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Mar 30, 2012
Focus: Women
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Actions to celebrate Women's History Month, et al

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Actions to celebrate Women's History Month, et al:

This petition on Womens History Mth Act:



A.A.U.W. Action Network: Tell the Senate: Help ease the burden of student debt- cosponsor and support the Student Loan Affordability Act (S. 2051)!:[capwiz:queue_id]

Don't let them Slash the Women's Bureau:[capwiz:queue_id]

Bullying is not a rite of passage, it's wrong:





Credo: Stop blocking the 'Violence Against Women Act.' This is a successful program that has helped cut domestic violence by 58%, and it should be reauthorized immediately:





Center for Reproductive Rights: Proponents of a new Oklahoma "personhood" ballot initiative don’t want you to know how completely it would shred reproductive rights:

Sec. Sebelius: Is it Yes or No on Birth Control?:





Roots Action: Universal Healthcare Without Individual Mandate:





Firedoglake: AARP needs to hear from you:





F.C.N.L.: Vote Coming Thursday on Immoral Budget: Act Now:

NALU: Native Women, FY 2013 Budget Proposal, Energy Development, and more:





W.A.N.D.: Call for a budget for all!:





Social Security Works:





UltraViolet: Every woman should know about this:





CODEPINK: Send a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein telling her you want drones out of the hands of the CIA:





Breast Cancer Action: Women’s health is under assault again– cosmetics companies are fighting to keep their products among the least-regulated in the country. Don’t let them get away with it.:





Update from The Elders: child marriage in India, Egypt's revolutionary women,...:





Cultural Survival: Celebrate International Women's Day:





Green Party: March 2012 GreenLine- Green Primary Results and More!:





[PsychRights] The Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Elderly:





My related petitions, on, etc., and actions:


Int'l Womens Day 100th anniv + celebrate Womens History Mth

These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

Int'l Womens Day 100th anniv + celebrate Womens History Mth:

This petition on 100th Int'l Womens Day + Womens History Mth:


Actions for Black History Month, Prisoners rights, et al:

This petition on Black History Mth: Acts:






Actions for social justice, Indigenous, N.A., et al:

This petition on Dr MLK, Jr Act/Justice:



Art/Act, soul/social justice, and Happy Holidays!:

This petition on Art/Act: soul/justice:



Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth with actions, write on:

This petition on Art/Act: Celebrate Poetry Mth w. acts:



These petitions on


Intn'l Womens Day Actions:



Good Women's History Month, Act for healthcare:



Act for women?:



History of Women Month:



Act Womens History Month



Womens History Month Acts:



Valentine Day Coin Drop:



Amend the Constitution for all women, etc.:



Improving Literacy Through School Libraries kept open:



World AIDS Day Act:



Black History Month, celebrate with advocacy and activism:


This petition on Black History Month, celebrate and act:



Black History Month:



Act Black History Month:



Black History Month, Act:



Art/Act: celebrate Dr. M.L. King, Jr.'s holiday:



Earth Day Coin Drop



Thanksgiving Coin Drop:



Act/Art: New Year's poetree:



art, post/discuss poem



Opportunity / Teachers:



Art/Act For Poetry Month:



Learn from writers:



see film + advocate:



"...Sav(ing) Us":






Arts and Activism:






music rebuilding lives:



free speech film:



got milk?:



new media:



Read Diverse:






Wisdom of Native America:




Related action on Disabled Greens News and Discussion, the url:

Art/Act: Good Poetry Month, Write On:



Thanx for all you do.



Tell President Obama what you think, etc.:

E-Mail: You can use BOTH of the following:


Office of Public Liaison:



Sites to send emails and letters, to your Senators, etc.:





Sample letter text:

They say women have no rights to affordable healthcare, women’s healthcare, reproductive care, equal wages for equal work, etc.. They say "contraception isn't a right", and are now trying to insist through legislation; while they make believe they're against abortion and disease, we can stop their devolutionary directions' destruction by dispelling the republican conspiracies pathological lying, and even the dinos pathological half-truthing, with truth telling- let's. Currently, yes Trayvon was racially profiled, killed, yet, let's get all the facts. All smearing in this multi-media conspiracy weapon of mass-distraction tragedy is wrong; until there's a factual and complete timeline presented, all we know is 2 'have it like that' individuals collided and the one with the gun and the dad whose a judge won, tragically, so far- indicating the "stand your ground law" isn't appropriate for united suck of assassins citizens, at this time, while self defense is necessary, the law must be changed, "feeling your life might be threatened" is too low a threshold for a deadly force response. Oh, yeah, no "million hoodie march", besides the fact that hoods, short for hoodlums, do wear hoods, and this is a necessary warning sign for everyone to note, in their constant self-defense, spending 200 million dollars on a show of how much the supposed left is a media whore, and marketeers on tragedies and the left, isn't allowable 6 months before a presidential elections cycle. The attacks on Trayvon's reputation in the media are disgraceful, and disrespectful to his memory and his mourning family, as well. These attacks reflect the same kind of racial profiling and stereotyping that led to his death and then protected his killer from investigation and arrest, yet, how many others, non-African-Americans, for example, were murdered or killed, that same day, and they‘ve no relevance to the supposed civil rights movement. Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, still hasn't been arrested

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Posted: Mar 30, 2012 10:08pm


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