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Oct 7, 2010
Las Vegas Wild Mustang Horse Rally

WHEN: Monday, October 11 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm 

WHERE:Horseman"s Park 

5800 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89122-5502


Free concert: Grey Beard Bandit  THEY WILL BE PERFORMING THEIR NEW SINGLE: Wild Horses Need our Voices & MUCH MORE!


Live wild mustangs, bring your family to support Americas wild horses. 


Guest speakers and don't forget your camera to pose with a mustang and be the voice for our horses in need!



Organizers/Contacts:Shelly Smith (

Katie Ellen Barron (

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Posted: Oct 7, 2010 9:45am
Sep 19, 2010

Dear Our Fabulous Wild Horse Supporters, 

We are SO excited to FINALLY announce the best news we have had to share with you in over 2 1/2 years!




Over the past three days, I have been to meetings in Sacramento and again in Washington, DC.  I’ve met with BLM Director, Bob Abbey, Deputy Director, Mike Pool, along with the Wild Horse and Burro team. The BLM has officially agreed to support going forward with the development of the wild horse Eco- sanctuary for the horses in holding! Also in DC, I met with Congressman, Jim Moran, who had already given his blessing, but is submitting legislation to members of Congress on behalf of these wild mustangs. We are so thankful to him and his staff for their efforts on the wild horse and burro issue. All the meetings were fabulous and we could not be happier about the news!


This final acceptance by the BLM this week was the hurdle we had yet to get over. We are so thankful for the opportunity to start our Pilot Program with 1,000 horses, and we aim to get all 36,000+ horses in holding soon after. This action by the BLM shows great leadership on the part of Bob Abbey and Mike Pool for taking a stand for our beautiful mustangs and accepting the solution we have offered. Saving America’s Mustangs gives our sincerest thanks for the monumental cooperation on the part of the BLM for an alternative to the holding pens.


This is a truly a dream come true and I’m thrilled to share this news with all of you!! Let the rejoicing begin!!

Click here to watch the second SAM Cam update on 9/16/10.


Very Sincerely,

Madeleine Pickens and the (*cheering) Mustangs 

*On a less excited note,  175 wild horses are to be sold to killer buyers in Nevada Sat, Sept. 18. Lifesavers Horse Rescue is taking a huge risk in trying to save as many horses as they can tomorrow. If anyone can help, please visit Lifesaver's web site - 

Follow Madeleine on Twitter:
Become Madeleine Pickens' Friend on Facebook:
Visit her website for up to the minute information:
Saving America's Mustangs' Fan Page:!/pages/Madeleine-Pickens-Wild-Horse-Sanctuary/163062350007?ref=sgm


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Posted: Sep 19, 2010 4:17pm
Sep 2, 2010

Today, the only true wild horse is the Przewalski's Horse, native to Mongolia. However, the horse family Equidae and the genus Equus evolved in North America. Studies using ancient DNA as well as DNA of recent individuals shows there once were two closely related horse species in North America, the "wild horse" (Equus ferus) and the "Stilt-legged Horse;" which is taxonomically assigned to various names.[4][5] Thus, primitive horses lived in North America in prehistoric times. However, the entire equus genus died out at the end of the last ice age around 10-12,000 years ago, possibly due to a changing climate or the impact of newly arrived human hunters.[6] Thus at the beginning of the Columbian Exchange, there were no equids in the Americas at all. Horses first returned with the Conquistadors, beginning with Columbus, who imported horses from Spain to the West Indies on his second voyage in 1493.[7] Domesticated horses came to the mainland with the arrival of Cortés in 1519.[8]

The first Mustangs descended from Iberian horses[9] brought to Mexico and Florida. Most of these horses were of Andalusian, Arabian and Barb ancestry. Some of these horses escaped or were stolen by Native Americans, and rapidly spread throughout western North America.

