health and body should be assumed as a possible health risk factor.

3. A Career to Live for

Some surveys reveal that nearly ninety percent of Americans hate their jobs. Since the average person works eight hours a day, this equates to one-third of these Americans lives spent in misery. Having a career you love, are passionate about and that inspires you is crucial in having a blissful life. Are there ways to make your job less stressful by taking the initiative to problem solve issues in your department that could result in a more organized and balanced atmosphere? Can you talk other employees into standing up for your solutions to fortify your argument for change? If you can not change where you work, perhaps you can change how you work. Companies thrive on efficiency; if you can provide solutions to increase efficiency you could enable change in your working atmosphere. Great lives are sustained by great ideas.

Career Income Limitations

If you have found yourself in a career that just doesn't pay enough there are solutions out there to still allow you a change at a blissful life. If you make under $40,000 as a single person and your job does not offer good benefits, perhaps it is time to start shopping for a better deal. Even if you will earn the same amount per year with another company, but that company has far better benefits then you currently receive, then you are coming out ahead. Company benefit packages vary company to company. Compare you current company benefits with that of its competitors.

The Right Reasons

Some choose a profession because a parent was successful in that field. Some choose a profession because of the expected earnings associated with that field. These are the most common reasons young people base their career choice on, and these reasons will almost always result in a occupation they will loath later in life. The career necessity in creating a blissful life can be obtained by choosing a career which you can see yourself making a difference. Whether this difference is through helping others improve their lives or helping a company extend their reach to the consumer, having and endless stream of obtainable goals, a genuine passion and a strong sense of purpose are the qualities that make a career life-sustaining.

4. Avocation

Whether you engage in recreational activities or hobbies alone or with your children, pets, significant other, friends or family, activities you enjoy external to your work are essential for a blissful life. While avocations can be related to your career, it is best to choose side-projects not associated with your work as this can lead to your hobbies feeling like more of a chore then a choice.

5. Love – Sweet and Simple

Bliss and love go hand in hand, but it is not one form of love you need to seek and obtain in life to be blissful, but rather several. Bliss is not a feeling that is obtainable alone; though contentment is a possibility for those who are not blessed with a wide rang of love. While conditional love is acceptable for a blissful life, unconditional love is more majestic and will bring along with it a stronger sense of stability and completion.

Significant Other

A significant other can be a spouse or an individual in which you are in a committed and loving relationship. For those who are married, marriage is complex and demands a great deal of care and maintenance. For a successful marriage you both need to be aware of each others needs and the importance of those needs. Just because certain needs are not important to you, does not mean they are not substantially important to your spouse. To find mutually acceptable solutions first you have to know what problems are being experienced and the root of those problems. Spending time is essential to every marriage. With out spending a good amount of time with your spouse you can not sufficiently meet their emotional needs or have regular open and honest conversations.

Non-marital committed relationships function nearly identical to marriages. You both need to meet each others emotional needs, regularly have open and honest communications, protect each others feeling and spend quality time together.


Children are a blessing and evoke a form of love that has no rival. To have a little being that unconditionally loves you, cherishes you, depends on you and turns to you for protection and guidance creates a sense of purpose that warms your heart for a lifetime. If you do not currently have a loving relationship with your children due to past events and disputes, reslving these disputes should be a priority in your life.


If your children are your world, a family pet may not be a necessity for a blissful life. If you grew up with pets or have a strong connection with animals there may always be a void in your heart, even after you have children, for a little friend who will always need your care. In the case of those who have a profound connection with their pets, who see their pets as though they are their children, there may be no necessity for children during the lifespan of the pet.


Having a loving relationship with your family is very important for a blissful life especially with parents. Regardless of your history with your parents, a bond was formed that can never be broken. Because of this bond, if you are not close to your parents or are not on good terms, there will always be a void within your being demanding fulfillment. Siblings are also very important when it comes to your requirement for love. Sibling rivalry is common amongst almost all households, but as you grow older and wiser, these are the times to forgive childish actions and get to know each other for the people you are today.


It goes with out saying that our friends are our emotional foundation throughout our lives. Without our friends we could never truly know ourselves. An individual should have at least one best friend and several very good friends who all reflect your interests in some form or another.


To love thyself, is to look into the mirror, look into your mind and look into your soul and know you are the best "you" that you can be. You should never expect someone to love you if you do not love yourself. While looking at yourself you will see aspects about yourself you may not like, and some of these you can not change. Take comfort in the things you can not change for they are your identity. These unchangeable aspects are your history, they tell your story, good or bad.

