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Jul 31, 2013

Act/Art: Good Independence Mth All, create for liberty, write on

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion: Act/Art: Good Independence Mth All, create for liberty, write on:

This petition on change . org: Act: Independent:


Some twigs of related poetree



"All The News That's Fit (Not) To Print", But,

Doesn't Fit Because Adv., Etc., Has Dibs


The real left is being exterminated at a greater rate

Than ever in the united suck of assassins, there are

So many ways to know, one, the media 5 ring circus

Is in def con 3 mode, with the supposed progressive

Dems, like MSNBC, leading the corporate structure's

Convolution's devolutionary directions coning charge

Against the people for the first time, usually that's fox

+ friends job- providing excellent cover to keep reality,

Etc., out of the news. A closer look at a few rings,

Chris and Rachel keep talking about how they can't

Get enough of the part of the tea party who are for

Solar power, supposedly, on their shows, so I guess

If Hitler was for solar power they would have joined

The majority of homosexuals at that time, in Nazi

Germany, in support of his genociding the Jews, like

They‘re genociding non-rem, hetero, Caucasian

Infants to men now, here? Next, the Trayvon Martin

Ring, it surpassing the civil wrongs movement's

Sherrod charade, where they legitimized the Tea

Party for the republiconspiracy, already. I didn't think

Acquittal of zimmerman was a possibility because

The evidence supported a 1st degree murder con-

Viction possibly, 2nd degree murder one definitely,

And, knowing the state of the State of FL, and our

Criminal, injustice system, I thought, he would’ve

Received the last minute manslaughter charge

Conviction, at least, by the all female jury, which

Prosecution may have not met all the prosecutorial

Requirements for a conviction on. Yes, it's a tragic

Travesty, one which the Justice Dept. is looking into

Rectifying, yet, it doesn't mean that, as Shaka bs,

A respected radio host, said on MSNBC, "racially,

Things are 8 times worse now than during Jim Crow".

Apparently, he hasn't bothered to Google Jim Crow

Yet, so, to give a hand to the brother, I'll explain here

How that's not true, for e.g., then, there was a few

Actual 'lynchings' of African-Americans a week, at

Minimum, now there aren't. Every million $ spent

Now for show protests across the nation is a million

We won’t have 6 months from now when we need to

Protect and get out the vote, to change the legislators,

Who can then change legislation, like, 'stand your

Ground', which is devolving our streets into a paradise

For premeditated murderers. MHP is doing an ad for

MSNBC which basically says, while we're struggling

With it, of course, 'we like us some inequality'.

