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Nov 7, 2009

November 1, 2009

Dear friends,

This set of transmissions is particularly powerful for me. I can sense the shift in priorities, perhaps in tune with impending winter, the season of introspection. Still, it seems we are being more than gently nudged into really fulfilling our higher purpose in life. The insistence in these messages on focusing within and strengthening ourselves is greater than before. I can feel a sense of urgency, globally and personally as well. For me it is like a calling which gets louder and clearer. I sense I am not alone in this feeling.

So, we walk on the many branches of the spiritual path toward the Light. It seems to me like a time to assist each other in this inner period, to come together. Stay connected. Call each other, write each other, meet each other. Share the joys, not just the challenges. Unify.

Remember not to give into fear. Keep the faith, however you manifest that in your life. Whatever gives you strength and promotes serenity, keep doing it and sharing it.

All love, Parvati 

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October 3, 2009 On creative vortex and manifestation

Yes, yes. You are at present experiencing a kind of ‘creative vortex’ in which your thoughts and ideas are essentially being spun at an accelerated speed―being spun into manifestation. This Bhrugu Aranya has a life of its own. You are merely stewards for the evolution of this ancient Point of Light.

Indeed, more emphasis on FIRE and SOUND. Even if you sit alone and play the crystal bowls, the SOUND assists in manifestation of all ideas, dreams, visions and higher goals.

On living in balance and leading with spirit

One can no longer divide one’s life into segments―work, play, family, spiritual practice. Not possible. As human beings are incapable of existing as a head or as legs or arms alone, so it is with one’s being. All aspects are integrated in the balanced, harmonious human being. For Light Workers, this integration is essential.

One’s life is reflected in every aspect of it. One cannot only work for financial success without involving his or her spiritual quest, spiritual values and the core of one’s VIKARMA, one’s Divine purpose in life. It is when one attempts to compartmentalize one’s life that one misses the gist of it!


If you lead with your higher self, your soul which is divinely guided toward the highest good will lead you through the forest of solitude and the valley of despair to the highest heights, to the Light.

If you lead with your material goals, your soul will always feel a sense of loss, a missing of an element which can fulfill its longings.

If you lead with the mind, the heart will break in waiting.

Do not postpone your higher work. Begin it now.

Do what you were born to do.

Every moment is a precious one in which to follow Divinity.

Let it not be lost or misplaced.

Walk in Light.

Lead the way, for many will follow the ones who are walking in step with Divine.

Let your lights shine!

October 4, 2009 On anti-Semitism, moving forward in change

Yes, yes. There is anti-Semitism alive today, but it is far less here in Poland than in USA or in other larger countries. Where there is ‘freedom of speech’ or where there was, there is more of an inclination to speak one’s mind in a more frontal attack. What the Eastern European mind tends toward is the back door. However, why focus on what was done to whom when? Of course, you must never forget the crimes against humanity, but guard fiercely the door to the past, dear friends. You see, if you live in the past, be it beautiful and joyous or pain-filled and grim, past is past.

In every walk of life today on this planet there are still gruesome crimes against humanity being committed. Stop what is happening now right under your noses. Learn from the painful memories of wars gone by and atrocities which consumed an entire world in shock and in denial. Indeed, yes, there were and are those who deny the wars and say the atrocities never occurred―from civil war crimes to World War crimes!

Work for change now. Work for justice and righteousness. Live your lives as such. Forgive those who have committed injustice, but refuse to turn a blind eye from what is occurring today, as was done before in the shocking events of the past.

Live to love. Live every day to cultivate the forgiving heart, the loving heart, the open one.

If you find bitterness entering your awareness, check every window and door to your heart. Be sure to identify the weak link, the opening which allows bitterness to seep in. And close that opening tight. Fill the spaces of your heart with blessings and never the bitter taste of defeat.

Be not defeated by life. Be encouraged and inspired by its challenges, no matter how mighty the hand is that rises to threaten your peace of mind. Be strong. Rest your heart in the hands of Almighty and know that whatever challenges are yours in this life are to create a more loving soul.

