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Oct 29, 2013

Can one “thought” be more important than another “thought” if all such impulses originate in the same place (brain) and are composed of the same electrochemical ‘stuff’? Is a thought impulse to meditate any more significant or profound than the thought impulse to pick a bugger from your nose? Both result in an action, however, you’re programmed to feel a tad bit guilty about digging around in your face. Is guilt nothing more than hating the thought impulses that arise in your head in the belief you have a choice in what impulses your brain provides and when?

Every experience you have ever had, you had in the brain.

No matter where you were, you were only ‘there’ in your brain and every place you ever visited was experienced by you because of that 3lb lump between your ears. All the woohoo, whizbangs you got from years of vigilant spiritual practices, were provided to you exclusively in the fissured fat housed firmly in your cranium.

The very “self’ you identify with, is a direct result of billions of microscopic neurons all linked up with one another generating different impulses from different experiences and storing that information for future use and “you” will rely on this information throughout your entire life, much of it without conscious intent because you had no choice in the formation of your brain circuitry and, hence, no choice in what it provides.

You experience yourself in a brain and even bodily sensations and impulses are brain processed. Every emotion is generated in your brain through unique circuitry linked up in your head, processing responses in nano-seconds in ways that only you could experience and no one else.

Seems you really are a unique little snowflake after all!

Unfortunately, “you” exist as nothing more than a brain and have no personal responsibility beyond the impulses that brain provides. You are free of all guilt, shame and remorse for all the nasty sheit you did wrong your entire life simply because you have never had personal responsibility for the thoughts that arise in your head. Everything you did had to have been done exactly as “you” did it and it couldn’t have been done otherwise.

So why suffer?

Did you decide to have that thought before you had it or did it just simply happen? Do you choose a thought before you think it or has every thought been influenced by other thoughts themselves influenced by external events resulting in programmed responses?

Have you ever had a thought that was not directly influenced by external events, including bodily impulses? Have you ever had a thought that you could proclaim was the result of your being a unique little snowflake and was not influenced by external events and programmed responses?

The raw brute reality of the naturally occurring causal order is a fact that we are not particularly fond of and we employ fictional realities to escape that fact, requiring each programmed fiction be linked up to a myriad of other circuits, all influencing one another.

You have attached to numerous fictional realities to aid in getting out of your head. Most intentions to control thought are motivated to relieve you of thought impulses you do not wish to think and you don’t like the fact that we have no control over our thinking. It’s not that you don’t like your life, it’s that you don’t like the ‘thought’ impulses bouncing around in head cheese that inform you that your life sucks. You then look to fictions to redirect electrochemical impulses. Such fictions can be found in religio-spiritual ideologies which often seek to emphasize egocentric consciousness as something special and unique and outside the predetermined causal order. Or we just turn our brain over to the TV, which then externally influences the direction of neuro-circuit impulses and this is why egocentrics require entertainment to escape their own non-volitional brain impulses.

Yet, no matter how you seek to escape your mind, practice your thought control techniques, meditate for hours, pretend to “be in the now,” study scripture, chant your mantra, do the rosary, achieve “no mind,” etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, you can’t escape the raw brute reality of living in an indifferent causal order along with other egocentrics who seem to always find a way to fook up your kumbaya plans for enlightenment, generating brain impulses you do not want to ‘think,’ but can’t avoid and, hence, grit and grind over.

But am I not in control of these words I write? I learned these words and, hence, they were provided to me, each one generated and contained by its own neuro-circuit in the language centers of the brain. Your brain-centered, electrochemical ‘thought’ impulses were given to you and there are only so many ways words/concepts can be strung together to generate ‘meaning.’ But what lifelong series of events brought me to this point in which my brain is utilizing neuro-circuits to string together these words in just this way? Am I really in control of impulses that motivate other impulses that generate these sentences?

However, many claim that this mechanistic engagement with the predetermined causal order (God?) is just another story. Yet, is the fact that the sun rises and sets simply another story? Possibly, if we stretch the imagination far enough we can come up with all kinds of other hocus pocus conclusions to explain that fact (and there are many such stories out there). However, we cannot deny it is a fact that you use to conduct your entire life, every day of your life. Days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, etc, are all fictional boundaries not found in nature, but based on a rising and setting sun and necessary for egocentric existence in a fictional social paradigm.

So when science completely deconstructs and reduces the ‘self’ to a simple, mechanistic brain process, what stories will be told and how will we live out our lives knowing this as a fact similar to the rising and setting of the sun?

Will you hate science for taking "you" away from your "self"? Will “you” still struggle mightily to consider your ‘self’ a special little snowflake, demanding everyone else see you as such, else you will 'feel' bad? When it is discovered that the ‘self’ is merely a location in a cranium, and has nothing to do with agency, because no free-will exists amongst billions of neurons transmitting impulses based on influences beyond the brain’s control (as it has been programmed to do) along trillions of dendrite wires, how will you conduct your life?

Will it make a difference knowing you have no free-will in what you think and do and that you are nothing but a puppet directed by a predetermined causal order that preceded your existence, but granted that existence nevertheless?

Will you be “happier” knowing there’s really nobody up there and that it makes no difference what you “think”? Will you finally experience the freedom that not having a ‘self’ to contend with provides? Will what you ‘do,’ no longer take on grave significance upon recognition that there is no ‘doer’ of anything ever done? And if no ‘doer’ ever did anything, will you experience an incredible relief for all the “bad” things you did that still require you experience guilt and remorse? Will the hatred for those who have ‘done’ wrong to you simply dissolve into thin air because there is no longer anyone to blame? How much attention will “you” require when there is no “you.”

What will the world be like when no one considers themselves special little snowflakes?


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Posted: Oct 29, 2013 4:53pm
Oct 23, 2013

Egocentrica mammalians have no choice but to “believe” things and this appears to aid them in having a meaningful existence. Their brains are packed full of circuitry based on fabricated beliefs, that seem to obstruct facts (death) and they tend to vomit their fictional beliefs all over everything, making a real mess of the place (precisely what I'm doing now).

The paradox is that egocentrica mammalia’s fictional existence is a part of the causal predetermined order. This order allows egocentric “thinking” to devise more complicated theories and ideologies for which to extract itself from that very order that spawned him and allowed him the neuronal based capacities to seek such an exit from his suffering, which he continues to do currently to this day. 

No other part of the predetermined causal order is so endowed and preordained to live within made-up fictional realities that attempt to remove the egocentric 'self' from the natural world. 

Clearly, it appears that egocentrica mammalia simply suffers from too many neurons. If he had a few billion less neurons, then he might be able to see the patterns of the predetermined causal order and realize his purpose in that order.

Nevertheless, even the belief of being separate from the natural order is part of the natural order and this highlights the complete lack of free-will that egocentrica mammalians actually have with regard to their thoughts and actions, which they believe are of their own agency and choice. 

Egocentrica mammalia must remain part of a predetermined causality, but is innately and instinctively endowed with the delusion that he can extract himself and be free of that order. Hence, he magically fabricates fictional exit ways that only multiply the ways he can suffer. He does this simply because he has no choice, since it all is predetermined and started long before his existence was even "known" by him.

Egocentrica Mammalian’s revel in their fictions and they believe they have conjured it all up by themselves. This causes him to believe that he is not part of the predetermined causal order and, hence, that he actually has the power to moderate his destructive tendencies through his own thoughts and actions. However, if the predetermined causal order did not require his destructive capacities, then he would be absent them.

Why would a “thought” arising in your brain, formulated from neuro-circuitry, be different from any other electro-chemical impulse occurring in the brain? Is the impulse that informs you of hunger any different from the one that tells you to want pizza instead of a burger? Is the “thought” impulse to say a prayer before bed more sacred than the impulse informing you to have a bowel movement upon waking?

