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Sep 7, 2013

Hello friends!
We hope you've enjoyed your summer. As you know SOO's mission is animal rights and combatting factory farming. Therefore, many fellow activist friends might recall when we shared the impactful video on factory farming called “Opus One” by Madison Park.  "Opus One" exposes the horrific way farm animals in factory farms are treated, which is over 97% of all animals raised for food. Well now Madison Park has done it again and taken it even further by focusing on several animal, environmental and humanity issues in their new video "I Don't Want To Know". We ask that you watch, note and share to spread this message. It contains facts that will alarm a lot of people. It also speaks to easy solutions one can make, which is great. 
And if you missed “Opus One”, it can be found on our profile, and YouTube. 

From the Artist: Some of you might recall our first advocacy video, "Opus One", that we produced about factory farming. It was well embraced by various animal organizations and found it's way to many viewers. We've received some of the most thoughtful messages from total strangers about it. In many cases, that person sharing with us how "Opus One" enlightened them to the realities of factory farming, causing them to make certain lifestyle changes. These words are music to our ears. And we know many of you agree! We've returned with our second advocacy piece, "I Don't Want to Know". The overall message of this piece is compassion. While the facts delivered in the video are astonishing to learn, simple solutions to these issues do exist. And these solutions are also provided here. --We want to do our part to help make change. And we can work towards change together if you watch and share "I Don't Want to Know". -madison park-

It's a long road but the more of us who walk it the shorter it becomes............

Asking for change where the treatment of animals, our environment and human rights are concerned. Corporate America, all government bodies, all civilians need to respect ALL life. An orca isn't happy living in a swimming pool, it's not ok to raise a pig in a 2 foot wide crate, bullying isn't "just a thing kids do", and certain laws need to change. 

Video Link:

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Posted: Sep 7, 2013 12:50pm
Sep 18, 2008

Please Call Hormel To Stop Pig Abuse


An Iowa sheriff launched an investigation into an undercover video showing horrific abuse of precious pigs at an evil factory farm. This is a factory farm that supplies pigs to a slaughter house where Hormel purchases their meat. Pigs were beaten horribly; amongst other tragic things. The video footage is a lot to bear. If you think "I can't watch that" – then all the more reason for you to call or email Hormel and ask them to terminate these terrible employees and prosecute them with criminal charges. Hormel has the power to enforce this. Hormel told us they fired two employees. If true, that is a start -- but not enough! Legal action must be taken. These monsters need to be made an example of so this crap will stop.


PETA has provided a link to their video and a sample email here. This video will make you maaaad. It will also make you want to do something:


Please contact Hormel quickly. Consider calling, writing a letter, or best yet, filling out the company's online form.

You can send polite, but firm comments to:

Hormel Foods Corporation
Attn: Consumer Response,
1 Hormel Place, Austin, MN 55912

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Posted: Sep 18, 2008 3:50pm


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