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May 9, 2010

There are now more information available today on green technology which of these are you more interested in for your home or business?

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Posted: May 9, 2010 9:50am
Jan 23, 2008
Our country economy needs strong direction and leadership with economy in a recession.

The Next Direction Is A Green Economy 2008 and Beyond!

You Ready Here Is The Solution NOW 10:07 PM

In These Times We Need Solutions NOW!!
Which homes would you buy in a market like today ?

A Home with High Cost Energy bills or Zero Energy homes?
Do you want to know how and find Answers To Your Questions.
Then the TIME IS NOW!!!

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Posted: Jan 23, 2008 10:42pm
Jan 5, 2008
Dear Readers,
Please read this on Modified Food , DNA , rDNA and the conquest thru food.
Listen to on recently popular show Future Shock
which featured this program on the State of The Black Farmers.

As alway if you are interested in Solar Energy we sell and install these systems this week we are also features in the media newspapers for our recently completed solar project , yes this is the direct we must take to hedge against rising energy cost that critically impacts the black communities
Reviewing F. William Engdahl's Seeds Of Destruction - Part III
By Stephen Lendman

This is the third and final part of William Engdahl's powerfully
important book about four Anglo-American agribusiness giants and their aim to
control world food supply, make it all genetically engineered, and use
it as a geopolitical weapon. The story is chilling and needs to be
read in full to learn the type future they plan for us. Parts I and II
were published and are available on this web site. Part III follows below

Bro Wisdom2See

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Posted: Jan 5, 2008 8:23pm
Dec 15, 2007
Recently in the new the Senate did not extent the needed tax incentives and programs for it to began a new era for true economic change for energy independence and development for our economy.
The oil corporation wins thru lobbying against the bill thru their Republican counterparts in face of rising energy cost upon the America public .

Which may become back to haunt them during the presidential elections.
With both republicans and democrats will both heard the uproar from the America public and outrage for their lack of compassion for the high and middle class not counting the poor.

Windfall profits of just last year alone where over a half trillion dollars and it is not enough for these 18th century fossil fuel industrialist who are completely out of touch with what is true patriotism for the whole and not the few within the our country.


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Posted: Dec 15, 2007 6:22pm
Dec 15, 2007
Our Daughter Sister Megan Williams Horror Story Every Father & Mother Must See 2:20 PM

A email send to me that is very touching to my heart with great hurt .

This evening, I was blessed to meet Megan Williams, her mom and other family
members during a compelling forum about the horrific abuse she suffered simply

because she is Black --- the struggle definitely continues.

Because of legal issues, she couldn't tell her own story during the forum.

Check out this video interview of Megan before it is removed from the Net. It has been pulled from just about all of the sites that it was posted on; including the support/fundraising website that was set-up for her:

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Posted: Dec 15, 2007 3:07pm
Oct 1, 2006
This Report Must Become TOP Priority
Across America For The Growing Homeless!

This issue must be address immediately by
US Senate & Congress Are it
will be called The Greatest Hidden America Shame!

When Recently In Senate Hearding on C-Span
The reports where within next 3 years approx 8million more so-called Americans will be homeless. 8,000,000 Human LIVES! Massive Foreclosures and Broken Homes.

The Mortgages & Housing Lenders revealed preditiory lending practices upon approx 70% of the poor & middle black & spanish comunities with other ethic groups joining the ranks where approahed with Variable Rate Mortgages!

The report showed which we will add is today
across America millions are recieveing power companies cut-off notices .

We have found cases where single family house-hold
may owe over 2,000 dollars from their electric and past heating bills and little money or assistance from the faith-base or non-for profit group due to the goverment spending cuts. Electric & Heating Rates have increased by up to 70% cause the beginning of America's Shame!

And Now The Effect Are In We Are Now Coming Into
A Economic Recession and a Depression of Biblical


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Posted: Oct 1, 2006 9:09am
Oct 1, 2006

It great to see that at least the issues on Energy / Climate Crisis debate is becoming a forever growing concern between the environmentalists groups which global warming is helping to heat up the debates .

