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Mar 28, 2009

     HELP !!!  I need everyones help in signing a very special petion to help the people that are the victems of the EXXON Valdez oil spill from 20 years ago.

     Thought that was over didnt you ?? So did I and most of the rest of the world. But not the people at Exxon. Oh no, they have been busy fighting the courts. See, 20 years ago, Exxon had the worst spill in recorded history. It killed millions of animals and sea life. It ruined the lives of 32,000 people that lived there; taking thier homes and fishing industry and in some cases thier very lives.

     The courst told Exxon to pay $5 billion to make it right. What Exxon did was to lie to everyone. They said they would clean it up, they didnt. They said they would pay, they didnt. What they did do was to hire a bunch of people to go to court and lie for them, and then force the court to reduce its restitution to $500 million.

     Sound like a lot to you still ??? Lets look at it for a moment. You live there. The oil spill happens. The waters your family has been fishing for untold generations are unfishable. You can no longer live there, so you have to move. You need a new home, land, and a job to support you and your family. The courst tell Exxon to Pay $5 billion, but Exxon says no. You would have got around $156,000 ($5 billion divided by 32,000). But Exxon has big money, and alot of power. 19 years go by and you dont see a dime. And now the courst say "ok, you can lower it to just $500 million. Now if Exxon ever pays off, the cost to them of repaying you for the life they took away is just $15,000.

      And the spill area is still an ecological nightmare. The area in truth may never fully recover. And yet Exxon is still out there doing business as usual. From thier stand point of view this is a victory in Exxons pockets.

      I need your help. Everyone reading this, for just a few minutes, put yourselves in the place of all the people hurt by this. The destruction to the marine life, and the wildlife. I am asking you to summon alittle rage, or grief, or empathy, or sympathy, or whatever it is that reading this makes you feel. And i am asking that you hold on to it and pull it out every time you are tempted to stop at an Exxon gas station and i am asking you dont.

     Boycott Exxon. Just dont go there. Go somewhere else. Untill the day comes along that they do clean up the mess they caused, and make restitution to everyone who lived there; please shop somewhere else. Money and greed is all they know, then it should be the coin they pay in. So i am asking all of you to stop buying ANYTHING from every Exxon gas station, or oil product.

     And lastly, there is a petition on the care2 sight. Under the heading of corporate responcibility, i have started a petition to Boycott Exxon and all of its products every where. I am asking you as fellow members of Care2 to sign my petition. I need every member to do this. If its going to make a difference, we have to show them that we are willing to stand up for what is right.

     So please, go and sign now. And boycott them every chance you get. Thank you for your support.

                                Take Care,


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Posted: Mar 28, 2009 9:42pm


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