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Feb 24, 2012
Focus: Science
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Location: United States

AFRICA@home is a website for volunteer computing projects which allow your computer to contribute to African humanitarian causes.

There is a huge potential for volunteer computing to help solve pressing health and environmental problems facing the developing world.

AFRICA@home addresses these problems by providing a common framework for volunteer computing projects that focus on African needs.

An important goal of AFRICA@home is to involve African students and African universities in the development and running of these volunteer computing projects.

The first application being developed for AFRICA@home is called This application models the way malaria spreads in Africa and the potential impact that new anti-malarial drugs may have on the region.

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Posted: Feb 24, 2012 5:34am
Feb 18, 2010
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Boycott
Location: United States


Stop Facebook From Switching to Dirty Coal
Targeting: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) and Jonathan Heiliger (Facebook VP of Technical Operations)
Started by:
Facebook has just announced that it is building its own gigantic data center in Oregon. For the first time Facebook will have its own facility but unlike Google or Microsoft, which both built data centers in the same area running off hydroelectric power, Facebook’s facility will be powered by dirty coal.
Data centers use huge amounts of electricity and the new Facebook center will get its power from a coal-fired power plant in Idaho.
Coal is the single biggest cause of global warming and by far the dirtiest and most polluting way to generate electricity. Facebook should be choosing renewable or at least less destructive sources for its huge energy needs.
Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room.
As of December 2, 2009 Facebook has claimed that it has attained over 350 million users. As of January 2010 Zuckerberg is the youngest self-made businessman worth more than a billion dollars.[6] Today, there are more than 800,000 developers around the world building applications for Facebook Platform.
Mark, Coal Kills! Burning coal kills fish, poisons lakes and rivers. Coal Kills jobs, animals, wildlife. A recent US study, Comparison of Reported Effects and Risks to Vertebrate Wildlife – which appears to be the only comparative study of electricity generation to factor in wildlife mortality – concludes that thanks to emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and mercury, coal-fired generation is a far greater killer.

Here is yet another study

This study also concludes that over the complete lifecycle coal kills more than ten times as many birds per GWh as wind.

The overwhelming factor is the effect of climate change on habitat.

This is an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg asking Facebook to go green and use clean energy. You can't Save The Planet on Facebook and kill it at the same time. Asking all to boycott Facebook and stop them from using this dirty, poisonous power source. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have more money than they could use in a lifetime. They can certainly afford clean energy. 2010 Facebook made a very bad business move converting to using electricity generated by burning coal. This is extremly selfish & immoral. Do they have any personal or business ethics? Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will be exacerbating Climate Change / global climate change, do they care?

Facebook has a lot of APPs where I once did a lot of good activism and I am outraged they would use coal burning with all it's negative and deadly environmental effects.


To date, Mark Zuckerberg has not returned as a student to college. I think he needs to get an education as he is not educted or thinking clearly. No wonder he is investing in Coal, no education!!

Moving to California

Zuckerberg moved to Palo Alto, California, with Moskovitz and some friends. They leased a small house which served as their first office. Over the summer, Zuckerberg met Peter Thiel who invested in the company. They got their first office during the summer of 2004. According to Zuckerberg, the group planned to return to Harvard in the fall but eventually decided to remain in California. To date, he has not returned as a student to college.

This is what happens when you drop out of school. You get Stupid

Let this be a lesson to all children this is one example why education and school is so important as when you are uneducated you could seriously kill someone or a planet. Mark Zuckerberg is a drop out which could be the reason for converting to coal energy. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should consider going back to school and take some science classes?


Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school and now takes education away from innocent children.

Facebook just stole $40 million in future taxes from Oregon schoolchildren. The corporation will take advantage of an “enterprise zone” in Prineville to build an energy-sucking server farm with a 15-year break on property taxes in exchange for 35 jobs. That’s an astonishing $1.3 million in subsidy per job! Most of the jobs likely won’t even go to people in Prineville. Real “friends” don’t make other people pay their taxes for them. The state Legislature needs to wake up. Why should hardworking Oregonians pay taxes and stuff their kids in crowded classrooms while the state is shoveling out money for such bogus corporate tax breaks?


