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Apr 21, 2007

The House will be voting on a bill to reinstate protections for wild horses and burros here in the USA on this Thursday.

Please call your US Representatives and ask for their support to end the rounding up of wild horses for slaughter.

Take a look at this Share, where you may watch a video of a wild horse round-up (no graphic violence) and also read the full Vanity Fair article, "Galloping Scared" :

Blog: Wild Horses Rounded Up: Youtube video
(14 comments) — "Galloping Scared", published in Vanity Fair Magazine:"As the horses hit a straightaway at full stride, a camouflaged fence gradually funnels them into a trap. Close to the neck of the trap... more

The vote is April 26, 2007.

Take action here.

Thank you for using your voice for wild horses and burros,

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Posted: Apr 21, 2007 6:30pm
Nov 5, 2006

This is a copy of Nick's original share MINUS the graphic and heartbreaking photos.  If you are reading this, maybe you'd like to make a copy of this share too?  It would help to get the word out. 

Please, please help as you are able.

Here are five suggestions to take action:

1.  Make a copy of this share, it will help get the word out here at Care2.
2.  Ask for action among your contacts OUTSIDE OF CARE2. 
3.  Email Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee. 
4.  Email the corporate sponsors of the 2008 Olympics.
5.  Email the media.  Media coverage may pressure China to abort their plans for yet another bloody slaughter.

Link to Nick's original share: 
WARNING!  graphic images of animal cruelty

Contact info for Mr. Jacques Rogge

Contact info for the 2008 Olympic Sponsors

Thank you so much for taking action for the innocent animals of China.

Gratefully yours,

Dear Animal Advocates,


I bring you this urgent action alert that needs your immediate attention and help! A copy of this message has also been sent to the media, governments, organizations and so on. We hope you will do the same and more if you can.

On August 8, 2006, The Humane Society of the United States offered $100,000 to the government of China to establish an effective rabies control program in certain southern provinces in the country, conditional upon the government's termination of its mass dog killing programs and its acceptance of assistance to develop a humane and effective rabies control program. The offer comes in response to the clubbing and killing of more than 50,000 dogs in the Yunnan Province and the prospect of the expansion of the program into other provinces and regions in China. The HSUS sharply criticized the killings in a letter to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, and offered the organization's help to develop a more effective and humane response to rabies cases.  

Wayne Pacelle, The President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States said, "There are far better ways of addressing rabies control to promote the safety of your citizens, the good reputation of China and the welfare of the dogs. To demonstrate our willingness to provide constructive solutions, we are offering $100,000 to support an integrated rabies and humane dog control program in the affected villages in Jining City in Shandong Province. The HSUS is making this offer contingent on having the full co-operation of the relevant national and local authorities in China and Jining City and an understanding that mass and indiscriminate dog killing programs will be terminated immediately." 

The HSUS's response to China is in line with the World Health Organization, which has stated that indiscriminate mass killing is not a means of effective animal control, and instead emphasizes the need for vaccination programs. The Humane Society International is also currently working in India, Nepal and Indonesia to provide guidance in developing humane animal control programs, which include sterilization and effective rabies vaccination.

Now, in spite of all this, from November 7, 2006, the Beijing Municipal government will also start this massive dog killing campaign. Before that date, the Sino-African Beijing Summit will be held, thus, the Beijing municipal government is reluctant to distract the police power from the summit. It is hard to estimate how many dogs will be killed this time in this campaign. According to reliable sources, this dog killing campaign aims to engage all social forces; and this campaign will be coordinated directly within the government. According to the government’s plan, this “dog regulating work” will be phased in three stages.
We also have news that the Beijing dog keepers/guardians are ready to take on the streets at 11 o’clock on November 11, 2006 against the 35cm rule. It’s hard to tell the outcome of the demonstration. Moreover, from now till the day of the demonstration, many dogs will still lose their lives!  

We pledge for your attention on the massive dog cull in Beijing and save them from this pitiful lot! Stopping the dog cull in Beijing can also educate the rest of the Chinese cities to prevent a national dog cull. 

We have no idea what lead to this dog cull. If it is for the Olympics, then we will need to boycott the Olympics and whatever is relevant of China until they embrace change for a more humane lifestyle and/or choices! Olympic Games cannot and should not be an excuse or achieved through blood and murder! 

I, representing all the dog keepers/guardians and those who love dogs so dearly, as well as everyone who appreciates life and peace, may they be in Beijing or anywhere else in the world, humbly ask for your help and consideration to do whatever you possibly can to end this. 

Do spread the word and thank you,

Nick Josh K. Karean
P.S. We need the whole world to know about this. Please help...

China Massive Dog Massacre Detailed Report

Stage I

Planning and deployment.
From the second half of October, the district held a dog keeping management meeting, in which the dog regulating work will be deployed to the sub level. During this meeting, the district authorities should have a clear knowledge on the number of dogs in the area and pass the action plan for dog regulating.