A highly respected Professor at Brown Univ., whose

Name escapes me, so we'll just call her Professor

Crakomias, also extolling on the lack of progress

And the surrendering to it in apathy by her and her

Fellow African-American supremacists. Just one line

Of her con will be addressed here, as she's a pro

Academia supremacist, and we haven’t the space

Or time. She said, "the fantasmagorically successful

African-Americans are discriminated against by their

Inclusion". Which immediately reminded me of Sir

Charles Barkley's whining for a decade about how,

After he spent his 50 million $ on alcohol, whores, etc.,

"African-Americans aren't getting the right amount of

Team management, ownership opportunities", which

Was accurate to a degree, though, there was nothing

About Latinos not getting them in baseball, etc., yet,

He came across as detached from reality, in a have-a-

Lot bubble, for, most multi-millionaires are smart

Enough to not whine about how they don't have it like

That, when they actually do. Her realism was that the

Poor world famous, young, healthy, multi-millionaires,

Moguls of the celebrity supremacy, “can't lead on, or

Even publicly talk about, issues that are of import to

African-Americans, because they will lose something,

Possibly”. For the last half a century, if a non-rem

Caucasian, heterosexual man said this he would be

Called a sellout, yet, since the genocide of non-rem

Caucasian infants to men is a cornerstone of u.s.a.'s

Entire notsee global empire and war machine, the

Rules that apply to non-rem males don't apply to any

Other demographic, therefore, when "a N.... can't be

Separated from a nickel", as Chris Rock relates, to

Evolve, save society, he's, an exceptional exception,

A “victim of inclusion discrimination“, regardless of

Him being a billionaire, etc.. This would be similar to

The top 1 % crying, during king george and his dick,

Cheney's, reign on the American way of life, that if we

Just give them more they could turn the trickle-down

Economics (which is really vacuum-up) pissing on the

Middle-class to poor into a shower. Yes, African-

American supremacists “Loves them some inequality“,

MHP, don't they? That's one reason they’re 'all in' on

Backsliding against civil rights, called “kids first”,

Which will turn out to be worse than king george and

His dick, Cheney's 'leave no kids behind alone' prog.,

Taking place in engineering of numerous education

Systems for special, their, kids, which they want to be

Paid for with your tax $, taking more $ then their share

From the public one, and having the corp. $ also. This

Societal re-engineering into existence of the pre-

Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court decided

Education system, that being 'separate and unequal',

Is a central example of how progressive dems have

Caved to dinos, who've caved to rems, who've caved

To teabaggers. Making our country run by the white

Supremacy permanently, for, the supremacists might

Wear different color hoods or hoodies, but, they all do

The bidding of the white one. “Ebony and Ivory

Working together in perfect harmony” for tri-partisan

Sausage-making, to screw the people with. So, now

The white-supremacist, (a)moral majority, which is a

Minority, the bad cop of the supposed Christians,

Has their voucher, religious, and prep schools paid for

By you, and the African-American supremacists,

A minority too, good cop of the supposed Christian

Supremacy, have their charter schools paid for by

You too (as well as Churches, corps., etc.), privatizing

Corporatizing, theocratizing (to get around that pesky

Constitution, separation of Church and State) of the

Public education system, which the majority of kids

Must attend, to steal tax $, destroy the education

System, is almost complete. The African-American

Supremacy "loves them some inequality", MHP,

Don't they? Or, is it that the dinos have joined white

Supremacists in vampirizing to cannibalizing the

Nation in every way, the dino-in-chief, a duo to

Seven grand-wizard of those many supremacies

(Revelations), leading with his caving, being the best

Thing for the republiconspiracy since one of his idols,

Reagan's constant high treason almost destroyed this

Nation? Albeit, he's not a reagan-Nagin, BUT, he's not

Only delivered this country to a legitimized white

Supremacy, the teabaggers, he's handed extinction

Of humanity and large mammals to the corporate

Structure, and that's just his first 5 of 8 years- do you

Really think ebony/ivory are going to allow real reform

On immigration, etc.? For e.g., economic cannibalism:

Detroit, it being the largest u.s.a. city to go bankrupt,

Today; and there being no clean coal, oil or nuclear

Waste, while even worse “natural gas is frakin’ crackin’

The Earth, the resulting earthquake will level L.A.,

Cost trillions, etc.” (from the epic movie, ‘Gasland Part

II&lsquo, are indicators of our lack of any future at all under

Ebony/ivory rule. We can't allow the centrist-in-chief to

Bail out bankrupt cities, those unnatural disasters not

Being prevented, purposely, like the levees not being

Reinforced in N.O., LA, and king george and his dick,

Cheney, along with the elite of the republiconspiracy,

Non-prevention of the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001,

To steal every citizen's tax $, ebony and ivory dividing,

Conquering, liquidating all lifes assets, asses in perfect

Harmony. Addressing one lie from Barack's fiscal

Speech today, "we can stop the partisanship to raise

The debt ceiling", partisanship isn't a problem, the

Rems practicing 'scorched Earth' politics 5 minutes

After they lose the Presidency, 'slashing and burning',

Politically, as they go, is. Their extremist obstruction,

Which is unending treason, doesn't allow the dems a

Choice, they must stand up to them, or the nation's

Destruction would be near. Not paying our bills as a

Nation, by not raising it, would economically destroy

Us, the uber-fascism=centrism-in-chief's caving to the

White supremacy would totally destroy us. Before the

Decoupling of SNAP from the Farm Bill, the dems

Were half caving to the rems by suggesting that Food

Stamps, be cut by 4.1 billion $, which would have killed

Thousands of lower-middle-class to poor, intolerable.

Every year the dinos will cave more and it will only get

Worse, unless we stop them. Our struggling with dinos

To be dempublicans is reversing itself, progressive

Dems are backsliding into dems, dems to dinos, dinos

Are turning into remocrats. Before this nation devolves

Into a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy,

We must exercise our rights, if not they’ll wither like

An unused muscle, as will our freedom if we don’t

Exercise it’s Siamese twin brother, responsibility, for

We’re the life indivisible, individuals with illimitable

Potential, lifelong students, ever-evolving, or witnesses

Of humanities’ extinction with a whimper being forced

Down all our throats by the one-world gov‘t- not

The U.N., rather, the U.S.. If not you, then who, now,

Then when, here, where? Viva la evolution. Be well.






An Advance on Perdition's Pay

What will be the burning bush

On that day, when the nature

Of relations are understood?

Who our Moses, leading us

Through the sea of fire,

Our future pyre piling high?

It burning, consuming,

Our remaining delusions, leaving

Despair or purifying minds 'til

Our questions again can arise,

As their somatic sense is

Finally surmised. Will we

Then knowing, soothe

The grieving, calm fears,

Allow for the tears. Be so,

Our well’s light fills memories.

Though life's nexus may have

Been rare within us, we only

Gloried in grandeur.

Instead of gloating

We could’ve been emoting!

Yet, we won't have time for growth,

Somatically, until we are

The answers living the questions!

Then, in the last days,

One may know earth-murder,

Denial of reality,

Could've been stopped,

As the nuclear ages' being borne,

Again, should've. Must I be a last

Of the humanes before

The extinction, less than

The length of one life away,

A lone writer on the storm? Will

The conspiracy of silence end?

Will we take back the day?


( 97', before nuclear test ban treaty fell )






A Mystery?

It's been said, the heart must be

As a clay vessel, broken, then

Its contents flow to the ocean.

How about oceans,

Need they be broken by the

38,000 tons of nuclear waste

Dumped in them everyday and

Their last 2, of 17, fisheries

Being depleted, for their life

To fly to the heavens?

What of Kosovo, Iraq, Rwanda,

Does our denial of our

Narcissistic nihilism demand

We turn a blind eye to

The cycles of militarism,

That first build up the sides

Needed for war, then

Dictate one's destruction,

At all life's cost and

Necrophilia's gain?

What of Littleton, do kids need

To be sociologically programmed

By psychic terrorism five years

In advance, to mirror the worst

Of us, in order to further the

Republican conspiracies' making

Its mask of morality more

Ornate and profusely adorned?