Are not all brain impulses made of the same electrochemical soup? How is it one thought can be more significant than another when all are made up of the same synaptic, electrochemical transmissions, firing off in the same 3lbs of fatty tissue?

Nevertheless, egocentrica proudly refers to the ordinary electro-chemical impulses of the brain as “thought” and he believes these impulses are all contained in a “mind.” He speaks about all these ordinary neuro-circuit impulses with great reverence and pride, but also suffers through impulses he does not like, but can’t seem to terminate no matter how hard he meditates to achieve "enlightenment" or prays to God for "deliverance." He fictionalizes particularly meaningful thought-impulses as “wisdom” and villifies bad thought-impulses as “evil,” even though no such designations exist anywhere else in the natural world. He works diligently to protect his fictions and will often kill other egocentrics and destroy his own habitat to preserve his fictional "beliefs."

More significantly, egocentrica mammalian's are know for a thorough indoctrination of their youth into the prevailing fictions through “education” and this is based on the specific social order from which they exist and that ultimately defines what brain-based, electrochemical impulses (thoughts) are valuable and which should be avoided. Through education, egocentrics are taught the fictions for which they are expected to base the conduct of their entire existence, living as if these fictions were, in fact, true and basically doing what they have been taught to do. Unfortunately, each and every passing year, their fictions become intricately more complex and inexplicable, but this will aid them in weaving thousands of fictions into “stories” and from these stories they will continue to destroy themselves and exploit the natural world that spawned them. 

They will learn that to believe in the fiction of “money” they must engage in other fictional activities called “work” and the type of work they choose will determine how much money they have to spend on objects that help support other fabricated fictions, i.e, career, wealth, status, prestige, pride, love, happiness, etc, etc. Those egocentrics who refuse to engage in this fictional based activity, will obviously suffer the consequences.
However, many of them have devised ingeniously incredible fictions involving “gods” and “satans” and many of these fictions have been passed down through countless generations. The causal order has only predetermined egocentrica mammalia to persist in fabricating fictions and nowhere else in the causal order does this occur. Hence, egocentrica mammalians only do what they must.

Some will even break from the mainstream fictions and construct alternative fictions that employ conceptualizations, such as “enlightenment” or “awakening,” and many will become masters of these fictions and spend their lives teaching others how to revere and worship these fictions. They will dress in robes and shave their heads as symbolic of their fictional mastery and to generate reverence for the electro-chemical impulses, or “thoughts,” that these fictions require they “think.” They will string together, through the language centers of their grey matter, complex concepts and declare these concepts as “truth,” but will diligently fail to notice that the causal order of the universe pays them no heed whatsoever and goes on doing what it has always done since the predetermined causal order created the biosphere allowing egocentrica mammalia to live.

Hence, egocentrics have no free-will to terminate their fiction constructing capacities, because they have been so ordained by the predetermined causal order to construct fictional realities through which to suffer, and seek relief from suffering, as they have done for centuries with no end in sight.

So if you knew that every thought in your head was a product of a predetermined causal order, an order that had shaped and molded the entire universe, and continues on shaping and molding…what would you think? What fictions would you ‘choose’ to live by to shape and mold your existence, if you knew with absolute certainty that every thought that you experienced was entirely outside your ability to control, because every thought since birth was predetermined? If “thoughts” are nothing more than electrochemical impulses firing off in the brain, would it matter what you “thought” and if it didn’t matter what you thought, would “doing” anything matter at all? 

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Posted: Oct 23, 2013 10:16am
Oct 14, 2013

Since the Big Bang, causally determined actions have unfolded along evolutionary lines completely absent any action egocentrics could apply to alter or reverse this direction simply because egocentrics did not exist, but were to become ineradicably linked to that natural predetermined causal pattern. 

Nevertheless, the moment egocentrica mammalia got the bright idea that he had a 'self' floating around somewhere between his ears, he immediately fabricated a belief system to match that delusion and then attempted to remove himself from the unfolding actions of the natural order. 

However, for centuries he did attempt to live in accord with the patterns of the causal order by cooperating with it. Yet, by believing he could CHANGE the direction the causally determined universe has been following, long before fat-brained, belief-vomiting egocentrics were allowed the opportunity to manifest as living organisms, egocentrica mammalia sought to remove himself completely from that order by fabricating fictional realities that he proclaimed more significant than the causally determined universe that spawned him. 

If egocentrica mammalian's ridiculously stupid beliefs were NOT supposed to exist and cause chaos and destruction, the determined causal order would have seen fit to extract them from it's natural order of things. Yet, the fact that egocentric beliefs exist, demonstrate quite conclusively, that they are a part of the natural order.  In other words, you're supposed to believe that patently fictional bullsheit that you now believe.

By making fiction more real than fact, egocentrica mammalia embarked on his own eventual destruction simply because even “he” is a fiction. Nevertheless, he has ordained his fictional self with universal importance above and beyond what the predetermined causal orde has in store for him. However, he does all this with the full and complete blessings of the predetermined causal reality that gave him existence, because he has no choice. He can believe he is outside that order (fictional bullsheit), but he cannot remove himself and he never has...

This belief that egocentric humans could somehow alter the direction that has been determined by a universe, that allowed them to exist in the first place, continues on to this day and all because egocentrics hate to fooking suffer. Suffering is a necessary criteria of the natural order and you should be blissfully happy to be a part of that. It is bona fide proof you exist.

The fact is clear. The universe desires egocentrica mammalians do exactly what they do or what they do would not be done. Ergo, the obvious conclusion is that egocentrics are preordained to fook up the planet and there is absolutely nothing they can do to reverse that direction. All because egocentrics hate their suffering, even though the natural causal order has ordained that they MUST suffer.

Egocentrica screams at the universe, “I refuse to suffer!” Obviously, the universe that allows for a predetermined causal order that created egocentrica mammalia, doesn't even hear his constant bleating. 

Egocentrica mammalia seeks to end suffering because he believes it should not be there, even though the natural causal order, that gave him life, so decreed it exist exactly as it does. Yet, once you recognize that suffering is an inherent and crucial part of existence, why seek to relieve it? Same as death, which is also an inherent and crucial part of natural existence. Why seek to prolong life? Why seek to heal the sick? Why complain about gassed children in Syria? Why seek to stop wars from occurring if it is universally preordained, else they would not occur at all?

The obvious answer is that egocentrica mammalia, as a species, is as much universally preordained to start wars as he is to seek an ending to war and this cannot be altered or tampered with to achieve any appreciable change in this dualistic equation. Centuries of war and peace have demonstrated this fact and all the spiritual religious hocus pocus in the world will not make a speck of difference in altering this fact ever.

I love how spiritualists throw around the concept “collective consciousness” as if in the collective consciousness were nothing but pink ponies and unicorns. Any consciousness collective would have to have as much blood and gore as it has rainbows and cuddly bunnies. 

But you cannot bust outa the programming and the programming has always informed that life is “sacred.” This perception has been cause of much suffering, simply because the predtermined causal order of the natural world holds nothing sacred.

There are essentially 2 types of suffering. Natural and man-made.

Natural suffering is based on nature’s complete indifference to our fabricated fictions about the sacredness of life and how one should conduct one's life in the “sacred” time one is allotted. Nature cares not a spit about your family, your education, your career, your bank account, your business, your possessions, your body, your status, your life, etc, etc, nature, very simply, doesn’t give a rats patoot about YOU. It can take you out in the most horrendous ways regardless of the "truths" you value, simply because its Truth trumps all others.