Eventually decisions that may force world governments to perform some actions to do something. .
The hidden agendas can be easy read between the lines of those scientific groups for support in nuclear when the cost of uranium is predicted to rise with 10years due to increases supply & demand from developing countries as China which may cause the result in supply shortages or continuing old ideas.

But what I would to say here is that the economic systems behind the ideas which inclined for continued support for more centralized energy delivery systems whether its nuclear, coal, or
natural gas contributions would only maintain decades of long corporate standing positions which we are now seeing mirrors’ an monopoly thru the industrialized worlds.
To point which in it efforts impede any sound scientific approach from competing in their arena of the Market place.

These scientific reports are not reflecting its true economic impacts that these energy multi-national corporations growing monopoly effects are having upon the world .
But to stall any clear conscience decisions politically.

Eventually the decisions will be base upon the geopolitics
if they have the will to effect the break up of ideas that foster corporate influences over that which may be seen as true development of competition within the market.

The true market place must wait and see.
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Posted: Oct 1, 2006 8:04am
Sep 14, 2006
A Direction For Black Leadership: Solar Manufacturing Production 2007

This is a Warning upon a Coming Prediction!
Wisdom2See ,International Radio Talk Host  of Talk Black Live Radio
As Salaam Aliakum

Bro Wisdom2See

Enjoy this great day the Creator bought you into existence for a
divine purpose now ,if we as progressive black people would spend
more time collectively to examine the wealth of opportunities in
been pioneers in the developmental stages of producing Solar panel
systems manufacturing base companies this would help place us on
level playing ground with the rest of society as mature players in
the games of commerce.
Power-outage and rising energy cost are directly linked to home or business foreclosures and rising food cost!
A Direction For Black Leadership: Solar Manufacturing Production 2007

The targeted market aspect of this great potential is huge for job
creation and with Africa market potential would be a great
accomplishments for the uplifted of black people within the
economic market place. Individual like yourselves with your talents
would help assist us in these endeavors with great R&D development
and patents to be developed.

To the development of plant operations, to sales distributions of systems,
and grow service sectors for systems installations of PV /Solar
products development lines.
I have question are we familiar with or understand the operations
of these examples of PV Solar equipment for a robust economic
recovery stimulus.

We must learn to compete in the Market Place has full players in the
games found with in the international markets!

Because of the rising cost of fuel the trucking industry may have
to go on STRIKE!

And With this being a possibility !

We have not united with the Black farmers to strengthen them and We
across this country depend entirely upon the white grocery store
chains but when they start losing money they will have to adjust for
lose of profits created from the rising energy cost.

Meaning possible mass closures of the grocery store chains thru -out
the Black communities.

Thru our research about this growing possibility & because it has happen put endanger the elderly, young mothers with babies, and entire poor black communities due to the rising gasoline cost to travel .
May have an adverse effect which may have many having
to travel 17 miles to 35 miles to reach a food store.

We Must address these issues now in front of an growing recession.

Now Think On This And Let Us Network And Do Something NOW!

This is a Warning upon a Coming Prediction!

BroWisdom2See, International Radio Talk Host
Daw'ud Muhammad
Certified Photovoltaic & Solar Installation Designer
Solar Energy Consultant
Josephs Visions Technologies,Inc.
JMS Solar Energy Network& Associates

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Posted: Sep 14, 2006 8:23pm
Aug 13, 2006
The Mideast Must Rethink A New Global Images
By Wisdom2See

Not only is the so-called Christian & Muslim OIL Barons owe a responsibility to humanity but if we have countries that has an hidden economic systems that promote poverty & pollution then the world now must see the climatic changes is the result of this 18th century ancient and adequate fossil fuel technologies which results are in that shows and proves that Global Warming effects are upon all Nations.

The issue must not be confused over religions but the issue is over a finite petroleum energy delivery system of which its is now time to completely remove the 18th century energy delivery system from use by civilizations of societies on this EARTH.

So the senseless killings between tribes of men must turn to predictive action of collectively working to Save the Whole of Humanity!

Within the hidden board rooms of the corporate executives found here within the so-called American Christians and so-called Muslim Corporate world have contributed to the massive pollutions that is totally affecting the Earth.

