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Oct 8, 2011

There is most definitely more to come out of this suspicious situation, because whenever officials leave their posts when the heat is on, it is a clear indication and signal that corruption exists somewhere in that system!! ... PinkMindy.


- 1 hour ago -

The Obama Administration's chief official CEO Jonathan Silver at the center of the Solyndra controversy is leaving the DOE. He became the focus for an ongoing investigation into the failed $535M bankruptcy. Solyndra is a major Campaign 2008/2012 funder.


- 2 hours ago -

At this time you have two major politically condensed choices to entertain: 1. Reelect the president that has deepened the U.S. economic crisis and continues to do so -- Or -- 2. Elect a candidate that will ignore all the problems, but will visit issues.


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PinkMindy - 23 hours ago -

Although the more hardcore Liberals and Democrats may feel satisfied with their newly aggressive Obama, that does not make him any more than a confrontational 'ideologue' and is actually counter-productive to all of his goals, including 2012 reelection.

~ END ~


Sep 24, 2011

Our news network has become aware of an interesting mainstream media news trend development, that has been quickly evolving over the course of the past year.

Only the most hardcore Obama supporters (which are becoming few in number) will rail against this post, but to no avail!! ... PinkMindy.

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: obama, obama-administration, politics, government, democrats, republicans, u.s., congress, president-obama, economy, jobs, unemployment, debt, interesting, news, 2012-election, business, campaign-2012, election, voters, world, society, americans )

PinkMindy - 2 hours ago -

An interesting mainstream news media trend has caught our attention regarding a flood of articles casting President Obama in the most negative light of his entire political career.

All American voters should review this post and decide for themselves.

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Take the challenge???

Sep 23, 2011

Please check out my latest news to note, discuss and forward with thanks!! ... PinkMindy.

- 1 hour ago -
It is a generally accepted rule of thumb that politicians with mainly legislative backgrounds do not make particularly effective chief executives.


- 2 hours ago -
President Obama secretly gave Israel 'bunker-buster' bombs in 2009 according to a newly released report detailing the new increased, but definitely fuzzy support and cooperation between the Israeli military and U.S. Government.


- 3 hours ago -
The Obama Administration said it may not enact 'Class Act' long-term-care program, which was designed to help Americans afford the cost of their daily needs.


- 3 hours ago -
When President Obama rails against "millionaires and billionaires" as he so often does, GOP accuses of 'Class Warfare', then Obama declares "It's math", but it just doesn't add up. 4 + 7 = 12?


- 13 hours ago -
The U.S. economy has some serious underlying structural problems that cannot be solved until we understand them. The United States has spent and borrowed itself into a gigantic ditch and we are not going to get out of it with any quick fixes ...


- 14 hours ago -
Tens of thousands of Palestinian protesters joined rallies in support of their full United Nations membership bid.


- 19 hours ago -
President Obama's foreign policy management has now been called 'naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous' and simply put, he's wooing the voters.


- 11 hours ago -
Barack Obama standing in the Arab world plumbed new depths as protesters in the West Bank furiously denounced his vehement denunciation of their Palestinian Statehood bid.


- 21 hours ago -
President Obama has been instructing the state governors in how to apply federal waivers through some loop-holes, in order to circumvent the 'No Child Left Behind' Bush-era policy. So now are we going to leave these children behind in school???


- 3 days ago -
The new $447 billion dollar stimulus plan that Obama unveiled earlier this month, has no provision for and little impact upon the hiring plans of many struggling-to-get-by small business owners.
Thank You!
~ END ~
Sep 22, 2011

Here are my latest news articles to consider, so please note and forward if you are interested in the truth, because I cannot do it without you!! ... PinkMindy.


- 18 minutes ago -
The new $447 billion dollar stimulus plan that Obama unveiled earlier this month, has no provision for and little impact upon the hiring plans of many struggling-to-get-by small business owners.