Nature is utterly and blatantly indifferent to our values, i.e., honor, respect, compassion, love, truth, spirituality, friendship, justice, equality, sacrifice, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam. These, and millions more like them, are fabricated fictions and are the 2nd type of suffering. They simply do not exist anywhere in the natural world and to adopt them as the purpose and nature of your existence is to adopt suffering

As you might know, based on the "happiness scale," the happiest people reside in Calcutta, mostly in abject poverty and squalor. They need deal mostly with natural suffering and significantly fewer fabricated fictions as the U.S., who scored very low on the happiness scale and whose population takes the lead for most antidepressant medication use.

And now we are watching a great deal of our fictions began to dissolve into the nothingness from which they arose, with much hand wringing and gritting of teeth.

There will not be one great collapse, just the ebb and flow of marvelous waves of great suffering. The suffering must go on. Egocentric man exists to suffer. That is his purpose, no matter how hard he stamps his feet demanding it be gone and, it should now appear obvious, that after centuries of unabated suffering, his purpose is to suffer and die. What other purpose has the universe allotted him? And all his attempts to relieve his suffering through constructing ever more complicated fictions through which to conform, simply create additional suffering because nature simply does not care.

So carry on...suffer and seek relief, suffer and seek relief, suffer and seek relief, on and on, over and over, ad nauseam...and then die (look at this in your own existence).

Such is the actual purpose of egocentrica mammalia. Hence, the question asked is how does one exist in a predetermined causal order in which one’s purpose is to suffer and continuously seek relief from that suffering because one believes it should not exist?

Just that and nothing more…

(However, there are those who have adapted to the predetermined causal order and are free of the need to have it any other way. But you rarely meet those folks, because their anonymity is part of that realization).

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Posted: Oct 14, 2013 6:14pm
Sep 10, 2013

“Let’s face the truth. Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer, says Joseph Campbell. I think we should stop asking ourselves existential questions. In order to escape the brain’s complexity, let’s start asking ourselves these simple questions instead: What meaning do I give to my life? What is the purpose of my life? What is most important to me in my life? What are my deepest values and beliefs? Adding purpose and values is the only way to live a meaningful life.” Read more:

This author appears to conclusively answer the ultimate question and claims that the answer is the “truth” that we must “face.” Yet, the author then goes about negating that very truth she claims we must “face” by suggesting we should construct our own relative meanings by “adding purpose and value.”

Wait. What?

How is that “facing truth”? Is it not realistic to state that, if life has NO meaning, then to live as though it does is to live a lie? If this is true then everything that egocentrica mammalians do, other than eat shit, sleep, fuck and die is absolutely meaningless and fictional.

If the truth is that life is meaningless, who are we to alter that fact? If life is meaningless, and this has certainly been the conclusion from centuries of eastern and western philosophy (so it’s easy to see why this author claims it as truth), then why are we not living in complete accord with that truth?

Should we not be living as meaningless a life as possible if, in fact, the truth is that life is absolutely meaningless? Why attach relative meanings to an absolute meaninglessness if they are false?

Could it be that centuries of “bringing meaning to life” has resulted in the current state of affairs in which it has become abundantly apparent that we are progressively hurtling toward our own inevitable doom through a confusing confluence of conflicting meanings all crashing headlong into one another? For a belief to be meaningful it must be defended, else why adhere to it and live by it as meaningful. For every belief defended there is the opposite belief also defended and this creates all manner of havoc.

For instance, we have accused Syria of gassing their own people and thus we find it meaningful to drop bombs and kill people to punish them for killing people, because we believe there is clearly a meaningful difference between killing a thousand people with gas or killing a thousand people with bombs.

It appears that if only life could be absent meaning, we’d all be alot happier.

Possibly, what humanity requires is a little bit of nihilistic meaninglessness, because all our meanings are slowly killing us.

If the truth is that life is meaningless, then who are we to oppose or negate that truth by conjuring up fictionally symbolic meanings that really do nothing to alter the truth whatsoever? Should we not pray to the meaningless and practice rituals that have no purpose?

Note that the author claims that life’s meaninglessness is the truth that we must face. Yet, how does one face that truth and learn from it (enlightenment?), if we’re all running around defending fictional meanings that do nothing to debunk the stark truth that it’s all meaningless? If the truth is that life is meaningless, why pretend it isn’t? Is the way to a meaningful life pretending it’s not meaningless, when in fact that is the truth?

Why would anyone want to live in ways that oppose truth?

However, this raises a question:

Is it even possible to live a meaningless life?

If your life is meaningless, why would you want to live it at all? Are egocentrica mammalians the only species with an innate need to seek out patterns, superimpose meaning upon them and then live as if that were true?

Nature is completely indifferent to your meanings and does whatever it does regardless of what it means to you. It follows a causal order or WILL that can and will easily crush your meaningful fictions like a handful of grapes. No matter how many fictions egocentrics superimpose upon nature, nature is meaningless and exists as such. Nature does not care what you find ugly or beautiful. It is not even aware of your sense of right or wrong and it apparently does not have the slightest inclination to conform to what you consider good or bad etc, etc. Nature kills, but never murders. Although you’re all jiggy with how ‘awesome’ you are, nature couldn’t give two farts in the wind about your self-esteem, your values and morals or protecting your precious “lifestyle.” To nature, you are as meaningless as a baby antelope being ripped to shreds by a pack of hyenas.

So now that we know for certain that life is meaningless (as the above author correctly informs) shouldn’t we find a way to live in conformance with that truth? If it’s all meaningless, then all meanings are equally sheit no matter who believes in them or doesn’t. Hence, if life is meaningless, then there is absolutely no purpose to it, making each and everything you do in your busy day as purposeless as anything else anyone else does. Whether you sit on your butt all day and watch soaps or volunteer to feed the homeless, both are equally of no purpose, simply because life is meaningless. Your life is as meaningless as your death, so why are you struggling to do important things with your life? Or maybe death is more meaningful than life…

Nevertheless, because egocentric mammalia has no free-will, he cannot shake free of his need to make meaningful stories as the universe has so endowed him. Thus, he cannot live a meaningless life and any attempt to do so would be packed with meaning, thereby, negating the purpose of meaninglessness which, obviously, must have no purpose in order to conform to meaninglessness. Hence, to avoid the excruciatingly painful vacuum of empty nothingness (imagine living a life for which the only purpose of that life was to eat, shit, sleep, fuck and die) egocentrica mammalians have spent thousands of years constructing fictions for which to fill that void, regardless of the truth.

And not one of their fictions has ever altered the truth even one tiny bit...

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Posted: Sep 10, 2013 2:14pm
Sep 1, 2013

You have no soul, no spirit and consciousness is entirely brain centered and produced.

I recognize that for some that fact may suck, but this allows you to be one with the universe that gave you that existence (as a brain controlled organism), which also allowed the environment you exist in and, when you understand this “spiritual” fact fully, you will be free from suffering through your short monotonous existence that is as meaningless as the dust bunnies under your couch.

It is true, however, that this fact contradicts your need to construct all types of stories to make your monotonous existing more bearable but that, paradoxically, only creates more complexity and confusion resulting in your continued suffering. You’re not surrendering to some nebulous conceptualization of kumbaya spiritual “energy,” some magically mysterious ether mist or a dogmatic, all powerful “god” entity/being/thingy, but simply to the physical organ that allows you the power to conceptualize anything at all, because it grants you the power to “think” and BE conscious in the first place. The universe that gave you existence, gave you that, so why seek to negate the fact through some confabulation of truth?

