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Mar 17, 2007
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
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Today is St Patrick's day
St Patrick was a Humble and a kind man
A patron saint they say
He brought Christianity to Ireland
It is he who was given credit for
driving the snakes away
Perhaps that is true perhaps not
Us Irish do love a story
It may be symbolic but the fact is 
There are no snakes in Ireland today
St Patrick's days traditions were brought to
 other countries when  the Irish immigrated
So many places celebrate March 17Th
 the Irish way
Many say it was the day that St Patrick died
It is a day of spiritual renewal
Many go to mass and pray
Offering prayers for missionaries all
the world
Then they eat, drink green beer and
dance the night away
The Irish love a party
Today is a day of celebration
Cant you just hear the music and laughter?
Whether your Irish or not
Can't you just smell that corned beef and
Cooking in that great big pot?
Today is st Patrick's day
The wearing of the green
I send you the luck of the Irish and the
fulfillment of all your dreams
May you find your pot of gold wher-ere
 you may go
May good friends be a blessing you'll
always know
May there always be joyful moments to
 help dry your tears
May you always have loved ones
To put there arms around you
And soothe away your fears
May you always see rainbows
After the storms
And may you always have everything you
need in life
To keep you loved, safe, and warm...
Have a wonderful St Patrick's day
my friends,...whether your Irish or not..........
love and hugzz..jaz
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Posted: Mar 17, 2007 5:43pm
Mar 17, 2006
If the music And voice dont come through for you hear...
Try this Its not as beautiful but THe sound works...
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Posted: Mar 17, 2006 10:17am
Nov 22, 2005

Thanksgiving blessing
Thursday is a holiday, here in the United States
A time for all of us to be thankful for more than
 our daily bread
A time to reflect on all the blessings we have
 received throughout the year instead
A time to appreciate both our family and our friends
All part of a cycle of life that is without end
We sit down to a big dinner, but thanksgiving is
 about more than just for the food we eat
Its being grateful for a roof over our heads
And that we are not living in the streets
A time to share what we have with others
As the Pilgrims and Indians did
On that day they did more than share their food
They opened their hearts to more than just
 breaking bread
Where there has been conflicts in our life,
Its time to bury the hatchet, learn to forgive
Don't let anger consume you
Even if a relationship is no longer possible
Forgiveness always is....
Most of all forgive yourself, We are human
Mistakes are part of learning
Live and let live, be grateful for the lesson
And let go and move on with life
This is the time to think about others who have so
little struggling each day
To share with those who are trying so hard just
 to survive
A time to remember those who are alone as our
holidays all  grow near
For those alone this can be a very hard time of year
It is the time of year to be thankful for all the people
that in our lives ..... we hold dear.....
So as this thanksgiving holiday draws quite near
I want to thank you all for being here,
A part of my circle of life
Thank you my friends
I wish all of you be blessed in this coming year
May you always have all the things in life
 you need
And may you have many blessings to count
As these holidays draw near
May there always be arms to hold you,
should you shed a tear
I wish you sunshine on cloudy days
And may you always have shelter, when storms
 come your way
I wish you all love and laughter and cheer to
brighten all your days
But most of all I wish to thank you
For being the kind of friends who stay
Thank you for all the kindness and encouragement
 you have all sent my way
Each and everyone of you are a blessing in my life
I give thanks for all of you on this holiday
Whether you celebrate it or not, my friends
You are all on my list of what I should be
 thankful for
On this thanksgiving day
So thank you all...Have a wonderful day......
Love is all..jaz
thanks givin
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Posted: Nov 22, 2005 2:29pm


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