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Sep 1, 2010

The Car Donation Tax Deduction Process Explained

Are you confused on how to get your tax deduction for donating your car? Don't worry, you are not the only one. Many generous donors have decided to donate their car to various non-profit organizations. However, here are some guidelines to follow when getting a tax deduction for your car donation.

1. Use Kelley's blue book to determine the fair market value of your car. It would be wise to give a lower estimate for the value of your car because the IRS will never use the highest value. Your car accessories, mileage and condition will also affect the value of your car.

2. Find a reputable tax-exempt charity to donate your car or truck. Your vehicle donation proceeds benefit the charity you choose and the less fortunate are able to buy the car at a charity auction. The total amount of your tax deduction is based on final sales price of your vehicle.

3. The towing company will give you a tax deduction receipt for your vehicle donation. Make sure that the receipt has the organizations name and address, fair market value for your car and the date. If the car is worth more than $500, the IRS will require a IRS Form 8283.

4. Your car than is sold at an auction. Contact the car donation organization to find out any other details about your car. Then you will be able to add your car donation on your tax return! The process is simple. If you follow these steps, you can live happily every after knowing you helped the less fortunate and made your life a little bit easier.

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Posted: Sep 1, 2010 10:50am
Aug 16, 2010

homeless in detroitHave you been to Detroit lately? Detroit has the sports attractions of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons. Considering I am from Ohio, it is always fun to see them play. I even saw theBarenaked Ladies band play at the DTE center. However, as I passed through Detroit, I could not help but notice how fast Detroit is falling behind economically. This blog is not meant to bash the community ofDetroit. Although Detroit has always had bad connotations,  the “Motor City” has always been a city full of spirit.

Unfortunately, due to the poor economy, the Detroit community has declined in astonishing ways. Much of it is due to the struggling US Auto market. American car manufacturers such as GM had to cut thousands of jobs. In fact GM had to completely cut out some of the major brands such as Pontiac and Saturn. This is what made Detroit prosper. However, the loss of jobs made the number of un-employed and homeless increase dramatically.


It was truly sad to see pictures like these. It really put things into perspective for me. It should make you think twice too! Imagine living your life wondering where to sleep and if you would find anything to eat. Unfortunately, thousands of homeless people like the ones in the pictures have to face the fact of living on the streets of Detroit. If the biter cold temperatures don’t weaken you, the dangerous and disease stricken streets will.

Then after doing some research online, I discovered an individual that has been helping the homeless in Detroit since 1965. Her name isCharleszetta Waddles. For nearly four decades, Charleszetta Waddles devoted her life to providing food, hope and human dignity to the disadvantaged people of Detroit, Michigan. Charleszetta stood out in the Detroit community as a true hero and as a role model. For years Charleszetta encouraged the community to get involved with helping the less fortunate. She persuaded local restaurants to give away some of their food. She even found shelter for the homeless. Charleszetta has passed away. But her spirit is still among the Detroit community.

The nickname Mother Waddles has spread beyond the Detroit community and as far as Ohio and Pennsylvania. Her family continues the charitable efforts today.

Unemployed Citizens of Detroit Michigan Need Your Help. Donate your Car in Detroit

Detroit is in serious trouble. The Detroit News has reported that the unemployment rate is near 50%! So that means about half of the Detroit citizens have no job and no source of income. Many individuals breathed a sigh of relief when they received money from the government to cover their expenses. However, time has run out for many!

The non-profit Mother Waddles charity has recently began to acceptcars for donations to help provide support to the homeless in Detroit.Mother Waddles is now accepting car donations in Michigan.  If you are asking yourself of how to donate a car in Detroit, the answer is simple. Mother Waddles accepts cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and trailers in any condition. You can go to their car donation site and fill out the car donation form online. You also schedule a free tow of your vehicle. A towing company then picks up your car and drops off a tax deduction form for your donationDonating your car benefits the donor by getting rid of your car fast and easily. In addition, you receive a tax deduction for your car donation.

Then the car is sold on a lot or auctioned off. The proceeds of the sale of the vehicle go to the efforts of Mother Waddles. The donation helps them continue to provide food and shelter for the homeless. With the current state of the economy, they are in desperate need of donations. If you are looking to help the homeless in Detroit and get rid of an old cardonating your car may make your life easier!  Help Mother Waddles put a smile on the faces of Detroit today!

Car Donation


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Posted: Aug 16, 2010 5:54am


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