You did not choose to be brain-centered with an intellect amazingly adept at constructing fictional stories for which to conjure up meaning out of nothing. The universe gave you this capacity and the universe can take it away. You have no free-will and, hence, you have no autonomous ‘self’ for which to claim such freedom and act as if that claim were true. It’s that simple!

This is the “surrender-to-oneness” that many authentic guru’s claim to have realized, but that most of us will completely fail to understand by sitting in the lotus for 50 years “meditating.” Any so-called “spiritual teacher” who claims meditation as a way to enlightenment is either totally ignorant, mentally ill (most clearly demonstrate bipolar symptoms) or need to sell books to pay their alimony and child support.

Nevertheless, meditation is a good exercise to test your complete lack of free-will in relation to “thoughts” in your brain that are aligned with your genetic and socio-cultural programming. Sit back and try not to think and watch how fooking impossible that is. In fact, not only is it impossible to stop thinking but in the process of trying not to think, all manner of thoughts consistently pop up out of thin air, completely outside any capacity to control. One thought will then lead to another, thereby, influencing the next until finally the thought; “I must not think” (obviously influenced by the “thought” that you’re not supposed to be “thinking” while meditating or else how will you achieve your socially conditioned “enlightenment”?) will ultimately engage the whole process to begin again, resulting in the same programmed thought patterns spewing out, helter skelter, all over your brain circuitry.

Hence, you have no free-will to stop thought, control thought and all thinking is either influenced by current environmental factors or programmed brain circuitry that simply fires up without any decision on your part, because it is either wired up that way or provoked by external factors outside your control. When sheit happens out of the blue, you react based on the tangled up sheit in your skull and you had nothing to do with the formation of either. That sheit just started happening the moment you were born. This is your freedom.

Essentially you live your “life” like you drive your car. Until the texting idiot behind slams into you, the last thought in your head had nothing to do with driving. You’re completely programmed to drive a car with robotic precision and you needn’t give it a thought, until the external environment influences you to direct conscious attention on a specific external event. Hence, while you are driving, thoughts anarchically bounce around your cranium having absolutely nothing to do with driving, with most influenced by some previous or future event or simply influencing one another. You have absolutely no free-will to think whatever you want and most thinking just occurs outside any conscious awareness until the environment outside your head demands your attention.

Is it any wonder egocentrics become alcoholic and drug addicts? It seems to provide freedom from the uncontrollable. You literally hate your brain...

Sometimes I like to think (though I know better) that I have volitionally chosen in this moment to think specific thoughts about writing this blog post even though, through careful analysis, I can see how my decision to write in this moment was influenced by myriad of factors outside my control. Each sentence written influences another electro-chemical “thought” impulse that joins up with new electro-chemically induced “ideas” that then lead to even more.

How did I even come to the realization that free-will is an illusion when, for decades I believed “I-me” made choices completely free of any influence? I have no clear idea, just a broad recollection of past events that caused my circuits to generate impulses that directed me to this very exclamation point…right….here…!

What is “thinking” if not electrochemical synaptical impulses processed within the language centers of the brain? All sensation runs through language centers to facilitate conceptual understandings we abstractly refer to as “intellect,” but that are nothing more than neuro-circuits conditioned from birth to provide quick neuro-linguistically programmed scripts learned through years of socio-cultural conditioning.

So relax….why feel guilty about what you were “thinking” if you have no free-will to choose specific thoughts anyway? Your perverse fantasies of Miley Cyrus were formulated through many years of neuro-synaptic impulses passed on through millions of miles of circuitry linking up to other impulses that you consider, at times, “erverse” (itself a circuit all its own).

What is an “experience,” if not simply an electro-chemical impulse generated exclusively by the brain being influenced by sensation? You may look to an external world to generate sensational experiences, but it all comes down to brain circuitry. Bungee jumping certainly seems to require specific materials and settings external to the brain, but it will be the brain that provides the experience and nothing else, because your entire life is experienced neuro-chemically.

Your “happiness” consists of just the right levels of serotonin, dopamine, catecholamine’s, endorphins, etc, etc. If it’s all in your brain, then clearly you must be dreaming…

Choices are certainly made as a means of generating certain experiences, but you interpret some choices as good, while others are bad. Where’d you learn that sheit?? You have no free-will in this simply because the neuro-circuit programming has constructed conditional filters through sensations are sifted, processed and evaluated to provide an “experience.” Yet, the experiences will happen whether you evaluate them or not, but your evaluative function will ‘know’ the experience and rate it as a means to promote future acceptance or rejection which directs future seeking or avoidance. This is referred to as excitatory or inhibitory processing.

In fact, you most likely can recall times when you had no idea why you did what you did and this emphasizes the spontaneity of neuro-circuited “thought” impulses and why you are ALWAYS spontaneously in the moment. Without the brain you could have no sensation at all and the brain can even give you sensation were no such external impulse exists.

Hence, because the “I-me” identity neuro-circuit exists in your skull and nowhere else, you generate a delusional experience of volitional choice, simply because you identify the cranium encased fatty material as “me.” You act and then claim the act as exclusively owned by “me” and not another. But you will never say, “my brain did this,” even though, clearly, that is exactly what occurred, since the action whether spontaneous or deliberated on, was prompted by specific neuro-circuitry in a specifically located cranium. The “I-me” delusion is based solely on location and not agency. Everywhere you take your head is where you will find your ‘self.’ You can’t take your head anywhere and not be your ‘self.’ Because you are in a specific skull, you will always find yourself there, no matter where you go, until the brain shuts off and then you will not be anywhere, because you will not exist as “me.”

“I-me” could never find my “self” in your skull, simply because that happens to be where “you” are and it’s a natural law that only one brain be attributed to one head. Even though two heads are possible, there can only be one brain per head. No matter how many appendages and limbs exist on a specific organism, there can only be one brain to control it all.

You don’t have some nebulous, mysterious mind, you have a brain and that organ is firing off billions of electro-chemical impulses every second and the energy generated from that is called “consciousness” and you are simply not in control of that process.

Egocentricity wants to glorify itself by being more than a brain housed in calcium. It desires grandiosity through a self somehow not engaged with the brain at all. A self completely free of electro-chemical impulses and this is how it can destroy everything around it with impunity.

Many claim the argument of free-will is ridiculous and matters not in the least. Yet, it is more than simply whether or not you have free-will and more about whether you even have a ‘self.’ If we claim the self is contingent on free-will, then clearly if free-will is an illusion, so must the self be a brain generated mirage.

The question of the 21st century revolves around the fact that an “I-me” does not even exist and never has and this has deep spiritual significance. If you want absolute freedom then you must exit the prison of ‘self’ and this can occur simply by recognizing each and every impulse of the self is nothing more than brain activity.

Do what you do, until something else comes upon you, because you simply are not in charge of anything.

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Posted: Sep 1, 2013 4:15pm
Aug 10, 2013

Don't know who he is, but this guy gets it....

The causal determinism that allows planets to remain in constellation with one another is the same force that motivates you to tailgate me because I’m driving to slow and you have an important engagement to attend. The thought of being late arises from the same causal force as that which keeps the earth in orbit around the sun. Nothing is free of the universal WILL that easily trumps the egocentric “willpower” that believes its choices are free of causality.

The causal order is directed by a WILL that entire galaxies must adhere to, so in what way do you believe you are FREE of that? 

If the WILL that gave you existence demands you engage with serious intent in silly social games of no significance, you will do as directed. If the causal WILL requires you be afflicted with cancer and die, again you will do as so directed, regardless of all your attempts to thwart (which is also NOT freely willed). 

From the moment cosmic dust coagulated to eventually form terra firma (earth) not one random event has ever occurred. Everything you have done up to this moment, every thought that has arisen and bounced around in your cranial cavity has been as certain as the thought that proceeded it. Every action that your thinking has prompted, has been influenced from past antecedents that you had no choice in experiencing and that shaped the neuro-circuitry in your brain.