When you embrace your challenges, they become lighter and in many instances, disappear. And should they remain challenges a helper will always appear to assist you in carrying them―for when you put your faith in Almighty, rest assured dear ones, there are many who serve in the cause of Divine love who are ready and willing to walk alongside you. Never fear.

Let the sweetness of Divine Love replace the bitterness.



October 9, 2009 On taking action

Yes, yes. Begin today with a prayer for this planet.

Over the years, governments and higher governing bodies than them have caused such peril and suffering, such hideous damage and chaos upon the Earth―all under the name of &lsquorogress.’ Now, the efforts of those whose love of this planet and beyond is without the aim of profit and gain have begun to make headway. Harm done and harm being done by the great conglomerate shall wane. Those whose aim is to heal and replenish the atmosphere will survive.

Those of you with tools in hand to combat the destruction, use them now. Whether those tools are in the realm of education, organic agriculture, ecological advances, natural remedies, alternative medicine, healing or blessing the Earth―all efforts are now required. Step up the pace! Do realize that your efforts and your love of Mother Earth and the entire solar system are what heals her?

Without using the tools in hand, however, thought is not enough. One needs higher intention and actual tools which work. Prayer, meditation and introspection assist you in reaching a state of consciousness which expands to include all of Nature.

Go further. Pick up a spade and garden organically. Speak out and educate those coming up behind you in the art of Earth stewardship. Light the healing fire of Agnihotra all around the planet and let the fires be seen by other planets, able to connect with this one. Reduce emissions. Stop the spread of these senseless Chemtrails and now, the poisoning of your water supply.

But do not simply identify areas which are being destroyed. Do something about them. Words are not enough. Become active in saving planet Earth. In doing so―THINK POSITIVE. SPEAK POSITIVE. ACT POSITIVE.

Even when up against the sharpest critics and the most erroneous adversaries, REMAIN POSITIVE.

When you identify the problem, begin at once to correct it with whatever tools you have in hand.

Believe in the possibility and probability of PEACE. Envision it. Invite it. Manifest it.

October 12, 2009 On equality and humanity, harmony

Yes, yes. As some of you may have realized, affluence does not necessarily bring all the gifts one would imagine it bringing. There is no delineation between the rich and the poor in spiritual terms. All are children of Divine. All are equal. One’s level of income or one’s expertise, one’s doctorate or diplomas from any number of universities bear no weight in spiritual practice. All are stripped of their titles when seated before Almighty. Thus, in your world, seek to understand the other, rather than think you are above him. Seek to find the similarities rather than the differences that keep you at a distance from each other. Humanity can live in harmony, but only if each of you learn to see with the eyes of your brother and feel with the awareness of each other.

There are many shades of the spectrum when it comes to human beings. There are those whose main communication is stilted and hesitant, where others are fluent and profuse in their social interactions. There are those who need privacy and others who rely on group activity. There are those who ask for nothing and those who need a lot, those who have no expectation and those who expect it all. When all come together in any group whatsoever, all these distinctions create either differences which seem to be insurmountable or interesting textures of the same cloth. We suggest you seek to revel in the distinctions which define you as human beings.

To the table, each being brings a certain set of ideas, ideals, creative principles and imagination. Each comes with his or her own vision of the future and experience of the present, not to mention the baggage of the past. In fact, we might suggest leaving one’s baggage outside the boardroom or ballroom door―resent and future expectations being enough to deal with!

When one looks at every instance as an opportunity, one begins to see the myriad of skills each being possesses and how all together a magnificent tapestry of humanity can be created. Then, each of the beings present begins to feel a part of a healthy whole. Each sees his or her contribution as adding to the ONE. And thus begins true harmony, mutual respect, and self-respect.

