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Nov 6, 2007
I have had many numerous looks at different perspectives of heaven as I understand it to be. This most outstanding vision was something that occured in 2003, around easter time after a spiritual prayer mission. A man in the group asked about the ancient angels that existed in the earth plane from Heaven around the beginning of time, before Adam and Eve, were they still there?

It is an ability that I have, that when I go into a prayerful meditation and think on the question, I somehow am tied up with the forces of the divine in a manner that I do not understand and do not have a lot of control of. It is like the sands running through an hour glass.

I asked the divine to answer the question. In the next few moments, a brilliant light blue beam entered the room. It looked like a plasma column, emanating a very cold but comforting beam. Another angel came into the room, emanating a fuschia beam of light and the heat emanated from it. I said, "Be Thou of the Divine God of Heaven and the Holy Spirit, I give you permission to answer this question of this man."

Somehow, I dove into a darkness and my soul was outside my body. I was rushed over to a dessert, so old and barren, where I saw these two angels. The next thing I saw, was the creation of 'Adam and Eve. Following that, glimpses of how the earth was created in divine perfection. A large eye appeared in space and blinked at me, and then I was wisked away back downwards to the depths of hell and I stood at two cement/iron looking door with lattice work on it. The doors opened slowly, the floor moved, shale and slate moved and gushed out black ooze of evil. Moans and groans from everywhere in this huge room yelled out at me. I tried to 'not' step in the cracks, and walked towards the eternal fire rising up from a deep pit. A stone wall surrounded the fire and souls stood ijn front of it, mezmorized by the intensity of the fire. They were fearful of it's power. then, suddenly I felt I was being noticed by demonic entities and demons in the walls of this place. I started to back out from whence I came in. I yelled for help, and then in the next moment I was snapped back into my body.

The lights in the dim living room were too bright, my skin felt on fire, the sounds around me, which were almost silent, was like a gong in my ears. The angels, who never had an experience with a human or it's soul, mine, had put me back too fast. I screamed and flailed about. I don't remember too much after that point.

Next thing, I remember being put in bed, with no clothes because it was too painful. Just a sheet was over me. The lights were off and all sounds in the house were turned off. My friend sat with me for an hour, followed by another friend.

I fell asleep late in the night. Dreams of remnants of this trip continue to come back, but only in pieces. To see absolute divinity is sometimes overwhelming to the body and soul.

I have not forgotten the trip, just many parts of it. But it tells me that the mighty God the Being is more powerful than we give credit.

God Bless.
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Posted: Nov 6, 2007 1:01pm
Nov 6, 2007
Here, is another painter 5.0 rendition of an apparition that Mother Mary revealed about my karmic soul.  It is quite beautiful and quite intricate.  I find that all the visions I could not reproduce because they were so complicated, but the ones that I did manage to save are on my computer.  Hopefully I will be able to get more art work done, using another paint program and to get a computerized drawing tablet.
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Posted: Nov 6, 2007 8:09am


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