Every “choice” you have ever made was made for you at the moment of conception. You have about as much control over what you do as you have over the rising and setting of the sun.

This demonstrates that “you” have been out of the loop since the moment you were born, or whichever moment you believe you autonomously assumed the job of self-development which, of course, was previously the responsibility of your body, brain, parents, school, socio-cultural setting. Suddenly one day you simply took over the reins of your self-construction and became boss of your ‘self.’ You took pride in the fictions you chose to identify with as a part of your ‘self.’ 

Hence, if there is no choice in what you think and do, why fret so mightily about what was done and will be done? Isn’t it strange how sometimes you experience moods that you do not WILL to be and cannot determine the origin? Electro-chemical impulses arise from a neuro-circuit Netherlands, the depths of which you could never plumb even in your wildest imagination. There is sheit tangled up in your cranial circuitry that you have not even the slightest knowledge is there, but it clearly influences every thought you think.

You are not the creator of your thoughts. To be so would mean you would have to decide to think them before they actually arise in the mind. To be “creator” of your thoughts, you would need to decide to ‘think’ a thought before you actually think it. Like another “I-me” mind directing the “I-me” mind you identify as “I-me” to remember to pay the electric bill. Yet, the illusion of choice allows you to think you construct the thoughts in your head, simply because that’s where they are located. 

Yet one fateful day a few of you will arrive at the conclusion that the very self you call “I-me” is itself fictional and was never yours to begin with. You are an imaginary box in which you store numerous other fictions to actualize your “self” as real, even though a ‘self’ has no factual basis, but exists to give the body things “to do.”

The causal order is directing the action and all you can do is follow the script. It was written long before you came here and will be followed long after you’re gone, because there is nothing new under the sun.

Some are even allowed the WILL to see this overall grand pattern, while others remain completely oblivious to it and claim that it is their WILL that causes events in their lives, completely ignorant to the fact that life happens and there is no reason to have an opinion on that ‘happening,’ simply because it makes no difference one way or the other.

So why did the universe from which you were given existence ordain this life you now experience? Was it simply for you to realize that you are completely controlled by a causal order for which you have had no choice in controlling and that any belief in self-causation or individual WILL is to exist in a dream?

Hence, the determined causal order will reveal itself to you at its own choosing….

… or not.

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Posted: Aug 10, 2013 2:14pm
Jul 22, 2013

Clearly, through the most cursory observation of “evolving” egocentricity, it can be seen that the chief theme of the post-modern egocentrica mammalia has become nothing more than complete and utter boredom with itself and its habitat.
Egocentrica mammalia has reached the tippy top of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.” This now requires full participation in self-actualizing social scripts, and their attached grandiose self-absorbed fictional fantasies which, subsequently, causes him to become bored sheitless with himself and all his vacuous games, which only requires him to devise ever more complex and entertaining fictions to wile away the days until dead.

Egocentricity is accentuated by moving from one fictional self-actualizing preoccupation to the next. They meditate, masturbate and mindlessly meander about doing their "important" tasks, but they never quite feel “actualized” dwelling in their conjured up fictional realities that are supposed to result in "happiness" which they spend their whole life chasing up to the terminal breathe.

Egocentrica mammalia is a species that seeks ‘higher experiences’ as a means of extracting his sorry arse from the predetermined causal order that he had no “choice’ in causing and neither can he remove himself. This is a product of his delusional ‘authorship’ in which he actually believes that he has constructed a “self" through which he identifies with as an ‘authority’ on himself, completely ignorant of the fact that this makes no sense whatsoever. How can one construct a "self" that has as its chief role constructing itself?

So if childhood programming determined who and what you are, at what point did “you” take over that lofty task? And when you claimed authority over your "self" did that include dissolving all the conditioned beliefs packed up in your neuro-circuits that defined you up to that miraculous moment when you took over the job of self-development?

As a result, his actions, individually and collectively, consistently demonstrate that he neither knows who or what he is and, subsequently, has no real idea of what he should or should not be doing with the “self” he ‘thinks’ he autonomously constructed by him "self". Instead, egocentrica mammalians are ruled by pre-written self-actualizing 'scripts,' handed down over the centuries from one ignorant fool to another and pressed deeply into the brain circuits, for which the only purpose is to actualize a belief that one's life is not wasted, when obviously a scripted life is a total waste of time and egocentrics have become bored to tears with the scripts.

Hence, egocentricity has never been able to accommodate to itself based on the scripts that inform him what he should and should not be doing. But without the scripts, what the fook would he do?! He knows not...

Whereas, the rest of the natural world seems quite comfortable with its universally ordained nature, egocentricity has never been able to assimilate nature into itself, but instead, invents lofty but vacuous goals, causing him to become perpetually disgusted with himself, which only demands more complex scripting to medicate his mindless boredom.

This results in egocentrics feeling chronically compelled to “do” things to redirect and minimize their own self loathing, regardless of the value or need of the things they do, by engaging in the most inane activities focused solely on self-actualizing the nebulous, wishy-washy “I-me” construct tangled up in his neuro-circuits. This seems to give him a delusional sense of living through a unique, but completely meaningless “self” that means something to him, but doesn’t mean jack scratch to the determined causal order that simply continues to jerk his dumb arse around like a fooking puppet. 

Yet, all the while egocentrics beam with delight over the "good" choices they make, but with great gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over their "bad" choices, denying that in a dream, there can be NO choice because a dream denies the free-will to make choices because a dream is not real and how can a fictional reality be real? (this is a tad but off topic, but felt compelled anyway)

The incessant “doing” of egocentrica mammalia is clearly a disease, since the ‘doing’ symptoms only end when he’s stone cold dead, but never does he consider that this is what is actually killing him (rather, he cackles on about all the wonderful things he will "do" in the afterlife). 

Millions of miles of indoctrinated brain circuitry make it utterly impossible for egocentrics to cease and desist from ‘doing’ sheit. Many egocentrics claim that if we all would just do this or that, we could make the world a better place, without for a second considering that it was the centuries of sheit that was “done” that fooked it all up in the first place. Maybe if egocentrica mammalian’s could finally sit down and shut-up, the world might be a better place. Alas, this is simply impossible for egocentrics, who take great pride over how many inane and senseless things they can get done in a day.

They 'do' things to improve their longevity, while inadvertently killing themselves. They do things to save the planet while at the same time destroying it. As one bright mind once put it, “they know not what they do” but, or so it seems, they can't forgive themselves for this and continue to 'do' the same things they've always done. They really can’t make up their “minds” and this is a direct result of the fact that their brains have no clear idea who the fook they are and, hence, what purpose they serve. Thus, they invent fictional purposes and heroic stories to give their meaningless and vacuous lives some sense of importance.

Yet, they will pontificate out into the stratosphere about how “awesome” and special they are, while the causal order simply snuffs them out, one by one, (or sometimes by whole lots) whenever it feels like it and for no egocentrically discernible purpose. Nevertheless, egocentrics seek to demonstrate their self-extraction from the universe by doing the most horrible things to one another not observable anywhere in the natural world. In fact, they conduct their daily lives as if completely removed from the natural order that gave them existence in the first place. Egocentricity is undeniably a “cosmic joke."

Actually, as opposed to the knowledge imbued in the causal universe, the chief ingredient of egocentricity is ignorance masquerading as “intelligence.” In the fictional egocentric world, there are no facts, only relative opinions derived from individually programmed perspectives. No matter how smart they profess to be (and they really can’t shut up about it) egocentrics are truly the dumbest species to walk the planet. While the whole of the natural world rests securely and harmoniously in the knowledge of their place within the determined causal order, egocentrics exist in a chaos of mentally conjured fictions that never seem to make them any happier with the fact of their existence, simply because the fictions deny the brute fact of their existence which came from nothing and ends in nothing. 

