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Jan 1, 2009

Resolutions 2009


New years Resolutions

Made with the best of intent

But do we always keep them

By the time the year has spent

This year let’s make a resolution

We are able to keep the whole year through

Let’s resolve to be kinder to each other

And all of nature too

That is something I know we all able to do

Happy New Year my friends..

love and hugzz..jaz

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Posted: Jan 1, 2009 11:19am
Dec 23, 2008

Simple treasures


Christmas this year will be more about the simple things

Sharing time with family and friends

Simple Joys

Caroling or decorating the tree or testing

 the lights on a string

Not as much about spending money as the years before

More about those simple joys that only Christmas

 can bring

Those special moments that make our heart sing

 This year our economy is not strong

And the truth is so many are struggling hard

just to get along

Let us not dwell on the last

Christmas is about love

And that love will last

Simple treasures we hold in our heart

Not letting this economy tare us apart

The biggest gift we can ever bring

Can not be bought or wrapped in a box

 with beautiful paper and fancy string

So let us all try to reach out our hand

Share kindness with others

Who are struggling all across our lands

This year is about finding the simple treasures

So say Merry Christmas with kindness

Make time for others who may be alone

Let your Christmas gifts be more about love

And surely the Angels will smile down on us

 from up above

Seasons Greetings my friends may your life be full of Joy, peace, and love

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year to you all..

Love and hugzz..jaz

jaz mouse

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008 2:58pm
Oct 16, 2008

Do it today


It is far easier to be kind to others when things

 are going right

These are very hard times for many

We can become so focused on our

 own problems

We forget to shine our light

But this is a time when love and kindness

are most needed

Many have lost jobs, are homeless and food banks

 have very long lines

People are struggling

Feeling as if they are lost in a very long


Bewilder and confusion so often clouds

our mind

We don't always notice others who

 are having an even harder time

I know we are all struggling, each in our

own way

But reach out your hand, touch a


Pass on hope and love to another soul


Lets not all say, "when we get on

 our feet"

Just a kind word to someone can be a

welcome treat

It doesn't always take money

There are many ways

Reach out to someone

Don't wait till tomorrow

Do it today...

love is all..jaz

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Posted: Oct 16, 2008 1:51pm
Sep 5, 2008

I wrote this after I had cleaned up from the storm...A friend stopped by and noticed it..

I tried to take a picture but you cant see it quite the same in a pic... But this ones was strange so I included it...

I had been so busy trying to seal holes and get tarps put up and clean up loads of dubree I hadn't even noticed it...

Sometimes we forget to look up and need someone to remind us...

We in Florida are having a ruff time as our many others touched by these storms....Fay did much damage and flooding here, As I type this we are Watching Ike's progress

This is a very strong storm..They are comparing it to Andrew, who did so much damage in South Florida..

Please send love light and prayers to the people in Florida, the Islands that lost so Many and Also New Orleans,

There are many suffering from these storms...

We are under the effects of Hanna right now as I type

Shes is probably headed for North or South Carolina

Have a wonderful weekend...Love jaz....


The Angel

The storm came and took another chunk

 from my shrinking magnolia tree

Another limb off the top as big as big

could be

But in it's place it appears

 A special gift was left for me

If you look very carefully 

 At this poor damaged tree

There at the very top

It looks like a small angel was carved

for all to see

Like a sign from up above

My prayers have been heard

She stands proudly,

Bringing with her protection

 and much love

love is all...jaz

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Posted: Sep 5, 2008 9:26am
Aug 6, 2008

The sword


I find myself pondering as on this

computer I write

If the words I choose will bring with


Darkness Or light

Just simple words can cut like a sword

Cause others pain or make them

ready to fight

When many of us say some of the things

 we do

Would we still say them face to face?

 If that person

Stood looking at you?

Are we helping to spread poison?

So let us put away the sword

It is possible to be kind and still say

what we feel is true

Let the anger go

Others have a right to opinions

Just like me and you

Think before you speak

Do not sharpen the sword

 Slandering or wounding

An-others soul

Will never bring the world

The love and peace

we seek

love is all..jaz

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Posted: Aug 6, 2008 2:35pm
Jul 18, 2008

I know if I tell you this

You surely will agree

Life is not always fair

Not for you

And certainly not for me

Often we become overwhelmed

And seem to lose our way

Too many heartaches and important

 decisions at once

Can leave us frozen

Afraid that our actions may

 lead us astray

It is so often dear friends who give

 us the courage

To put one foot in front of another

Building our confidence so we can

 face another day

So Thank you my friends

For being there during the dark

stormy weather

And helping to bring into my life

Sunshine's sweet Ray..

Love is all..jaz

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Posted: Jul 18, 2008 2:54pm
Apr 24, 2008

Is anyone else having a big problem with fleas...

I live in florida..I have been using advantage..But its no longer working..I have ordered frontline for my little ones..But my old german shepherd has trouble with frontline..So I cant use that on him..My dogs are getting them bad..Im afraid to put another dose of anything on them till atleast 3 weeks..There tiny..And Its only been two weeks...So ive been combing them and killing the fleas everytime they go outside.....Poor things will be bald and Im exausted....I treated all my carpets so there not getting bad in the house...It seems to be from outside..Id like to spray but Id like something wont harm the wildlife.. I was always satisfied with advantage..Suppost to be gauranteed...Friends have told me that there having trouble with frontline as well..If anyone else is having that problem please notify the manufacturer and dont throw away the package..They need to know so they can change the formula....Any suggestions..Itchy in hugzz..jaz

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Posted: Apr 24, 2008 3:49pm
Apr 10, 2008

The steps 

Isn't it strange, what happens to us?
We are so very busy, always in a hurry
When we are young children
We carefully watch the steps
So intrigued, learning as we go
But then, somehow once we learn how
 to go up and down them
We begin to race up and down
They have lost there appealing glow
Like so many things in life
We somehow stop paying attention
To all those special little things
We are way to busy to watch a flower grow
We miss all that wonder
All those things that once fascinated us so
Then something amazing happens
We find ourselves growing old
Life slows down for us
We have come full cycle
Now we have more time to watch a flower grow
We begin to watch those steps again
Those little things become much more important
Just like they were way back when....
love is all...jaz  
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Posted: Apr 10, 2008 4:23pm
Mar 17, 2008
irish blessings
Today is a  day of celebration
A day of good will and cheer
This is a day everyone can be Irish
As we celebrate this year
We can enjoy each other's customs

Learn from each other
Send blessing to those who are dear
Get out that big old pot and start
Saint Patrick's Day is here
Let’s drink green beer and cook
 dinner, do it all the Irish way
In this world we need to understand
 each others customs
So put on green and dance and sway
On this day let’s all be Irish
And celebrate the Irish way
Happy Saint Patrick's Day..
Love is all...jaz
patty mouse jaz
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Posted: Mar 17, 2008 2:32pm
Feb 19, 2008
The light

When all around seems dark
The problems seem to keep coming left and right
I know it all seems endless
But there is an end in sight
 If we keep the faith and not give up
Something always happens
To give us hope
And show us the future can be bright
There is balance in the Universe
Without darkness, we could never see
Or appreciate the light
I know sometimes things look pretty bleak
Especially when obstacle after obstacle comes
Knocking us off our feet
But if we keep the faith and just push on
We will see
Something always happens to help our dampened spirit
become bright
It is those little things that give us courage to keep going
When there is no end in sight
Do you see it?
There it is…..
The light……
Love is all…jaz
val candle
Shine your light…Robbie Robertson
thanks fay for the use of your lovely photography that inspired my poem.....hugzz..jaz
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Posted: Feb 19, 2008 4:26pm


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