Aren't the 13 kids killed everyday

By guns too high a price to pay

For the convenience of blinders?

Have we forgotten, it takes

A village to raise a child, and

Biophilia to educate, that

It took a universe to create?

Isn't the salience of social

Division's results to high

A price for our delusions

Of control and hierarchy, and

Will furthering them remedy or

Just delude us more?

Still, they corrupt absolutely,

Their technocracies' cults

Of science and greed

Aren't separated from the 'state'!

Isn't the extinction of 50,000

Species annually a denial of

Our perdition, and thus

Humanities' future death knell

Ringing now, silently?

Still, what do they say of

Icarus on wing, sky bound,

Excess emotion, lack of foresight,

The vanity of youth's folly?

Does death really need

To ride on the young's backs?!

I say, reveal the devil in

Its details; yet, judge not.

Be the life and, as

The caged bird, sing, because...

(In memoriam, a month after the Littleton H.S. massacre)






Take Back The Day

Freud suggests dreams are our wish fulfillment run amok,

Jung states dreams are a virtual window to our sub and

Unconsciousness's, yes and yes, yet, also so much more.

Putting the remocra

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Posted: Jul 31, 2013 5:52am
Jan 27, 2013
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday to you; as well as my latest essai  
These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion: War on middle-class to poor, and the m.m.c., throwing truth, reality, our kids off fiscal cliff/slope:

Fiscal cliff or escalation of war against middle-class to poor?:

This petition on change . org: Fiscal Cliff or War?: Act:

This petition on Avaaz . org: Fiscal cliff or escalation of war against middle-class to poor?:

My latest essai: War on middle-class to poor, and the m.m.c., throwing truth, reality, our kids off fiscal cliff/slope: To understand how the last 4 years of continual terrorist attacks in the united suck of assassins have been premeditatedly construed, and propagated as ‘a few bad apples perfect storming’, and/or the “mentally ill falling through the cracks”, neither of which are the case, in order to move forward one of king george and his dick cheney’s reign on the American way of life’s failed agendas, forced psychiatric diagnoses of the middle-class to poor population, we must discern through the cloudy lens of the multi-media conspiracy, the angle at which the truth entered it, the intensity of the truth, etc., in order to figure out the refraction of the truth by the m.m.c., in how it’s received by the people; thereby, we can determine why the people have accepted this as the new status quo (as a militarization precursor to the republican conspiracies‘ desired civil war)- and, only then can we struggle with the m.m.c. appropriately, to do their job, instead, so, the people will act instead of acquiesce.  To that end, my latest essai: Again, the current engineering of post non-remocrat electoral victory can be aptly described as more of the same, the dino-in-chief gave the ‘08  and '10 victories’ political capital to the rems, for going on 3 years straight, almost recess appointing no one compared to what the republicans do, shirking his executive responsibility (while throwing U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice‘s being Secretary of State under the “300 buses and no drivers“, opting instead for a backroom deal with the rems and S.S. tea party to give the Senate seat vacated by he who will be Secretary of State from MA, to Scott Brown); another example of “ebony and ivory” supremacies “working together in perfect harmony”, like when they, the bad and good cops of the supposed Christian conspiracy, collaborated for 2 decades, first covertly, to get the rems voucherizing, the dinos charterizing, what most call privatizing, the RalphiNader would call corporatizing, which I think is more like making fascist, the public school system.  Yes, the the dino-in-chief, regardless of the extreme republican obstruction across the whole of Gov’t, in the dems face, became the best thing for the rem conspiracy since Reagan.  All this talk by the dems, of the dems wins as “not a mandate”, while the rems are saying their losses were “a mandate”, smacks of king George and his dick Cheney’s sky bluing us while he insisted up was down, etc..  He would state, at best, background truisms, like the sky is blue, with his projections, so, at least subconsciously, people might think there’s some truth to what he’s saying, while he pathologically lied.  Now, we’re used to old dems pathologically half-truthing, while the good ole’ rems used to only pathologically lie; yet, this level of mindfkng has been made old by the S.S. tea party’s insisting that the old motifs operandi of the rems, “why tell a truth when you can lie”, be replaced by theirs, “why tell any ole’ lie when you can tell an extreme one”- this while the dems have had to throw a healthy smattering of whole truths in with their half-truthing for a decade now, although this seems to be coming to an end, portended by the atmosphere of “lowering expectations” by the dems, even the progressive ones.  It’s like the populace wasn’t watching for a second and all the political playas jumped 5 steps to the right before the people looked again.  Is it only an aspect of the fact that the dino-in-chief has been telegraphing that he will “cut spending”, even though it’s already been cut to the bone (while some would call it economic treason to cut social spending now, as it‘s the necessary stimulus our economy urgently needs), for 2 years now, like he suggested in his Bluedog dem proposal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ the last time, which was turned down by the rems, with an expiration of  “only the 2 % ‘s tax decrease”, that being a hat trick there’s no obvious way to execute- I don’t think so.  Especially with the run of the mill treatment the terrorist attack in Newtown, CT is receiving.  It’s important to keep in mind that one of the dino-in-chief‘s, which, for abbreviation’s sake, will now be referred to as the d.i.c., goals, putting the con back in the corporate structure’s convolution, isn’t possible without pervasive collaboration to collusion by the multi-media conspiracy, for abbreviation’s sake, it will now be referred to as the m.m.c., which has determined a re-structuring of the m.m.c., itself; with more tolerance for b.s., also resembling the m.m.c. of old; trying to slowly but surely engineer out the truth telling trend of the last decade in it.  Both are clear examples of another goal of the dic and the African-American supremacy, stop the evolutionary, green, truth-telling trend, in politics, and return us to a politics of the 80’s to 90’s, where almost no dem dared tell a truth that a rem lied, etc.; and, of course, to help in that end, the rems want to return politics to the 80’s, and the SS tea party, to the 50’s- so, as you guessed it, the dic‘s “centrist, fair and balanced, tri-partisan approach” (the dic‘s labeling of what Ralph Nader‘s made-up word of corporatism is, fascism, with a keinder and gentler one), would be the 80’s.  To quote the dic’s favorite campaign line, “we’re not going back”, must apply here, and now; the buck stops here, with each individual citizen of this land- we must not only dispel the continual lies of the rems, and point out the lacking nature of the dem half-truths, we must decidedly double our efforts to stop dems in their tracks when they‘re carrying water for the rems, allowing rems to mold people‘s perceptions, defining the parameters of ‘norm’ thought, and, thereby, determining consensus!  An example, in M.H.P.’s news show a day after the Newtown, CT, terrorist attack in an elementary school, premeditatedly murdering 28, 20 children, the African-American supremacy suggested many things that were contrary to each other, and demonstrated a well engineered segue to the status quo by the m.m.c.; showing progressive dems acting with a sense of urgency to frame this latest terrorism as par for the course- while presenting themselves as ingénues with all he questions, answers, including a sense of fatalism that nothing will actually get done.  First, the ‘debate’, “too soon or not, to talk about gun control after a tragedy?”  Well, obviously, it’s too soon, common sense would suggest a couple days of mourning be first and foremost, pointedly, for the grieving families, terrorized kids, communities, nation; yet, she thought not, showing her and her quests superior concern over this- the reality be damned, the elites (for she’s not just an African-American supremacist, she’s also a women supremacist, an academic supremacist, etc.) are finally going to get something done on her show (backed up by the d.i.c.’s statement that ‘something must be done‘, which we all must hold him to).  Before I forget, note, the terrorist attack is continually headlined on her show, and referred to by her and her quests, as a ”tragedy”, while I would suggest it would be just a tragedy if the school’s budget were slashed and they couldn’t afford school supplies for the kids- lending a background air of understatement and acceptance that this is the way things are, contradicting her shows purported urgency on the subject.  A non-detailed, nor emotional rendition of the 8 major “tragedies” of this nature were listed by her, matter-of-factly, where, number of (premeditatedly) murdered, giving at once a sense of need for these to be addressed, as in quite a list, and it’s commonplace now, no emotion needs to felt or expressed, it’s just trending.  Then there was a lively turn when the murder rate in Chicago was brought up, hundreds a year, and she, with the hearty agreement of her guests, stated, she ‘…just wished there would be equality of outrage…’ between those Chicagoans murders and the tragedies nationally; with her guests concurrence closing that question.  So, Chicago’s, mostly African-American male on African-American male, mostly economically motivated gang, murder rate being way high should be equally outraged about as terrorist attacks, specifically this one where 27 were assassinated, 20 of them small children; no bringing other large cities murder rates into the conversation, etc., that decided she moved on- I disagree, there is almost nothing comparable between the two, specifically, and the level of outrage should be decidedly higher in the case of the terrorist attacks, than in the case of the gang competition for scarcer resources of all kinds, heating up due to the bad economy, theirs, obviously, an African-American supremacist argument.  Onto gun control, assault rifle ban, large magazine removal from the market, legislation destined for dustbin, Senator McCarthy, etc., doing their best anyway, etc., lead paint chips eaten in schools, bad environments in inner-cities realizing those arrested in development, lack of jobs, a culture of violence, etc.; yet, this last one was prefaced by an assertion of ‘…humanities’ pre-disposition to violence…’, a Malthusian  one, if not fatalistic.  First, there is no such condition in human beings, and the universal acceptance of this on the show indicates a cynicism bordering on acceptance; if a Vesuviun task lays ahead, and the status quo is not only normal, but, probable- how can they then continue to imply they not only want progress immediately, it can‘t wait for grieving, even further, they are going to realize it in this particular show?  Also, why blame humanity for its violence when all sociological indicators point toward environment, not human nature, rather, lack of nurture, etc.; again, giving those African-Americans involved in a ‘culture of violence’ something of an excuse, an American supremacist argument- yet, lending a similar implied understanding of terrorists, in the understatement of all those terrorist attacks as “tragedies“, etc..  This shows how they are, in fact, detailing how they, not only are having trepidations about change and its effects on the ‘Chicago’ community, and whether it will ever happen, let alone immediately, yet, as well, they’re going along with the d.i.c.’s classify all these terrorist attacks happening in the united suck of assassins as “tragedies” over the last 4 years; as he’s, at least, co-grand-wizard of the African-American supremacy- just like the d.i.c.’s kept the terrorist attacks happening at a regular pace with his understatement, lack of action in terms of gun control (caving to his fellow dinos, the rems, S.S. tea-partiers, tripartisanshitting on our country, kids), etc., they are too.  For e.g., this is how the m.m.c., through cult-of-personality newscasts (a better spin than entertainment news, I’ll allow), engineers the status quo, dempublicans carrying water for the remocrats, etc..  As well, in the 'Politics Nation' show recently, the terrorist attack was headlined as the "Sandy Hook Shooting", an extreme undersatement, a shooting doesn't even have to involve a fatality, as in grandpa was cleaning the shotgun and it went off, how could a news program equate a terrorist attack with a shooting; although, you know the why?  Not to forget, how can the premeditated mass-destruction to murder of lower middle-class to poor people by cuts in social spending during a great recession be projected as “fiscal responsibility”; when the fiscally responsible thing to do would be to not cut that spending, as it is necessary stimulus for the economy?  Don't we have to get rid of supremacy instead of embracing a republican conspiracy engineered Baskin and Robbins 21 flavor approach?  So, isn’t the dic’s “fair and balanced” approach of cutting spending to its marrow against the most vulnerable to, and hardest hit by, their supposed “economic collapse“, while only returning the rich’s taxes to Clinton years, only like FOX’s supposed “fair and balanced” news, just b.s.?  How can those just feeding their families pay even more for the rich‘s crimes?  Doesn’t ‘you broke it buy it’ apply?  Shouldn’t we raise the top 2 %’s taxes to the level they were under their hero Reagan’s era, 50 %, instead?  Also closing, NASA, except the intelligence gathering part, European, Japanese military bases, old war and too hi-tech armament programs and projects, etc..  As well, where’s the outcries about uber-storm Sandy and climate change dictating all natural disasters are more frequent and severe in the future, etc.; the need for smarting, protecting, and greening up the national electrical grids (which would be one of many immediate solutions to a supposed fiscal cliff, a national jobs program, economic stimulus, as well as a long-term stimulus by people spending the $ they save on their electric bills, on other stuff, cutting fossil fuel use, saving eco-systems, etc., as well); urgent need for universal election reform to prevent republican national conspiratorial extremist voter suppression, obstruction, and outright throwing away of non-rem votes; etc.. Responsibility, if you don't exercise it, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like a muscle unexercised, as well.  Some of the groups I moderate, etc.: Disabled Greens News and discussion, Group:
Abuse in Therapy, Group:
Diffabled, Mental Health, all related issues, advocacy, and
reality's Yahoo webhostsite:
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VUSA_Greens · The Green Caucus of VUSA:

What do you think?  Copy, share, as you will. Thanx for all you do; ciao.

Matutinally Yours,

james m nordlund

reality (aja)

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Posted: Jan 27, 2013 11:16am
Oct 17, 2012
Focus: Election
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Green Party, Jill Stein for Prez: Urgent: Midnight tonight, 10-17-12, 3:26 PM: Our last FEC deadline is at midnight tonight and every dollar will make a difference. After last night, it’s more clear than ever before -- we must show the establishment the mounting demand for a Green New Deal.

Can you pitch in $50-100 today?

Our arrests at the Commission on Presidential Debates’ (CPD) event last night has gone completely viral but we need the resources to keep up. Most Americans are fed up with politics as usual and with your support we will get out the message that there is an alternative to the two establishment parties.

Please dig deep. This is our final FEC deadline before election night.

It’s great to be back on the campaign trail and I am so moved by the wave of support we’ve received from every corner of the nation. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you.

~ Jill Stein

p.s. - A first-time donor has pledged to contribute up to $1000 in matching funds for anyone in Massachusetts who gives up to $200 (more than ten times any donation he’s made to a candidate before!). Please forward to anyone you know in the state. 


Please take an immediate step by making a donation:

Authorized and paid for by Jill Stein for President
PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217

Jill Stein for President · United States
You can also keep up with Jill Stein for President on Twitter or Facebook.



My latest compilation, including GP:

PTV, GOTV + Vote early, Acts, each one reach one, please!:  

This petition on change . org: PTV, GOTV + Vote early: Acts:  

This petition on Care2 . com: Political and Cultural Inclusion: 

Copy, share, as you will.  Thanx for all you do!   reality

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Posted: Oct 17, 2012 3:09pm
Aug 18, 2012
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Protect the vote NOW, GOTV, + Vote, Actions, etc., please!

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Protect the vote NOW, GOTV, + Vote, Actions, etc., please!:


This petition on GOTV + Vote: Actions:




Protect the vote NOW, vote for the voting by GOTV, and voting, please!





AAUW: Check Your Voter Registration Status!:

Voter Education:





NWLC: Voter Education:





FCNL: E-News: Putting Your Action on the Map:

Voting Counts. Program Assistant Christine:

Learn more about voter ID laws and how they affect your state:

Then make sure you can vote in the 2012 general election:


For up-to-the minute campaign news in competitive races across the country, visit the Roll Call’s At The Races Blog:





LWV: (Always check your state for most ACCURATE POLLING PLACE INFO.):


LWV, MN: Seeking Volunteers for State Fair:

Our Vote Our Future:


LWV of the Red River Valley (MN + ND): join us tomorrow at 9AM at the Moorhead Fry'n Pan (backroom) to discuss our next action steps to inform our local citizenry about Minnesota's November choice on the ballot to limit Voter assessibility. We expect to have a representative from MN Take Action with us:

Candidate Forums:







GP: We're hiring! Also, statements on Paul Ryan, Sikh shootings, Occupy Fannie Mae!:

Tell Colbert, Maddow & Stewart that Jill Stein deserves air time!:

Sample email: Hello, as a viewer I greatly appreciate your shows, and watch you throughout the multi media industry, whenever possible. Jill Stein's presidential campaign is getting nothing, in terms of media coverage, compared to what Obama and Romney are getting; not surprisingly since they have enormous advertising budgets and since mainstream media is owned by the same coporations that own the two major parties- yet, you know this corporatist and oligarchic influence and control of the media is contrary to any and all democratic processes. For transparency, an educated polity, etc., the Green Party's message, and Jill Stein's presidential campaign, etc., should get more acceptance on your shows to ensure the citizens of the United States are given the opportunity to hear from a candidate who has real solutions for moving this country forward; i.m.h.o.. Thanx. Ciao, for now.

Matutinally Yours,



Jill Stein's presidential campaign:





TakeAction MN: Defeat Photo ID Fall Launch:

TakeAction MN:



Ultraviolet: We need to get the word out:

The Ryan Reaction: This Election Is Now About "Choice":





Council for a Livable World: Senate Election Center has everything you need to know on the 2012 election race:

 register voters in the Rising American Electorate!:

Signing up for the 2012 E-Team!:






Rootstrikers: True Identity Behind SuperPACs:

Have you signed the Anti Corruption Pledge yet?:

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Posted: Aug 18, 2012 11:33pm
Aug 18, 2012
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Actions: Green; Labor; Indigenous; etc..:


This petition on Green; Indigenous: Acts:





Cultural Survival: International Day of the World's Indigenous People:

Make Your Voice Heard about Indigenous Peoples' Rights:






Green Party: This week decides everything for the Stein campaign:






Friends of the Earth: Help stop pesticides harming bees:







38 Degrees: Stop Google's tax dodge:






Save Our Marine Life: Stop the Super Trawler…:






N.R.D.C.: A turning point for the Spirit Bear Coast:






L.C.V.: Soot Kills: Tell the EPA to protect us from deadly soot pollution!:



Non-stop attacks in Montana:





Greenpeace- usa: The Colonel's Silent Recipe:



Greenpeace- U.K.: Two ships, one mission:

What you can do:





Elders: Rio+20 | Five years of the Elders | Visit to South Sudan:

We were disappointed with the outcome of the Rio+20 conference:

Our work:



Thanx for all you do. reality

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Posted: Aug 18, 2012 7:24pm
Apr 27, 2012
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:
Earth Day Actions, et al: 

This petition on Earth Week Actions:


CREDO: Stop the Farm Bill giveaway to Big Ag:



saveourmarinelife: Big step forward for Kimberley marine life:



Environmental Defense Fund: Go, EDF Team, Go!:


Beyond Nuclear: Catastrophic Fire Risk at Fukushima Fuel Pool 4:

Act: Good news.:
And the story ends by describing the next step in this process: May 5, the giant Connect the Dots day that people are joining all around the globe: :



Friends Of the Earth:  What's Tax Day got to do with climate change?: 

Sign our petition to save British bees:
Even if you missed out on the free seeds you can still take action to help bees by calling for a National Bee Action Plan to reverse their decline.:

Stop the New England tar sands oil pipeline:

Call for a clean British energy revolution:



N.R.D.C.: Pierce Brosnan has a favor to ask:
I hope you’ll join Pierce Brosnan in celebrating Earth Day by protecting gray whale mothers and babies in the name of someone you love.: 



Greenpeace, u.s.a.: The Dirtiest Thing You'll Find Online:
A new report exposes the terrible toll of coal-powered data centers. Write the tech giants and tell them to quit coal now.: 

Greenpeace, U.K.: Burn Shell's cash. Not its oil: 



R.A.N.: Next steps to save Tripa forest: 

What if you owned BofA?:



Conservation Minnesota: Results: Less waste, more jobs:



L.C.V.: Barack Obama for President: 

VAL.C.V.: Heroes will Reveal Themselves Today: 




UN Special Rapporteur's Conference:
The Significance of the Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples

A Conference and Consultation with James Anaya, United
Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples in Tucson, Arizona

Thursday, April 26, 1:30-5:45 p.m.
Friday, April 27, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Two speakers for Leonard Peltier will participate in the Open Forum
beginning at 1:15 on Friday, April 27.

The conference will be streamed live. You
will need Windows Media Player to view the live
stream. A link to the live stream will be posted at
when the conference is in session.

Lauched into cyberspace by the
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND  58106


Occupy DOJ:
In support of Occupy DOJ in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, April 24,
please place a call to Attorney General Eric Holder's comment line
at 202-353-1555.  Speak in support of all political prisoners and
speak out against mass incarceration.

Ask that Mr. Holder conduct an Executive Review of cases involving
political prisoners and claims of wrongful conviction, one that

--law enforcement's use of improper techniques or coercive tactics,
as well as fabricated evidence;

--laboratory personnel's use of poor scientific techniques,
mishandling of evidence, provision of skewed or completely false
testimony to support prosecution claims, or providing fabricated
evidence; and

--prosecutorial misconduct such as courtroom misconduct;
mishandling of physical evidence (hiding, destroying, and/or
tampering with evidence, case files or court records); failing
to disclose exculpatory evidence; threatening, badgering, and/or
tampering with witnesses; and using false or misleading evidence.

