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Dec 11, 2013

Why Your Psychic Exercises May Not be Working
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Psychics and kinetics often ask me the repetitive question; why don’t my exercises work for me? Many times it’s not that they aren’t trying hard enough, or practicing long enough. On the contrary, many gifted individuals spend countless hours trying to reach a performance goal they simply just can’t seem to achieve, or the exercise just doesn’t seem to work for them at all. This is more often then most because of either not understanding the laws and dynamics behind your ability or aiming for step five from step one when you should be aiming at step five starting at step 4; let me explain.

Autokinetic Not Electrokinetic

Those with very strong energy connections need to realize they are Autokinetic not Electrokinetic. Autokinesis is the full ability to manipulate energy of many forms and they are not limited only to the manipulation of just electrons. An autokinetic who only focuses on enhancing their communication with electrons is missing out on almost all of their abilities potential.

Unobtainable Goals

The number one reason kinetics and psychics can not reach an exercise goal is because they are shooting for the obtainable. This is not to say the individual is aiming for a goal that could never be achieved some day, but rather a goal that is out of the reach at that time. Beginners should seek smaller goals then intermediates, and intermediates should aim for goals lesser than the advanced.

Not Knowing the Laws

“The main difference between a medium level kinetic and a high level kinetic is the higher level kinetic studied longer and harder.... and found the loopholes.” - Amber Troy, MsD

Gifted individuals need to understand that there are universal laws governing their abilities. The laws of physics do apply to psychic and kinetic abilities whether or not we want to admit it due to lack of uncertainly, lack of theories to support it or just because we want to feel we bend the rules. By not thoroughly understanding how your ability works from a scientific stand point, you are far less likely to learn how to enhance or control your ability.

Knowing the laws that structure your ability helps you to asses your exercises and know when you are working against the laws instead of with them. Also, knowing the laws will lead you towards creating larger effects with less energy required to perform.

Click here to read more about Parapsychology – the scientific study of psychic ability.

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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 9:01am
Dec 11, 2013

Fatal Psychic Abilities - Potentially Fatal Misconceptions Regarding Abilities
by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


If you are experiencing a side effect of what ‘could be’ and ability I always suggest you consult a medical professional immediately. Never shrug off side effects by assuming they are part of an ability. Side effects could be warnings of a potentially dangerous or even fatal medical condition. Some are under the impression that tingling sensations in the body are related to Energy Absorption or Electro/Autokinesis. I need these people to realize that there are over 309 reasons why a person would have tingling sensations in their arm, feet, hands etc. These sensations are far more likely to be the side effect of a serious medical condition then a kinetic ability; roughly 99%.

Kinetic and Psychic abilities can bring on side effects in which are almost all treatable by medical science. If you are an Empath with emotional issues, for example, I implore you to see a Psychologist to learn the tools necessary too deal with your ability.

Examples of Side Effects Brought on by Abilities

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety/Agoraphobia, Suicidal Tendencies, Psychotic Episodes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, ADD and ADHD, Learning Disorders, Rage Tendencies, Eating Disorders etc. Never risk your life just because you have your own theories. Let the medical community rule out possible medial reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms before you even attempt to become content with your own hunches.

Symptom & Exercise Articles

Side effects can also occur when learning to control an internal based ability such as Internal Electrokinesis. We do not promote enhancing internal abilities because in all cases side effects were severe to debilitating. Playing with unknown amounts electricity, heat etc can result in neurological and psychological disorders and in rare cases brain damage.


Kinetic and Psychics abilities can cause side effects and medical conditions when the ability is out of control. The damage done by these conditions and side effects do not go away when you learn to control your ability, instead control only prevents new side effects from forming. Only a medical professional can diagnose and treat medical symptoms and conditions.

Click here to read more about Parapsychology – the scientific study of psychic ability.


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Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:59am


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