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Nov 3, 2006

This is a little self-indulgent of me, but hey, one of those answers I clicked on was "be happy" right? hehee I'm going for it
I know there has to be others like me out there, just PRAYING for a new project from him and analyzing in great detail his other movies in the waiting
My dad and I would watch the films seperately, only so we could call each other to dissect it and share our thoughts on the subject. I actually called the fricken DONAHUE (where for art thou, Donahue?) show for trancripts of the Twin Peaks cast episode! ) Wow, I've shared just waaay too, much! hahaa
But I already loved David Lynch when Twin Peaks aired, I had seen Eraserhead and thought this guy's just too freaky not to watch this!!! To say I was sucked in (despite it's NUMEROUS night and time changes!!) HOOKED!! ( I also cheated and got the box set to watch it all completely!) I was SO pissed when Leland took his "leave" I didnt know ifI could go on.

 I hooked several friends on the Twin Peaks drug, developed a crush on Ray Wise, and kinda fell apart when the show did. Thank God for the freakshow films!

I will of course pay homage to a "TRUE" hero soon enough, but for now, I am submitting David here in hopes other fans of the show will write with their thoughts and theories of this "master's" works.
I submit for your viewing pleasure, a poem I wrote about Twin Peaks for an AOL contest. I lost to Bedrock, but hey! I hope you like! (PS* the letter above poem is from a David Lynch magzine called "Wrapped in Plastic". I laugh at the detail he thinks each movement out, it's like old school 'Lost'! haha)

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Posted: Nov 3, 2006 1:06pm
Nov 2, 2006
I hate to even say that! I'm just not ready!!

Last year, through the Defenders of Wildlife and Care2, I gave gifts of wildlife to some friends and family members, and it really meant a lot to them. In case anyone is trying to think of a special and unique gift, this is a great idea!

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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 12:10pm
Nov 2, 2006
I've decided to share this little ditty, since I am FINALLY able to say that I got a new job! I left my old job with a LOT of drama, took the first thing that was offered to me a couple days later - also proving to be a complete nightmare, and quit that, leaving a painful month of searches and anxiety attacks - oh, and DRINKING!! LOL Here's a day in the life of a woman on a mission for a decent (let's HOPE) job!!


9:16 am:  Wake up, wondering who it was that put sand in my mouth while I was sleeping
9:17 am: Stumble into kitchen, find one lone fully calorized, fully caffeinated Coke, and two Advil & head onto the computer, ignoring the insane amount of dirty dishes I have to contend with from the night before and strawberry margarita mix all over the white counter, sure to be as easily cleaned much later than now.
9:19 am:  Check email and wonder how it is I received over 100 emails in about 6 hours? YIKES!
9:22 am: Enter the 'Poetry in Motion' contest; otherwise known as "fridge magnets for cash". Today's submission:

Children born in summer
touched by warm winds
dream of brightly colored fields
as snow drifts through

9:32 am: Tsk at myself at how bad poem is, but realize it's only based on submission time anyway and press "click to enter"
9:34: Realize I better start making phone calls for interviews, sending out those resumes....but don't want to rush myself! First, I'll clean up this Favorites List...
9:40 am: After searching sites I hadn't seen in some time, start pondering what business scheme I need to follow through on, in order to prevent another "real" job mishap.
9:41 am: But first, a couple of rounds of Boxerjam's "Know it All"!!
9:50 am: OK, business ideas: Hmmm, well, I never will finish the book, we all know that, so author is out for now. Looks like the soap making business for sure. Would have to make a nice website to sell them, trying to leave free on it, my personal obsessions, which won't be easy. Make note to self to make some notes on how to make this thing work!
9:52 am: Walk like Jack Klugman on Odd Couple downstairs to get the paper.
9:53 am: Battle Cat A for outdoor privileges, finally allowing him out in the garage to walk in and on my car. Shortly, down comes Cat B - aka: the white demon, she slinks past me and out the door. Somehow I feel they are up to no good.
10: 15 am: OK, these options in the newspaper suck. Make a list of the least sucky and decide I better walk away from that list for a little while lol
10:16 am: Walk into kitchen, roll up sleeves and get that puppy cleaned up.
10:35 am: Fight urge to make a hair-of-the-dog margarita, and get back to that list.
10:40 am: Call and make arrangements for two office interviews, will do a drop in at the restaurants if there is time. Not sure I want to waitress again necessarily, but I'm basically open to anything at this point.
10:45 am: Take the hottest, longest shower I've had in quite some time.
11:00 am: Put my face on and decide to go with the gelled wild hair look. Well this was first decided when I took it out of the towel and felt the hair dryer just wasn't worth my plugging in.
11:10 am: Decide another good business opportunity, and call to talk my friend Jan  at the Ye Olde Towne Inn (trust me, not as charming as it sounds) to try to get an open mic night started there, with yours truly as emcee of course!
11:11 am: Darn, she's not in til 6:00 PM. Bet I'll forget to call her back. (*10:10 am on Thursday and yes I did!* lol)
11:15 am: Finally feeling presentable, all dressed and smelling good, off to conquer the world!
11:16 am: Have to pee first.
11:19 am: Climb in car and whiz off, the determined applicant and her angry mix CD. First Track: Renegades of Funk