Yet, the causal order has not allowed them the capacity to perceive through deluded fictions, since it was that order that caused them in the first place. This raises the question as to why the universe, from which all existence unfolds, has causally ordered to 'curse' egocentrica mammalian’s in this way. 

Why have they been so deluded as to see themselves as separate from the natural order by instilling them with an abject fear of that dependency? Why do they see themselves and all their fictional realities as more sacred than the very reality that gave them life to begin with? Why did the universe require egocentrics to perceive "better" or "worse," "good" and "evil," "right" and "wrong" and then make up fantasy stories based on those differentiations which they superimpose upon the natural world in the goal of achieving "happiness"?

It seems that egocentrics are cursed by the need to see what they want to see, but never what is actually there. Because of an illusion of choice, egocentric perception is ruled by dualism in which he believes he must choose his reality and, hence, filters out any and all which does not jive with his made up nonsense. This is utterly impossible to the whole of the natural order, but egocentrica mammalia believes he is separate from that order and, hence, not governed by its laws. 

Egocentrics believe that because they construct a fictional “self,” it is contingent upon them to construct a fictional world through which to inject that self, make it move around and do ‘special’ things not contingent on the causal order.

If the causal order caused your existence, through a clear and concise chain of events that began unfolding in the universe long before you were even born, do you really think that “you” should expect anything other than what you have received so far? 

Alas, if you are an egocentric, then clearly the answer is ‘yes.’ You believe you make your own "happiness" without considering if the causal order that spawned you even knows what "happiness" is, since it is purely a social construct you make real, but cannot be found anywhere else in the entire fooking infinite universe.

However, this is only because, even though the universe caused the entirety of all reality to exist, you somehow have come to believe you made your "self" and that you continue to construct your "self" completely detached from the natural order that made you exist in the first place.

If the sun, the stars, the earth, the ground you walk on, the air you breathe and the very body you inhabit were produced by a determined causal order, that you have had no ability to alter or change in anyway whatsoever, from whence did you get the silly notion you had anything to do with creating your "self"? Or that you have some inherent ability to thwart, redirect or alter the very course you are now on, based on a "self" you did not make?

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Posted: Jul 22, 2013 4:15pm
Jul 9, 2013

Someone told me that he believed we live in a “mad world.” Yet, has the symbolic egocentric world ever been other than “mad”? Has there ever been a time, from the moment homo erectus identified a “self” in his noggin, that the fictionally ordered egocentric world was not absurd to the point of insanity? Has there ever been a century when egocentricity has not slaughtered other egocentrics or destroyed the environment to satisfy its “interests”? Has there ever been a time when superstitiously paranoid belief systems have not been employed to generate and manage egocentric fear? Was there ever a time in which egocentrics had not sought out their own pleasure at the cost of other egocentrics and the world they inhabit? 

Granted, the big brain of egocentric mammalia has afforded him the technology to kill and destroy in enormously statistical numbers, but the basic nature of egocentricity has always been inclined to do so, regardless of the tools at his disposal. 

Yet, for centuries, egocentrics have also sought out ways to moderate their inherent need to consume and destroy everything in sight, but all to no avail. They have invented complex moral codes and laws to reduce death and destruction. But fictional moralities are eventually bent and twisted to support egocentric tendencies and destruction continues on unabated. When you invent, and seek to thrive, through a fictional world, that has absolutely no resemblance to the predetermined causal order of the universe, madness in the form of death and destruction cannot be eliminated from the fictional constructs and must necessarily increase as the perceived world is engaged through imaginary stories claimed to reflect "reality" and “truth.”

Death is a valuable commodity to the egocentric mammalia and this is in direct opposition to the natural world which barely gives it a thought up until the moment it strikes. But egocentrics employ death to achieve imaginary goals, because egocentrics will do anything to survive in an imaginary world.

The need to exist gives death the utmost prominence as collective leverage to motivate egos to engage all manner of absurd actions and behaviors. The threat of physical annihilation provokes individual egocentrics to engage in fictional socio-cultural games as if they were real and necessary to existence. This places egocentricity in a constant state of tension between the belief that what they must do is both patently stupid and absolutely necessary. This state of chronic tension is referred to as “anxiety” and it is endemic to post-modern egocentric society.

Anxiety is the primordial egocentric state of existence and it is directly consequent to the fear of death. It sits heavy upon every mood you experience and even haunts your dreams. Egocentrics will do anything to relieve themselves of this existential weight, even if it means believing in fictional concepts that are laughably ridiculous. 

Egocentric anxiety rises and falls in correlation with the ego’s sense of control. The more control asserted upon one's fictions, the less anxiety and when egocentrics experience a lack of control of their fictional constructs, anxiety increases. Nevertheless, in both situations, anxiety is omnipresent within the brain circuitry and self-enhancing fictional constructs are inadvertently wired up to survival-fear circuitry giving the constructs a reality that is not apparent in the causal reality of the universe egocentrics exist in and through.

Egocentrics require anxiety as a measure of the quality of their existence. Simply examine the numerous conditions in your own life that evoke anxiety symptoms. Hence, all your actions are directed to minimizing intensity, but you are never without anxiety. In fact, your entire existence is modulated and dumbed-down by your valiant attempts to avoid experiencing anxiety. Each and every action you engage in daily is an attempt to modulate the anxiety of social existence.

If you had no experience of anxiety, would you continue to participate in the daily grind of mind-numbing meaningless social games? Of course not, because without anxiety you most likely would find yourself living in the moment, engaging reality in ways that all your needs would be easily met through highly creative methods of being in-reality and allowing the universe to direct that course. But your socio-culturally programmed anxiety will always keep this fact from awareness.

Often you cannot even identify the cause of your chronic daily tension and this is because the cause has settled deep down within dormant neuro-circuits we refer to as the unconscious or subconscious, which itself has been socially programmed. Hence, without the ability to identify causes, you have no idea what methods might be employed to diminish the symptoms, because the programming packed up in your skull has completely preordained every action you take and the anxiety inherent in all social conditioning is pervasive to the very “self” you identify with as incontrovertibly “you.” 

So who are “you”? Are you no more than a victim of a world that you have been taught exists to serve you, but that has beaten you down into manageable pulp, easily shaped by social forces that seem to surround you, suffocate and press in on you? Why does anxiety seem to direct all your actions? 

Anxiety is a product of guilt and egocentric mammalia is essentially a guilt motivated creature. The natural world has absolutely no renditions of good or bad, right or wrong, but the entirety of egocentric existence is anxiously fueled by that dualism as opposed to the mere duality of the material world with its light/dark, up/down, inside/outside, etc, etc. Does nature perform “evil” acts? Does the universe perceive itself as sometimes “right” and sometimes “wrong”? Does the natural world punish itself when it is “bad” and reward itself for being “good”? Does the universe exhibit anxiety symptoms when it fails to complete all the tasks on its “To Do” list?

Only dualism discriminates between these fictional constructs and is the basis of suffering. Duality, as opposed to dualism, is the actual reality you engage with. Dualism is your attempt to conceptualize reality into fictional categories. Hence, rather than fully engage the predetermined causal order, you seek to transcend or transform “what is” to meet your conditioned expectations originating from your socio-cultural indoctrinated programming of good/bad and right/wrong. 

Nevertheless, because you cannot extract your “self” from a causally influenced reality, any effort is pointless, because your encountering the truth of this is predetermined long before your birth. 