Is it true that they both owe an obligation to be good Stewardship of the Planet Earth?

If you are saying we are the number one or number two or three or number four oil refineries in the world and the only income or economic base is OIL then the world has a problem.

What I'm about to say is that this may be an paradigm shift in thinking for all countries to think about what all parties are fighting over when the eventual end is the coming destruction of the health and well being of civilization on the Planet earth.

Is it true that they both owe an obligation to be good Stewardship of the Planet Earth?

If you say we are the number one or number two or three or number four oil refineries in the world and the only income or economic base is OIL then the world has a problem.

The plumes of miles of refinery smoke trails thru the Mideast sitting on the earth’s equator with its neighbors Europe Russia, China, Mexico, India, South America & North America.

And alone with you goes your automobile manufactories executives & the central banks executives that are running the security markets all knowing in advance the serious affects and warning signs contributing from your years of poisonous plumes of smoke effecting the habit of all living LIFE!

Above The Air, beneath the Sea, and In the Earth it goes!

We can not see , taste , & smell death from your plumes of smoke within the AIR!

To all of the Oil industrials complexes of the planet how long and how many years have your plumes of smoke has invaded the Planet.

Those of you in charge the basic question is why have you refuse to implement new changes when we have witness that it has been over 100years of much changes have began with computers, sciences, mathematics, and even with discover of new planets.

What make you think that it is now not time for a change on the Earth from your years of neglect that is coming from your plumes of poisonous smoke?

What We have are corporations from all nations sitting upon its hands as if they owe no responsibility. They come before the world and ask for tax payers hard earned dollars to put in pipelines to learn that the repsonisble Oil companies have not TESTed or Upgraded the pipelines with all the taxpayers money and windfall profits can't find the Time to test the existing piplines haven’t been completed in years.

They come with rate increases before the worlds’ public as if they were doing a great job.

Consolidation of the Oil companies and closures of old refineries effects the Supply and Demand.

Will There Be By The American public an outrage over their tax dollars used for years by these OIL barons find themselves in a World- WIde Class Actions Suits demanding the returns of those many years of tax subsidies for alternative energy source that can serve the public in dual fashion cleaning the air and stimulating the economy at the same time.

To the damage ionic sphere and ozone layer of the Earth.

The whole world must rethink alone with the Islamic world which must rethink it images before the World to counter the disease industrialization processes spiritually that has effected the whole of humanity from the global petrochemical dependence to a aging fossil fuel technologies.

What I'm about to say here is that this may be an paradigm shift in thinking for these countries that may have to think about what all parties are fighting over when the eventual end is the coming destruction of the health and well being of the Planet earth.

The President say America is Addicted to OIL and could it be that The Islamic World is Addicted to its profits. And it may be the only generating source of income to be found thru -out a hot mountainous desert environments for which these nation must depend on.

I say that they both must break their dependences and become before G-d,
Allah has good stewardship as commanded.

A new form of economic systems must come into existence to address the winging of an 18th century fossil fuel polluting technologies of the EARTH.

New form of architectural design for nations infrastructure economically must come into place to address the climatic changes.

It is TIME for the Muslim community to rethink its Images and provide a new image of leadership to the World thru investing its resources to the development of new alternative energy technologies.

Become the The Voice of Advocacy which can provide new Leader in PV / Solar Renewable Energy Technologies in R/D and implementation of being the Master Card / GM financiering for all nation to began the creation of creating new houseing & businesses energy consuming processes.

You see really it a matter of time that this question will have to be answered.

Was it really worth tribes killing tribes in wars base upon a technology on its way out.

An for American public & the Rest of the World could easily make movements in very short period of Time that could drastically reduce dependence to the point that if your Muslim industrialized world do not come to terms immediately all of your divisions will mean nothing but life’s died in vein and what you will see the whole Islamic economy dieing with it because you and world where not good stewardship of the Planet Earth.

We have Solution we suggest immediate investment initiatives toward renewable energy applications easing interest rate for immediate worldwide implementations for business & housing, and for new automobiles introduction into the market place.

This is Josephs Visions To The World.