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Posted: Feb 18, 2010 8:09am
Dec 8, 2007
Focus: Endangered Species
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
U.S.A. to cut funding for rainforest conservation during Bali climate talks

Deforestation in Peru

While delegates meet in Bali to discuss a post-Kyoto framework on climate change, it appears likely that the U.S. Treasury Department will cut funding for the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA), the largest pool of U.S. government money exclusively for helping developing countries conserve threatened tropical forests, according to the Tropical Forest Group, a forest policy group based in Santa Barbara.

The Tropical Forest Group says that an October decision to expand the TFCA's mandate to conserve coral reefs means that the bill currently under consideration in Senate (Senate Bill 2020) will contain the smallest congressional authorization ($20 million) for saving tropical forests in the entire history of the TFCA. In previous years, congress authorized up to $100 million per year, though the
Bush administration has yet to fund projects at this level. The new legislation means that tropical forests and coral reefs will "compete" for limited U.S. funds. Meanwhile the Australian government has announced more than AU$200 million in new funds for tropical conservation, while the British government recently set aside $100 million for protection of rainforests in the Congo basin.

"Saving tropical forests is the most important immediate solutions to combat climate change. The rest of the world gets it. The US, already sidelined by its refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, continues its slide into obscurity" said Jeff Metcalfe, director of the Tropical Forest Group. "Saving the rainforest is something nearly every American supports. If the Senate passes this bill (Senate Bill 2020) — scheduled for a vote any day — it will turn America’s back to international diplomacy, climate change, and the environment".


Please Note this Care2 News Story. Please Foward to Care2 friends.

Please Contact Your Senator by Mail, phone and in Person.

If you live in the USA, please contact your senator and let them konw this is not acceptible - request that they increase the proposed funding proposal from $20 million to $40 million and to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill - find your senator here: 


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Posted: Dec 8, 2007 3:47am
Nov 25, 2007
Focus: Endangered Species
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: United States

Make Your Holidays Green Ones!

Shop to save The Rainforest. Give back the life that we have been given. When you shop, shop where it matters! A great way also to combat Global Warming and save Endangered Species!


Nov 18, 2007
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
American Forests Launches Global ReLeaf2 Campaign


Washington, DC – April 24, 2007 – AMERICAN FORESTS, one of the first organizations to address the issue of global warming when it introduced Global ReLeaf in 1988, announced today the launch of Global ReLeaf2, a dramatic expansion of its efforts to help cool the globe through the planting of trees. The goal of the campaign is to plant 100 million trees by the year 2020.

“Rising global temperatures are causing a host of environmental problems including the loss last year of 10 million acres to wildfires in this country alone. This is a devastating loss compounded by the fact that trees help slow global warming by sequestering carbon,” said Deborah Gangloff, Ph.D., executive director of AMERICAN FORESTS, during a press conference held at the National Press Club. “Currently, there are 1.1 million acres of National Forest lands in need of restoration and wildfire seasons are increasingly intense; 2 million acres of National Forest lands burned last year. So the need for restoration tree planting is great.”

AMERICAN FORESTS, the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens group, has been planting trees to restore forest ecosystems since 1875. The organization launched Global ReLeaf in 1988 to aggressively focus on planting trees to help cool the globe, while providing other environmental benefits such as clean water, clean air, and wildlife habitat.

“Restoration tree planting creates healthy forests that provide huge environmental benefits such as clean water, clean air, wildlife biodiversity and habitat,” Gangloff stressed. “That is why our work is so important. But we cannot do it alone. It’s only by joining with communities, businesses, governments, partner organizations and individuals, that AMERICAN FORESTS can restore the life-giving ecosystem services produced by forests in all settings – from water quality and carbon sequestration to wildlife habitat and air quality – as well as prevent the loss of more trees and forests.”

