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Feb 9, 2010

 Back in May I took a trip out to British Columbia with my Dad to visit my brother, Jonathan.  The two of them are looking to buy some property about two and a half hours north of Vancouver where my brother lives. Jonathan thought it would be a good idea to drive up some old logging roads he knew to get an aerial view of the property. Slowly up the mountain we crawled in his 4x4. When we got to the spot we jumped out and headed for the edge. Much to our surprise there was about a dozen people up there relaxing, hanging out and about 4 of them parasailing.   My dad an avid sailor has recently reacquired his pilot’s license after a few decades and was quite fascinated with these guys.  He got chatting with one and the guy offered to take him up.  I sat on the side of the mountain looking up.


 When my dad rejoined us he said, “ Maybe one day I’ll give that a try”.

 My brother said, “Oh, I could never do it”.

 I said, “ I’d do it, it looks awesome”

 My father replied, “ Ok, then do it ”.

 “What right now?”

“Why not right now, you’re here, he’s here, and the weather conditions are perfect.


About twenty minutes later I was strapped in and running off the edge of the mountain. It was beautiful and exhilarating up in the air far above trees taking in the bird’s eye view. For one instant the thought of something going terribly wrong slipped into my consciousness but immediately the reply was “If this is my time to go so be it, there’s worse ways to go and this is just too amazing to miss”


 I guess I was up there about 30 minutes but I had lost track of man’s time. I was just one with the mountains, the trees, the birds and all of nature.


This is the position I will take to my writing. When an idea comes and my inner voice says that would make a good story one day, I will answer back “Why not now?”  When I complete something and think I will submit it one day, I will answer back “Why not now?” And once I have put in my best effort and done the research to find the best places to submit my work, then I will let it go. I will put out of my mind things going terribly wrong and getting rejection letters. I will remember that if I don’t go for it I might miss something truly amazing.

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Posted: Feb 9, 2010 3:45pm


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