6. Faith

Faith can mean many things to many people. No matter what you have faith in, God, karma, destiny, universal law, science and so forth, faith is vital in achieving the requirements listed throughout this article. With out faith in something, or at least faith in you, such goals are unobtainable. Faith if the foundation of life, it is what you know, what you believe and what you have considered.

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Dec 11, 2013

Why Your Psychic Exercises May Not be Working
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Psychics and kinetics often ask me the repetitive question; why don’t my exercises work for me? Many times it’s not that they aren’t trying hard enough, or practicing long enough. On the contrary, many gifted individuals spend countless hours trying to reach a performance goal they simply just can’t seem to achieve, or the exercise just doesn’t seem to work for them at all. This is more often then most because of either not understanding the laws and dynamics behind your ability or aiming for step five from step one when you should be aiming at step five starting at step 4; let me explain.

Autokinetic Not Electrokinetic

Those with very strong energy connections need to realize they are Autokinetic not Electrokinetic. Autokinesis is the full ability to manipulate energy of many forms and they are not limited only to the manipulation of just electrons. An autokinetic who only focuses on enhancing their communication with electrons is missing out on almost all of their abilities potential.

Unobtainable Goals

The number one reason kinetics and psychics can not reach an exercise goal is because they are shooting for the obtainable. This is not to say the individual is aiming for a goal that could never be achieved some day, but rather a goal that is out of the reach at that time. Beginners should seek smaller goals then intermediates, and intermediates should aim for goals lesser than the advanced.

Not Knowing the Laws

“The main difference between a medium level kinetic and a high level kinetic is the higher level kinetic studied longer and harder.... and found the loopholes.” - Amber Troy, MsD

Gifted individuals need to understand that there are universal laws governing their abilities. The laws of physics do apply to psychic and kinetic abilities whether or not we want to admit it due to lack of uncertainly, lack of theories to support it or just because we want to feel we bend the rules. By not thoroughly understanding how your ability works from a scientific stand point, you are far less likely to learn how to enhance or control your ability.

Knowing the laws that structure your ability helps you to asses your exercises and know when you are working against the laws instead of with them. Also, knowing the laws will lead you towards creating larger effects with less energy required to perform.

Click here to read more about Parapsychology – the scientific study of psychic ability.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 9:01am
Dec 11, 2013

Fatal Psychic Abilities - Potentially Fatal Misconceptions Regarding Abilities
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


If you are experiencing a side effect of what ‘could be’ and ability I always suggest you consult a medical professional immediately. Never shrug off side effects by assuming they are part of an ability. Side effects could be warnings of a potentially dangerous or even fatal medical condition. Some are under the impression that tingling sensations in the body are related to Energy Absorption or Electro/Autokinesis. I need these people to realize that there are over 309 reasons why a person would have tingling sensations in their arm, feet, hands etc. These sensations are far more likely to be the side effect of a serious medical condition then a kinetic ability; roughly 99%.

Kinetic and Psychic abilities can bring on side effects in which are almost all treatable by medical science. If you are an Empath with emotional issues, for example, I implore you to see a Psychologist to learn the tools necessary too deal with your ability.

Examples of Side Effects Brought on by Abilities

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety/Agoraphobia, Suicidal Tendencies, Psychotic Episodes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD, Learning Disorders, Rage Tendencies, Eating Disorders etc. Never risk your life just because you have your own theories. Let the medical community rule out possible medial reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms before you even attempt to become content with your own hunches.

Symptom & Exercise Articles

Side effects can also occur when learning to control an internal based ability such as Internal Electrokinesis. We do not promote enhancing internal abilities because in all cases side effects were severe to debilitating. Playing with unknown amounts electricity, heat etc can result in neurological and psychological disorders and in rare cases brain damage.


Kinetic and Psychics abilities can cause side effects and medical conditions when the ability is out of control. The damage done by these conditions and side effects do not go away when you learn to control your ability, instead control only prevents new side effects from forming. Only a medical professional can diagnose and treat medical symptoms and conditions.

Click here to read more about Parapsychology – the scientific study of psychic ability.


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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:59am
Dec 11, 2013

The Psychic Catalyst - Conditions, Not Emotions or Drugs
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

The Catalyst

Your ability works best in certain conditions and figuring out what these conditions are should be your utmost primary focus. Knowing what patterns and conditions allow you to use your ability will in time create a predictable ability you can use at will when the conditions are right.