Trees, through their natural growth processes, draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and convert it into wood, while producing life-giving oxygen Since it began, Global ReLeaf has planted more than 25 million trees in more than 500 projects across the United States and internationally, making AMERICAN FORESTS a world leader in tree planting for environmental restoration. These plantings are estimated to have restored over 56,000 acres. Each acre restored will sequester and store more than 200 tons of carbon dioxide, or enough to offset the annual emissions of 35 minivans. In total, the 56,000 acres will sequester and store more than 11 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Trees are also critical to providing and protecting water. Forests cover nearly one-third of the nation’s land and supply over 50 percent of freshwater flow in the lower 48 States. Forests protect water quality by slowing runoff, stabilizing soils, preventing erosion and floods, and filtering pollutants. According to U.S. Forest Service estimates, some 180 million people depend on forests for their drinking water.

“With the launch of Global ReLeaf2, we are asking people everywhere, from citizens to our national leaders, to take an active part in helping to reduce the causes of global warming,” Gangloff added. “This includes reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and conserving energy, as well as advocating for legislation to address these issues and research new technologies to address the crisis.”

“Planting a tree is something that anyone can do, and it will make a difference,” she noted. "Whether it’s in your yard or in your community it’s a positive step. We all need to be a part of the solution to global warming.”

In addition to planting trees, individuals and organizations can support the Global ReLeaf2 effort through a financial donation. For every $1 donation to Global ReLeaf2, AMERICAN FORESTS will plant 1 tree in one of its many projects. These projects restore forests, repair hurricane and flood damage, reclaim abandoned strip mines and farms, prevent erosion, fight back invasive species of trees and make cooler, cleaner cities. AMERICAN FORESTS has planted trees in over 500 projects in every state in America as well as in 21 countries worldwide.

To find out how to contribute, and to learn more about AMERICAN FORESTS and Global ReLeaf2, visit


AMERICAN FORESTS ' mission is to plant a healthier world with trees. Our community-based initiatives help people plan and implement local actions that restore and maintain healthy ecosystems and communities. Our work encompasses tree planting, urban forestry, environmental education, and community-based forestry. AMERICAN FORESTS is on the World Wide Web at

American Forests mission is to grow a healthier world with trees. Through community-based initiatives we help people understand the many values of trees and restore forest ecosystems in urban and rural areas. Our work encompasses tree planting, urban forestry, environmental education, and community-based forestry. American Forests is on the World Wide Web at

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Posted: Nov 18, 2007 8:14am
Nov 11, 2007
Focus: Government
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

White House should not hide the facts

Censoring science

The White House has a considerable record of charges that it attempted to edit or censor scientific information to conform with political goals.


Full Story:

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Censoring science

White House should not hide the facts

October 30, 2007

Although President Bush has every right to have his policy goals articulated by his appointees, recent reports of top scientists being censored by the administration are indeed troubling. Altering presentations does not alter reality.

The White House has a considerable record of charges that it attempted to edit or censor scientific information to conform with political goals. Among them:

Earlier this year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was accused of censoring experts on polar bears about the potentially harmful effects of climate change on the creatures.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies Director James Hansen said earlier this year that Bush administration officials had attempted to stop him from delivering a speech in which he urged prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases.

As he was leaving his position as U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Richard Carmona testified before a House committee that the White House would not allow him to speak on aspects of stem cell research, comprehensive sex education, emergency contraception or other politically charged topics.

In 2003, Council on Environmental Quality Director Philip Cooney is said to have made more than 300 changes to an Environmental Protection Agency report on global warming, supposedly exaggerating uncertainties about global warming.

The latest example of questionable political involvement in matters of science involves Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gerberding, a highly regarded infectious disease specialist, was set to deliver written testimony to a Senate panel on how climate change could effect the spread of disease.

