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Dec 31, 2006

To begin the New Year, I'm beginning my blog to set the record straight. First of all, I relish truth in all things, and that means truth when it comes to me in the form of news, personal conversation, books, articles, and truth in business. I have lived in a world, since the year 2000, of nothing but panic and fear, as the rest of my friends and family have. So, in all honesty, I'll let you know right now that I CANNOT STAND being taken for a fool, whether someone is taking me for a personal fool or taking the whole country for ONE BIG COLLECTIVE FOOL!!!!

You will find in this first blog entry, that I am not afraid to tell you that, yes, I am political, and if you don't like it, that's TOO BAD!!! I can't stand "pretending" when it comes to people that are making the major decisions in my life, my children's lives, and my grandchildren's lives. Such are our present rulers today, and I do not have a hero among any of our rulers, past or present. I do have admiration for accomplishment, truth, and ethics and virtue, but a hero that I am obssessed with, no. During the past six years, we all have learned a tremendous amount about power; in fact, we have lived with nothing but "power" at the helm of our government, our workplace, and our homes. We have indeed become machomatized, for lack of a better term.

I believe that power comes in many forms; it's not always a bad thing, unless you abuse it, and I believe in making sure that those who have abused it pay for abusing it. Some people live every day of their lives lusting for it. Power is attractive, particularly when it comes to money, which, in our country, is synonomous with power, respect, and nobility. We still live in a caste system; we just won't admit it. We still lust for power in every aspect of our lives; that's the reason why I can't stand control freaks, who think about it every day and every night of their lives, such as GW Bushco. Power in this country means freedom; freedom to live your life as you see fit, freedom from want, freedom from poverty, freedom from oppression. Freedom is all tied to power.

That's the reason why I gave this blog the title that I did: having to do with telling the truth in all respects, including the truth about things you don't like, as well as the things you do like. I've found that some people like absolutely nobody and nothing, and some people like everybody and everything (they are the most unopinionated ones). Now, if you want to disagree with me on this blog, that makes me no difference, I can take a bit of disagreement, rejection of ideas, a joke every once in a while, or a serious discussion upon a difference in opinion, but don't expect anyone on this blog to roll over and play dead on issues of concern that really make a difference to someone, some thing, or somewhere.

For the conclusion of the blog statement on today's concern about truth in all matters, I would like to begin with the blatant disregard for human life, human dignity, other people's intelligence, and total disregard for reality at all costs with the pressing issue within the past three days of nothing but the hanging of Saddam in the news media, a most wonderful way for Americans, I suppose, to begin a New Year for 2007. We can now kid ourselves that our "leaders" have not tortured, committed war crimes, killed innocent women and children, as well as maimed them for life, bankrupted our country, lied to our national legislature, the judicial branch, and the American public, and profited greatly from historically large oil profits, illegal government/military contracts that make sleeze filthy rich, and totally rooked the common American around so badly, that we'll never recover from such ridiculous assaults on our rights and liberties, what few we ever had, to begin with.

My beef about this nonsense is this: Why dominate the news media with story after story of the blow-by-blow accounts before the medieval act was carried out on December 30, 2006? We're still being subjected to the details of something that we had no say-so in, of something that was pre-planned, and of something that does nothing but remind the American public of just how far we have relapsed from the principles of justice in the past six years of our country's history. We are no more a free and democratic people or, for that matter, a democratic model to the "unsuspecting world." We are suckers, through and through; we do not investigate anything of importance that we should, including the events of 9/11, the president and the vice president's role in war crimes and the treasonous acts of lying to our Congress and the American people, and the total violation of the citizens of this country's civil and human rights, as well as participating in the very acts of barbarism of which we accuse dictators such as Saddam and others, those dictators whom we put into office and befriended, once upon a time, when it was convenient for "American interests."

It is not so much that I care for dictators in any form, whether they be Iraqi, German, Iranian, or American; I do care about feeding the American public so full of pathetic lies, that it will take another 10 years to debrief them of this "nothing-is-more-glamourous-than-condoning- violence, -torture, -and-death notion that has soured the minds of many of our citizens within the past six years.

In addition, I have one small comment in answer to one of my 360 friend's blog on Gerald Ford. Ford is guilty for pardoning Nixon, yes, but he has also, as has been in the media for the past few days, spoken out against the war in Iraq. Gerald Ford, according to Bob Woodward, was a "good friend" of Nixon's, and, yes, he is guilty for pardoning Nixon. It's just too bad that we don't have anyone around to pardon criminals, such as Saddam, from a death sentence to life imprisonment. We have again succumbed to a lie that the Iraqis made the decision to execute him by hanging. I say it's a lie, because, deep down inside, all of us really know that it was the neocons and Bush, for political purposes and selfish reasons, that wanted Saddam, a former CIA-trained ally of the United States, dead and out of the way . . . silent, in other words.

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Posted: Dec 31, 2006 7:44pm


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