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Jul 30, 2009

There is no better time than now to start this Resource Based Economy, I'm sure it's already on it's way. I don't know about all of you but aren't all sick and tired of Suffering day in and day out, aren't you sick of the greed, the corruption, manipulation, the control, and the Limited world we live in. Isn't time for us to begin a new world for all of us.

We are the Change we want to see in the world, so lets do what it takes to transform our lives and the world.
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Posted: Jul 30, 2009 10:40am
Jun 18, 2009

The Future: we all talk about the many problems that face our world. From Global warming, Disease, poverty, Technological unemployment, homelessness, war, and Crime, to even the small problems that we have. It is no doubt after the last 2 years if you don't see how humanity has shown it's true colors and how we are destroying our selves like a virus to the planet, you have a long way to go to wake up.

Whether you want to care or read this, you are part of everyone and every life form on this planet, you are either the cause of our problems or the solution to our problems, because we are all accountable to our choices we have made. The time is now and we must wake up and look at what we are doing to our selves and to each other. It doesn't matter if your a millionaire or a homeless man on the streets, or some politician. You are all responsible for the mess we are in, whether you like it or not.

Stop complaining about our problems and start doing something about them. It can be as small as recycling or riding a bicycle more, or you can also spread awareness of A REsource Based Economy which is the best solution to our money driven, profit driven monetary system that's collapsing any how. Soon prices will sky rocket to high for anyone to afford anything. Money is the cause of 99% of our problems, barter and trade will not help either. The only solution that can fix everything is science and technology as well as working together as a whole.

We have enough resources, and technology to shift the world in a whole another direction from scarcity, crime, war, poverty, sickness, malnutrition, unemployment, environmental disasters, to (Freedom, Abundance, peace, unity, enjoyment, paradise, friendship, health, and Growth). We can do this only if we are tired of suffering, only if we let go of the old system that can't sustain it's self any how. The System we are in is Doomed to Fail in our lifetime? yes sooner than we think. We are running out of time, and we can make this transition smooth and easy or we can make it hard and difficult either way we are going to do it. It is up to the rest of society to decide where we want to go and that where you come in. While we are all part of this global collapsing system and we are part of the the way the world runs. It is our right, our duty and our responsibility to make the right choice to protect, maintain, and watch over our home and all life on the planet. The Future is in your hands.

To find out what i'm talking about

Watch this Film Zeitgeist Addendum

Watch the film Future by Design
Watch The Zeitgeist movement orientaion Video
Watch The Transition Plan video
Sign the Venus Project Petition
Visit the Zeitgeist Movement Website
Check out Zeitgeist TV Created By Neil
Check out TVP Radio at Blog talk radio
Check out V-radio at Blog Talk Radio
Visit The Zeitgeist Movie website
Read Jacque's Book (The Best that Money Can't Buy)
Visit Resource Based Economy Foundation

Visit Hidden Technology
Listen to Peter Joseph's Blogtalk Radio Show
Take the Tour down in VEnus Florida and visit Jacque FResco
Study up on the Federal REserve and Learn about money and where it comes from
Most important of all Take this Seriously, If you have questions please ask, if you need understanding, listen to the Radio shows they are right on with everything that we talk about. Listen to V-radio, and Tvp Radio.

Zeitgeist Tv is also very new and another place you watch many different documentories for free.

Go to The Venus project Website

Check out my Venus Project Blog

"Another Thing I hope the Care 2 group will take this seriously and look into this and help promote a Resource BAsed Economy because that is what we need the most. Just see the petition i have n Care 2 and see how many people are signing it. There is already a milion people possibly supporting this if not many more. Just not many people know or understand What a Resource Based Economy is and how they're lives would be effected in every day life. "

This will become a reality and will hit mainstream and it already has been on Fox news a few months ago, and Cnn back in the 70's.

So To the Care 2 TEam I love what you are doing with the site and keep it up. I thank you for letting my petition run and promoting it.

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Posted: Jun 18, 2009 4:21pm
Apr 4, 2009

Whether you are a banker, a teller, a nurse, a doctor, a policeman/woman, a fireman/woman, a mother, a father, a grand parent, You all know that The world is not what we all like it to be, In a time of mankind there has never been an opportunity for us to grow and transform our lives and our children's lives for the better for all of humankind.

In a world where there is crime, rape, murder, coruption, war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and terror, how can we ever make a change? How can we ever get away from all of this? how can we ever live in a better world? The answer is Yes there is a way and it's the only way and that is through, love, compassion, connectedness, and through coroperation with one another no matter how hard it may seem.