Gerberding was prepared to present 12 pages of testimony to the committee, but after submission to the Office of Management and Budget for review, the testimony was reduced to six pages. Gone, among other statements, was one stating: “Populations in Midwestern and Northeastern cities are expected to experience more heat-related illnesses as heat waves increase in frequency, severity and duration.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters Gerberding's testimony was cut because, “in the draft there were broad characterizations about climate change that didn't align with the IPCC.” The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which periodically issues reports on climate change research, including two this year. A number of scientists at UCSD's Scripps Institution of Oceanography have been involved in drafting these reports. Further examination, however, revealed no inconsistencies between the IPCC report and Gerberding's speech.

At this point, more than 12,000 scientists have signed a statement criticizing the Bush administration for manipulating science. With the many public health challenges confronting the nation and the world, Americans have a need and a right to know the truth. All our lives could depend on it.

Link To Full Story:

Please Note this Care2 News Story:

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Posted: Nov 11, 2007 6:49am
Jul 12, 2007
Focus: Health
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: United States

Please forward this to anyone who loves to shop! Zachary my son has Autism.

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Posted: Jul 12, 2007 3:55pm
Apr 20, 2007
Focus: Religion
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
Iran dam said to threaten ancient sites

y ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer Thu Apr 19, 9:26 PM ET

TEHRAN, Iran - Iranian engineers began filling a new dam Thursday as archaeologists warned that its reservoir will flood newly discovered antiquities and could damage Iran's grandest site, the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis.

At the inauguration ceremony, attended by Energy Ministry officials, pipes were opened for water to start flowing into an artificial lake created by the dam spanning the Sivand River, 520 miles south of the capital, Tehran. The lake's waters will be used to irrigate the area's farms.

Iranian state-run television said the dam was opened "on the order of the President" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the hard-line Iranian leader did not attend the inauguration.

The launch was delayed for months to give international archaeological teams time to conduct excavations in the area of the planned reservoir after an appeal from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The work yielded significant discoveries such as a road believed to be the Royal Passage of the Achaemenids, a powerful dynasty in ancient Persia in the 6th century B.C., as well as an Achaemenid village with a cemetery and inhabited caves dating back 7,000 years.

Iranian intellectuals and activists condemned the Tehran government for going ahead with the dam, calling it a "stupidity."

Archaeologists say flooding from the dam will submerge the Royal Passage, which linked Persepolis to Susa, two capital cities in ancient Persia, as well as some of the 130 ancient sites along the Tang-e-Bolaghi, a mountain path that crosses the Sivand River.

There are also concerns that humidity, spreading through underground water from the dam, could damage nearby Persepolis.

The sprawling ruins, Greek for "City of Persians," are famed for the grand double stairway rising to a wide, terraced audience hall with 72 columns. Sacked by Alexander the Great about 330 B.C., the old city is visited by millions every year, mostly Iranians but also foreigners.

Experts also worry about Pasargadae, an ancient capital built by Cyrus the Great sometime after 550 B.C. that holds his tomb. Both Persepolis and Pasargadae, only 19 miles and 5 miles away from the dam, are on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

Iran's Islamic-oriented government has not shown much concern for cultural sites from the Persian era, unlike the country's more recent Muslim monuments.

The official IRNA news agency quoted Vice President Rahim Mashaei, who is also head of Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization, as saying Thursday that the "opening of the Sivand Dam is no danger for Pasargadae" but did not mention the Royal Passage or Persepolis.

Archaeologist Parviz Varjavand said "irreplaceable human heritage" will be lost.

"This ruling establishment gives no value to Iran's cultural heritage. It is an act of stupidity and obstinacy," he said. 

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Posted: Apr 20, 2007 8:29am
Nov 24, 2006
Focus: Endangered Species
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States
(PLease forward and repost to friends and loved ones)

When Climates are Forced

Written by Brad Arnold
Tuesday, 21 November 2006

What I am about to tell you is unbelievable, and therefore I ask that you google the phrase "abrupt climate change."
When the climate is forced, it doesn't respond smoothly and gradually. Instead, proof in the form of ice core samples show that the climate at first resists changing, then abruptly changes to another stable state.

