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Dec 25, 2011

= The Name, "ILLUMINATI" Decoded. "Inside Job of Sept. 11th" was a Sick & Evil Occultist Ritual. Their Proof of their Commitment to their Evil Scheme - "Depopulation Agenda" before Bring about "The New World Order." (If one read and do research on the facts and subjects mentioned, one will discover the meaning behind it. Everything mentioned was just to help one uncover the veil and it's the key to unlock all that is hidden.) Tip: Use the pause button to stop video as one reads.

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Posted: Dec 25, 2011 7:08pm
May 2, 2010

Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk (12:33 mins.) - Family Court Routinely Gives Sole Custody to the ABUSIVE parent

This 12-minute trailer exposes a brewing nightmare in family courts across America children are routinely being placed in the sole custody of their abusive parents by the family court. This film details a few outrageous cases from Marin County, California, USA . It must be seen and heard to be believed: it's an American tragedy.

The film was produced by the Center for Judicial Excellence, a grassroots nonprofit organization working to strengthen and maintain the integrity of the Marin County Courts.

Video Clip can be view at: (Scroll down to "Family Law Documentary" section.)

and at: for Judicial Excellence

and at:

Note: One do not need to be a member of "Facebook" to view the video clip.


Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk (42 Mins.) Video can be view at link below:

This powerful political documentary exposes an untold story that the mainstream media has avoided for years - the systemic breakdown of America's Family Court System. This is a tragic and true story that viewers will struggle to believe. Not since the Catholic Church pedophile scandal has the United States seen this level of institutional collusion and corruption harming innocent American children. The fact that this sort of scandal is taking place in the American judicial system defies the imagination.

The film lays out its horrific tale explaining how it happens. Interviews with parents whose lives have been ravaged by the system are interspersed with first-hand accounts of the atrocities from veteran attorneys, child abuse experts and others who make a living in the system.

Family Courts across America routinely remove children from parents who complain of domestic violence and/or child abuse and send the kids directly into the homes of their violent, neglectful, dangerously mentally ill, or abusive parents. Protective parents not only lose custody of the children they are trying to protect, but the court then forces them to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to therapists, special masters, evaluators, counselors and attorneys for their children. Many parents go bankrupt, making court appeals impossible. The family law 'machine' operates as Big Business, and a sophisticated cottage industry preys upon desperate parents and children who are trying to escape family violence.

The film urges viewers to talk about the brewing family law crisis with lawmakers and others who can fix the broken system.


Help Save a Child!

Love & Peace.

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Posted: May 2, 2010 6:09pm


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