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Sep 11, 2007
Focus: Children
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

  I would like to ask you to lend your voice for the protection of children in film.  The movie Hounddog,
which was filmed in North Carolina, includes many scenes that involve the sexual explotation of Dakota Fanning,
Isabelle Furhman and Cody Hanford and there is a petition circulating asking the NC Attorney General to investigate.

  This is a national film industry problem that everyone who cares about children should speak out against. 

 Thanks for your time and consideration.

RG Lacey

  For all who are concerned about HOUNDDOG, visit this URL and read the petition.  For all who are stating that no crime
has been commited, visit this URL and read the NC and US laws included in this petition. 

  I and my children have really enjoyed some of the movies that Dakota Fanning has been in and were looking forward to
more, like Charlotte's Web and others, but I cannot continue to allow my children to be Dakota fans if this movie is released,
but I also can't tell them why. 

  Dakota wasn't the only one vicitmized in the making of this movie.  There were 3 children invloved in this production. 
Isabelle Furhman, Cody Hanford and Dakota Fanning.  All of them were exploited.  All of them had scenes with partial nudity,
weather they had on body suits or not, the way they were touching each other is sexual behavior.  In the scene most talked
about, the rape scene, Dakota's character is shown being raped by the 18 year old actor who portrayed Wooden's boy while
 Cody Hanaford watches.  Even if they remove that part or don't show much detail, just
the fact that it was done is a violation of law.  He repeatedly uses racial slurs while raping her. 

  This movie failed at the Sundance Film Festival, but if justice is not served and the makers of the film prosecuted,
 Hounddog will still be sold on DVD.  I, and others who seek justice for these children, campaigned to prevent the
release of this movie and are now working on preventing the release of any DVD copies.  Most importantly, we seek
 to have the laws that are supposed to protect children enforced upon those responsible for this film and the three
 children involved.

  To that end, I am begging for your help in this attempt to take on the film industry and Wilmington, NC politicians
 AND attempt to convince  and Wilmington, NC District Attorney's Office to persue charges in this case and stop
 allowing tax income to subsidse the film company involved.

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Posted: Sep 11, 2007 9:27pm


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