Never Emotions

Emotions are unpredictable so if you use emotions as your catalyst your ability will always be unpredictable as well. Creating certain strong emotions to perform your ability requires focusing on memories in which invoke strong emotions such as rage. The problem with this is that reliving moments in which invoke rage, or any other strong emotion, causes the desensitization of those emotions. In time those memories will not invoke the same strong emotions they once did. An ability is something you can control to a certain degree, not accidentally, and in some cases side effects are not even part of your ability. What I mean by this is that many side effects can not be produced by those who have their ability in control because side effects are signs that their ability is out of control (example: increased static electrical discharge for Telekinetics). Emotional stress leads to physical stress and when your mind and body are unbalanced you will start to see the physical signs.

Physical signs can include:

  • Back pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Extreme tiredness
  • General aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia (trouble sleeping)
  • Lightheadedness
  • Palpitations (the feeling that your heart is racing)
  • Weight gain or loss

Stress can lead to a lower immune system rendering you susceptible to colds and other infections. This imbalance can also lead to alcohol and drug abuse in later years if not addressed sooner. Continued stress can lead to acute and chronic periods of depression and anxiety as well. Please, do not put your mental and physical health at risk by using emotions as your catalyst.

Drugs Are Never the Answer

I have never and will never condone the use of drugs such as hallucinogens for ability enhancement. Drugs are a contradiction to enhancement because drugs can cause decreased motivation, prolonged depression, anxiety, increased delusions and panic, and psychosis while enhancement requires a clear mind and healthy body.

To control an ability you must first have control over yourself.

Using drugs to enhance and ability is similar to using emotions to control it. Enhancement during drug use is usually as short lived as your high. While you may feel your ability escalating during a high with drugs such as ecstasy, marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, DXM etc this is primarily due to the fact that drugs change the way the brain interprets time, reality, and the environment around you leading you unable to perceive things rationally or correctly. To enhance your ability through drug use you would have to stay on a drug continuously and indefinitely whereby risking a life time of severe side effects or risking fatality.

Case Study on the Effects of Hallucinogens and Mediums

I personally know a Medium who conducted a self study, against my wishes, regarding the long term effects of Mediumship abilities and hallucinogenic drugs. This medium remained on a ‘trip’ for exactly one year straight induced by a synthetic hallucinogenic drug. The medium would take certain dosages of the synthetic drug day and night to keep the trip going. In one years time the medium never came down from the trip. The trip was fluctuated between extreme on the weekends to moderate during the week. Even after being on a trip for an entire year the medium did not report any noticeable difference ability wise. What the medium did experience is severe side effects from the beginning of the study until almost six years after the study.

Fatal Side Effects

The immediate side effects of drugs can become chronic if drug use persists and in some cases you may never be able to resolve the side effects. The use of some drugs can lead to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and some can even put you can in a coma. They can cause you to mix up or slur your speech, lose control of your muscles, make meaningless movements, and act in irrational, aggressive, or violent ways which could lead to legal issues that will haunt you for the rest of your professional life. Many drugs used for so-called psychic enhancement are illegal to buy, sell, or possess. The body can quickly form a tolerance to drugs, so a person would have to take more and more of the drug for the same effect. This is very dangerous because taking stronger doses of any drug may cause severe side effects, including overdose. Many street drugs are fake leaving you with no high and no money. Other street drug potencies are unpredictable and therefore can lead to overdose.

Drugs in Many Shapes and Forms

Those taking street drugs for the enhancement of an ability are only setting themselves up for disappointment. Those taking prescription drugs, especially for severe conditions, are not ideal for the enhancement process. Your body is a temple, a temple with great potential, so treat it like a temple or you will only be creating obverse reactions then you initially intended.


The only way to successfully enhance your ability and control it long term is through analysis. Awareness and problems solving skills are required to figure out what conditions your ability work best with.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:54am
Dec 11, 2013

By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

Parapsychology is defined as the application of scientific methods to the study of certain kinds of anomalous phenomena, which basically states that a desire to be come a parapsychologist is a desire to become a scientist.

Realizing this, one needs to decide from which scientific discipline they want to approach parapsychology. Many parapsychologists start with a academic background in psychology, typically a Ph.D.

Many universities offer parapsychology courses to those majoring in psychology and other relative fields. Other fields to consider are those in anthropology, neuroscience and various areas of physics such as biophysics or particle physics.

In any respect, it is essential to have a strong understanding of quantum theory, especially if you end up in research.  In any case, being a parapsychologist requires some form of academic approach to succeed, especially when it comes to research employment and funding.

