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Sep 23, 2013

Every girl wishes to have long, beautiful and healthy hair for a long time without requiring a multitude of salon products and too much styling. Don’t you love when the wind blows your hair and you feel a smooth touch like they are tickling on your face? Keeping your hair in an excellent condition requires a care and a fair amount of patience.

We know that a road to healthy hair is paved with good quality hair products, shampoos, deep conditioners, proteins and a healthy diet. Too much flat-ironing, back combing and brushing hair when they’re wet can damage your hair.  If your hair is anguished from split-ends, tangles, frizz, sun damage and broken brittle then, it’s time to take more conscious effort to make them healthy.

So, it’s time to learn some tips to make your hair shinier, healthy and damage-free. The best part is that none of them require a trip to salon.

·         Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Limit your hair exposure to chemical based shampoos, chlorine in pools and lye-based hair creams. This can take away the shine of your hair. Try to avoid use of products with alcohol and heat-styling treatments.

·         Eat Nutritious Foods

To get a healthy and shiny hair include Vitamin A and E in your food. Eat plenty of protein rich food, eggs, green vegetables, carbohydrates helps in promoting hair growth.

·         Wash with Cool Water

Don’t wash your hair with hot water as it can dry your hair and leave it dull. After shampooing and conditioning rinse it with cool water.

·         Be gentle

Brushing wet hair and being too harsh while detangling can lead to damage and broken ends. It will make your roots weak results in split-ends.

·         Get Trimmed

Regular trims will keep your look fresh all time and the problem of split-ends will not arise frequently. Getting them trimmed in every 4-6 weeks will make them healthier and extend their length.

Moreover, it’s important to know that repairing your hair can’t be done overnight but, over time including these tips in your daily routine can take your hair to the road of recovery.

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Posted: Sep 23, 2013 4:41am
Aug 22, 2013

A thorough glance at the queries I receive everyday, has brought to light a frequent question, whether one should go for permanent hair straightening or not. Well, with my own experience as a professional hair stylist for a considerable time, I would suggest everyone to think about a number of aspects first, and then make a decision.

Permanent hair straightening is done using strong chemicals that keep hair streamlined and straight. However, these chemicals can damage your hair roots, leading to problems like hairfall, dandruff and whitening. Moreover, I have seen several females complaining about thinness of hair strands, after such treatments.

Royale Hair Straighteners

One thing, I would like to mention is; since your natural hair keeps growing in their usual texture, it might create an uneven or messy appearance, with those rebonded ones. Also, having permanent straightened manes, you get stuck with just one hair look, because it deprives you from ever changing hairstyles.

However, an effective alternative to permanent straightening is, to use a royale flat iron. These hair styling devices can be used easily, just by gliding through hair shaft, at a certain temperature. Therefore, you can get that smooth and sleek hair look, whenever desired.

One step further, I want to tell my readers that while you choose a hair straightener, don’t run behind cheap prices. It is a matter of your precious hair, so you need to be very careful. First of all, make sure that the straightener is equipped with ceramic or tourmaline plates, because these do not cause any breakage to hair strands.

Secondly, check the temperature adjustability of the product, so that you can regulate heating, as suitable. Using a good quality flat iron, you can fulfil your dream of getting those sleek manes, without bothering yourself with those harsh chemicals. 

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Posted: Aug 22, 2013 11:53pm


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