- 50 minutes ago -
... And although President Obama currently retains the support of most Democrats, he has significantly lost support from his Independent Liberal base and from important minority Black & Hispanic voters, through the execution of his policy directives.


- 1 hour ago -
This war pretext comes right out of the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney playbooks and miraculously appears inside the Obama Administration's planning stages, exhibiting amazing same-likeness parallels. Laying the groundwork for the next war in Yemen.


- 2 hours ago -
When Obama said "This is not class warfare", he was trying to exorcise a demon that has bedeviled the Democratic Party for decades and in the same process to deprive the Republicans of one of their most trustiest weapons.


- 2 hours ago -
President Obama is wrong to lead Americans astray by giving them the false impression that we can tax our way out of the current deep debt hole, without also implementing significant spending cuts too!


- 4 hours ago -

Hidden beneath a deep veil of CIA camouflage, secrecy and diversionary red-tape, there exists a secret war executing White House orders for combat operations, interrogation compounds ... and who knows what else is going on inside!?
Thank You!!!
~ END ~
Sep 22, 2011

Help us to passively fight back by forwarding this to everyone!

We request your thoughtful and helpful suggestions on how we should proceed.

As you probably already know, there is a small roving group of Care2 members (C2 Cyber-Bullies) who appear to embrace the thought of surgical censorship and most probably condone book burning too for all I know, so try to ignore their useless, but dangerous to society antics, because the following articles are what they do not wish you to read!

If interested further, here is a perfect example of their current Care2 post attack - this is not an example of just common contrary opinion, but rather an all-out assault and news suppression attempt to discredit other members, that is being driven by a desperate illness; however some would turn a blind-eye and just claim political self-protectionism is at work here only!?

-- The following is just one small example and we should all be able to post a Care2 article without fear of retribution upon the comment line and also keep in mind that it could be you next!:

> Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author Casts Grim View Of Obama's Leadership @ Care2 News:

Here is another example of an attacked comment line without provocation.

Remember: Everyone should be able to post a news article without fear of this type of retribution and where are the Care2 moderators?

What stops them from attacking you next, especially if you fall from their graces???

I handled the following to the very best of my ability, but was continuously hounded and keep in mind that you do not have to like or note the article -- It's the ethical principle of our Internet rights to post that are in jeopardy here!!

> "The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama" - New Care2 Group @ Care2 News:

Take a stand now or else wake-up enslaved inside a social networking dictatorial site; although some will say that it is already past too late, but if I didn't care about Care2, then I would have already gone elsewhere to other networking sites, as so many past-members have previously done.

Please think about this carefully ... PinkMindy.

Here is our group announcement promo-article to consider, so please note and forward if you are interested in the truth, because I cannot do it without you!!

> "Anti-Cyber-Bully Freedom Fighters" @ Care2 News:

> "Anti-Cyber-Bully Freedom Fighters" @ Care2 Groups:


Anti-Cyber-Bully Freedom Fighters

Society & Culture   (tags: abuse, activists, culture, interesting, media, safety, society, violence )

Rogue   - 20 hours ago -

A new Care2 group has been formed to protest the Cyber Bullies on Care2.

If you have been a victim of Care2 Cyber Bullies, please feel free to join and invite your friends too!

*Current Group Status Update:  70 New Members!

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Thank You!!!

~ END ~

Sep 19, 2011

*** To The Reader ***

If any other of our presidents had doubled the National Debt, which had taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would You have Approved?

If any other of our presidents had then proposed to Double the debt again within 10 years, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had criticized a State Law that he admitted he never even read, would you think that he is just an ignorant hot head?

If any other of our presidents joined the country of Mexico and sued a State in the United States to force that State to continue to allow Illegal Immigration, would you question his patriotism and wonder who's side he was on?

If any other of our presidents had pronounced the Marine Corps as if it were the Marine Corpse, would you think him an Idiot?

If any other of our presidents had put 87,000 workers out of work by arbitrarily placing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling on companies that have one of the best safety records of any industry because one foreign company had an accident, would you have agreed?