II. Awareness campaign.
Government organizations will launch an awareness campaign on dog regulating and the coming actions through the media. The campaign will focus on introducing the background, identifying the priority and setting goals. The government is determined to solve the dog related social issues. Meanwhile, the government will also send out pamphlets on the health risks unregulated dogs poses to human beings and calling for civilized dog keeping.

III. Tracking and searching.
The government will relegate the power to local community Party organizations to enter dog keepers’ homes and organizations to check the exact number of unregistered dogs and dogs that are not properly vaccinated. The local Party organization also aims to have a thorough knowledge on the number of stray dogs, large breed dogs, families who keep more than one dogs, dogs that disturb the neighborhood and dogs that do not obey the allowed walking hours, dogs that mess the environment, dog farms, dog markets and companion animal (pet) hospitals. All the information will be listed in detail and reported to the Dog Keeping Administration Office. Dog keepers will be registered as well.

IV. Enhancing the examination.
Public security, agricultural organizations, industry and commerce organization, as well as urban administration office jointly issue a notice to further the implementation of the dog keeping regulations. All the unregulated phenomena such as unregistered dogs, walking dogs beyond the allowed hours, dogs that are not vaccinated, keeping large breed dogs in prohibited areas or keeping more than one dogs, organizations or companies conducting their business beyond the allowance of their business license, littering in the public will be strictly prohibited.

V. Self examination.
Government organizations at all levels and the competent authorities should record down the detailed information of all the dog keepers and give vaccination shots to all dogs. Such practice as keeping more than one dog or keeping large breed dogs will be prohibited. Dog keepers have 7 days to correct their practices and send large breed dogs to the countryside as required. The public opinion should be so powerful that dog keepers have to register their dogs or vaccinate them. Large breed dogs should be kept in the countryside within one’s courtyard. Small sized dogs that are kept in the city are not allowed to enter public places. 

Stage II: Law Enforcement (November 7 to November 30, 2006)

Nine priority areas will be focused one after another in the second stage. During the law enforcement process, all the law enforcing agencies should take initiative and work proactively to respond rapidly to the hot issues highlighted through the press or mentioned by the district leaders. The law enforcing agencies should also respond the reports from other people in a timely manner and the press will give due exposure to the unregulated dog keeping behaviors. Throughout the district, 7 battles should be combated against unregulated dog keeping.

Battle 1 (Law Enforcement Checking at Different Places): November 7 to 9, 2006, 17 law enforcement groups will be selected in the district and sent to work at different locations. Journalists could accompany the policemen and work together.

Battle II (Public Security Takes the Lead): November 10 to 14, 2006, the public security takes the lead and other agencies join forces focusing on the unregistered dogs, large breed dogs and multiple dogs in one family in the key areas.

Battle III (Urban Administration Office Takes the Lead): November 15 to 17, 2006, Urban Administration Office takes the lead and other agencies join forces focusing on the dogs wrecking harm on the environment and public hygiene, and unlawful activities such as peddling puppies without licenses.

Battle IV (Commerce and Industry Organization Takes the Lead): Commerce and Industrial organization takes the lead and other agencies cooperate to thoroughly examine dog markets, dog hospitals, dog stores and dog farms.

Battle V (Agricultural Agency Takes the Lead): November 20 to 24, 2006, agricultural agency takes the lead and other agencies cooperate to examine the vaccination status of all the dogs registered in the district and catch stray dogs and cats.

Battle VI (Key Communities Law Enforcement Battle): November 25 to 26, 2006, Comprehensive law enforcement activities will take place mainly in Jade City, Rui Hai Jia Yuan, Qsingtao Jia Yuan, Yu Hua Yuan, Xing Zheng Dong Li, Xing Zheng Xi Li, Xuan Yi Jia Yuan, Qing Yi Yuan Community, and Brave New World Community.

Battle VII (Key Issues Battle): November 27 to 30, 2006, focusing on the remaining issues and transferring personnel between different locations to thoroughly check and examine.

Stage III: Review and Final Check

Set up a review group. District Dog Keeping Administration Office will set up a review group to review and check the dog administration work done by the local communalities.

Final check on the dog keeping situation. Based on the three stages of the district’s dog keeping tasks, the review group will set up some concrete criteria for the local communities and they should review and do a final check on the work in the light of the criteria.

When implementing the law, local communities will hold workshops where necessary to identify existing problems and promote good practices.

4. Summarize the result, questions, experiences and practices and communicate effectively within the district.

When the campaign is finished, local Dog Keeping Administration Offices should report the campaign achievement timely, and carry on the work for the future.

