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May 15, 2008
Assara Laser located at 7 West 51st Street, New York
Laser hair removal in Manhattan
Painless, quick & effective
laser hair removal is within your reach. We are the answer to problems of stubble and cuts from regular shaving, painful waxing and plucking. Unlike many of our competitors we can achieve fantastic results regardless of your skin color or whether you have a tan. Our highly skilled certified Specialists will ensure that you have a wonderful experience. Our procedures are a thoroughly-tested clinically-proven method of hair removal.

Exclusively at Assara Laser:
Simplicity. With our Unlimited Laser Hair Removal package, we will provide laser hair removal for as many treatment zones as YOU want, up to and including, your full-body.
The center offers an unlimited hair removal package for $599 per month.
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Posted: May 15, 2008 8:31pm
May 3, 2008

Aspergers SyndromIn this article I am going to outline the key factors that any parent must know when deciding to home school their child. Home schooling the child with Asperger's can be beneficial because you know your child better than anyone else. In the home school environment, routine can be maintained because there is not the impact of the needs of other children or other interruptions. Further, you have the ability to teach to your child's strengths that may not be readily recognized by others within the school system. Because as I am sure that you know it is often not the individual teachers that are at fault – but overcrowded and under funded schools are often the bigger problem.

It may also help your child avoid the affects of bullying that is often associated with any child who is different. A great deal of research indicates the problems of bullying in Asperger's children can be very significant and of course very damaging. Luke Jackson in his excellent book "Freeks, Geeks & Asperger's Syndrome" talks about the problems that he experienced as a teenager in school with bullying (an excellent book that is well worth a read).

The child with Asperger's Syndrome lacks social skills and the ability to fit in with their peers, yet they usually crave this type of interaction. So this can be a very problematic area for a child with Asperger's Syndrome. All children learn a great deal of their social skills in school and it is no different for the child with Asperger's Syndrome. Interacting with other children will not only provide them with the opportunity to develop some social skills, but develop life long skills that will be important to them later in life. At some point in his or her life, your child will need to develop skills that will help them interact in society. They will also need to develop the ability to make decisions in your absence. It is not likely that they will have the opportunity to learn these skills in home school, unless you are very active with other social skills groups. So this element of your child's development is one that you must address and consider when thinking about home schooling. This can include looking at suitable youth clubs, sports and leisure groups that your child may be interested in.

You will also need to work on emotions, social situations, Feelings etc. as part of the home school curriculum. This can be through discussion, emotions cards, role-playing, using specially designed computer software and obviously getting out there in to the community for real life lessons and social skills testing. There are now many websites dedicated to home schooling that I would advise you to take a look at such as:

It is also important to remember that there are certain protocols and legal requirements to follow for home schooling which you will need to check with your local education board.

In summary - home schooling can be excellent as it can better meet your child's needs and help to reduce bullying. But social skills and interaction also need to develop and this has to be properly considered for the home schooled child. As well as this any parent must take good advice on the subject and thoroughly research before taking such a significant step.

Dave Angel is a social worker with families who have children on the Autistic Spectrum and is the author of a new e-book that answers the 46 most asked questions by parents of children with Asperger’s. To claim your free 7 day Mini-Course for parents of children withAsperger’s Syndrome visit today.

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Posted: May 3, 2008 11:57pm
Apr 22, 2008

Vitamins are very good for diabetic patients. Each of these vitamins could help a lot in regulating sugar production and energy exertion.

Vitamin C can save cells from dying, all B complex vitamins contribute in alleviating its nasty effects in the body. A complete B vitamin supplements should help your body in managing the disease.

Health info at Easy good health and beauty Tips

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Posted: Apr 22, 2008 12:02am
Apr 21, 2008

Commercial skin care products may even cause skin irritations. how can you look good with natural? Yes, you heard it right! Nature has indeed been too good to us.

Here are some tips can work more beautiful you:

Juice of an amaranth can be an effective skin tonic. Add lime juice and milk then you can enjoy refreshing skin treatment to promote beautiful skin by gently massage the mixture on your face and neck for about half an hour and rinse it off using lukewarm water before going to bed.

Information from Health and Beauty Tips

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Posted: Apr 21, 2008 11:09pm
Apr 21, 2008

Breast cancer occurs due to the irrepressible growth of cells in the breast that invades the nearby tissues and spreads throughout the body. These collections of irrepressible growth of tissue are called tumors or malignant tumors. However, not all tumors are cancerous.

Breast cancer has been diagnosed in large numbers in North America and Europe. In 2001, about 200,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone. Every woman has a 1 in 8 risk of developing breast cancer, but the risk of dying from breast cancer is much lower, barely 1 in 28.

The risk of getting breast cancer is generally higher among older women, women with a family history or previous history of breast cancer, women who had radiation therapy in the chest region, women who started their periods before 12 years old, women who had menopause after 50 years old, women who never had children or had them age 30 or older, or women with genetic mutation. In recent times genetic mutations for breast cancer have become a hot topic of research.

