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Oct 7, 2006

Here is an example benefits of the free market society that is lauded as wonderful and irreplaceable.

"Plus, according to a major player in this game, the U.S. Tech market tends to take its cue from big business, not John Q. Public."

And all this time you thought that the market was around your needs. I guess it is the same a s the benefit of the tax breaks that give use so many benefits. Higher wages, affordable health benefits, and affordable energy costs are just a fes of the things that are taking their cue from big business, not John Q Public!

Tech Gadgets Banned in the USA

Elizabeth Millard,

Wed Oct 4, 7:47 PM ET

There's no doubt about it: foreign technology can whet your appetite. Super-lightweight laptops from Japan, feature-packed smartphones from Europe, and shiny, gotta-get-it devices designed in India, South Korea, and Taiwan are but a few of the items that currently reside on tech's cutting edge. But chances are you will never see those gadgets on store shelves here in the U.S.

Why, then, do some innovative products never make it to our shores?

The Corporate Quarantine

Many manufacturers prefer to introduce new electronics in their own countries, to see what problems may arise before exporting the goods. There is a strong interest in catching and repairing previously unknown design defects before hitting the U.S. Mass market, where the cost of a product recall could be disastrous.

Companies must also gauge consumer reaction locally before exporting. Manufacturers realize that despite extensive consumer testing, it is important to float a limited quantity of a product and see how well consumers react to it before opening the floodgates-only to find less demand than anticipated.

Some products are at a performance disadvantage in the U.S., like cutting-edge smartphones that do not mesh well with the current state of American telecom services, and videophones that operate much better in countries that have higher-speed wireless networks. The faster the network, the smoother the video will appear. In general, Japanese and Korean telecommunications companies have been quicker to provide faster connections than those offered in the U.S., so consumers in those countries are presented with more-advanced phones and more-advanced services.

Plus, according to a major player in this game, the U.S. Tech market tends to take its cue from big business, not John Q. Public.

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Posted: Oct 7, 2006 3:42am
Sep 7, 2006
All my wonderful friends here at Care@

I have been a little lax at the keyboard lately. Some things happened that pointed me to a health club for awhile. At 55 yrs old and 270 lbs, with blood pressure up around 165/105 it has become obvious that a little more time away from the chair is needed. Hopefully I can get it balanced in a couple of months. Until that time, know that I still read and try to stay up with all the information that gets here, and will get back in the fray when my body starts cooperating a little better.

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Posted: Sep 7, 2006 3:58am
Aug 8, 2006
Who Killed the Electric Car?????
Follow the money, right into multi-million dollar retirement accounts and record profits!!!!!!!!

Click here to listen to Chris Paine. 
Director of Who Killed The Electric Car talks about the corporate media conspiracy to not cover the story.
Why were US carmakers too afraid to go with the electric car?
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Posted: Aug 8, 2006 6:49am
Aug 3, 2006

NEW! Watch it here:

Scroll down a bit til you see Aerosol Crimes then double left click on the left play button



Clifford E Carnicom

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dec 20 2004

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Posted: Aug 3, 2006 7:24pm
Jul 5, 2006
Missing Millie - Central Illinois 5:22 PM
Please crosspost this anywhere and everywhere that you know of with people in the central Illinois and surrounding area. I am not sure exactly where the dog was lost, but I do recognize the area code as being central to south Illinois. Will try to get more information asap. Thanks

I know there are some people here from Illinois, Iowa, and surrounding areas(crossposted from another forum):

a former foster dog of mine was lost last night when guests forgot to
shut the gate door. She ran off with her brother who returned home
alone this am. Millie's parents have been searching desperately for her
and have contacted every shelter and hospital in the area. She was
wearing tags and is microchipped with our rescue's info. Please
crosspost this to all in the Illinois, Iowa, Missouri area!!! We will
pick up day or night!!!

Millie is timid with strangers and is likey very very scared!!!

Karl Borling 1-309-287-8017
Chris Borling 1-309-706-9004
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Posted: Jul 5, 2006 5:22pm
Jun 4, 2006

I wonder if you can find which statement in the following story should raise the most flags.
If Bette Davis were still with us, she'd have a piece of advice for the American public:    "Better buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride."
You might want to click on the phrase, because while searching to get the Davis quote correct, I stumbled on a different story. Amazing that there is some much out there, that you can't help getting your shoes muddy, unless of course you have locked yourself into the Fox all is well room.
The Boston Globe
Bar group will review Bush's legal challenges
By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff | June 4, 2006
WASHINGTON -- The board of governors of the American Bar Association voted unanimously yesterday to investigate whether President Bush has exceeded his constitutional authority in reserving the right to ignore more than 750 laws that have been enacted since he took office.
Meeting in New Orleans, the board of governors for the world's largest association of legal professionals approved the creation of an all-star legal panel with a number of members from both political parties.

They include a former federal appeals court chief judge, a former FBI director, and several prominent scholars -- to evaluate Bush's assertions that he has the power to ignore laws that conflict with his interpretation of the Constitution.

Bush has appended statements to new laws when he signs them, noting which provisions he believes interfere with his powers.

Among the laws Bush has challenged are the ban on torturing detainees, oversight provisions in the USA Patriot Act, and ``whistle-blower" protections for federal employees.

The challenges also have included safeguards against political interference in taxpayer-funded research.

Bush has challenged more laws than all previous presidents combined.

The ABA's president, Michael Greco, said in an interview that he proposed the task force because he believes the scope and aggressiveness of Bush's signing statements may raise serious constitutional concerns. He said the ABA, which has more than 400,000 members, has a duty to speak out about such legal issues to the public, the courts, and Congress.


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Posted: Jun 4, 2006 6:16am


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