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Jan 24, 2008
Ziggy - my current foster boy! 

I tried to stop fostering.  I can't!  My heart is broken every time I adopt out a dog.  I cry and I suffer every time!  Choosing their new home is what saves me from totally losing it, but to have to judge peoples lifestyles to match them up with the right dog for them to adopt is so hard.  When I have a dog, it is my baby for the time we are together.  That is just how I am.  My daughter says I shouldn't tell the dogs I love them, because it is just hard on me and they don't know what I'm saying!  Probably true, but I can't.  My heart is fully with them.  While they are here, and when they are gone.  I have to hold on to the people who are willing to keep me updated on the lives their adopted dogs because when I hear what a wonderful life the dogs now have, that makes it ALL worthwhile!  Every tear.  When I don't foster, all I can think of is the dog I should be fostering is suffering somewhere.   My prayer is that more people will foster. 
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Posted: Jan 24, 2008 11:31am
Dec 29, 2006
I just want everyone to spread the word.  Before I was a dog foster mom, I didn't realize how many wonderful, awesome, fabulous dogs there were out there!  I always thought I'd have to go to a breeder to actually get a "good" dog.  Wow.  Was I wrong!  One reason I had was because of allergies.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to have a dog that sheds in my house.  I searched out a bichon breeder and purchased him.  I then searched for a poodle.  I had NO idea that bichons AND poodles could be found in a rescue group.  I always pictured "rescue" dogs as dogs with big issues that were beyond what I could handle.  Was I wrong again!!!!  It doesn't take a lot to help a dog overcome their issues. AND there are dogs that are surrendered that seriously have NO issues, but the issues were the people who surrendered it!  There are beautiful dogs, there are ugly dogs that end up with BEAUTIFUL personalities!  If you adopt a homeless dog, I'm telling you, they will give you love that is beyond what you can imagine.  My foster dogs come back to visit me, and they remember!!  I seriously can feel some of them thanking me for finding them a forever mom and dad.  They come and give me kisses and they are so happy to see me again and that just warms my heart over and over again.  I especially feel the happiest when I see them as much in love with their new family as they were when they were with me.  It breaks my heart to part with them, but that is just what I have learned to accept.  I could have my heart "not" broken and "not" foster dogs.  But they would be the ones to suffer.  The point of all this is PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, RESCUE DOGS ARE WORTH RESCUING!!!!  THEY LOVE YOU FOR YOU!!!  By the way, the Bichon that I "purchased" 10 years ago is naughtier than any foster dog I have had in my house!!!  lol  He's with us for life though, I believe once you make a dog a permanent member they are there through thick and thin!  ALSO, Claritin has been my rescue drug of choice!  I can foster any kind of dog as long as I remember my allergy meds! 

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Posted: Dec 29, 2006 10:40am
Nov 20, 2006
Ole & Lena have gone to their new forever home!  These two dogs were so precious to us all at our rescue group.  They are 8 1/2 years old and have lived their entire lives in a small cage, having babies.  They were from a puppy mill.  Lena is still very, very timid and scared.  Ole is the life of the party!  They came a LONG way from when they first came to us.  Lena could not even be taken out of her kennel without force.  Poor baby.  Ole had all of his teeth removed because they had rotted.  Lena had most of hers removed.  I am so thankful that the puppy mill surrendered them to us.  Many puppy mills aren't so kind as to do that.  They put the dogs to death when they no longer produce puppies for them.  Please, please keep this in mind when you go to adopt a dog.  Please don't buy from a pet store.  Ole & Lena's babies were sold in pet stores, while they suffered in a cage.  I am SO thankful that a kind woman adopted them and fell in love immediately.  Dogs give unconditional love, please adopt a dog today that needs your love. 
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Posted: Nov 20, 2006 7:43pm
Sep 3, 2006
Today was my first trip to animal control.  The dog director of the rescue group that I volunteer with asked if I'd like to come along.  I would help select dogs that would be taken into our rescue and adopted out.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but knew it would be hard.  The first dog I see is a chocolate lab.  Have you ever seen a full grown lab that weighs 20 lbs.?  All skin and bones, and diarrhea.  Down the aisle is a puppy that still has a chance to be reclaimed.  2 beautiful black labs, a cream shepherd mix, a retriever/lab mix, a rat terrier.  All barking, begging to PLEASE pet them and let them out.  Where did these dogs come from?  How did they get here?  Our rescue group has restrictions that you have to follow in order to adopt one of our rescues.  People tend to get upset when you tell them "sorry, we can't adopt a young lab to you if you don't have a fenced yard."  Now I have seen the reasoning behind that.  We have accepted one of the labs to our rescue group.  We will feed him, get his shots all done, have him vet checked, dewormed, checked for heartworm and any diseases and treat him for all of these.   He will be treated with love and respect.  He will go into a foster home where he will be spoiled (in a very good way!) with love, hugs and all the running he needs.  He will be housebroken if he is not, he will be taught good manners if he doesn't have them.  Then he will be adopted out.  I have been told our guidelines are too strict.  Why do we do this?  We don't want this boy to go through what he has already been through.  We want to be sure he will be loved and cared for from this day on.  We are also taking 3 of the other dogs.  Another rescue group has taken the rest.  This animal control is very unusual in that they do their very, very best to find a rescue group to take each and every one of their dogs.  We all know how many dogs are euthenized every single day because of the greed of people who breed dogs for profit.  I won't even go into that here.  The animal control has one of their own fosters who takes sickly dogs like the 20 lb. lab and pampers them for 2 months so they are healthy enough for a rescue group to take them and adopt them out.  (I'll be first in line for that girl when she is well enough to come!) 

I'm a dog person.  I don't even look at cats because I'm allergic.  Slowly, I've begun to sneak over to the cat side and see them.  "No, I don't like cats."  I had NO idea how many cats there were in the world!  Wow.  Wow.  I snuck over and took a look at the cats.  My heart dropped when I heard - "this one has been here forever!"  If that cat can't get adopted, there is no room for the next cat.  One will end up being euthenized, not because any of us believe in it, but because there plain and simply IS NOT ROOM.  What did I do?  Held one.  Mistake.  In two weeks he is coming to my home so I can foster him and make room for more.  If I DON'T foster him, a cat has to die.  I will foster him, take care of him and pamper him, and find him a home.  WE NEED MORE FOSTER HOMES!!!  This is a huge problem.  Please, please tell me how to get the word out that you need to spay and neuter all dogs and cats??  They are suffering, suffering in cages and kennels.  Suffering when bad people buy them at pet stores with credit cards because they "can".  People we won't adopt to because we know the fit isn't right.  Then we end up with more and more dogs in our rescue because we don't want them to suffer but the people realize "oh, this isn't going to work." 

I hugged the woman at animal control when I left.  She said she goes home many days and just cries.  One person can't do it all.  It is a huge problem, there are animals suffering.  What will you do?

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Posted: Sep 3, 2006 12:29pm


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