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Jan 7, 2011
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    Posted: Jan 7, 2011 12:59pm
    Jan 6, 2011
    I can't get this picture our of my mind, - as so many millions of others I have seen. I ask myself everytime how any HUMAN could be so sickly cruel.
    As we see here daily, just too many animals (and children!) are abused and mistreated in the most horrid ways imaginable by psychopaths / sociopaths,. Stronger penalties could prevent these monsters from ever roaming the streets again. Why would we want child molesters, animal abusers, cold blooded murderers and such ever to walk the streets again?
    Even youngsters have NO excuse!

    The truth about these people:

    Psychopaths, also known as sociopaths, are manipulative, deceitful, impulsive and inclined to take risks.

    While most people’s actions are guided by a number of factors, such as the desire to avoid hurting other people, the psychopath selects a course of action based on only one factor—what can he get out of it. This cold-blooded mode of reasoning enables the psychopath to commit acts that most people’s consciences would not allow.


    Manipulative and Deceitful

    Psychopaths lie easily and because they don’t feel anxious when doing so, many can pass lie detector tests. They manipulate those around them to get money, free places to stay, sexual favours and sympathy. Those who are jailed for crimes continue the pattern of manipulation and deceitfulness. Psychopaths often claim to have suffered from amnesia, temporary insanity, multiple personality disorder or blackouts to justify their crimes.

    In addition to lying outright, psychopaths are inclined to evade, providing responses that do not answer the questions put to them. This is done as a smokescreen, an attempt to trick people into thinking they’ve received an answer. Most psychopaths are very proud of their ability to lie convincingly, and in addition to lying to evade consequences, they lie to get sympathy. When caught in a lie, they simply move on, leaving shattered lives in their wake. Or they promise to change, and in some cases do change for long enough to worm their way back into the lives of their targets, after which they inevitably revert to their old ways.


    Risk Taking

    Psychopaths take extreme physical and psychological risks due to their exaggerated need for excitement. These can range from driving too fast to substance abuse to crime. Of course there are many naturally brave or sensation seeking individuals who are not psychopaths. However, these can be distinguished by their ability to feel guilt, remorse, empathy and shame. A surplus of physical courage is only a marker of a personality disorder when there are many adverse symptoms present.



    Because psychopaths think very highly of themselves, most are prone to bragging. Many psychopaths talk obsessively in an attempt to convey their toughness and importance to others. Of course there are people who like themselves who are not psychopaths, and many others who brag because they actually have low self-esteem and are attempting to bolster themselves. However, bragging in conjunction with extreme risk taking, irresponsibility, lying, manipulation, impulsiveness and a lack of self-restraint indicate that there is something seriously wrong.


    Behaviour Problems in Childhood

    Even if he comes from a good, nurturing family, the psychopathic child will usually steal, cut school, have sex, take drugs, start fires, vandalize and be cruel to animals and other children by the time he is just 12 years old. The psychopathic child is indifferent to the feelings of other people and animals. He lies continuously and appears unfazed when caught in a lie.

    Threats of punishment (and even actual punishment) don’t usually deter him from doing what he wants.

    However, it’s not a good idea to assume that a child with behavioural problems is a psychopath. Some children have conduct disorder, which is characterized by many of the same behaviours, but does not include the egocentricity, inability to experience guilt and remorse, and the complete lack of empathy that characterizes the psychopath.


    There is no  treatment for these monsters, and they deserve no joy ever again.

    Jails, prisons, psychiatric institutes - all of which are paid with our taxes as well as communities could save a LOT of money if they'd send these people as lab rats to the laboratories - (who always seem to have more than enough funds) - so they can take the place of the animals.

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    Posted: Jan 6, 2011 4:05pm


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    Jeanne P.
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    Zurich, Switzerland
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