Native Americans quickly adopted the horse as a primary means of transportation. Horses replaced the dog as a travois puller and greatly improved success in battles, trade, and hunts, particularly bison hunts.[10]

Starting in the colonial era and continuing with the westward expansion of the 1800s, horses belonging to explorers, traders and settlers that escaped or were purposely released joined the gene pool of Spanish-descended herds. It was also common practice for western ranchers to release their horses to locate forage for themselves in the winter and then recapture them, as well as any additional Mustangs, in the spring. Some ranchers also attempted to "improve" wild herds by shooting the dominant stallions and replacing them with pedigreed animals.

By 1900 North America had an estimated two million free-roaming horses.[9] Since 1900, the Mustang population has been reduced drastically. Mustangs were viewed as a resource that could be captured and used or sold (especially for military use) or slaughtered for food, especially pet food. The controversial practice of mustanging was dramatized in the John Huston film The Misfits, and the abuses linked to certain capture methods, including hunting from airplanes and poisoning, led to the first federal wild free-roaming horse protection law in 1959.[11] Protection was increased further by the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.[12]

The 1971 Act provided for protection of certain previously established herds of horses and burros. Today, the United States Forest Service administers 37 wild horse or burro territories in several western states.[13]


Historically, many of the Native American tribes bred their horses carefully to improve them for their purposes. Among the most capable horse-breeding people of North America were the Comanche, the Shoshoni, and the Nez Perce. The last in particular became master horse breeders, and developed one of the first truly American breeds: the Appaloosa. Most other tribes did not practice extensive amounts of selective breeding, though they sought out desirable horses through capture, trade and theft, and quickly traded away or otherwise eliminated those with undesirable traits.[citation needed]

In some modern mustang herds there is clear evidence of other domesticated horse breeds having become intermixed with feral herds. Some herds show the signs of the introduction of Thoroughbred or other light racehorse-types into herds, a process that also led in part to the creation of the American Quarter Horse.[citation needed] Other herds show signs of the intermixing of heavy draft horse breeds turned loose in an attempt to create work horses. Other, more isolated herds, retain a strong influence of original Spanish stock.

Some breeders of domestic horses consider the Mustang herds of the west to be inbred and of inferior quality.[citation needed] However, supporters of the Mustang argue that the animals are merely small due to their harsh living conditions and that natural selection has eliminated many traits that lead to weakness or inferiority. Some mustang supporters also maintain that some "inbreeding" actually concentrates the traits of hardiness and durability, making the mustang a valuable genetic resource.[citation needed] Regardless of these debates, the Mustang of the modern west has several different breeding populations today which are genetically isolated from one another and thus have distinct traits traceable to particular herds. These herds vary in the degree to which they can be traced to original Iberian horses. Some contain a greater genetic mixture of ranch stock and more recent breed releases, others are relatively unchanged from the original Iberian stock.[citation needed]

Two researchers have advanced an argument that Mustangs should be legally classified as "wild" rather than "feral." They argue that, due to the presence of Equus ferus ferus on the North American continent till the end of the Pleistocene era, horses were once native animals and should still be considered as native animals, and therefore defined as "wild,"[14] and not viewed as an exotic species that draws resources and attention away from true native species.[15]

Mustangs today
Nevada's State Quarter, featuring the Mustang
Mustang in NW Nevada mountains

Today, free-roaming horses are protected under United States law, but have disappeared from several states where there were once established populations.[16] A few hundred free-roaming horses survive in Alberta and British Columbia. The BLM considers 27,000 individuals a manageable number, but the feral Mustang population currently exceeds 33,000.[17] More than half of all Mustangs in North America are found in Nevada (which features the horses on its State Quarter in commemoration of this), with other significant populations in Montana, Wyoming and Oregon.[16] Another 30,000 horses are in holding facilities.[17]

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Posted: Sep 2, 2010 10:44am
Jun 25, 2010
Horse Wellness!! Join today!!

The benefits of omega-3s extend not only to the human, canine, and feline members of our families, but to the equine ones as well. Although these benefits are well documented, we do recommend that you consult your veterinarian before giving your horse MOXXOR. Like commercial dog and cat foo...d, the grains that make up most modern horse feed are high in omega-6 fatty acids, likely disrupting the optimum ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s for horses.