This is the year that we must make a move, set the stage, plant the seed, really make the change for a better future, If you looked at our planet from outer space what would you see? One big blue and green planet where billions of people, plants, and animals live. We have been distroying this planet for way too long, and we are not suppose to be destroyers but to be the earth's Gaurdians that's right (Earth Gaurdian) and it's protector.

There are many projects that are making a difference to help change this world, but one project that we must totally look at (The Venus Project) "A total redesign of our entire culture" That is the only project that we can use to change this world into something amazing.

10 years from now what will your children say if we just kept passing up this opportunity and things seemed to get alot worse, a money system is not stable what so ever and doesn't have much time left before it truly collapses and crumbles. It's not that hard to see the collapse occuring before our very eyes.

To start if you are new to the Venus project i strongly suggest you go to the website

Sign this petition the future that humanity deserves to get started if you want to help in some sort of way, a petition is not perfect but it is a start and it's worth the try.
I hope that you all see that this transformation must take place for the sake of all human life, planet life, and animal life on the planet as well as for the sake for our mother Earth.

Mar 16, 2009

Everyone needs to understand that this monetary system is the major cause of all our problems from crime, to unemployment, to hunger, war, homelessness, dumping of oil. Everyone one of our problems comes down to money.

If you are an activists You must Watch these films Starting out with this one.

Zeitgeist Film

Now i know The truth is so difficult to take in. You will learn truth is so liberating as well. Now for the 2nd one Zeitgeist Addendum It's a much more positive film looking to solutions on what can we do to fix this world

Zeitgeist Addendum

Now if you are still skeptical about the venus Project or how this type of civilization would work. The movement orientation Presentation is a1.5 hour slide show of complete details, and it will answer 99% of your questions.

Zeitgeist Addendum 2.5: Extended Cut (movement Orientation Presentation)
Now this films are more than a revolutary wake up call, This is a phenomona. The movement is growing so rapidly so fast That You will hear about this very very soon in main stream media, Infact it's already beginning to get into mainstream.

IF you are an activists, an environmentalist, or you love animals, or you just want a better future for your children that you love so much. The venus Project is an incredible way of redesigning our whole entire culture all around the world. It is your choice and all of us that can make a transition into a new age a new world, a better world.

This is the Petition that you can read and sign for the Venus Project

Jan 25, 2009

Do you want: 1. A website, where you can share, for example your creative work or interests, with your unique Website name (example: ?
2. Up to 10 Email accounts (example: ?
3. Support a brighter future together with others?
4. To Build your own team and recommend others to get their own unique website name and email as you did and get a monthly commision?
If you answered Yes, CLICK HERE! and watch the Movie to learn more.
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Posted: Jan 25, 2009 7:45am
Dec 23, 2008

We need a complete transformation of this world and there is only one solution The Venus Project Please take this in consideration. Check out the video and read the Petition, you want to be part of a movement that will save the world. Yes the Petition just started but we need over 3,000,000 signatures.
You probably never heard of the Venus Project. I strongly suggest finding out now because it is THE ANSWER TO ALL OUR PROBLEMS in the world.

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008 8:06pm
Dec 19, 2008

Listen everyone This is very important i know there are so many issues that you are all having and can't afford bills or payments, getting laid off from your job. Prices skyrocketing i have to tell you that we need a complete transformation of this whole society and entire needs to transform. Here is a petition i started for the Venus Project if you don't know or understand the venus project you can go to they're website or my blog to learn more about it.

I'm doing this not just for us but for our children and they're future, Are you willing to give up department stores for something 1000 times more better for the rest of humanity i'm sure you would and i will myself.

I hope you take this seriously and look at your own life and see how this can benefit you, your town, your country and our planet.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this Blog

Much love to you all
I hope you get the sign the Petition it needs 1000000 signatures


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Posted: Dec 19, 2008 6:54pm
Nov 22, 2008

Sometimes we have to set our differences a side and look at the bigger picture, How do we fix the problems that we have?  In order to fix these problems you must fix the source of these problems, our minds. We must grow and enhance our love for each other, i've been learning how to share more with my neighbers for us to get by. This goes to all business owners as well, learn to give more than ever before. Learn to lend a helping hand whenever others need it. The world can be fixed,  problems can be solved, but who's going to fix ourselves. You got it only we can fix ourselves, by going within, then we can find solutions to our problems. So really all we need is love to make the changes.

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Posted: Nov 22, 2008 10:13am


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