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Oct 22, 2011

Pitbull Awareness Day


Today is Pitbull Awareness Day. One member of our family happens to be a pitbull so I wanted to email family and friends to share some pitbull info.

Charlie Bow (short for Charlotte Baudelaire) came to us in 2008. She was only 12 weeks old but unfortunately for her a pitbull ban came into effect in Ontario in 2005. I am unsure who bred her parents or why the people who first adopted her had her. Perhaps they did not know she was a pitbull or about the ban as they lived in a busy suburban subdivision and walked her frequently in the neighbourhood. Animal control was called and I can only assume they were not eager to put a 12 week old puppy to sleep as they left it up to her family to either find her a new home or have her put down. They put the word out and as we lived in a secluded area we agreed to take her and keep her in hiding as we were already beginning to have thoughts of leaving the province.

Charlie quickly became the family princess as she amazed us with extraordinary smarts, loyalty and love. Since we first got her we have left Ontario to pitbull safe provinces and it is no exaggeration when I say how pitbull friendly a community is, is a huge consideration when we look for houses.

 Over the years we have lived with a turkey, geese, goats, and cats and been frequently visited by deer. Charlie has always been a peaceful creature and is especially fond of baby animals. She was protector and surrogate mother to the baby goat we had to bring in our home and bottle feed.

Communities that ban pitbulls fail both people and animals as they punish innocent animals while people who use and exploit animals and irresponsible pet owners face little consequences.  


Following is a bit of pitbull history-

Once known as the ‘Nanny Dog’ the pitbull was used by poor families in the 1800s to watch the children while the adults worked the farm because of their intelligent, protective and loyal nature.

There is much speculation that Jack the brindle bulldog of the Little House on the Prairie books must have been a pitbull (after living with a pitbull this is something I believe)

Helen Keller had a trusty pitbull

During the Civil War the 102nd Pennsylvania Infantry had a pitbull named Jack. When gunfire cease he would go out search for the wounded and dead men of his regiment, not resting till every man was accounted for, No Man Left Behind. Twice he was captured by the Confederate Army, held as a prisoner of war and became the first dog to be traded for the release of other prisoners.

In 1903 Bud a pitbull became the first dog to travel across the U.S in an automobile. His goggles are at the Smithsonian

 Sergeant Stubby is a pitbull who served during World War 1. During his stay at camp he recognized the various bugle calls, the drill marching routines and even learned a dog version of a salute by putting his right paw to his right eyebrow when others saluted. While overseas he saved his entire platoon by warning of a poison gas attack and later captured a German spy on his own. For this the commander put him in for a promotion and Stubby was the first pitbull to be given rank in the U.S army. Sergeant Stubby went on to serve in 17 battles became a decorated hero and was honoured at the White House

In 1993 a pitbull named Weela rescued 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and 1 cat from heavy floods from southern California

Pitbulls often serve as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs and work in law enforcement.

Pitbulls DO NOT have a locking jaw

Unfortunately these days pitbulls have gotten a bad rap even though on the National Canine Temperament Testing pitbulls rank 7th with a score of 86%, better than the Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, beagle and many other popular family dogs.

Recently 47 of Michael Vick’s dogs that had been raised as fighters have been rehabilitated and adopted out to loving homes proving that it is not the breed that is the problem but people.

Pitbulls are known for their eagerness to please their people. While this trait makes their humans adore them, when they fall into the wrong hands it is this trait that has caused them so much trouble. Pitbulls will fight because their people tell them to and above all pitbulls are loyal to their human friends.

It is time that people who mistreat and exploit all animals are held accountable for their actions. It is also time that innocent animals are no longer judged solely on how they look.

Please forward so we can raise awareness of the true nature of the pitbull. Throughout history pitbulls have been there for humans it is time for us to be there for them

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Posted: Oct 22, 2011 7:21pm


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