So relax…. kick back and just keep doing whatever it is you do, because in a predetermined causal reality, nothing you do is good or bad, right or wrong. How could it be when every choice you make has been causally influenced and, hence, predetermined long before you were even born. 

Nothing is ever out of place or not in sequence. That doesn’t mean some things that happen to you won't royally suck arse, but only because "good" and "bad" neuro-circuits are still directing perception and there has, as of yet, been no cause to redirect that otherwise.

Hence, your madness is predetermined....

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Posted: Jul 9, 2013 6:16pm
Jul 7, 2013

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about some elite conspiracy to create a “New World Order”

Yet, the history of egocentric mammalia has been nothing less than a collective endeavor of extracting itself from the natural order, as ordained by universal causality, by neurotically inventing fictional world orders for which to dissociate itself from a causal determined universe that denies free-will. Hence, in order to maintain and reinforce a free-willed illusion of control, egocentricity becomes more deeply transfixed in its fictional realities and this provides an illusion of being removed from the causal order of the universe.
Through the psycho-symbolism of superimposing abstract concepts upon a material world, egocentricity seeks to dissociate itself from the natural world order. Obviously, dissociation from the determined causality of your existence is utterly impossible, since the universe allows you to exist and death tends to have a way of proving this rather consistently and without question.

Nevertheless, egocentricity gets all jiggy with the psycho-emotional experience of being dissociated from the natural order through symbolic fictions that seem to glorify its existence above mere causal determinism.
But a symbolically ordered reality can never be inherently real and egocentricity has had little success in dissociating from its cause, by chronically propagating the belief that egocentricity is cause of itself and its world. Nevertheless, the tenuous fragility of your beloved symbolic world could crumble at any second into a million scattered pieces with even the slightest provocation, simply because it exists as a fantasy in your head. Fully understanding this is often referred to in the east as an “awakening,” but in the west we call it “schizophrenia” or "delusional" and immediately prescribe drugs.

You can even note this phenomena in your personal life in which the slightest look of “The Other” could send your “awesome” day spiraling into the netherworld of suspicion and paranoia. Or a word, uttered in anger, could smash to smithereens the “ositive” mood you’ve worked so diligently at protecting and preserving. Such is the utter fragility of egocentrica mammalia in its belief that it constructs and controls its personal universe.

Some claim just such a “crash” is quickly approaching for all of egocentrica collectiva, which relies on symbolic abstraction to transfer its own superficially fictional meanings upon the natural world. However, it does appear we may have to experience many more years of inventing senseless conceptual dribble, through which to magically medicate the egocentric condition, before all egocentrica mammalians simply go stark raving mad trying to make sense of all the fictional contradictions and hypocrisies that make up their symbolic reality.

Egocentricity will essentially crumble in upon itself through its own chronic schizophrenic babbling about which fictional world is more “real” and “true,” without ever questioning the fictional concepts of “real” and “true.”

The essential purpose of all technology is to allow for egocentric dissociation from the very universe that gave egocentric mammalia existence. Egocentrics demands a “better world” for which to glorify the sacred goals of its otherwise meaningless existence.

Every year some “visionary” pundit explains how it’s possible for the future of mankind to be better if only we simply make this or that change. However, as with all symbolic realities, it’s easy to discern how egocentric progress is actually heading for a train crash of symbolic chaos and this becomes  more apparent with each passing day.

In this post-modern world it’s really not that hard to see that in a symbolic reality, anything can mean anything, depending on who says it and how many invest belief in it. It’s just that simple.
For instance, if the President of the United States (a fiction) claims that “drones” are necessary to keep the country (fiction) safe from terrorism (fiction), egocentrics will never question the fictions, but only the degree the facts (“drones) should be managed to protect the fictions.
Nevertheless, the natural order of the causal universe requires no control or governance, because it exists as fact. Its laws simply unfold and regulate reality through a general functioning that has no egocentric meanings or concepts to make it “real” or “true.” But because egocentricity wishes to separate itself and not be victim to the causal determinism of the natural world, it constructs imaginary realities that require fictional governments. The fictional realities of egocentric herds must have limits and this is facilitated through the fictional demands imposed by fictional governments.
Governments are popping up everywhere, imposing a seemingly endless array of spurious laws and utterly absurd rules to regulate your fictional experiences and, because they govern fictional realities, they too must themselves be fictional. Nevertheless, egocentric mammalia demands a fictional world through which to emancipate itself from the causally determined universe and this requires numerous fictional governments and governmental departments, committees, bureaus, offices, agencies, etc, etc, for which to control and limit symbolic egocentric fantasies. Although such fictions have no actual reality, we cannot deny that the causal determinism of the universe has allowed these fictions to assume a reality simply through the "Illusion of Control."
Egocentrics both demand and abhor governments. They live in a dualistic tension between wanting absolute freedom to do whatever they wish, but with a need to limit and structure to their busy scurrying about doing stupid stuff. Like little lambs they bleat and whine about wanting more control from their governments, while demanding fewer restrictions to manage their personal egocentric delusions of grandeur. 
The dilemma is that governments are made up of these same fearful little lambs. You cannot have honesty in a fictional reality and, as a means of controlling your fictions, governments have extracted themselves even further by constructing their own fictional realities as a means of controlling the fictions you idolize as “real” and “true.”
Note how the causal universe always has very discernible consequences that are clear and concise each and every instance. Yet, in a fictional reality consequences occur based on the power of the fiction. We can see this in the post-modern world today. National government has now become an immensely powerful fiction that proclaims itself “true” above and beyond any other fictions conjured up the egocentric masses. It has extracted itself not only from the fictions of the egocentric herd, but also manufactured its own fictions that are essentially immune to any consequences. Hence, it couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think, because it has transcended your fictional expectations almost completely and thus, does whatever it wants, whenever it chooses, without consequence. Other than bleat and whine about it, fictional governments recognize that to protect your fictional fantasies, there is very little you can do to limit their own.
For example, the fiction of the Federal Reserve is not actually protected by a historically fictional “charter,” but by the fact that it will pursue the fiction of monetary value exactly as all other egocentrics do, only on a much greater scale. Hence, egocentrics may complain to holy hell of an abuse of power, but all egocentrics desperately support the fiction of “money” and want as much for themselves as they can get.
This can readily be seen with governments in this post-modern era, in which egocentrics complain that the fictional powers granted to fictional governments is being fictionally abused through fictional constructs egocentricity has originally supported as a means to control, limit and structure the fictional fantasies of the egocentric mammalian herd.
But in a fictional government, fictionally elected by a herd of fictionally self-caused egocentrics, there is really nothing that can be done because the fictional government now sees you as a fiction and itself as more real, true and completely necessary. Hence, it can easily avoid consequences which the fictional egocentric collective herd may demand it face. It merely need justify its fictions and you can just shut the fook up, which most of the egocentric herd conveniently does as expected as a means of preserving their own fictional realities psychologically constructed through the Illusion of Control. They will never fully analyze how much of their lives they actually control, since the conclusion could only result in utter despair.
You must have seen this coming? For centuries the fictions have been piling atop one another constructing an incredibly ludicrous, but powerfully persuasive tower of babel, in which you now can no longer claim your fictional “civil rights” or any right to a fictional “rivacy.”

Popes and presidents, democracies and dictatorships, corporations and consumers, etc, etc, these fictions are simply made up out of thin air. The conduct of your life is entirely based on your investment in fictions and you are so deeply invested that you have not the means nor the brain circuitry to perceive fictions as fictional.