There will be some of you who need more positive reinforcement, as you say. There are others who will need more autonomy. Each one’s needs shall be taken into account, each one’s strengths highlighted and accepted. No one being should take prominence, unless the group requests them to stand forward and represent the whole. Of course, that being should be one with deft communication skills and a pleasant demeanor. Needless to say, normally those beings chosen for leadership role often have those skills.


Yes, it is possible.

Yes it is possible.

Yes it is possible.


Be all you can be individually and come together as ONE.

The principles of holistic living should be outlined as such.


October 14, 2009 On Australia

Yes, dear vehicle. Do realize that this is your first trip to Australia and that likely there will be others. Our dear vehicle needs promotion now, as it is time for our messages to reach a wider sector of the public. Australia is a wonderful place to start.

Australia will be plagued by great storms and devastation. There will be shocking revelations about crimes against humanity having taken place right under the eyes of the nation. These will be revealed soon. Australia is indeed a mission. It is one of clearing and cleansing. There will be great challenges to be faced in 2010, indeed, on the climatic front. 

Ah, human beings are quite unaware, for the most part. When one sees a culture such as the Aborigines of Australia, one sees only a smidgen of what was truly known in olden times. There was a communication, not only with Nature but with other planetary systems, simultaneously with their walking and living upon the Earth.

On other planets…

Before we ‘forget’, the arrival of a new, previously undetected planet, will hit the news. There is life on other planets, and some of those planets have constant contact with planet Earth. Though amusing stories and movies have been hatched about aliens and subcultures within subcultures having association with aliens, these imaginative portrayals are just that. What is true is far more entertaining and amazing than any stories ever told about same!

October 16, 2009 On the pull between material and spiritual

Yes, yes. Even on spiritual path there are those who have become so accustomed to life in the outside world that, even with all the spiritual principles at their disposal, they remain in the state of material focus. Now, curiously, in this so-called ‘outer world’, which is always simply an extension of the inner world―another discussion entirely―these beings seem to show a more gentle demeanor than their coworkers. For example, in the workplace, their spiritual principles are more apparent amongst the rest of humanity which is not necessarily tending to spiritual matters at all. So, even though they may appear distant and self-absorbed within their own spiritual circles by ones perhaps more advanced, they still have benefited from the positive association, as witnessed within their workplace peer group. This leads one to realize that some benefits are being realized, just not to the extent that they truly are reflected in their more interpersonal relationships with others on spiritual path. This is often the case with new ones beginning to walk in spirit, or with elders who never put the principles into action.

Active service is what is required to activate the principles and to live a life truly in reflection of the Divine. In this arena, everyone stands to benefit.

October 19, 2009 (I was focusing on how to truly fulfill my potential and be all I can be in this life. Though the answer I received has personal meaning and refers to my Sadguru, I feel it can apply to others on the spiritual path and wanted to share it.)

Yes, yes. Fortunate are those who walk in Light. Yes, this is a quote from your beloved Sadguru, dear one. When you realize the breadth and depth of His Words, the illumination of His Life on Earth, you come to a place within you where the Light is ever-shining, like the eternal flame. That place is where all your focus should be. It is the only goal of your life which needs to be fulfilled. No other purpose houses such potential. No other idea encompasses what this simple aim embraces. When you realize your whole life is in the Hands of Almighty Father, guided patiently and lovingly by Divine Mother, where is the question of questioning? Indeed, dear one, increase your faith. Do everything within your power to focus on the Light. Make every act an act of love. You have it within you.

All beings on the planet have potential. No one is greater than the next.

October 25, 2009 On gratitude

Yes, yes. The attitude of gratitude. When gratitude takes over, the whole world appears to be sunlit and radiant. When the heart opens to allow for gratitude to enter into it, it is like opening a door to a room long-awaiting the light of day. Gratitude makes everything clear, creating a new perspective on life which boosts one’s enthusiasm and positive mental outlook. With clarity of mind, one can manifest all one’s dreams and goals, especially if those dreams and goals are aligned with one’s higher self. Then, as they say, ‘the sky is the limit!’