Animal welfare is the key to a healthy Horse!! Purchases, go towards saving wild mustangs, horse rescue, and a parcel. ( healthy pet ).

Deborah Simpson
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Posted: Jun 25, 2010 6:40pm
Jun 21, 2010

Dear Members and Friends,

If you love animals, if you work with animals, if you are involved in rescue, sheltering or policy, then this is the event to attend!  Don’t miss Best Friends’ 2010 No More Homeless Pets Conference on October 15–17 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Hear more than 30 speakers share innovative ideas and proven practices to help save animals and make valuable connections with like-minded people from all over the country!

2010 Conference Speakers Announced
Check out the impressive lineup of speakers, including experts from Best Friends Animal Society and other leading companion animal welfare organizations around the country. There will be something for everyone, with topics ranging from fundraising to increasing cat adoptions to rehabilitating puppy mill survivors, and much more! 

Enter to Win Conference Registration!
And because you love animals, we want you to have a chance to win a Conference Registration!  To enter, simply post a story or comment about how you’re helping animals on our No More Homeless Pets Conference Facebook page discussions tab
and you could win a scholarship to the conference! One winner will be chosen each month in July, August and September. But the contest ends August 31, so don’t delay. If you’re selected as a scholarship winner, your registration fee will be refunded.
Come re-energize and connect with people who feel the same way you do about animals. Meet lots of interesting folks like our June conference scholarship winner Janine Dainis, who saves pets in her community by making videos and marketing animals through social networking. Click here to read Janine’s storyThose who have attended past conferences called them life-changing, inspiring experiences. Read what they had to say and learn more about this year’s conference at Recharging the Batteries.

Register Today!
Registrations are already soaring. So if you want to come—and we know you do!—we urge you to
register now. The early-bird registration rate is just $275, but it goes up to $325 on September 1.  To save even more, make your hotel reservation today before the limited number of discounted rooms is sold out. Mention group discount code “SRBFAS0” when you call 1-888-746-6955 or book your room online at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino - Reservations.

Thank you for all you do to help animals! We look forward to seeing you at the 2010 No More Homeless Pets Conference, where lessons will be learned, lives will be saved, and hope will be sparked anew.

Best wishes, 

     Gregory Castle
CEO, Best Friends Animal Society

Can't attend?  Please tell us why.

If you do not wish to receive future emails from Best Friends Conferences please Opt-Out.
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Posted: Jun 21, 2010 1:02pm
Jun 17, 2010

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share a happy ending for some of the horses we save from slaughter. This was a special Mustang with markings of a black stripe down his back and zebra stripes on the legs. We saved him & his mare yesterday! Please share with everyone!! Enjoy- Deborah.



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Posted: Jun 17, 2010 3:35pm
Jun 6, 2010
Dear ACTHA Riders

     Ride for the Rescues
It's a fun one day event...
6 miles,
6 natural obstacles
6 judges
 ...and unlimited fun,

All for one great cause !

 On June 13th something quite wonderful is going to happen.

Trail riders from all over the USA will be mounting up on the same day, from coast to coast, in the thousands, to show their support for the horse rescues in America, and to set a new World Record. Riders will be competing in multiple ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenge's nationwide, all for one cause.
Riders and their mounts will be bringing attention and much needed funds to horses in dire need. Come join us, lets set a new World Record, and do something good together !

Be part of this historic event !

Space is limited at each ride so don't wait ! Early entries get special additional prizes. Every rider will receive a Guinness Participation ribbon thanks the wonderful ACTHA sponsor Cavallo.

really good prizes !

$1,200 in wonderful prizes at each event brought to you by ACTHA's incredibly generous sponsors .
"100% of the net proceeds of this event will go to support rescues and national programs designed to systemically help all rescues!