In other words, it is predictable that within a decade or two our climate will abruptly change from the mild Holocene of the last ten thousand years, to a hotter dryer climate that has resulted in mass extinctions many times in the past.

It is unreasonable to expect that mankind will so dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) fast enough to avoid abrupt climate change. A fast growing population combined with growing per capita energy use, plus trillions of dollars in fossil fuel infrastruction means we are on track to double our CO2 emissions by 2050.

Furthermore, a warming earth means that carbon sinks will become carbon emitters bigtime. In other words, it is predictable that soon the earth will start emitting far more GHG than humans, at the same time it is able to absorb less of mankind's CO2 pollution. Nature absorbs about half of mankind's 8 billion tons of CO2 emitted each year. By 2030 it is predicted that nature will only be able to absorb 2.7 billion tons a year.

The only solution for global warming is to remove the CO2 from the air after it has been emitted. I suggest using genetic engineering to improve nature's ability to absorb CO2. Perhaps seeding a GMO into the ocean.

(Copy URL to find Original in Planet Save News)

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Posted: Nov 24, 2006 3:04am
Aug 7, 2006
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Tsunami Boosts Illegal Indonesia Logging

In Cruel Irony, Tsunami Reconstruction and Peace Deal Boost Illegal Logging in Indonesia

By MICHAEL CASEY AP Environmental Writer

LAM KABEUE, Indonesia Aug 5, 2006 (AP) The rebels of Aceh are trading their guns for chain saws and cashing in on a logging binge that is jeopardizing the future of the world's third largest tropical forest reserves.

It's a cruel conjunction of good news and bad news: The rebellion is over, but peace has opened previously inaccessible virgin forests to illegal logging. Meanwhile, 130,000 homes destroyed by the tsunami of December 2004 need replacing, and demand for timber is almost insatiable.

"Everyone is getting into the logging business," says Taydin, 25, who spent five years fighting a guerrilla war against the Indonesian army in Aceh's jungles on the island of Sumatra.

When peace took hold last year, Taydin found himself unemployed and desperate for cash. So he joined dozens of other former rebels who are cutting down prized 100-year-old Meranti and Semantuk trees.

He says he has no permit to cut wood, and bribes police to let him transport it to the provincial capital, Banda Aceh. "People have no work, so selling the wood is a good way to make money," said Taydin, who, like many Indonesians, goes by one name.

Indonesia, whose tropical forest reserves are the world's largest after the Amazon and the Congo basin, has lost around 40 percent of its canopy to loggers in the last 50 years.

At this rate of deforestation an area the size of New Jersey lost each year lowland trees of Sumatra and the neighboring island of Borneo will disappear by 2010, according to Friends of the Earth and the World Wildlife Fund or WWF.

Aceh was largely protected during a decades-long separatist insurgency, with logging primarily limited to rebels and rogue elements within the military. But last year's peace deal opened up previously inaccessible virgin forests.

Local and international aid groups that rushed here after the earthquake and tsunami are in a bind, having to balance the need to build quickly against their duty to use legal timber.

Several have been caught buying from illegal sources while others have had to redesign homes with less wood or delay construction while seeking legitimate supplies.


A villager walks on a freshly-cut tree at an unregistered logging site in Aceh Besar, Indonesia Wednesday, July 19, 2006. Environmentalists say illegal logging has risen sharply across Aceh in the past year, fueled by the demand for timber to supply the rebuilding of 130,000 houses destroyed by Dec 2004's tsunami and the 2005 peace deal between Indonesian government and separatist rebels that opened vast stretches of virgin forests to loggers. (AP Photo/Binsar Bakkara)

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Posted: Aug 7, 2006 5:46pm


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