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Dec 20, 2011
Name: Fluffs
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Pet(s)
Location: Oslo, Norway

At 12 o’clock today, my mother called me while holidaying in Australia. She’d received a phone call from the local vet, letting us know our ct had been brought in. Wema, or Fluffs, as we called her, had been the victim of a hit and run, and had been killed.


The people who brought her in didn’t leave a name, or any information about the incident other than that they had found her at the side of the road. I’m left sitting at home, confused and miserable. I don’t know if she suffered, though the vet said death was most likely instantaneous. I hope it’s true.


Less than 24 hours ago, a sweet, furry little face smiled at me from where she’d just been sinking her claws into her beloved, completely shredded scratch post. She gave a little mew she was hungry, and ran between my legs, almost tripping me over, as I walked to the kitchen to feed her and our other cat, Fred. Her mother, not really ours, but who always snuck in with her in the mornings, sat in the background, waiting for me to leave so she could steal some of our cats’ food.


My cat, 11 years old, but still as playful as a kitten, still as cuddly and energetic, a cat who did nobody any harm, but patiently let young kids pet her, even if they weren’t the most gentle and knowing of how to pet a cat. She’ll never be bringing smiles to faces, keeping me company or stroking my legs with her tail, waiting for food. I’m still reeling at the knowledge, still trying to get it to sink in. I’m alternating between crying for my loss and wondering how it all could have happened, to wondering how somebody can kill a such a beautiful little cat, and not even have the decency to take her to the vet. What if they could have saved her? They could have at least kept her company, so she didn’t die alone.


So I’m starting a petition in her name, more like a pledge, that I hope people will sign, where they promise to take any pet they accidentally hit with their car, to the vet, rather than leave it lying at the side of the road, and the points I get will go to feeding needy cats.


Don't forget to have your animals ear marked or have  chip implanted. HAd I not, i would never have known what happened to Wema.

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Posted: Dec 20, 2011 4:28am


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Nicola Thomasson
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Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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