Check up the Upcoming June Rides Below
6/5/2010 Michigan Mustengos CTC Laingsburg, MI 6/5/2010 Panther Creek CTC Tuscumbia, MO 6/5/2010 Gibson Ranch CTC Sunland, CA 6/5/2010 Quail Hollow Farm CTC Edgewood, TX 6/5/2010 Safe Horse Training CTC at Uwharrie Forest Troy, NC 6/6/2010 Safe Horse Training at Uwharrie Forest CTC Troy, NC 6/12/2010 Rio Bonito Ranch CTC Junction, TX 6/12/2010 The New Mexico Caballos y Caballeros Warm Up Ride for the World Record Attempt Ride Estancia, NM 6/12/2010 Tennessee World Record Warm-up Petersburg, TN 6/12/2010 SPACE COAST CTC RIDE Mims, FL 6/12/2010 Freedom Riders get acquainted trail ride Canton, OH 6/12/2010 Natural Horse Trails CTC Milton, FL 6/12/2010 Reba Farm Inn/Saddle Soar CTC Bedford, VA 6/12/2010 Louise Merrick Memorial CTC Bandera, TX 6/12/2010 Elk Valley CTC Pineville, MO 6/12/2010 Red Hats and Purple Chaps ACTHA Ride Norman, IN 6/12/2010 Wild West CTC at The Big Valley Ranch Avoca, WI 6/12/2010 Music Meadows Ranch CTC Westcliffe, CO 6/12/2010 2nd Chance Mini-Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation CTC Paron, AR 6/12/2010 Rockin G CTC Chadwick, MO 6/12/2010 U-10 RANCH CTC - Loco, Ok Loco, OK 6/12/2010 Redshank Riders BCHC Wildflower Ride Anza, CA 6/12/2010 Preliminary Tennessee World Record Attempt Sevierville, TN 6/12/2010 North Georgia Ride, GSSHA and friends Angels on Horseback fundraiser Dawsonville, GA 6/12/2010 CAJUN COMFORT CTC II Roseland, LA 6/13/2010 Virginia World Record Attempt Bedford, VA 6/13/2010 Nevada World Record Attempt Las Vegas, NV 6/13/2010 Missouri World Record Attempt Pineville, MO 6/13/2010 Washington - North World Record Attempt Sumas, WA 6/13/2010 New York World Record Attempt Livingston Manor, NY 6/13/2010 Florida World Record Attempt Mims, FL 6/13/2010 Tennessee World Record Attempt Petersburg, TN 6/13/2010 Missouri - Chadwick World Record Attempt Chadwick, MO 6/13/2010 Delaware World Record Attempt Georgetown, DE 6/13/2010 Oregon World Record Attempt Milton-Freewater, OR 6/13/2010 Colorado World Record Attempt Gunnison, CO 6/13/2010 Washington - West World record Attempt Arlington, WA 6/13/2010 New Hampshire World Record Attempt "Ride for the Rescues" Dover, NH 6/13/2010 California World Record Attempt -Fort Ord Rescue Ride Marina, CA 6/13/2010 Louisiana World Record Attempt Melder, LA 6/13/2010 Massachusetts World Record Attempt Carver, MA 6/13/2010 West Virginia World Record Attempt Parkersburg, WV 6/13/2010 New Jersey World Record Attempt Newton, NJ 6/13/2010 New York World Record Attempt Little Valley, NY 6/13/2010 Oregon - Bend World Record Attempt Bend, OR 6/13/2010 Ohio World Record Attempt Canton, OH 6/13/2010 Indiana World Record Attempt Norman, IN 6/13/2010 Wisconsin World Record Attempt Avoca, WI 6/13/2010 Texas World Record Attempt Bandera, TX 6/13/2010 Iowa World Record Attempt Central City, IA 6/13/2010 Nebraska World Record Attempt Crawford, NE 6/13/2010 Colorado World Record Attempt - Westcliffe Westcliffe, CO 6/13/2010 Mississippi World Record Attempt - Utica Utica, MS 6/13/2010 Mississippi World Record Attempt- Mendenhall Mendenhall, MS 6/13/2010 Washington World Record Attempt Fall City, WA 6/13/2010 North Carolina World Record Attempt Asheville, NC 6/13/2010 Kentucky World Record Attempt CTC Annville, KY 6/13/2010 Wyoming World Record Attempt Evansville, WY 6/13/2010 Idaho World Record Attempt Sandpoint, ID 6/13/2010 Florida World Record Attempt Milton, FL 6/13/2010 South Carolina World Record Attempt Fairfax, SC 6/13/2010 Tennessee World Record Attempt Sevierville, TN 6/13/2010 Alabama World Record Attempt Sterrett, AL 6/13/2010 Michigan World Record Attempt CTC Kalamazoo, MI 6/13/2010 Illinois World Record Attempt Eddyville, IL 6/13/2010 Oklahoma World Record Attempt LOCO, OK 6/13/2010 Kansas World Record Attempt LaCygne , KS 6/13/2010 Utah - Mount Nebo World Record Attempt Spring City, UT 6/13/2010 New York World Record Attempt Jamesville, NY 6/13/2010 Florida - Homestead World Record Attempt Homestead, FL 6/13/2010 California World Record Attempt - Morongo Valley Morongo Valley, CA 6/13/2010 TX - Junction World Record Attempt-Rio Bonito Ranch CTC Junction, TX 6/13/2010 Montana World Record Attempt Havre, MT 6/13/2010 Arizona -Dewey,World Record Attempt Dewey, AZ 6/13/2010 California - San Diego World Record Attempt Fallbrook, CA 6/13/2010 Texas World Record Attempt - Texas Horse Park, Dallas CTC Dallas, TX 6/13/2010 Maryland World Record Attempt Glen Arm, MD 6/13/2010 Vermont World Record Attempt Springfield, VT 6/13/2010 Louisiana World Record Attempt Roseland, LA 6/13/2010 Minnesota World Record Attempt Granite Falls, MN 6/13/2010 New Mexico World Record Attempt Estancia, NM 6/13/2010 Connecticut/Rhode Island World Record Attempt Old Lyme, CT 6/13/2010 Georgia World Record Attempt Social Circle, GA 6/13/2010 Maine World Record Attempt Bowdoin, ME
Tip from ACTHA:

How to stay safe on the trail with water :

Water is a common obstacle on a Competitive Trail Challenge. Be aware, all water obstacles on an ACTHA trail ride, are in shallow water. A horse will NEVER be asked to swim or venture into deep water, for the safety of the horse and the rider, on an ACTHA trail challenge.

There are some important guidelines a rider should follow to keep themselves and their horses safe, around water while on the trail : The ACTHA Rulebook states that horses are not permitted to wear any head training devices such as martingales (standing, running or German Martingales) or tie-downs. These devices can be very dangerous around water. Head restricting devices on your horse, do not let a horse use his head to stretch, balance, and swim. Should he happen to accidently fall into deeper water, this could possibly cause him to drown, so never use any head training devices when your horse may be near water. Also, always know the depth of the water you are asking your horse to walk into. Do not ask you horse to go into water that you cannot see the bottom. Even if you can see the bottom of the pond or stream , sometimes soil can be very muddy and bog a horse down, so take special caution around sand you think may be soft. Always take your time going into water, do not to let your horse rush or leap over water, make your horse cross water calmly and quietly.

Affiliate Spotlight :

David McClelland : Clearview Ranch CTC at the Flying W Ranch, Kelletville, PA.

 Dave and Cindy McClelland hosted the Clearview CTC, where eighteen riders followed the trails through the beautiful rolling mountains of the Allegheny National Forest, in western Pennsylvania. When the scores were added, Cinnamon Becker won the Open Division, Carol Galbreath won the Pleasure Division.

The McClelland's are planning on hosting another ride in October, where Dave will be presenting a clinic on natural horsemanship and how to build a relationship with your horse. Dave McClelland was a trainer in the 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover and the 2008 Midwest Mustang Challenge. Find out more information on Dave McClelland at .

ACTHA's Mission

To provide an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse, granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.

To maintain a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction.

To enable the humane treatment of horses in need.