When one looks at one’s life from this perspective, seeking out what to be grateful for, one finds the silver lining, unexpectedly and with great surprise! So, be ever grateful for the blessings you have received. Count them one by one, when you feel like you are in a dark cloud. Count aloud, so you can hear each thing your heart feels grateful for. This is an excellent way to begin each day. And keep the journal of gratitude by your bedside. Whenever you feel down, it will certainly help to uplift you. A simple tool for simplifying one’s life.

October 26, 2009 On sourcing comfort, on higher awareness

Yes, yes. With all the talk about world regeneration and expected holocaust-type event of 2012―unlikely to occur according to plan, as most catastrophic events never do―one needs to find that source of comfort and sacredness where one can shelter oneself in times of uncertainty in the world. That source of comfort should preferably not have working hours or hours when it is available! Indeed, the source of comfort should be so easy to access that one can reach it in a split second. If one does not have that inner shelter already established, it would behoove one to begin to build one’s inner temple, one’s inner sanctuary, one’s inner sanctum of peace.

In the 1960’s in United States, families were consumed with worries about invasion from another political culture, so they built bomb shelters to protect themselves, should the enemy advance. Silly as it seems now, the concept of self-protection and security is inbred. Those of you who recall this era, recall too the uncertainty of the times. The times you are now living in are indeed far more uncertain than the ones of your past! However, the ‘bomb shelter’ approach could be utilized―only on the level of spirit.

Create your inner sanctuary within you. Visualize a peaceful, harmonious place within yourself. Of course, if the general surroundings of your outer home can be made more harmonious and balanced, this too would be a good step. The main thing we are concerned with is that the inner place be one which nurtures and protects the great human spirit within you. All of you.

Imagine the inner space. Create a picture in your mind. See the beauty and breathe the stillness, the harmony of atmosphere within this space. Do be as visual as you are able to be. Imagine the colours you see, the delicate sounds you hear. Listen and be silent. Feel the effect this peaceful space has on your body, as your breathing slows down and your muscles relax. This is a type of meditation yes, but it is a going within to find the peace. That concept need be explored and expanded.

You see, we believe that human mind is extremely powerful, so much so that it can alter one’s health, improve it to a point of miraculous recovery in some cases. We believe that it can be your own greatest source of strength and serenity. And it needs to be embraced.

As you are born into human form, you also have an inherent responsibility, particularly those of you for whom the calling to spirit is greater than the pull of complacency. For you whose every breath is a prayer for peace, listen now. When you have a taste of the freedom this inner peace gives, you then have the responsibility or shall we say opportunity, to share it with others. You may share it by teaching others what you have realized, but more often than not you may teach it by living example.

This brings us to the next step. All of you who have been blessed with higher awareness― whether or not you call it as such or even admit to it as such―have the greatest of all chances to actually reach a state of freedom such as is the quest of spiritual seekers on all paths to the Light. This is a time like none other in the history of your humanity when there is a wide window of opportunity for mass release, mass awareness and shifting into the new dimension. To prepare yourselves for this quantum leap is essential.

There will be greater visions and extremely significant dreams shown to many at this time.

There will be callings from other planets to assist those of you who are moving forward into Light bodies.

There will be shifts in consciousness on every level, even those in density. Even those with low levels of awareness will move higher.

Intensify your practices. Intensify your Sadhana, if you will. Know that your every effort now will manifest quicker than ever before. So, be certain of your aim and let your aim be true. Seek the universal rather than the personal, though do so in a personal manner. Let your own individual creative impulses resonate with those of the greater whole.

Speak with kindness.

Act with kindness.

Every breath is precious.

Know that every given moment you are blessed.

Walk in knowing that each step is guided by Almighty.

When you walk in harmony upon the Earth, every cell in your body resonates with the whole of the universe. And you are never alone. All walk as ONE.

Let your MUSIC reflect this.

Let your ART reflect this.

Let your HEALING reflect this.

Into the Light.

Towards the ONE.

In harmony and bliss,

                           We are Orion.

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