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Oct 29, 2006
The Commerce Department came out with a report Friday saying that the growth rate over the past three months is the lowest its been in three years. The economy has been propped up by high fuel prices and the housing bubble, neither one of which has been doing ordinary Americans any good. Gas prices especially have sucked the budget dry for most people, meaning that they don't spend on restaurants and movies and other items referred to as "discretionary spending." This hurts small businesses disproportionately, the businesses which provide most of the nation's employment. Yes, gas prices have come down some in time for the elections-- from their historically all-time highs-- but what's preventing them from going back up after the election, just in time for winter?

Moreover, the part of the economy which has been doing well is spending by businesses. So businesses which sell to businesses are doing alright. But even they're worrying that if consumers don't start spending again, the businesses which are their customers are going to cut back on spending, initiating another level of recession.

The world economy is doing much better than the US economy and this has led to a devaluation of the dollar against both the Euro and the Yen. Ordinarily this could be favorable to the US because it would mean that the products we sell to the world would be cheaper and so more competitive. But we don't sell much to the world anymore. Our number one export has been defense-related items. Other countries are developing their own computer technology; indeed, much of what is done in this country has been outsourced and this trend shows no end.

Republicans have put the kibosh on biotech development in this country and other countries have stepped into the vacuum. We're now so far behind in that area that it's unlikely we'll ever catch up. Republicans have also refused to support alternative energy, so now the US is importing wind turbines from overseas. Solar cells are much cheaper in Europe than they are here in the US. Ordinary people in Germany, for example, can go to a store and buy them. I wouldn't know where to go to buy a solar cell here in the US... or even whether I'd be allowed to hook it up. When China starts buying solar cells and wind turbines, who do you think they're going to get them from?

The US economy isn't as bad as the statistics and the Democrats say-- it's worse. Unless there's a world war where we can sell bombs and tanks and rockets and planes, the market created by the advent of the internet (initiated by Clinton/Gore) is going to become saturated and outsourced to the point where that will no longer be a source of income for the US and we'll face a severe economic contraction. What are we going to do then? What will we tell our kids to study in college? Will we even be able to afford to send them to college? This country needs people in government who have more than their own, corrupt, selfish, interests at heart. We need people with a clue. As citizens, we don't often have choice about what our government is doing and not doing-- every two years we can select a member of Congress, every four a President. The time to make a choice is coming. Do you have time?
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Posted: Oct 29, 2006 3:32pm


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