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Oct 31, 2006
  Is it just me or are the commercials during American election time just negative bashing of political candidates?  Why cant they just go on tv, say their goals, and leave it up to us?
And Politicians wonder why the American people are so untrusting of them.   And then after the elections their all buddy buddy again so they can try and work together.  Such frauds!!!!    Lifetime Politicians need to go.   They have such high opinions of themselves and think every other person is wrong, and are so out of touch with the American people.
  Politicians are at least 4 years behind the American peoples thinking or more,  they dont even know what Most Americans are wanting, or worried about without the media telling them.   Its like they have their own little society outside of the American people, they dont get what is going on in the Average American household.   Geeez, I cant wait until the elections are over so my TV is not flooded with negative tv ads.   How many times do they need to run these also?   I have seen them over and over, and after awhile you just feel if they have to do so much bashing, perhaps neither candidate is worth voting for.    I say vote in Average Americans with Average intelligence who are in touch with true American citizens reality and thinking on a day to day basis.  Who are these political  people we have running anyways?  Most are rich beyond the Average American household.   So they think that makes them better?   Makes them more out of touch to me.  Most are lifetime politicians, they cant give clear decisive opinions on anything,  they have just learned to double talk what they feel.  Not telling us what is really what their intentions are.  This American citizen is really tired of it.  Lets have real people, who are in the working world, or on disability, or seniors speak up.  Lets have Hispanic, Whites, Blacks, Asians all races involved.   Lets get the real American melting pot in our politics to speak the real mind of Americans and do what is right for a change.   Not what lines the pockets of the rich or big business.   Then you get those Democrats or Republicans,  who say you should vote straight down party lines.     I say BULL!!!  Lets for for who is going to do what is right regardless of Democrat or Republican.   And lets pass laws holding them accountable for their actions on all levels of Government from the President to the city council men.  Right now it is the who ever has the most money to campaign and slander they other the best that wins, or leaves and impression in the voters mind.   I say once they start negative ads, their done running.  Their campaign is over no matter how much money they have.   Money is not what makes a country great.   It is the people in the everyday  population that makes it work.   The kind hearts of American people after Katrina who donated their own time and  money to help other Americans.   It is the people who help in other countries feed the poor.   Since when do the wealthy no what is right for everyday people?   Most people work hard everyday just to survive.   That is in all countries.  Most politicians arent in this category.   Heck have they ever built a home?  Have they ever tried to feed their family on a tight budget?   Have they ever dealt with disabilities?  I have to ask because Im seeing more and more politicians that to me arent worth voting into office  to flush my toilet much less running our country.    Where is the everyday American person who we can vote in that is not of the political atmosphere we have today.     Stop big business or any business contributions of our candidates.   Stop multi millionaires from having million dollar campaign raising parties that cost a million dollars to throw a party.   I have and idea, instead of having millionaire banquets, make donations to real causes and needs for Americans that live in the real America.  New Orleans could be a good start?????
  Stopping Global Warming would be another.   Where is the politician that is in touch with reality?   We need you.........
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Posted: Oct 31, 2006 7:39am


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