The breast cancer tumor has the following symptoms: lump or thickening that appears on the breast or underarm, changes in the breast’s shape, nipple turned inwards followed by colorless discharge, red or scaled skin or nipple, or ridges on the breast skin.

If a woman experiences any of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean she has breast cancer. In such a case she should undergo a breast cancer personal check-up. It is estimated that 95% of breast cancer is detected through personal check-up. The breast cancer personal check-up includes checking for lumps in the breasts after each menstrual period, puckering the skin, and checking for nipple retraction or discharge. For consistent result, every woman should do a breast cancer personal check-up at the same time every month. Various other techniques such as mammography, thermography, ultrasonography, computerized tomography scan etc, can also help detect breast cancer.

Breast cancer treatments include surgery that removes cancerous tissues, with breast conservation therapy (BCT) being one such surgery. Other breast cancer treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and biologic therapy. Radiotherapy is a common breast cancer treatment, and radiation treatment and chemotherapy may follow surgery to ensure the destruction of the stray cancer cells.

Even after undergoing many or all of these breast cancer treatment measures, unfortunately almost half the women suffer from a recurrence of the disease.

If you are searching for ways to battle Breast Cancer, visit Susan’s site at Susan also enjoys writing on a wide range of topics at

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Posted: Apr 21, 2008 9:46pm
Apr 20, 2008

Source : How To Identify Different Breast Cancer Types

Breast cancers have various types, and knowledge on all of them is necessary for defining what treatment you need. Naturally, different types of breast cancers will have different causes, show different symptoms and will need different treatments than other types of breast cancer.

Breast cancer can either be invasive or non-invasive. Non-invasive breast cancers, also called in situ breast cancers, have a very high survival rate. Cancer cells in non-invasive breast cancers are confined to the site where the cancer originated, and have not spread to other organs. The most common non-invasive breast cancer is Ductal Carcinoma In Situ or DCIS, which develops in the breasts’ milk ducts and does not metastasize. The best and easiest treatment for DCIS is mastectomy, and patients are cured fully, most of the times.

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Posted: Apr 20, 2008 6:05pm
Apr 19, 2008

Forensic accounting is the fastest growing area of accounting today. It is a special type of career that involves the use of accounting, auditing and investigative skills to assist in legal matters. If you are looking for a career that is both exciting and financially rewarding, consider becoming a forensic accountant, but you need to own a required degree and license to start with. With the available of online education and the increasing market demands for forensic accounting careers, more and more universities are offering forensic accounting degree online.

The standard education requirement to start a career as forensic accountant is a bachelor business degree in accounting or finance, and you need to have a CPA (Certified Public Account) license. In additional to the requirements, you will also need to own a forensic accounting certification such as the Forensic Examiner Diplomat or the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation. Hence, if you are interested to enter this career field, then be prepared to equip yourself with the required degree, certification & license.

Many online forensic accounting degree programs offered by accredited universities have integrated CPA and CPE credits. The degree program can prepares you with the education requirement to become a forensic accountant. The key advantages of taking the forensic accounting degree online are Flexibility and Convenient. You do not need to commute to and from the school, save your money in term of transportation cost and your valuable time. In additional, you can enroll into the forensic accounting degree program offered by your preference university without the need to consider geography factor; this means you even can pursue a degree offered by university abroad as long as they open their courses to international students.

Info at Accounting Degree Online

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Posted: Apr 19, 2008 7:39am
Apr 18, 2008
If you are interested in healing from chronic back, neck, shoulder or hip pain, then it is important to work on improving your alignment. Misalignment plays a major role in the onset of neuromuscular problems and pain. So what causes misalignment? Accidents and genetic factors can contribute to misalignment, but the single most important cause of misalignment is the way we use our bodies.

More info please check here Reduce Back Pain By Standing Aligned
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Posted: Apr 18, 2008 6:54pm
Apr 18, 2008
The skin is the largest organ of the body, eliminating waste and capable of absorbing what we put on it. When affected by acne, many people seek natural acne treatment to eliminate the problem and not face some of the undesirable side effects of some medication. Diet also plays a vital role in the removal of acne. Foods that cleanse the system or do not place stress on it can help in eliminating acne.

The liver plays the important role of eliminating wastes from the body, and this sometimes includes hormones that cause an increase in oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. There are many foods that aid the liver in this cleansing process, and so a change in diet should be considered a natural acne treatment. The change can include foods that are known to detoxify the body.

Acne Prevention: Better Than Cure

more info at easy good health and beauty tips

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Posted: Apr 18, 2008 6:27pm
Apr 5, 2008
Diabetes Guide: What Is Diabetes Ketoacidosis?

Diabetic ketoacidosis is also known as DKA. Diabetic Ketoacidosis is not triggered by itself. It is a consequence for an another diabetes. When diabetes mellitus goes untreated, it takes the shape of Diabetic ketoacidosis. If not taken care of properly, DKA can prove fatal to your life.
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Posted: Apr 5, 2008 7:55am


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