11:25 am: Arrive at first interview, Administrative Assistant position. Climb out of car to realize sharp black skirt and tights have white cat hair all over the ass and back from letting the demon cats into the garage! Lucky for me I never take things in when I should, and still had my last "desk" in my car's trunk, complete with hair roller remover. Don't mind me! Just rubbing my tush down good before I come inside! Wanna look PURTY!!!
11:26 am: Walk in office in shame, reminding myself to not in fact write LUCY as my first name on application!
11:38 am: Still waiting for the elusive Mr. Frank to bid me a hello or something, and getting a really bad, "This office is evil" kinda vibe over the backstabbing witches I'm overhearing.
11:46 am: Out strolls Mr. Frank (aka: Guido the Killer Pimp) and as he extends his hand to me, I seriously fear where it's been, but manage to shake it anyway. (Note to self to wash hands off after this with those Handi-Wipes I also found in my trunk from my last job's desk. *10:29 am Thursday, yes, I DID remember that one! * lol)
12:08 pm: Tuning the guy out now, trying hard to pay attention as he drones on about how this fine paper company came to be, as he speaks directly into my breasts while doing so. Granted they're fabulous, but come on!
12:15 pm: Have to shake the mutant's hand once more, and as he follow me out I just pray all the cat hair's off my butt, cause I can feel his eyes there. We seemed equally unimpressed with each other and I wonder if I actually grunted like a "eh, whatever" out loud when he said they'd be letting me know.
12:16 pm: Give the hands a good twice-over with the Handi-Wipes w/antibacterial magic. Thank God for that pink eye I got last winter eh? Then it would have been a spit shine on a McDonald's napkin from my glove box lol
12:18 pm: Next stop is to a headhunter's, I lie when I get there, say I have an appointment, because they think they'll be testing me again for two and a half hours like three years ago when I was there, Nope! If anything I type faster, so use those scores, heres my updated resume, call me, kiss kiss!
12:30 pm: Go to my fave little Chinese place for a quick bite. Didn't realize I was here as often as I am, until the girl asked for my $5.32 and remarked how I didn't have my book with me today. GASP! It's true, I was bookless! I quickly realized I MUST have one in my trunk, and excused myself to go get it.
12:45 pm: Lean back, pretty damn happy with what just took place. For me, it's all about those noodles and the fortune cookie, so I grab me up some green tea & fortunes. Need two, one for the "in bed" of course!


1) Doors will be opening for you in many areas of life
2) You will show what you are capable bed - this day is looking up, kids!

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm: Drove to two different restaurants and had coffee, to see if it was a place worth working at...or at least give me any good material for my next comedy act(s).
First was kinda charming, a lot of fricken seniors and they're cranky demands though. It was nailed shut as no can do when the boss came out to talk to me, I fanned my cigarette away, and he says "No, don't worry about it, I smoke like a *EXPLICITIVE*"
What the *EXPLICITIVE*!?
Whatever nights he mentioned and I'd pretend "Oooh, that might not work...I'll have to get back to you" Threw down a couple bucks and got out of there.
This solidifies my belief that I can no longer work for Greeks. But I can mock and shame them every chance I get!

Off to the Prairie Rock Brewery next. This place is cool, used to compete at the open mics in the basement when the Comedy Spot was still there, so I saw it as a sign. Not sure what color sign yet, but head inside to find out.
A rather pretty girl with a really nasty attitude came over, forced a smile and thrust an application at me, and clicked her chunky feet down the hall. A couple guys that worked there made some snide remarks and were cracking up, and I kept trying to hide my giggling.
Completed the application and waited some good 10 minutes till Taffy or whatever her name was to return, who of course did nothing but take it and say that someone else will call for the interview. HISSSSSSSSS
3:00 pm: Safe back home, decide I'll plot tomorrow now...OK, later.
3:15 pm: Having another friend over tonight, so run to store for last minute sundries (love that word, it's so "Little House on the Prairie")
3:29 pm: Exit store with 3 mangoes, 6 small artichokes, drunken vermouth olives, Friis vodka, and 3 lemons. Last time I was in there, ran in quick for: canned/stewed tomatoes, green peppers, vodka, olives, and tampons.
The guy in front of me laughed and was like, "wow, some night with your tomatoes, and vodka and...." he trails off.
I help him out with "Yeah, Auntie Flow's dropping over, that WITCH! I never invite her, but she always shows up" We cracked up.
3:34 pm: Arrive home and get to cooking. On the menu tonight: Chicken Marsala with rice and artichokes.
5:00 pm: Andrea arrives, we commence to martini hour.
6:00 pm: No one's hungry yet, funny how filling those olives are!
6:45 pm: Slurring all the while, I spruce up our third....or was it fourth? Martini and decide I better turn everything down or we just try to eat it....we opt for pigging out of course, we're shameless!
7:15 pm: Want Dairy Queen, but don't want to get it, we opt for the mangoes.
8:00 pm: Andrea's about passed out and has to meet the sitter, so she takes off. I decide the dishes can definitely wait and click off the kitchen light. Voila! Mess is gone!
9:03 pm: Come back up from visiting the neighbors. I think they might be catching on I only can talk to them when I am buzzed! Turn on tv, surfed endlessly, shivering on the couch under a blanket, wondering where summer went.
10:00 pm: The Simpsons! Popcorn time. Somehow that silly little song makes the day almost seem worth it...operative word: ALMOST! Good night!

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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 11:10am
Nov 2, 2006

A little bit of everything

Album: DZ is Me

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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 2:10am


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