If any other of our presidents had used a forged document as the basis of the moratorium that would render 87,000 American workers unemployed, would you support him?

If any other of our presidents had been the first President to need a teleprompter installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes, just like a simple puppet?

If any other of our presidents had spent hundreds of thousands of Dollars of your tax money to take his First Lady to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had reduced your retirement plan holdings of GM stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had given the Queen of England an IPod containing videos of his speeches, would you have thought it to be a proud moment for America ?

If any other of our presidents had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had visited Austria and made reference to the nonexistent "Austrian language," would you have brushed it off as a minor slip?

If any other of our presidents had filled his Cabinet and circle of Advisers with people who cannot seem to keep current on their Income Taxes, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had stated that there were 57 states in the United States, wouldn't you have had second thoughts about his capabilities?

If any other of our presidents would have flown all the way to Denmark to make a five minute speech about how the Olympics would benefit him walking out his front door in his home town, would you not have thought he was a self-important, conceited, egotistical jerk?

If any other of our presidents had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to "Cinco de Cuatro" in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was "The 5th of May" (Cinco de Mayo), and then continue to flub it when he tried again, wouldn't you have winced in embarrassment?

If any other of our presidents had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a Hypocrite?

If any other of our presidents' Administrations had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually understood what happened on 9-11?

If any other of our presidents had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout the Midwest, with more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans, wouldn't you want it made into a major ongoing Political issue with claims of outright racism and incompetence?

If any other of our presidents had created the positions of 32 Czars who report directly to him, bypassing the House and Senate on much of what is happening in America, would you have approved?

If any other of our presidents had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would you have approved?

So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and impressive?

Can't think of anything?

Then you'd better start worrying.

He's done all these things in 28 months -- And you have less than 19 months to come up with an answer!

Every statement and action in this is factual and correctly attributable to President Barack Hussein Obama.

Every bumble is a matter of record and completely verifiable.


"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

> "NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL OBAMA SUPPORTERS TO PANIC!!! - Stop Political Cyber-Bullying - Here's Your Silver Bullet @ Before It's News:

> "The Questionable & Grid-Locked Obama" @ Care2 Groups:

Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Sep 19, 2011 5:01am
Jan 11, 2011
Focus: Government
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: Washington D.C., United States

*[Note: Text contains 2 hyperlinks].

Our Group's Focus and Intention Statement - 01.11.11 :

The core purpose of "GO GREEN THIRD PARTY PIRATES" is to contact ALL of the Green Advocacy Groups and their adjoining websites worldwide, then attempt to seam them together in order to create a solidarity and objective focus.

Our group's intent is to connect those contacts that are made directly to our Care2 group . . .

Then snowball that effect and outcome directly back into the U.S. Green Third Party 2012 (and beyond) election campaign(s).

This will take some time and effort and as it is on any given group, there are those members who expect the group owners to do all of the work for them; however on our group -- I expect everyone who is capable to pull their own weight . . . especially the ones who are able to do so, to help make those contacts and connections through the coming weeks and months!!!

I expect for everyone to produce the best effort that they are personally capable of and nothing less.

If someone is against this environ/politico state of vision, then they are therefore against our group's effort . . . then so be it.

Everyone has their personal decisions to make from where they stand to date, which will be witnessed by all of us in the near future.

The future is what we make out of it and what we make out of it comes from everyone's vision, intent, and effort combined.

I will be on group looking to see who is making those stated efforts and producing ideas/strategies (I shall commend those) -- and I will personally be taking the best of the best concepts forward to further attempt to bring those suggested ideas into the light of reality (to the best of my ability).

We are not too bold to admit that we need some help to achieve our group vision and I hope everyone on group will assist in those efforts brought forth.

Step 1.  Invite Your Friends.

Step 2.  Start Alerting Green Advocacy Groups to Our Care2 "GO GREEN PIRATES" Ideals -- Write.