To Join and start having some real fun and help horses everywhere

Click Here 
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Posted: Jun 6, 2010 3:07am
May 28, 2010

The Gulf and Western Public Lands suffer under Salazar and Baca's Leadershi

Washington, D.C. (May 28, 2010)— Currently being questioned by the House Committee on Natural Resources regarding the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Ken Salazar has come under fire for his lack of oversight on offshore drilling. Wild horse advocates contend that the mismanagement extends not just to an unparalled ecological disaster at sea, but a humane, environmental and fiscal disaster on our public lands. Wild horses and burros are being rounded up off their legally designated homes on Western ranges while extractive industries are allowed to monopolize public lands at enormous expense to the American taxpayer and the environment. 
The impact of extractive uses on public lands is perhaps best described by project coordinator, Lars Ecklund, of the proposed Ruby natural gas pipeline which would impact wild horses and wild public lands in its 600-mile path. As quoted by the Klamath Falls Herald and News on April 16, 2010, Ecklund said “Once we get that [FERC approval], all hell will break loose… don’t think we’re going to put this pipe in without making a mess … It’s going to look like Hiroshima. It’s going to look nasty.” Salazar, who signed an agreement with the FERC Chairman on March 17, 2009 to facilitate offshore drilling, has been unresponsive to public calls to stop the Ruby project. 
Secretary Salazar is no friend of wild horses. He stated that “they don’t belong on public lands” while running for the U.S. Senate in Colorado in 2004. Under his leadership at DOI, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has retained the same entrenched bureaucrats who continue to run the Wild Horse and Burro program into the ground. Salazar has continued the Bush-era policy of massive wild horse removals off public land leading to the demise of America’s wild herdsburdening the taxpayer with a bill of $3.5 million per month for the 37,000 now incarcerated wild horses. Since Salazar’s appointment, over one dozen herds have been zeroed out with at least another five on the chopping block for fiscal year 2011. 
“Destruction and death of the animals the American public cherishes have been Salazar’s hallmark/brand as Interior Secretary,” states Katie Fite, biodiversity specialist for Western Watersheds. “He failed to protect wolves and sage grouse, and oversaw the brutal Calico wild horse roundup and many others. He’s hell-bent on selling out the public lands to ranchers and big energy scoundrels—in whose corporate interest it is that there are no wolves, no grouse, and no wild horses left.”  
In June of 2009, Salazar hired Sylvia Baca away from BP America to become his Deputy Assistant Secretary of Lands and Minerals Management. This is not Baca’s first stint at Interior. From 1995 to 2001 she was the Assistant Secretary for Lands and Mineral management and also served as the Acting Director of the BLM. During her tenure as Acting Director allegations of wild horses being sent to slaughter were revealed in a series of shocking articles by AP reporter, Martha Mendoza. Her meticulously researched articles revealed BLM contractors and employees working together to traffic wild horses to slaughterhouses. In a PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) White Paper released in 1997 on this topic, PEER reported that  “On February 19, 1997, the BLM issued a press release announcing the results of an internal investigation ‘which contradicts recent press allegations that wild horses are routinely sent to slaughter.’ Despite this self-proclaimed clean bill of health the BLM simultaneously announced a series of 20 reforms in the Wild Horse and Burro Program and promised more reforms to come.” Despite the promised ‘reforms’, some of the same employees implicated in this investigation are working at the BLM today, at least one in a position of authority.  
In 2001, Baca left the Interior Department to take a job as a senior manager at BP America—the same BP of the Gulf disaster.  Ironically, while at BP, one of her responsibilities was to develop health, safety, and emergency response programs. Then in June 2009 the offer came from Salazar for her to return to DOI, this time with a promotion. 
Six months after beginning her second stint at DOI, Baca attended the December 2009 BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting in Reno, representing the “Salazar Plan” to the Board. The Plan would move 26,000 wild horses from the West to preserves in the East and Midwest, on private land purchased with taxpayer dollars. “The Plan requires hundreds of millions of dollars for land acquisitions. It's being sold as an eco-tourism opportunity. People are thrilled of the sight of mustangs running free, by battling stallions and long-legged foals," states Terri Farley who attended the meeting. “But this Plan takes our wild horses off public lands, castrates all stallions and sends segregated, non-reproducing animals to pastures back East. It's expensive, unnecessary and cruel. And for what? Most tax-payers would choose the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing mustangs in the wild, over funding more grazing cows and more oil and gas installations pounding away."  
During a break in the meeting in Reno, Cloud Foundation Director Ginger Kathrens, used the opportunity to say hello to Secretary Baca and show her pictures of the Calico horses of northwestern Nevada. The horses were slated for a dead of winter removal because, BLM contended, they might starve if left on their half-million acre home range. “Craig Downer had taken wonderful pictures of the wild horses and then enlarged them for the Board to see,” said Kathrens. “When I showed her the pictures and called her attention to the health and beauty of the horses, she stated it didn’t look like they had anything to eat and walked away.”
Then in April 2010, the Cloud Foundation scheduled a meeting with BLM Director Bob Abbey in an attempt to find solutions to the management difficulties within the Wild Horse and Burro Program and to work collaboratively with the BLM. Deputy Secretary Baca attended that meeting “and we were met with open hostility from her,” states Kathrens. “At one point she indicated we should thank them (the BLM) for not euthanizing the wild horses held in holding corrals, intimating that they had the legal authority to do so.”
“Sylvia Baca is just doing Secretary Salazar’s bidding as far as I’m concerned and they are both bad for the wild horses and the environment,” states American Herds blog writer Cindy MacDonald. “ Look what’s happening in the Gulf. Interior is dangerously unresponsive and ineffective under Salazar’s leadership. He was picked to clean up the reported corruption within the agency and instead, it is the same old faces making the same bad decisions.” 
Some media pundits have concluded that Salazar has only months to go before being replaced as Secretary of the Interior. “It can’t come too soon for our wild lands, the horses or the environment,” MacDonald concludes.
The Cloud Foundation continues to ask for DOI’s assurance that the elimination of wild horse and burro herds across the West is not motivated by extractive industries.  This is difficult to believe because tens of thousands of privately-owned livestock are grazing on herd management areas across the West and oil and gas exploration is rampant in some herd areas.  
The Cloud Foundation asks the public to contact President Obama and call for the immediate resignation of both Salazar and Baca. Both need to be replaced with a true stewards of our public lands like the recently deceased Stuart Udall, who established the first public wild horse and burro range in Cloud’s Pryor Mountains and understood the value of protecting and preserving public lands for multiple-use rather than greed-based destruction. 
A conservation organization, WildEarth Guardians, is currently circulating a letter demanding that Secretary Salazar resign for his poor decision-making and mismanagement of wildlife and watersheds, air, land and water, to which the Cloud Foundation is one of the signatories. “The country needs an Interior Secretary that will do more than wear a cowboy hat and talk tough in front of cameras,” said Dr. Nicole Rosmarino, wildlife program director for WildEarth Guardians, “Salazar promised to be the new sheriff in town but his form of policing seems to be to look the other way
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Posted: May 28, 2010 3:51pm
May 27, 2010

