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Jan 11, 2006
Fluff and the hurricane's end.... cont

Fluff was shivering, leaning against the wall

of the cave

She was so very cold and truly afraid

Her eyes were starting to adjust to the lack

of light

She heard noises coming from the other side in

the dark of night

A rustling sound, soft and gentle noises, but still
 all she
felt was fright

It made her uneasy, that stirring in the darkness

of the night

She was afraid to go over there and look and see

She was right near the exit, and she felt that was

the place she needed to be

In this weather anyone would wish to be inside

Perhaps it was just a small animal who like her

had found a place to hide

The wind was blowing hard, and she could hear
 the rain
pouring down

She heard loud noises as trees and limbs were
 starting to
hit the ground

The wind started to howl and somehow that noise

made things worse,

Poor little Fluff didn't feel safe at all

She was trying to be brave, But she was so young
 and really
rather small

It was so very dark here, would this storm ever end
 at all?

At the back of the cave she heard another noise, as
she looked
she could see a quick glimse of white

That's all she could see, but somehow it reminded

her of eyes

Was something watching her

But so far they hadn't come anywhere near her

She was wondering why

Perhaps they were frightened too

Or they couldn't see her either and they didn't know

what to do

One thing, she was right near the exit, if they showed


The trouble was, with this storm still raging on

and on

Where would she go

And what would she do

The weather didn't seem to be getting any better

So she would just have to stay put, wait it out

Of that she had no doubt

It was beginning to get light outside

But still the storm raged on

Fluff didn't like being in the dark all alone

And worse maybe she wasn't alone, what was

that sound?

But like it or not for now, this would have to be

her home

At least until the storm let up

There was just nowhere else for her to go

She heard that sound again

Way back by the wall, a quiet sound

Which told her it had to be something small

At least it wasn't a dragon

So far they were staying where they were

Way back by the end of the caves wall

Fluff wished she had a friend

When you find yourself all alone

What are you supposed to do

Poor fluff didn't know, she was totally confused

But whatever it was at the back of the cave

It was leaving her alone

And for that she was extremely grateful

Fluff was hoping it would stay that way

She was so exhausted she couldn't keep her

eyes open anymore

Fluff drifted off too dreamland

Her little eyes were right at the sand-mans door

Dreaming she was safe and she was still with the herd

She was with her mother and father and they were
care of her

The big unicorns always knew the right thing to do

Drifting quietly in her dreams of better times

She was an extremely exhausted little unicorn

Who really felt alone, she had much, to much on

her little mind

Sleep can often be an escape when we are in pain

or feel too much fear

And perhaps it was the best thing, that could happen
 at the time

She felt helpless for anything else to do, so her exhausted
took over

She just drifted into dreamland,

That place that there is no reality and wonderful dreams
 you can find

Escaping from the scary thoughts that were running
her little mind

In dreamland we can be safe, and be anywhere we
 wish to be

And we always know just what to do

We do not have to feel trapped in a situation, we are
always free

Fluff heard something, that made her begin and try

to open her little eyes

Tiny little voices, with a pitch that was very high

She opened her eyes seeing little lights, that twinkled
 like fire-flys

And she could hear them talking in there high

pitched excited way

As she opened and focused her eyes and looked up,

She didn't know what to say

There were tiny little people

Surrounding the mouth of the cave

Little people with tiny wings, act-ting unafraid

And they were asking her if she was OK

It seemed the storm was now over

She had slept through the rest of it

And now she could see the light of day

Her mother had told her about these little people

She had called them fairy's

Said that they were friendly and fluff did not

have to be afraid

Maybe she had found some friends

She really needed  them badly

But they were saying something about Tommy

Were they who had been in the cave?

Fluff needed to answer them, but she just couldn't

She needed to tell them she was OK

But somehow the words were not coming out

She started to ask them, who was Tommy, but

half asleep, No words ever came

That didn't seem to bother them though, they

showed no fear

They just went on humming quietly, a little song

to calm her

She was not afraid of them, They were friends

Relief flooded through her, help had come

Fluff had no doubt

They told her it was safe, they would take her to

the field of flowers and grass

So she could eat,

The storm was now over

It was time for her to come out

love is all...jaz

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Posted: Jan 11, 2006 10:24am


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