Step 3.  Make Suggestions and Share Ideas.

I am expecting nothing more from the members of our group, than I am expecting from myself first!

*Please share this with your friends, family members and daily contacts,

Thank You!


Oct 18, 2010

A team led by Sara Lazar, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an instructor in psychology at HMS, found that meditation increased thickness in the regions of the brain associated with attention and processing sensory input.

Meditation: Harvard Medical Scientists Discover Brain Structure Changes
Meditation: Harvard Medical Scientists Discover Brain Structure Changes

Science & Tech  (tags: meditation, belief-systems, harvard, medical, brain, buddhism, news, health, wellness, society, culture, world, research, study, interesting, good-news, history, religion, science, scientists, tech, technology, humans, Body-Mind-Spirit, activism )

- 2 hours ago -

Buddhist monks have been practicing meditation for more than 2,500 years and have been aware of its far-reaching physical and mental benefits in life, but now Harvard Medical School has verified alterations occurring in the human brain that supports this.
Jun 16, 2009
June 16th 2009

"Breaking News from Ecuador - Discovering New Species!"

Conservation International
Poison Arrow Frog © CI/Jessica Deichmann

Dear Robert & Melinda,

CI is announcing the discovery of a dozen species believed to be new to science following a Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) expedition to Ecuador.

Our team of scientists revealed four amphibians, a reptile, and seven insects, including a remarkably ugly bug-eyed salamander and a tiny but beautiful poison arrow frog.

*Check out our photo gallery and come face to face with these unique species :

>Photo Gallery - New Species in Ecuador:

The Upper Nangaritza River Basin, where the RAP took place, is geologically isolated from other parts of the Andes, helping to stimulate the evolution of species which are found nowhere else. CI is hoping that the discoveries will encourage the government of Ecuador to strengthen protection of the area.

The impact of this discovery

How does finding potentially new species affect humans? Each species plays a critical role in a thriving ecosystem that must be preserved for the survival of people as well as animals.

*Visit our Nangaritza Expedition pages to see maps, watch videos, and get the full story on the RAP results :

>Expedition Page :

© 2009 Conservation International  |  Conservation International's mission is to conserve the Earth's living heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature. Please visit :

Poison Arrow Frog © CI/Jessica Deichmann

Posted By:  (2) Group Hosts:
"Care2 Get The Word Out?"
Robert Marsh II / THE FIFTH KNIGHT &
Melinda Ellinwood / Mindy37
Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Jun 16, 2009 2:36pm
May 19, 2009

May 19th 2009

PLZ Fwd: > URGENT!!! Stop Execution/Elderly Care TY!!!/Magpie Culling/HR 2159 Terrorist Act 2009/URGENT!!! Save Pets/Strange Days

(1) News To Note + (2) Take Action + (2) Petition To Sign + (1) Information


Submtted By:  Davida P.

"Stop Execution of Troy Davis! Campaign"

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: TroyDavis, death penalty, wrongly convicted, petition )
Davida P.
- 3 hours ago -

TELL THE GEORGIA GOV., LEGISLATURE, PAROLE BOARD, PRESIDENT OBAMA, CONGRESS AND THE MEDIA: STOP THE EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS!He was convicted solely on witness testimony, and 7 of the 9 witnesses have since recanted, many alleging that police coerced them

*News Link:

*Group Post:

host bulletin



Topic:  Thank You Message from Latifa R.

Submitted By:  Latifa R.

Original Message:


I thank you sincerely for all you are doing to help the elderly in America and all around the world.

These dear citizens deserve to live out their lives in dignity and happiness surrounded by their loved ones.

I can't say it better than this response that was posted in response to the petition to Stop Elder Abuse and Guardianship System Abuse: >>>>

*(Currently 506 Signatures - Care to become #507+???).

I was so touched by this that I wanted to share it with all my new friends.