I recommend having at least your Masters or preferably a Doctorate in a relative field, all the while taking courses relative to parapsychology. If the university or college you attend does not offer parapsychology courses, there are online options such as the University of Edinburgh Parapsychology Program.

Very few parapsychologists work in the public sector (i.e. employed by a university), as employment opportunities are very limited, in part by limited funding.

Parapsychology is not a field for everyone, but the field does continually need fresh ideas. While a full-time career is a rarity for parapsychologists, offering part-time contributions to the field is always an option second to your full-time career in a related field.

This above applies to those who desire to become a researcher, counselor, or educator in parapsychology. Alternatives to parapsychology, depending on your focus, include metaphysics (involved in studying the fundamental nature of being and reality), paranormal investigations (investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts), spiritual counseling (counseling from both a practical and spiritual perspective), and writing (in regards to experiences in your field, or your personal life).

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:26am
Dec 11, 2013

By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

The way to validate a psychical dream is through research. The most efficient way to research a person or event in a dream is to know what information to research, but the most essential way to research a person or event in a dream is to have all the information necessary to being a research project.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to remember your dreams is to enhance your working memory as the more efficient an experients’ memory is, the more critical details they will be able to remember from the dream.

These critical details are what will help the experient develop a research strategy that could lead to validation. Research has also shown that keeping a dream journal at the bedside to log details about dreams upon waking preserves the crucial details of dreams, many in which are otherwise rapidly forgotten soon after waking.

This allows for a later in-depth analysis of dreams after the experient is completely awake. Such in-depth analysis should involve both conceptual (shapes, textures, colors, emotions, and other sensations) and contextual (times, places, names, associated objects or events, etc.) information recorded from the dream.

The more information acquired from the dream, the more an experient can narrow down an exploratory search. Research tools can involve online news media in regards to events that have already happened, but identifying an event that has yet to happen, or identifying a person, requires the learned skill of drawing large conclusions from small observations through efficient deductive reasoning.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:24am
Dec 11, 2013

By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

I actually have two answers for this question. The first pertains to the experient, and the second pertains to the experient as a function of nature.

(1) As simply an experient, the answer is, no. However, several variables if altered, can lead an experient of psychical phenomena into a gradual decline and or sudden discontinuance of psychical experiences regardless of the magnitude or frequency of these experiences.

These variables include mild to severe behavioral or lifestyle changes in which no longer support these experiences. Common alterations can include, but are not limited to, developing an anxiety disorder [or antisocial behavior], developing or an increase in depression, sleep disturbances, drug or alcohol use [including medications], a physical condition or disorder, or by not exercising the underlying ability resulting in the experiences [extrasensory perception or psychokinesis].

(2) As an experient as a function of nature, the answer is yes. Many reports suggest an influencing nature, whether it is part of nature itself, or an intermediary [often designated a spirit guide], in which appears to maintain regulations expected to be upheld by experients.

These assumed regulations appear to vary experient-to-experient based on unknown variables. For example, common regulations reported in regards to telepathy and clairvoyance include publicizing information deemed private or requesting information in regards to immodest applications.

Reports suggest “misuse” or “ostentation” as the most common ambiguous reasons for the sudden discontinuance of psychical experiences [ESP and PK].

Disregard for regulations has been reported to result in punitive provisions, which can revoke access or influence, and is described by former experients of clairvoyant phenomena as “a sudden inability to obtain information regarding objects or events for an extended duration of time.”

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:23am
Dec 11, 2013

By Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

On average, and for valid reasons, people believe in what they have experienced in some form or another. For a small few, this can be a single event experienced though one form of sensory modality [e.g. visual evidentiary support].

Others on the other hand, may require many recurring experiencing through several forms of sensory modalities [e.g. visual, auditory, tactile, etc.]. Of course, many people will oppose such phenomena even after numerous experiences.

While the two aforementioned types of individuals can be persuaded with time via convincing experiences, the latter may be more challenging. This impossibility stems from the fact that people tend to internalize and build upon the beliefs of the people around them during their childhood.

If a person uses these beliefs as a permanent foundation to build a permanent core belief structure, they may inadvertently become incapable of accepting such conflicting beliefs.

In this case, accepting such phenomena as reality would devastate if not entirely annihilate their entire core belief system. While convincing this type of person that such phenomena do indeed exist may be quite a challenging endeavor, usually, over much time and debate, some level of agreement can be reached.

This is not typically achieved by explaining how such phenomena are possible in hopes the other person understands and accepts what has been shared, but rather by the believer learning more about the unbelievers core beliefs in which are restricting their ability to even consider the existence of such phenomena, let alone begin to believe.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:21am


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