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Posted: Aug 13, 2006 12:28pm
Jul 16, 2006
The Great American Class Action Suit Against The Oil Industry
By Wisdom2See

Since the 18th century came the approaches of industrialists in what is best described in forms of creating economic systems and management style systems to increase production and profits which method used were questions when these approaches included child labor and unhealthily work environments due to a developing harsh environmental conditions which came from the explorations of the 17th century !

Human Slavery was the machines to help develop the infrastructure of an advancing society but due to the advent of technology the understanding of how to evolve into a clearer understanding of human reaction and its needs for increase productivity these ancient industrialist created new forms of management approaches between management & labor setting conditions to terms that influence the politics of the governments!

These relationships has continues till the present day but now the blood line that fuel these engines are OIL the life-line of an civilization but is it?

The ancient fossil- fuel industrials where they willing to hold on to their greed in front of knowing the changes of advancements of technology that threaten their years or centuries of enjoyments of profits?

Meaning that the competition of Renewable Energy Technologies Solar, Wind, & Bio-fuels would truly serves to bring an balance to these greedy inhuman .

And a end to lose of Human life thru-out the Mideast!
Reducing its importants economically or politically!

The question must be asked that during the pass 30years these ancient-fossil -fuel industrialist came before the America Public requesting in behalf of the American people for that which they said what was needed was help to pay for pipelines and upgrade of drilling equipment to satisfy the projected growth known to them in advance of a rising populations needs.

Hundreds of millions even billions of tax payers dollars they asked for and they received thru their strong lobbing efforts and television Ads to convince the Congress to help pay for their plans of industrial development.

And if the reports can be proven can or do the American Public have the will to call back these tax subsidizes thru the Congress & The Senate.

Everyone is speak about accountability we ask the poor to be more accountable will incomes nearly equaling nothing .
How about question corporate & board executives we has gained something.

And could these be the grounds for an Class Action sue in behalf of the American public on the results finding to the terms of which they promised to adhere to a standard of business ethics owing its obligations to the America Public sense then requested funding for so many years and upon top of growing Wind Fall Profits which the US Senators has mentioned taking back ?

Something to think about!

If during that time for over 30 years we had a Serious Alternative Within The Market Place implementing Renewable Energy Technologies has alternative in 2006 would we be in a War in the Middle East in a Hot desert?

But now the reports are in with these corporate executive and there board members down-size to outsourced millions of American jobs to maintain in the name of business ethics their advantages within the Free Market Place.

Now since we mention the term the Free Market Place which now come in to question is there a true Free Market Place if there is violations of the anti-monopoly laws of this country or the anti-trust laws ,and the anti-security laws of this country.

Could this be where the public tax subsidizes money were used by these OIL Barons and to find out how to find loop holes or if not help create new loop hole within the existing laws thru their strong lobbing efforts of the Congress or Senate!

Influencing both sides of the fence Republicans & Democrats in their pockets .

Now must we questions what we now know about the possibility of market controls thru corporate consolidations efforts and not one new oil refineries build within 30 years but closings and mergers which drawing a line to the controls of the markets supply & demand .

Oil industry complained about harsh environmental laws knowing that effects from the oilcould upon result in ground contaminants & water supply with air we breath which helped in creating the health effects upon the populist .

If during that time for over 30 years we had a Serious Alternative Within The Market Place implementing Renewable Energy Technologies has alternative in 2006 would we be in a War in the Middle East in a Hot desert?

American could easily had avoided the War within the Middle East !
What purpose would it serve to be in the Middle East need or level of important would they have if American was just 50% to 70% energy independent.

Who is responsible for this dilemma
They complained about harsh environmental laws knowing that the ground contaminants & water supply and air we breath which help creating the health effects upon the populist . Least restrictions and pollutions standards they called for and they spend over the years millions of dollars to convince the American that they are working in behalf of the best interest of the American Public!

And the last questions will the 9000 mile pipeline when completed within approx 10years will there be Oil guarantees that all of the Oil pump thru these pipeline will be sold to only to Americans to level a hedge with the Supply and Demand or will it be Sold to CHINA.

Time is at Hand And These Questions Will Not Go Always!


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Posted: Jul 16, 2006 1:59am


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