10:51 am PDT, May 18, Ainsley Jo Phillips, Indiana
We want the elder abuse stopped for the sake of those who once wiped our bottoms, taught us how to ride bikes, stayed up all night Christmas Eve to assemble all of the toys that we were expecting from Santa, helped us with our homework, and were just there for us--but, now, they're the ones who need caring for.

We also want the elder abuse stopped for those of us who remember days of catching fireflies on a summer night, getting our driver's licenses, turning the tassels on our mortarboards, falling in love, getting married, raising a family, and are now in our middle years--with the elder years of our lives waiting for us up the road a bit.

We want the elder abuse to stop for those teen and tween girls swooning over The Jonas Brothers the way that many of us did in response to The Beatles and those teen and tween boys crushing on Miley Cyrus; those little kids writing letters to Santa with all of their adorable spelling errors and backwards letters while broadly grinning with mouths that are missing baby teeth; those drooling, toothless babies grinning while carrying on conversations with nonsense syllables like Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba eeeeeeeee!

How quickly the years will pass for them, too--and what will be waiting for them when their sun is low in the western sky? We want elder abuse stopped when we think about those little lives showing up on sonograms and kicking their Mommies' tummies from the inside.

Their life is just beginning--but what will be waiting for them sixty, seventy, eighty years after their tiny, naked, squirming bodies slide out of the exit of the birth canal to begin this adventure called life?

I thank you again for all your help. I am new to care2 and struggling with learning how to use it.

I have started a group and will send an invite soon once I can get the web page fixed.

You are an awesome wonderful person and the world will be a better place because we and building the movement of "by the people for the people" that will drive us to a better way on a better day.

Latifa Ring

National Delegate for Obama

Elder Abuse Victims Advocate for Change

*Group Post:

host bulletin



Submitted By:  Maria E. Gonzalez

Title:  "Stop the Magpie Culling - Please Sign & Forward!!! TY!"

* Please Sign & Forward!!!  TY!

*Group Post:

host bulletin



Submitted By:  Sf P.

Title:  "HR 2159 Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009"
Message:  Done thunk that the authority already existed!!

Mr. KING of New York (for himself, Mr. RANGEL, Mr. CASTLE, Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York, Mr. KIRK, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, and Mr. SMITH of New Jersey) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


HR 2159 - The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009: >>>>

*Group Post:

host bulletin



Submitted By:  Ginger G.

Title:  "Urgent Help Florida No-Kill Shelter Stay Open"
Message:  All the information is in this link, please view: >>>>

To adopt: Go to the shelter at 112 Norma St. in Hollister, call (386) 325-1587 or visit Those who adopt from this Saturday to Saturday, May 30, will get one free introductory dog training lesson plus a starter supply of free dog food courtesy of Rene and Allison Hofstetter of Custom K9 Dog Training in Elkton and Michelle Stevens-Kraft, publisher of Pet Yellow Pages, a St. Augustine-based pet magazine.

Financial donations: They can be made several ways — using credit card, (386) 325-1587; online using Paypal, ; or by mail, P.O. Box 188, Hollister, FL 32147

Food or supplies donations: They can be dropped off at the shelter. (To get there, take Florida 20 from Palatka toward Interlachen, turn right on to Rowland Avenue, then first right onto Norma Street.)

To volunteer: Call (386) 325-1587 or send and e-mail to

*Group Post:

host bulletin



Submitted By:  Suri S.

"National Geographic Channel - Strange Days On Planet Earth - Dangerous Catch -(Video)"
Our massive demands on the ocean's bounty impacts life far beyond the shoreline: bushmeat hunting is on the rise in Ghana while in Namibia; fishing grounds struggle to recover as putrid fumes explode from the ocean depths and poison the waters.

*News Link:

*More News By: > Suri S.

*Group Post:

host bulletin

Posted By:  Group Hosts - (2):
"Care2 Get The Word Out?"
Robert Marsh II / THE FIFTH KNIGHT &
Melinda Ellinwood / Mindy37


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