As regards the case of Leonard Peltier, this review must also
include examination of post-conviction actions on the part of
federal officials, former and active FBI agents, and prosecutors,
to prevent fair consideration of Peltier's applications for parole
and Executive Clemency.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of all political prisoners--in
particular, Leonard Peltier.


Make That Call:
Reminder: Please call the White House tomorrow, April 20, in favor of
freedom for Leonard Peltier.  The number for the White House comment
line is 202-456-1111.  If the lines are busy, try the White House
switchboard at 202-456-1414. Ask for the comment line. You may be
placed on hold until the next available staffer can take your call.


In Need of Your Support:
Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Supporters,

I'm still here fighting for my freedom.  The government is
fighting just as hard to keep me where I am.  The government also
has unlimited resources, even in such tough economic times. Big
problem, right?

The solution rests with my legal team for the most part.  They're
making headway in a couple of very important directions.  I'm very
optimistic about the work they're doing, too. I believe that 2012
is a critical time for me and that, with your help, I'll see home
again. You can get behind our efforts, right?

Please donate what you can to help us continue the fight.  No amount
is too small.  Mail donations to the LPDOC, PO Box 7488, Fargo,
 ND  58106.

Thank you for all you've done in the fight for human rights.
In particular, thank you for your friendship.


Leonard Peltier

Note from the LPDOC: You may also donate securely online at  .


Call to Action: Shower the WH with Your Calls:
An excellent way for Peltier supporters to communicate with the
White House is by telephone, i.e., the White House comment line
at 202-456-1111.

On Friday, April 13 and April 20, please take time to call the White
House to ask that President Obama free Leonard Peltier.  If the lines
are busy, try the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414. Ask for
the comment line. You may be placed on hold until the next available
staffer can take your call.

Remember that some 2,500 to 3,500 phone calls are received daily
via the White House comment line. Peltier supporters often receive
a busy signal simply because we're competing for phone time. Hit
that redial button and try again. If you don't reach an operator
in the morning, try again in the afternoon.

Each of us must place a call.  Urge your colleagues, friends, and
family members to call the White House, too.  On April 13 and April
20, make your voices heard.

Supporters from around the world may participate in this effort by
sending an e-mail to the White House:  .

Thank you for all you do on Mr. Peltier's behalf.

Lauched into cyberspace by the
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND  58106 



Plant a Tree for Earth Day! April E-Newsletter: 

Take Action: Demand a Women's Human Rights Agenda at the G8: Seen Rove's latest ad?: 



Earth Day 2012: (NY): IOBY:



The Green Party of the usa:

Occupy Earth Day:

Green Party's 'Doctor' Stein: Hippocrates not Hypocrisy:


(GP) Green Party - International:



Tell President Obama what you think, etc.:

E-Mail: Use BOTH of the following:

Office of Public Liaison:

Sites to send emails and letters, to your Senators, etc.:


Sample letter text:

There is no clean coal, oil, or nuclear waste, we must struggle with la machine, not unbecome by replicating it; evolve or die- viva la evolution.  The more you give art, the more it is, including the art of living; remember, Carlos Castaneda said, "Discipline is the art of feeling awe"- viva la evolution.  No nuclear is good nuclear, splitting Adam and splitting atom are hubris that dictate extinction, technocracies of the world are realizing that they are wrong, unnatural technological advance is no panacea, nature's balances and Gaia's way is the only way humanity will be alive in the future; we must protect those shining examples of how to live, the uncontaminated tribes of your country, from the ravages of supposed 'progress', now.  As minds of somas are realizing the intellect cannot lead, for, the life does not follow.  Happy Rhodes sings, “there is a beacon in the sky meant to catch your eye…”, we are the sun and earth, et al, in enumerable variations, fueled by solar energy, etc.; how can some still pretend to not know solar, and renewable energies, are the way- viva la evolution, viva green party.  If we switch quick enough to totally renewables, like solar, which we are in combination with the earth, we may stop the extinction of humanity and large mammals we see on our horizon; racing towards us at ever-increasing speed from humanities' future.  Cult of personalityism=popularityism=vampirism=centrism=materialism=machiavellianism=cannibalism=extremism= supremacy=fascism=extermination=nazism=extinction.  Thanx.  Goodbye.

Matutinally Yours,

(include your name, address, and, if you're writing a letter to the editor, your phone # so they can confirm it's your letter)

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Posted: Apr 27, 2012 3:50am
Mar 30, 2012
Focus: Women
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Actions to celebrate Women's History Month, et al

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Actions to celebrate Women's History Month, et al:

This petition on Womens History Mth Act:



A.A.U.W. Action Network: Tell the Senate: Help ease the burden of student debt- cosponsor and support the Student Loan Affordability Act (S. 2051)!:[capwiz:queue_id]

Don't let them Slash the Women's Bureau:[capwiz:queue_id]

Bullying is not a rite of passage, it's wrong:





Credo: Stop blocking the 'Violence Against Women Act.' This is a successful program that has helped cut domestic violence by 58%, and it should be reauthorized immediately:





Center for Reproductive Rights: Proponents of a new Oklahoma "personhood" ballot initiative don’t want you to know how completely it would shred reproductive rights:

Sec. Sebelius: Is it Yes or No on Birth Control?:





Roots Action: Universal Healthcare Without Individual Mandate:





Firedoglake: AARP needs to hear from you:





F.C.N.L.: Vote Coming Thursday on Immoral Budget: Act Now:

NALU: Native Women, FY 2013 Budget Proposal, Energy Development, and more:





W.A.N.D.: Call for a budget for all!:





Social Security Works:





UltraViolet: Every woman should know about this:





CODEPINK: Send a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein telling her you want drones out of the hands of the CIA:





Breast Cancer Action: Women’s health is under assault again– cosmetics companies are fighting to keep their products among the least-regulated in the country. Don’t let them get away with it.:





Update from The Elders: child marriage in India, Egypt's revolutionary women,...:





Cultural Survival: Celebrate International Women's Day:





Green Party: March 2012 GreenLine- Green Primary Results and More!:





[PsychRights] The Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Elderly:





My related petitions, on, etc., and actions:


Int'l Womens Day 100th anniv + celebrate Womens History Mth

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Int'l Womens Day 100th anniv + celebrate Womens History Mth:

This petition on 100th Int'l Womens Day + Womens History Mth:


Actions for Black History Month, Prisoners rights, et al:

This petition on Black History Mth: Acts:






Actions for social justice, Indigenous, N.A., et al:

This petition on Dr MLK, Jr Act/Justice:



Art/Act, soul/social justice, and Happy Holidays!:

This petition on Art/Act: soul/justice:



Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth with actions, write on:

This petition on Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth w. acts:



These petitions on


Intn'l Womens Day Actions:



Good Women's History Month, Act for healthcare:



Act for women?:



History of Women Month:



Act Womens History Month



Womens History Month Acts:



Valentine Day Coin Drop:



Amend the Constitution for all women, etc.:



Improving Literacy Through School Libraries kept open:



World AIDS Day Act:



Black History Month, celebrate with advocacy and activism:


This petition on Black History Month, celebrate and act:



Black History Month:



Act Black History Month:



Black History Month, Act:



Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:



Earth Day Coin Drop



Thanksgiving Coin Drop:



Act/Art: New Year's poetree:



art, post/discuss poem



Opportunity / Teachers:



Art/Act For Poetry Month:



Learn from writers:



see film + advocate:



"...Sav(ing) Us":






Arts and Activism:






music rebuilding lives:



free speech film:



got milk?:



new media:



Read Diverse:






Wisdom of Native America:




Related action on Disabled Greens News and Discussion, the url:

Art/Act: Good Poetry Month, Write On:



Thanx for all you do.



Tell President Obama what you think, etc.:

E-Mail: You can use BOTH of the following:


Office of Public Liaison:



Sites to send emails and letters, to your Senators, etc.:





Sample letter text:

They say women have no rights to affordable healthcare, women’s healthcare, reproductive care, equal wages for equal work, etc.. They say "contraception isn't a right", and are now trying to insist through legislation; while they make believe they're against abortion and disease, we can stop their devolutionary directions' destruction by dispelling the republican conspiracies pathological lying, and even the dinos pathological half-truthing, with truth telling- let's. Currently, yes Trayvon was racially profiled, killed, yet, let's get all the facts. All smearing in this multi-media conspiracy weapon of mass-distraction tragedy is wrong; until there's a factual and complete timeline presented, all we know is 2 'have it like that' individuals collided and the one with the gun and the dad whose a judge won, tragically, so far- indicating the "stand your ground law" isn't appropriate for united suck of assassins citizens, at this time, while self defense is necessary, the law must be changed, "feeling your life might be threatened" is too low a threshold for a deadly force response. Oh, yeah, no "million hoodie march", besides the fact that hoods, short for hoodlums, do wear hoods, and this is a necessary warning sign for everyone to note, in their constant self-defense, spending 200 million dollars on a show of how much the supposed left is a media whore, and marketeers on tragedies and the left, isn't allowable 6 months before a presidential elections cycle. The attacks on Trayvon's reputation in the media are disgraceful, and disrespectful to his memory and his mourning family, as well. These attacks reflect the same kind of racial profiling and stereotyping that led to his death and then protected his killer from investigation and arrest, yet, how many others, non-African-Americans, for example, were murdered or killed, that same day, and they‘ve no relevance to the supposed civil rights movement. Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, still hasn't been arrested

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Posted: Mar 30, 2012 10:08pm


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New Petition! Speak out against Time-Warner Merger with Comcast! Let your opinion be know before your bill goes up and your programming choices dwindle.\\r\\n\\r\\nUrge DOJ and FCC to Not Allow Merger of Time-Warner and Comcast\\r\\nhttp://www.t hepetitionsi...
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Ask 5 Friends to Take Action Against Child Trafficking Every year, an estimated 100,000 children are forced into prostitution in the United States. Sex trafficking happens in our own country... to our own kids... during major American sporting events....
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\\r\\n   & nbsp;   &n bsp;  Leonard Peltier ( LPDOC ) :\\r\\n        & nbsp;    Remembering Pete Seeger\\r\\n\\r\\n & nbsp;   &n bsp;   &nb sp;&nb...
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only in New York Art in 6 min…PLEASE WATCH!!!! Post by Keith Mothershed.
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Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels on the Cheap Here’s how an astronomer made his own solar panels on the cheap with damaged, inexpensive materials from eBay and lots of elbow grease. A solar panel is basically a box that holds ...
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