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Sep 1, 2006
the arogence of man 4:58 PM
I think I have found the perfect group to share my ideas. You say God is dead. I would have to suppose that any one who thinks that, is disapointed with gods over all performance with the human race. I don't know who we as humans think we are. Something special. That God or the unknown entity who created this zoo wee call human life really cares what we think. I think I have some understanding as to how the human mind works. We all feel special because we are the most intelegent of all animals.
      Two problems I have with the over all idea about most of our misconceptions of god. One is religion. What is religion anyway. It is mans desperate but futile atempt to come up with the just right set of criteria to get THE GREAT ONE to stop what he has been doing. To stop what has been his intension from the start. What that is I realy cannot say. but there are so manny people whoes lives are out of control and they know it who think that if they can put a human face on god he might love us or bless our lives in some way. Endless religions have been created and endless faces have been given to god. Why some even beleiver there are a multitude of gods. And I am willing to agree that is entirely posible.

    Then there those few of us who are lucky enough to be in control of most of thier lives. These are the people that find it the easiest or most convenient to say there is no god because no one or nothing has interfered with thier kives.

    Considering the vast complexity of of pretty well everything and if you want I will elaberate on that another time. I would say as a perfectly good guess that where we are and where god [gods } is/are there exists is such a large distance or diferent dimentions. And by the way who is to say we are the most intelegent of creation any way.
there could exist on other planets on other plains, in remote dimentions, places we cannot concieve of fare more intelegent beings. How do we know if god or gods are not superior creatures who have their own gods. So much we don't know, so much we cannot prove because we simply do not have the science or technology to see or detect anything outside this phisical world we reside in.
     I also think religion has brainwashed us into tthinking god has feelings like us. That he cares about us.

    any one ever played the computer game  The Syms, You know those zanny little computer animated beings that we can play with . Play god with. One of the finnast examples of how it remotely feels to be able to play god.

    It never ocurres to us that the way the human race behaves. And the behaviour is very contradictary. We have great potential to love yet we prefer to destry torment oppress,torture,maim, and on very small ocations some of us will love.

    There existes great dycotomiies with the human race. But admit it it make for a very entertaining situation that would amuse any god. Every one who goes out on a limb to "DARE" to consider god dead is so brave.
   But I think it takes greater guts to even emagine that maybe god is doing exactly what he or she or it wants to do with the human race. I think it is much scarier to emagine that every one of us plays a part in this unknown scheme of things. maybe god is perfectlycontent with the way things are going.As far as our thinking that he is dead maybe he wants us to beleive he is dead. Or maybe he couln't care less.

      My reason to belive he exists is the complexity of it all. The shear overwhelming mathamatics that we will never figure out of all of the laws of nature.    God could havce chosen to show his power by direct interference to known laws of nature  but why bother. There are laws of phisics we have not discovered yet nor laws we may ever discover. In the age of computers we learn that when you are operating a computer you are running lots of programs at the same time. What are programs? Lines of code. hundreds, thousands,millions of line of code.

   In the phisical realm there are also long strings of code like dna. this phisical state of being hangs on so many codes that it is programs inside programs . We are in efect living in a large more complex computer. we are to god in reality vurtual reality. Nothing is real. Are your 4 walls real ? No with our eyes we are decieved into thinking they are walls but on a sub atomic level your walls are 99% empty space.

        Everything we see,feel,touch,sense,is converted to electrical signals which is interpreted by our brain anothere super computer. There is no such thing as time. We only live in the present but our memories make us think we are "using up time or that ther is a past." Without our memory we would have no awarenes of existance. I could go on and on but It sure seems to me that some clever intelegence knows what they are doing. Think about it if there were not, so many things would randomly change thaT NOTHING INTELEGENT WOULD EXIST VERY LONG if at all.

                                                `                                    Chris

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Posted: Sep 1, 2006 5:15pm


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