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Sep 27, 2009

there must be a reason for this drunkenness...

it was our coop's anniversary...i wished for a tequila and behold, someone brought one...can't remember how many shots i had...but i feel i am drunk...i also had two sticks of marlboro lights because my head was almost spinning...i had dinner...but the alcohol still prevailed (hoooray?)...i also danced at every music i heard...i did recognize the rest of the people i was with...but the tequila had already made its way to the rest of me...

drunkenness----i grabbed somebody i liked but he declined dancing with the rest of us...maybe that was the reason...i had dreamt of him and some of those close to me...we had a fight in my dream..i guess, that was the reason...=(...reality and the dream can become real?...:-??...we'll have to see tomorrow, right?...

i really have to stop liking him...can somebody offer me a job instead?...far away from here pleeeeaaaaasssssse...

thinking back to that incident...what's lurking at the back of my mind was to kiss him right there and emotions have been bottled up for so long, i guess, that was why i actually grabbed him...i'm still drunk and drinking (finishing the tequila)...=p

i don't know...what do you think?

here's my gut feeling...he DOESN'T like'd know just by the way someone would answer you when you try to make some conversation with them...the answers like "mao bah" or "ganun bah"...said in a tone of matter of factly or just simply "do i care" moments...haaaayyyyy...if what i hope is not possible...what about friendship? it still impossible?...drunk and still drinking...=p

i'll come back when i'm sober and this is f"!x@*&ng embarrassing already...=p

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Posted: Sep 27, 2009 10:27am


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