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May 1, 2007
Focus: Sustainable Development
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I know you’re probably thinking along the lines of religion as that’s where we hear the term “living water” used most but this isn’t about that specifically. It’s just about water itself. I swear that after digging further into this I could’ve slapped myself for not seeing it sooner, but of course I’m not a scientist either

Water’s nature is to travel in spirals, this creates a vortex and all the bacteria, etc. are pushed to the outside and discarded, meanwhile the center vortex is “energizing” the water. When water is forced through pipes, and gets re-directed at 90 degree angles it can’t spiral and looses some of it’s structure which reduces it’s life force/energy i.e. killing it and it can no longer protect itself. So not only are we drinking, bathing, cleaning, etc. with “dead” water (which can contribute to illness and disease) we are discarding this same dead water back into the earth… along with other pollutions.

One solution (there may be others, I don’t know about) seems to be
the Double-Spiral Flow Pipe (as used in the 1930s in wooden pipes)… that is, spiraled on the inside. This lets the water spiral the way it wants, in it’s NATURAL state, thus keeping it’s “life force”/energy/structure intact.

The water-masses are conducted along a double-spiral flow pipe in such a way that the movement of the individual filaments of water at the periphery takes the form of a secondary helical motion along a primary helical path.

Through this arrangement both centrifugal and centripetal forces evolve simultaneously in the cross-section of the pipe, which convey bodies heavier than water down the center. Bodies lighter than water are impelled towards the periphery.

Water-masses conducted in this fashion are slightly warmed through the interplay of mechanical forces of friction on the vane-surfaces, leading to the separation of oxygen in the inner region of the pipe and its subsequent concentration at the periphery.

At the same time as the oxygen is ejected, all the bacteria migrate towards the periphery as well, since their living conditions in the more central part of the cross-section have now become unsuitable. In company with the bacteria, all the water-polluting particles are also dispatched towards the periphery of the pipe.

Thus the water is easily and simultaneously purged of suspended matter.

Once bacteria have transferred to the peripheral zone in search of the required oxygen, and after a certain period of time in water completely cut off from outside influences, they are overwhelmed by a localized concentration of oxygen, those pathogenic bacteria susceptible to an excess of oxygen are advantageously eliminated, whereas non-pathogenic bacteria which are not harmful to human health, but in many cases are actually beneficial, are to a certain extent, retained.

At the same time as the content of absorbed oxygen is separated from the carbons contained in all water, the inner core of the water surges ahead in a simple spiral movement (vortical movement along the longitudinal axis), because the surface tension of the water becomes physically reduced as a result of the above mentioned separation of oxygen from the particles of carbon.

The physical reduction in surface tension results in a mechanical acceleration, leading to the self-purification and energetic charging of the centrally accelerating water-masses. On the other hand this charging of energy gives rise to further processes related to the overall equilibrium between the heavy, centrally-accelerating bodies and the energy-rich water.

The ensuing simultaneously cooling solid particles are separated and are again directed towards the periphery. There, they combine with oxygen and are reunited with the centrally-accelerating water in the form of additional energies. Those particles of matter not drawn into the centre will be pressed onto the surface of the pipe walls by the prevailing mechanical pressure, there to combine with the raw materials from which the timber was originally formed.

Thus they seal the pores of the wood, which in this way becomes more durable than iron. Once again we are here concerned with a natural process whose active principle is operative in the formation of all capillaries. The capillaries not only construct themselves, but also protect themselves against harmful influences.

That’s the water we want to drink and replenish the Earth with… revitalized water!.

The energy the revitalized water carries is, of course, of great importance to all biological organisms. Humans, plants and animals, including livestock, will naturally benefit from revitalized water. Animals will benefit from easier absorption of water and it will aid in their digestive processes as well as increase the process of bringing nutrients to the cells and bringing waste and toxins out of the cells. This will promote better health and better growth just like in plants.

Hair before and after

As we can see the body of the hair has changed completely and is more full and shines like healthy hair

Celery 3ft. tall!

18 gallon tub, filled to the top with beans from a 55 foot row that produced over 80 pounds!

Sewage waste water after use of the double-spiral flow pipes is crystal clear.!

Great for use in the yard!

Any application using the water revitalizer pipes will in this way contribute to a better and cleaner environment and a better overall performance of the water in whatever application we put it to. You can see how the septic tank water has changed from brownish stinky water into almost crystal clear water. The smell has decreased dramatically as well. Only 5 minutes after having irrigated this lawn with the septic water, the smell is completely gone. Good for the environment. If every household was using these pipes our sewage plants would be much less of a burdon to the Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. Instead of being a burdon the sewage water would maybe instead help repairing these bodies of water.

Water is alive (structured) in Nature when found in its natural environment. Think about it... the currents and undercurrents in the rivers and oceans... a wave in the ocean makes a spiral... water spouts, tornados, hurricanes... The Milky Way! When we use it, we treat it without any respect, without any deep understanding of what water actually is. We do a variety of things to the water:

Pump it through miles and miles of straight and narrow pipelines.
Frequently use high pressure turbine pumps.
Expose water to numerous 90 degree turns.

This causes the water to:

Lose its Life Force.
Make it defenseless against bacteria and viruses.
Lose its ability to self clean
Lose its freedom to follow its innate desire to move in spirals and swirls.

The water becomes "dead or lazy" (unstructured) as bacteria build-up occurs in the pipeline. Then we add chlorine to it which kills most of the bacteria - both good and bad - in the water, in us, when we drink it and when we shower in it.

For thousands of years, humanity has been aware of the importance of water. We are kind of doing what they did in Rome a long time ago… like eating off of lead plates. We are drinking out of high-pressured water pipes that produce disease. However in Rome, it was considered to be one of the biggest crimes to pollute the water.

Today in our advanced and modern society we believe we have to sacrifice everything including the water of this planet we inhabit (for the time being) in order to continue the "progress" and our so-called "welfare." We are rapidly destroying water's life-giving capacities. Increased population, industrial wastes and agricultural chemicals are contaminating our water sources. The citizens of our "consumer/waste" society have unfortunately lost all respect and deference for water and Mother Nature.

Most of this information (and the pics) are from this site:
and they do sell these pipes... not in wood but in copper and stainless steel... which I must say are out of my budget at the moment, but with any luck they aren’t the only ones that make and sell these. Or perhaps someone else with come across this same information and be inspired to invest in their own business or something? Maybe you could find someone to make them out of wood... it says it strengthens the wood, so maybe it could still be used... who knows?

He also has some that just attach to your shower or sink.

He also has some fascinating links and it's been well researched. I still have to look up a few more things and see if anybody else sells it but I just had to share... I was excited

I was also thinking along the lines of using this along with a Rainwater Catchment system... wondering just how much filtration would be needed.... but that's a whole 'nother story

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Posted: May 1, 2007 5:38am


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