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Apr 13, 2006
Focus: Children
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: United States
Hello, I'm Nancy D, and I apologize if this is not the forum to post this, but to me it is something that needs our attention.  It deals with our children.  It's about saving school recess.  Across the nation recess is being almost completely cut from our children's curriculum.  I know that when I was a child, we had three breaks; 1 in morning and afternoon, and after lunch.  My children get barely 25 minutes a day, and have P.E. every OTHER week.  It's an atrocity, and we wonder why many of our children are overweight.   How would you like to sit and work for several hours with maybe a bathroom break or waterbreak and nothing more?  I know I'd go out of my mind.  Also, if the children misbehave, minutes are docked from the alloted time.  "You were too loud, so you get 5 minutes taken away from recess"????  What's that all about???  What does that accomplish?

I have provided a site here if you are interested in campaigning, joining in, having your children write letters, whatever you want to do, if you want to do something about it.   I appreciate your attention and any help you provide. 

Thank you so much, Nancy D.
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Posted: Apr 13, 2006 5:34pm
Mar 11, 2006
I got this via my personal e-mail, and was absolutely floored....I thought this was a site to protect animals.  This has got to be looked in to and addressed.  If you agree, please click on the link at the bottom and let Care2 know.
Thank you, Nancy D.

Hi my dear friends... I can't believe this is happening here, in this community.
I've already sent a letter to care2 about this group. I know some people has problems with cats, but killing them is not the answer, neither it is to create a group like this. if you think it's wrong, as I do, please, send a letter... I joined care2 for one reason, I wanted to help, and still want to.
get a big big hug.

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Freedivers Cat Killing Group 4:21 PM
Come join me on my quest to rid this parched earth of the alien invaders. Bring your lightsabres, scooters, dogs and whatever other weapons you can rustle up. It's time we dealt with.....

Please flag his profile in the lower right corner and report this abuse!

Please write Care2 at this address and let them know both your feelings on them having a group that advocates the murdering of cats. As well as Freediver calling for the killing of them by any means.

Isn't this horrible???

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Posted: Mar 11, 2006 9:05pm
Mar 7, 2006
Hello Everybody.

I was wondering if I could enlist your aid, should you have a moment to spare, yeh right.  I have a webpage that I've been working on for my little business.  I'm not looking to sell you anything, God forbid, because you all are too young....hee hee.  But, there are other things on the site that may be of interest to you all, and that you might have some good insight into.  I would welcome your opinion, and even some blog goods.  No one has blogged on it yet, even though you might think the topic is hokey....romance.  You can start a different one if you like...but something about love...  Just e-mail at skydurham@yahoo, and I will give you the address.  I don't want to get in trouble for posting it since it might be misconstrued as a means to get you to buy something.  Shoot, I probably will get in trouble for posting my e-mail, yes?  My yahoo IM is skydurham also.
Love ya'll....

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Posted: Mar 7, 2006 8:24am
Feb 15, 2006
I watched a flower bloom here.  I was not aware of it for my head was bowed in pain.  I felt alone, frightened, with nowhere, and no one to turn to....and there upon fell I, the bloom.  I spoke with it, and it spoke with me.  Evoking tenderness with each unfolding petal.  Soft, fragrant, comfort.  Reaching out to me with unconditional love and support.  The flower did not know me, but it wanted to.  It wanted to care.  It cared so much.  It loved so much.   I watched, it as it bloomed into a most magnificent multi-faceted-colored blossom.  Brilliant, dazzling, intoxicating.  The pain was addressed now, my kin would not leave this plane.  Peace, rest....we both felt it radiating from the blossom.  How could we not?  The positiveness, the prayerful stance, the power of the petals in the flower were unmatchable, beyond compare, beyond reproach.  He heals now, my kin does, and the seed of the magnificent flower will never diminish.  The cycle will continue as we both have learned a great lesson....and he said  "it's restored my faith in mankind." 

Thank you to all of you who supported, and who continue to support, my brother and I.  The difference you made in our lives is palpable.  You all know who you are....there are so many of you to thank, I don't want to leave anyone out...

Love, hugs, prayers, and peace of mind to you my friends....Nancy D.
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Posted: Feb 15, 2006 5:59pm
Jan 29, 2006
...or am I being unfeeling?  This is the second time in a year, (third time in two years), that my brother has tried to commit suicide via an overdose of morphine.  In between those times, I spend a majority of our phone time talking him into staying alive.  He has peripheral neuropathy, and Lupus and lives in constant pain.  Yes, he is addicted to morphine,(valium too).  I have pain, but not the extent he has, and I cannot imagine the hell he lives in.  I don't want to imagine it.  I can understand his wanting to leave his crippled body, but in the meantime, he is putting me through my own personal hell.  I lost my youngest brother (he's the youngest of my three, I am the youngest in the family) to an overdose of morphine.  I also lost my oldest brother to suspicious circumstances in Mexico....probably involving drugs also.  My mother died 10 years ago this month, my little brother 3 years ago this month.  I think this is why my brother picked this month to want to overdose.  Nevertheless, I am beginning to get angry with him.  When I received the message from the policeman, I thought perhaps he had popped his hip out (he's had his hips replaced twice...he's just a mess...God bless him!), but then I realized that a policeman would not be calling to tell me that???!!!  Then I became angry as I dialed the hospital (he lives in CA, and I in Fl)....the nurse said "He took too many pills last night.  We just took him off the ventilator."  Further she said, "he is awake, and doesn't want us to say anything to you, and that he will call you later."  I was shaking I was so angry, distraught, upset....

Opinions, criticism, ideas, what do I do with him?  He is a Viet nam Vet....but there is a waiting list for vets to get into homes.  We have no family left.  I have a family to raise here in Florida.  I can't take him in, I have no room.  He doesn't want to leave Ca...what a mess.

Thanks for listening....Nancy
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Posted: Jan 29, 2006 7:45am


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