Indeed, the causal universe has ordained egocentrics to exist in fictional realms of meaningless fantasy and to stress and strain, grit and grind over the self-imposed limits of those self-constructed fictions. But there are those who neither fight the injustice of the fictions nor participate in emphasizing the fictional as real.

Yet, alas, to egocentrics, these folks are fictional…

Artwork by Gitannah - "Mystery Shadow"

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Posted: Jul 7, 2013 2:16pm
Jul 3, 2013

The free-willies claim that your thoughts create reality, so you better be damn careful what ya think. 

This raises the question, did the dinosaurs "think" themselves into extinction? (if only they had read “The Secret” or Deepak Chopra). In fact, I often notice my dog intently staring at me and I wonder “okay, what reality are you thinking me into biotch?” Since, obviously, her reality for me is much different than my reality for me (come to think of it, I often find myself giving her Milk Bone’s without wanting to).

Does nature ‘think’ its reality into being? If not, then why do egocentric’s ‘think’ they have something over nature? Are they not a part of the natural order? Are they separate from the universe that caused them into existence? 

The problem with “thought” created reality is that, deep down in your cranial cavity within a million miles of neuro-circuitry, you have many downright nasty subconscious thoughts that you’re not even aware of and, if thought created reality were even a remote possibility, there’d probably be alota dead bodies around you. But I'm just saying…

Egocentrics are essentially narcissistic by nature and they want everything to be as they say it should be. Hence, they’re all running around yapping and nipping at the heels of reality like a pack of neurotic Pomeranian's, gnashing their teeth and demanding everything be other than what it is. Nevertheless, the universe has ordained it thus and thusly it must be, simply because the causal universe couldn't give a spit what you think "your" reality should be. 

But, does egocentric mammalia ever thank the universe for its egocentricity and all the happy horse sheit that existence makes real? Nope. Not even a nod. Instead, egocentrics construct symbolic fantasies to make reality something it is not and never has been. Nevertheless, it seems reality doesn’t much care as it just continues being reality regardless of the symbolic fictions egocentrica mammalians superimpose upon reality to deny the brute fact of what is.

From the moment of the Big Bang, (long before you were born, by the way) a causally determined reality has unraveled (referred to as “time” and every moment has been entirely influenced by the moment before, right up to and continuing on after, the moment egocentrica mammalia insisted he had a ‘self’ and required the “thoughts” of that ‘self’ to be owned by exclusively by him, thereby, resulting in his both loving and loathing the chaotic sheit that pops up in his skull. 

Although we’re talking about millions of years, this love/hate relationship was also predetermined as a result of the Big Bang, since the one major pattern easily perceived as a product of the emergent, unfolding world, is "duality." Hence, a ‘self’ inhabited egocentric brain must both love and hate itself, intermittently, moment to moment and the harder you attempt to drown yourself in positive thoughts, the more intense will be the onslaught of negativity.

Not to mention that every time you ‘think’ you make a conscious decision, millions of “subconscious” neuro-circuits are influencing what decision you make entirely outside of your ability to even know what subconscious thoughts are influencing the decision you seem to be making in the moment. 

Is it any wonder why you often think of your 'self' as a stupid moron? But no worries, it’s not your fault. You had no free-will in sculpting your egocentric subconscious hell hole and there’s circuits firing off in there that you wouldn’t even want to bring home to mama. 

Experiences impacted your body and were stored in the brain as neuro-circuits. Hence, this very fact negates an autonomous “self” from the gitgo, since there are circuits in your grey matter that will result in specific interactions with your world that you can do nothing to alter simply because these circuits are outside the purview of conscious awareness. You don’t “know” they’re there, but they’re crashing against the rocks of every conscious experience you encounter, making it other than what it is. But that is part of what is too, since nothing escapes the causal determinism of the universe that made you.

Nevertheless, egocentrics can’t help but think they make volitional choices not influenced by anything but their own autonomous free-will. Such is the delusional nature of the fiction you call “I-me.” But this fiction is your natural endowment and if the causal order didn’t want you to have it, then you’d be sheiting in the woods along with the rest of the natural world.

Obviously, this means there are no random events or coincidences. Everything “happens” as it must, based on prior influences that had to occur, and is certain to happen as only it can, based on preceding antecedents. 

Every experience arises in association with a preceding experience and “you” have never had a choice in this, but you are completely unaware of the patterns that have impacted upon your grey matter. However, there are a rare few in history that have attained the capacity to understand this and, obviously, this was not in their power to achieve, simply because nothing need be done except what you’re doing right now in this moment.

Experiencing the non-duality of causative determinism is not a choice and so, it requires no effort at all. It just comes upon you one day and you think, “Huh? No! really….Dafuq!” (maybe not those exact words).

Problems will seem to arise, however, because all packed up in your neuro-circuitry are electrochemical belief currents firing off impulses you call “thoughts” and many of those “thoughts” seem to require you do grandiose things to emphasize your specialness and separateness from the unfolding natural order. This is a product of socio-cultural programming that you had no choice in learning, but that allowed you miles of neuro-circuits necessary to reinforce that your choices and decisions are not causally predetermined and that you actually make autonomous choices completely free from the influence of the universe. 

Yet, egocentrics actually are programmed to believe that the Big Bang unfolded a billion different manifest processes, except egocentricity. You believe the ludicrous idea that you make your “self,” completely free of universal causality and “you” actually believe you sculpt your egocentricity to your own specifications.

Without the Big Bang to kick start millions of years of causally determined progress, you would not exist. But egocentrics have extracted or emancipated themselves from this predetermined flow and, hence, they cannot reap the rewards of flowing with it, but must flow against it. It doesn’t matter what they ‘choose’ to do in this regard, because they will do what the universe has determined no matter how intense that suffering may be as they grit and grind over how reality, or the “world” they experience, “should” be something other than what it is being in the moment. Hence, we worship the historical visionaries of the world, whose great ideas haven’t even made the slightest dent in what the universe ordains for egocentrics.

When this understanding comes upon you, you’ll begin to see that one can never claim to  have wasted time or wasted their “life,” since in a causally determined universe, time is always utilized exactly as it must. Did you do absolutely nothing constructively productive today? Not to worry, because if "you" were not supposed to be a lazy bum today, you would never have been one. 

The non-duality of causal determinism can be a refreshing transcendence from guilt and anxiety for those who one day realize it. It smashes to smithereens all your conditioned ideas of what your “life” should be like. It allows the past to recede farther and farther from view, because it is only guilt that keeps the past alive. What anxiety could be experienced when one fully understands the causal certainty of a future that egocentricity cannot alter and any successful attempts at altering reality was preordained anyway. 

You just think “you” made the right choice when, in fact, no other choice could have been made but the one you made, contrary to all your gritting and grinding over what choice is best. It’s an absolute guarantee that you will make it, no matter what the consequences. 

Of course, while reading this, based on your programmed neuro-circuitry, you’re most likely squirming like a worm on hook. But no worries, the non-duality of causal determinism is not yours to “achieve.” You can no more make the experience happen, then you can make egocentricity disappear (which many have been trying to do for centuries, but to no avail as egocentricity seems to burrow deeper into the neurons causing nastier messes each year).

When you understand that you are cause of nothing, there comes an incredible lightness of being and you can stop all that incessant steering, letting the boat go where it will, which is obviously right where the universe wants it. 

Unfortunately, the universe is not a democracy. It follows the Law of Certainty and everything that has happened to you in your life, had to happen exactly as it did. There can be no mistakes in a causally determined universe of certainty. Yet, for those with the adequate brain circuitry, the patterns can easily be seen, because the circuits fail to filter perception, allowing you to see the big picture up close and personal.

Yes, Virginia, there is an ego, but there has never been a “you” to make it go.

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