Beijing’s Beijing's dog killing campaign has sent alarming signals to relevant organizations. The atmosphere is indeed getting tensed. Stray dogs caught in this movement have been cruelly bludgeoned.

The following is a letter from Jill Robinson, founder and CEO of Animals Asia Foundation, to the Mayor of Beijing. (Translated back into English from the Chinese version of the letter):

Dear Mayor Mr. Wang Qishan,

We have heard about Beijing’s recent massive dog cull targeting at big breed dogs and unregistered dogs. We also received letters as well as phone calls from many Beijing dog keepers who expressed their concern over their dogs. We feel shocked and sad upon hearing this. As the representative of Animals Asia Foundation, I hope Beijing municipal government could give more consideration to the feelings of dog keepers and dog lovers all over the world and find a more effective way to manage the dogs in Beijing.

Animals Asia Foundation represents the animal welfare supporters all over the world, supporting the government in protecting wild and domestic animals and in formulating legislations against animal abuse and cruelty. We understand your concern over lupomania.

However, according to what we have heard, the actions Beijing municipal government is about to take will decimate not only the large breed dogs but many small ones only because they exceed the one family one dog quota. As the capital of China and the host city of 2008 Olympic Game, such brutal way of handling dogs will only tar the international image Beijing has.

Dogs have been more and more recognized by society as valuable members. Especially in today’s society, many couple who choose not to have children and aged people living by themselves see their dogs as their dearest companion and emotional support. In fact, a Beijing dog keeper told us over the phone that they moved out from Beijing to other provinces as they didn’t have a child yet. They viewed their dog as a family member. Another dog keeper said as a single child born in 1980s, they seek emotional support and invaluable comfort from their dogs. Only because their dogs exceed the size rule, they have to be separated with their guardians. This will be a very difficult decision for many families.

Though we understand the government’s concern over city environment and disease control, and the necessity to manage the dogs in Beijing, we suggest a more effective, scientific and humane way to deal with it. It is proven in many places in the world that lupomania could be controlled by taking vaccination shots or de-sexing dogs. The government could also launch an education campaign to educate some of the inhumane dog keepers. As a Hong Kong based animal welfare group, we are more than willing to offer our support and assistance in this area.

Keeping a companion animal (pet) is an irreversible trend in today’s world. People can afford to keep pets and they need pets as their companion. Dogs have long been accepted by the human society. Dogs are not only pets that can support their guardian family emotionally, but can improve people’s health. They play other wonderful and important roles in our society, such as guiding the blind, helping people with hearing difficulties, helping the police. Their smart noses can detect hidden bombs, drugs and prohibited wild animals; they are also used to find survivors of natural disasters.

Many large breed dogs such as Saint Bernard, Golden Retriever, Lapolado are actually mild tempered. They can provide good service for the blind and people with special needs. They are also wonderful family dogs. Many large breed dogs work as Dr. Dog in the Dr. Dog project launched by Animals Asia Foundation. Not so long ago a box success Laporlado Q also featured a large breed Laporlado dog. We recommend Chinese government to give more consideration when formulating dog keeping rules and learn from other countries that ban dogs based on the species’ traits instead of simply by size.

More academic groups and more average people have started to respect animal rights. There are also more animal welfare organizations mushrooming in China. You must have learnt already that when Mou Ding County’s dog killing was exposed on the internet, numerous dog loving individuals as well as organizations have expressed their rage towards such atrocities. Many media outlets also criticized the barbaric practice.

We strongly recommend Beijing municipal government to adopt more humane and scientific measures to prevent the spread of lupomania and solve dog-related social issues. Beijing government could also learn from other Asian countries to provide more comprehensive protections to the animals and educate the public on topics such as the prevention of lupomania and management of stray dogs and cats. Dog keepers should also be encouraged to take responsibilities. Animals Asia Foundation and other animal welfare organizations will all be very happy to cooperate with relevant Chinese government organizations.

Animals Asia Foundation is a Hong Kong based Non-for-Profit animal welfare organization, who is engaged in stopping the bear bile practice in Si Chuan with the help of China Wild Animal Protection Association and Si Chuan Forestry Bureau. Last year we successfully launched Dr. Dog program in Cheng Du. We have been paying close attention to the animal welfare in China and received extensive support from Chinese media and public.

We sincerely hope that relevant government organizations could have more understanding and fully respect the companion animals’ rights when regulating Beijing’s dogs to create a truly harmonious society.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jill Robinson
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia Foundation

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Posted: Nov 5, 2006 1:32pm
Nov 2, 2006

Scroll down, the poll is very inconspicuous, on the right hand side, in a small box called "QuickVote".

The pro-ban vote is at 67%.  The results of this poll will likely be quoted by various media outlets, so we need a strong showing.

For the horses, thank you,

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Posted: Nov 2, 2006 3:05pm


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