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Jan 2, 2012


(this is a picture of a snowy capped Mauna Kea, looking through the Olive branch. A peaceful uplifting view for 2012.....A Honu Outlook!!)

I am very rapidly gaining momentum this new year for my eco~fashion vision! I have dedicated a live web journal to my progress, this will include videos, pictures and blogging. I intend to cover a wide variety of topics and share a huge amount of info on Spiriitual/Earth awareness, ascension and at.tune.ment, sustainable living, nature's medicines, eco art, vegan lifestyle, and the joys and adventures of living in Hawaii! Plus A LOT MORE.

I have started writing the background info to catch everybody up to my current progress and what my eco~fashion~vision is to me (it's constantly expanding, which is why i am sharing!) and how I plan to mana~fest my vision by following my intution and being guided by my highest self/the ONE Self/Divine Source.

Starting today I am really going to share my story. If you catch on to it, and find it the videos helpful, please pass them on. We are going to reach critical mass consciousness in this time, and we need all the help and sharing we can get. I am encouraging getting back to nature's while integrating our best wisdom, and I am like the sea turtle gently nudging the energy into awareness towards re~awakening ourselves and real.eye.sing (realizing) our potential towards enLIGHTment, a better way, a HONU OUTLOOK. i got work to do.

And today I will start blogging from Care2. I have been a member here for many years, and I fully support this wonderful pro~active networking site! Big Mahalos to!

(Please feel free to offer any direction for networking on-line, it's been a while, and I am open to tips for sharing via the web. If you would like to promote my work/play/education, I am very interested. Message me!  I do not have another website up and updated at the moment. I am on fb, and myspace, but neither are as 'pono' as care2. And I really do little networking from either anymore.)

I will release the new name of my funky eco fashion/couture line, formerly known as Tragically Delicious A.wear.ness, and then for a spell, Magically Auspicious A.wear.ness.

Later on I will explain how and why and I chose the name A Honu Outlook, the message of the turtle as my personal totem, and why the sea turtle, the honu, is also my visionary animal guide, and how this gentle spirit and I chose eachother. The name channeled through on Dec.25,10.

Two days ago, on new year's eve 2011, I had been working extra hard for weeks and anticipating the release of A Honu Outlook, and my son and I went to the beach down the road in Hilo. This was a new spot for us, and we guided with our friend Moon. When we got to the water there was a honu swimming in the tide pool with the people. We were delighted! What an auspicious sign! Before we even got all the way into the water the sea turtle swam right to us and nudged up against my son and I, making clear that we were welcomed to join!

My son is just learning to swim, we were landlocked for most of his life, and when he put on his goggles and was preparing to snorkel the turtle came up and was eagerly nudging him to swim along! Honu then smacked the boy's butt with his fin and then bit onto his shorts and started pulling him towards the swimming area! We all went out and my son in one hand, me, and then honu on the other side, all joined together, moving along gracefully with the ocean casting a strong unification vibration through the waters and thereby all of the cosmos. I believe everyone noted the amazing peaceful waves of love coming through, and we all silently meditated there in the 'healing pond' on a wonderful 2012. There were Hawaiians playing water football, children talking about the magic of the honu, visitors from Croatia enjoying the mystery, a wonderful smiley woman, a lady speaking of Pele, and Varuna the Vedic god of the ocean, and the sun illuminating our light bodies.



Today, I have been offered a work space possiblity in the jungle not far from my home. I am excited to see how this evolves! I also discovered the HI FI Hawaiian fashion group that promotes Hawaiian fashion design, and a new Hawaii Fashion Incubator that is being put together right now on Oahu. This is all great news, I will look into working with them for my upcoming SPRING 2012 ECO~COUTURE AND RTW SHOW!  (

I have some animal and farming duties to tend to out at my space in the woods. I will be working with my neighbor's animals, and will be away from the net for a day or two. In that time I will make more video and see what kind of progress I can make on my newest designs. I have a piece I am hand painting with eco friendly silk paint, so that is something I can work on out in the woods. I will also probably build some headresses to go with a couple of my couture pcs.

Yesterday I was corresponding with India via my friend (and fabric supplier) Hari. I plan to produce all of my clothing in Hawaii, creating sustainable local jobs for as many people as I can. I also plan to help artisans in countries like India sustain themselves and their villages by creating with their creations. And it's all coming together. I can't wait to show the handwoven one of a kind (OOAK) Indian fabrics that I am creating with presently to you! 

The fashion show that I am planning for the Big Island, will more than likely be a collaboration with my friend who is a healing artistm and musician. We are planning something very sacred and soul~elevating.  I will honor her and her work by making a special debut of her creativity here. So she's top secret for now

Because I have not shared my idea of this video/blog 'show', and am just 'coming out' with my new outlook, i will want to obtain permission to share my friends and sponsors. This is the first stage. Raw, Gooey, make even a little crunchy.

However, I have about a year's worth of video and pictures to compile and share, so you'll get my idea very soon. And surely I will be refining my skills.

Aloha for now, I must run to my duties. I am selling vintage items on eBay right now, and have stuff to ship. Most of the things you will see in the show will be for sale. These sales will help me build my sustainable fashion house while the world watches. Every bit of support helps....we plant trees, learn organic farming, and promote genuine world sustainabilty......stay at.tuned!!

Please help me share my story! A real~green~reality show! the uPs! the down(lo's), and the all~around we go's! sacred geometric time-untime-line........



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