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Jan 28, 2008 (Child Slavery in Africa) (Genocides, Treaties and Native rights) (Rwanda) (Rape & Brutalities against women & children in Congo) (Institutionalized Child Abuse in Romania) (End Child Slavery in Ivory Coast) (Tortures & Atrocities in Zimbabwe) (Brutality & Child Abduction in Sudan) (Rights for Unborn Children) (Stop Violence in Northern Uganda) (Rape & Brutalities against women & children in Darfur) (Support the Peace Talks in Uganda) (Murdering Palestinian Children) (Abducted Children in Nepal) (Harshest Child Molesting Laws) (Stop Soft Sentences on Child Pornographers) (Child Molesting Survivor Act) (International Child Abduction) (Stop Child Marriage) (End Forced Child Labor in Africa) (Law Against Pedophiles in Canada) (Prosecute Child Abusers) (Mothers Against Pedophiles) (Stop Child Abuse in Golden Gate Park) (Stop Online Exploitation of Children) (Ban Websites Promoting Pedophilia) (Anti-Internet Pedophilia Law) (Unicef to Save Children Globally) (Protect Children, not Predators) (Abortion is Murder)  (Protect Young Children in Canada) (Give Children a Voice) (First Animal Bill of Rights) (Slaughter & Torture of Dogs in Korea) (Slaughter of Baby Seals in Canada) (Stop torture of kittens) (Ban the Fur Trade) (Illegalize puppy mills in Quebec) (Pledge of Nonviolence) (Torture of Hens in Australia) (J.Crew torturing & killing animals) (Massacred dogs in Turkey) (Legalize Industrial Hemp) (Solidarity for Women) (Constitutional Amendment against Abortion (Detention of Immigrant Children in UK) (Justice for Afghan Women) (Human Traffiking in Russia) (Democracy & Freedom in Iran) (Free Kosovo Now) (End Sanctions & Bombs in Iraq) (Prevent Hunting & Fishing Act in Ontario (Change Laws towards Women in Iraq) (Save Whales in Faroe Islands) (Stop Stoning of Woman in Iran!!!) (Domestic Violence Around the World) (Orphan Mothers in Botswana, Jamaica, Cambodia and Lebanon) (Open Letter for Human Rights in China) (Children’s Right to Survival) (Genocide in Iraq War Charges against U (No To War in Iraq) (Women Raped in the Military) (Stop Cultural Genocide in Arctic) (Polar Bears as Endangered Species) (Stop the Killing of Foals for Profit) (Help Refugees in Ethiopia) (Prevent the Deportation of Ethiopian) (Oromo Prisoners Tortured in Cells) (Homophobic Violence in Russia) (Native Rights & Traditions) (Father selling organs for Child) (Ban Sweatshop work at SFU) (Protect Parental Rights in NY) (Better Special Needs Schooling) (Special Needs Reform Act) (Stop the Drugging of ADHD Children) (Autistic Children & Chemicals) (Chemical Exposure & Children) (Support Safe Childbirth) (Toxic Toys Banned from Shelves) (Child Protection Services Justice) (Publicize Child Protection Services Records) (Protect Protective Parents & their Abused Children) (Juvenile Justice Reform Act in U (Children Justice Reform in U (Child/Teenage Abuse in U (Help End Youth Homelessness) (Teenage/Children Justice Reform in Florida) (Global HIV/AIDS Prevention) (Water to Children in Africa) (Health Care for Children in U  (Foster Children) (Death Row Political Prisoners in Iran) (Removing Children from their Families) (Third World Women & Children in Poverty) (Coverage for Earthquake Survivors in Asia) (Peace Process in Colombia) (Ethiopian Refugee Rights in Djibouti) (Stop Corporate Crimes in Columbia) (Harmful Radiation to Children in Pasadena) (Mental Health Funding in UK) (Sexist and Racist Police in U (Family Welfare) (Children Refugees in Australia) (Horse Slaughtering) (Cigarette Smoke Testing on Animals) (Christmas for the Poor) (Premarin & Pregnant Mare Abuse) (Boycott Depleted Uranium Ammunition) (Equal Child Custody in Divorce) (Universal Education for Children) (Children with Disabilities in Georgia) (Afghan Children Education in Iran) (Tibetan Children Brainwashing) (Democratic World Parliament) (Education in 2008 Elections in U (US Department of Peace & Nonviolence) (Ban Chemicals in Costco Foods) (No to War Drafting in U (Assault Weapons Ban)  (Autistic Children)


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Anton Oscar Iorga
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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Photos of my practice of Taichi
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Hi groupSeems its been a long time no one update the group.Just want to share my recent photos in New Zealand vacation
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These are photos of my New Zealand trip during Dec 07 to Jan 08
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Just add some photos of the wildlife, cheers.
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Hi allI'm newly joined this group and would like to share some information of Chinese White Dolphins.For details, please visit this site index_en.htmAlfred Shek
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These are my favourite photos  
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This album contains the photos that I took in Hong Kong, hope you enjoy
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These are photos of my trip to Japan last year