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Oct 27, 2005
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My Father is a World War Two vetran of the Pacific. He has toled my many storis about his experiances. I wish to share my favorites with you.

  Once he was on a navy ship that was transporting his Army Infantry unit from one island to the other. It was a nice day and he was up on deck standing under one of the ships big guns. Neadles to say it was target practice day and it whent of with him right under the barell. It shook him up a little but that aparently was all it did.

  A nother time he was on the chow line with his buddies out in the open on a warm day. He saw way up high the faint silowet of a airplain, so as a joke he said "looks like a ZERO". Well neadl les to say it was a ZERO and with in a minut every one was diving for the neares fox hole. Till this day my dad is afraid to say something like that as a joke in case it is true.

  The last is my favorite because if these set of circumstances did not hapen my father would most likely not be my dad. My father was in an Infantry unit and fortunatly for him the Army band was scouting in his area for a new trombone player. That hapens to be what my father played profetionaly for years. He was temporaly transfered to the band. Later when he was no longer neded with the band he was transfered back and every single man in his unit had been replaced. The people he knew in the unit had ether been kiled or injured so badly they had to be honorably disgarged.

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Posted: Oct 27, 2005 8:21pm


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