Dear Friends,
Now that our wild mustangs are not going to be set free in there homeland... we must move forward with protecting & preserving the American Heritage of horses. Please see my link below on FB for a on-going fundraiser. Thanks a million!! if you will cross post.

Our mission is to protect the welfare of wild horses. Please donate $2, $5, $10, $20 to ( paypal) account. This fundraiser will be on-going and donations will go to preserving the wild mustangs.

Saving Mustangs

Horse advocates and horse rescues have come together in saving the wild mustangs from slaughter and providing them there freedom in a safe, care environment.

Journey End Ranch, Blue Sky Horse Rescue, Wild Horse Rescue, Curly Horse Rescue, Flordia Horse Rescue, Days Inn Horse Rescue, Shiloh Horse Rescue, Angel Acres Horse Rescue, Frog Horse Rescue, Rivers Edge Horse Rescue, Horse Rescue United, etc. Anyone not listed, please contact me so that I may add your rescue or sanctuary for donations at

All horse rescue's are a 501(c) 3 and all donations will go to supporting the horse rescues & sanctuarys for saving the wild mustangs.

Some adoptions of the wild mustangs will be placed on the horse sanctuarys, giving them there freedom and to live there life out as they so deserve. Now that our wild horses have had there land taken away, its about healing the hearts of horses and giving back there life.

Much Love,

Deborah S

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Posted: May 27, 2010 7:23am
Apr 23, 2010

                Las Vegans will rally in sympathy with the young stallions under 4 years of age that were painfully castrated last week by the BLM at the Fallon Nevada holding pens. If the BLM wins the federal lawsuit by In Defense of Animals, they will castrate all the remaining mature stallions from the Calico roundup. The BLM has severely limited public access to the captive Calico horses despite public demands for transparency. 
      We will hang blood-red balls from lariats and circulate petitions asking President Obama to rein in the BLM, an outdated agency and friend of welfare cows. Below see poster by Melissa Ohlsson.
WHERE? RED ROCK CANYON SCENIC OVERLOOK ON HIGHWAY 159, from Las Vegas Strip, go west on Charleston, past the 215 Beltway and Red Rock Canyon entrance gates

WHEN?   SUNDAY APRIL25, 2010 from NOON to 2pm
WHY?   Castration is a way of wiping out the gene pool of the mustangs that have unique bloodlines adapted to their specific area. Pictures of the castrated horses taken by Craig C. Downer appear below.
BACKGROUNDIn January 2010, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conducted a deadly roundup of 1922 wild horses from the CALICO MOUNTAINS COMPLEX in northwestern Nevada, despite a federal lawsuit underway to stop the roundups and the recommendation of the federal judge that BLM should NOT conduct a roundup in the dead of winter. The Calico horses were not starving and had not damaged the public range, meanwhile the BLM sharply increased the number of private cattle allowed to graze at subsidized cost on the horses' range. Stress and trauma lie behind the majority of the 86 wild horse deaths (to date) and 40 spontaneous abortions, a report issued today by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) concludes. AWHPC notes the expense of the Calico roundup which will cost taxpayers at least $1.3 million through April, and $1 million a year to warehouse the non-adoptable horses over their 20+ year lifespans. This costly policy, which relies on expensive roundups every four years, is pursued while cost-effective, on-the-range management strategies are ignored.

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Posted: Apr 23, 2010 4:19pm


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\\n\\r\\nHello my C2 Family, \\r\\nFirst let me say Thank You to those of you who have so sweetly fwd my posts. You are SO AWESOME!! I will never forget your help. Anytime I can repay the favour, please tell me. Second, my Submit button has disappeared lea...
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My little Valentine, Lily, loves taking pictures. She said \\\"Mom, let\\\'s do a Valentines photo shoot, so I can send the pics as cards to our friends\\\" lol.  I can\\\'t believe she\\\'s 5 yrs old! Looking back at my 1st album of her: \\\"Lilyanna Jane, ...
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Holidays 2013/2014
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\\r\\n   & nbsp;   &n bsp;  Leonard Peltier ( LPDOC ) :\\r\\n        & nbsp;    Remembering Pete Seeger\\r\\n\\r\\n & nbsp;   &n bsp;   &nb sp;&nb...
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\\n\\nBeverley Hughes: When I started working to save horses in July of 2013, I intended to petition congress, create and sign petitions, dive into social media, protest, and do everything I could to save horses. I had no idea that I\\\'d actually S...
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\\nIn a special two hour episode of \\\"Spinning Tales From All Walks of Life\\\", Brother Lefty Smith, S.O.B.* joins host Michael Pollitt on WMCB to share two hours of songs and stories about his journey as an Unrepentant Peacenik and Itinerant Rabblerous...
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\\r\\n   & nbsp;  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Honored & Remembered\\r\\n\\r\\n&nb sp;    i\\\'m sharing this link to quotes and images of MLK\\r\\n  &nbs p;   to inspire \\r\\n\\r\\n  & nbsp; &n...
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Two people are being held by police in Tanzania after the seizure of a consignment of illegal ivory at Dar es Salaam port, officials say.
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Detached homes for owl and bats become increasingly popular as house builders and developers tackle bio-diversity on sites in north Wales.
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Test how much attention you have paid to the weird wonders of nature in 2013.